1. The Garden of Eden


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    This is part 2 of Kent Hovind's creation seminar. The title of this one is, "The Garden of Eden". To buy this or the whole seminar on DVD, go to: http://www.drdino.com

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    • Eric Ludy - Five Smooth Stones


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      In this message, Eric Ludy describes the vision and goals for Ellerslie Training and establishes twelve principles that are needed in Christian leadership. Using King David’s youthful years of development as a muse, a clear picture emerges, in and through this message, for how God disciples a young life and grows them from a novice to a great leader.

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      • Eric Ludy - Provision for the Impossible


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        This is an inspiring illustration of how to both approach Scripture and unpack the beautiful mysteries of Scripture. At Ellerslie we are always declaring, "Everything in the Old Testament points to Jesus." Eric Ludy takes a singular story in the Old Testament regarding the person of Moses and the newly budding Israelite nation and demonstrates how this one seemingly innocuous story powerfully demonstrates how our life in Jesus Christ ought to work. Everything in the Bible really does shine forth the power and majesty of the Gospel of Christ.

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        • Eric Ludy - In Full Assurance


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          Many Christians today struggle with the idea of knowing for certain that they indeed are saved by Jesus Christ. And yet, assurance is a gift of grace that each and every believer can know and enjoy. This message tackles this challenging issue head-on and is certain to leave you strong in your personal confidence of the great saving work of the Cross.

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          • Eric Ludy - The Evil Side of Artistic


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            If you are disturbed by the current "Truth-made-mushy" trends in Christianity, but are having a difficult time putting your finger on what exactly is wrong - this message might prove a great help. In this message, Eric Ludy tackles one of the most elusive and subtle enemy agendas in our midst today - the manipulative use of art in the conveyance of Truth. With an entire section specifically devoted to quoting the key voices behind this crafty maneuver, this message will leave you both insulted on behalf of Christ, and inspired for the Truth of Jesus Christ afresh.

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            • Eric Ludy - The Impossible Life


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              The commission of a Christian man is utterly impossible. And even God makes it clear that a man is wholly unable to pull off such a grand and holy life in his own power, strength, grit, and determination. Most Christian men of our day thusly justify their mediocrity, spiritual slovenliness, and gross disregard of the Scriptural command under this ever-convenient banner of "impossibility." But it is high time that the power of the Cross thunders forth in and through the corridors of modern Christian manhood, and a heaven-endued expectation takes hold of the manly soul once again - for with man it certainly IS impossible, but with God all things are possible.

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              • Eric Ludy - The Simplitist


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                It is difficult to navigate the modern minefields of doctrinal dispute. It would seem that there are a thousand opinions on every point and few that ever actually agree on these doctrinal points within the Church. However, this doctrinal contention and chaos is not the work of the Spirit of God, but the work of the Author of Confusion himself, Satan. The Devil is always laboring to beguile the saints of God and woo them away from the simplicity that is in Christ. And when the Church walks in this Spirit-simplicity, with the humility and faith of a little child, all its countless debates are solved in the person and the work of Jesus Christ. This is a message you will not want to miss.

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                • Eric Ludy - The Voice of The Lion


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                  In a time when God's voice has been emptied of it's lion-like roar and neutered of its thunderous majesty, this message is deeply significant, making a case for both the kingly-authority of Scripture as well as for the return of old-fashioned preaching in our day and age. This message is also an interesting peek into the fascinating journey Eric Ludy has gone on in gaining the forceful voice he now wields. At the close of this message there is a unique video bonus that demonstrates the "boisterous evolution" of Eric's speaking voice over the past 17 years of ministry.

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                  • Eric Ludy - The All-Sufficient One


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                    Is it true that God is all we really need? In modern American Christianity it would seem that Jesus is lumped in amongst a host of other gods that we turn to for health, strength, peace, comfort, security, and pleasure. What would it look like if the Church of Jesus Christ left everything to follow Jesus?

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                    • Eric Jon Phelps seminar 1/3


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                      The author of Vatican Assassins gives an overview of several conspiracies against the Reformation in the Western World. History of the Jesuit Order. This lecture was found uploaded in 3 parts at google.video, an online video hosting website, where hosting that was abandoned in 2011.

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