1. Zooming in on the interacting galaxy system NGC 5291


    from ESO Observatory Added 40 2 0

    This video takes us from a broad view of the southern Milky Way deep into the large constellation of Centaurus. The sequence ends with a close-up view from ESO’s Very Large Telescope of an interacting…

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    • ESOcast 79: 20 Years of Exoplanets


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      Not a single confirmed planet outside the Solar System had been detected before the year 1990. But, remarkably, we now know of thousands and have studied many in surprising detail. This ESOcast takes…

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      • Zooming in on the red hypergiant star VY Canis Majoris


        from ESO Observatory Added 153 3 0

        This video sequence takes you on a voyage from a broad vista of the sky into a close-up look at one of the biggest stars in the Milky Way, VY Canis Majoris. The final image comes from the SPHERE instrument…

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        • Massive galaxies discovered in the early Universe


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          ESO’s VISTA survey telescope has spied a horde of previously hidden massive galaxies that existed when the Universe was in its infancy. By discovering and studying more of these galaxies than…

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          • Artist’s impression of the glowing disc of material around the white dwarf SDSS J1228+1040


            from ESO Observatory Added 50 2 0

            This artist’s impression shows how an asteroid torn apart by the strong gravity of a white dwarf has formed a ring of dust particles and debris orbiting the Earth-sized burnt out stellar core…

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            • ESOcast78 excerpt: Chemiluminescencest78c


              from ESO Observatory Added 23 0 0

              The Sun is constantly showering the Earth's atmosphere with ultraviolet light. During the daytime, this light destroys oxygen and nitrogen molecules, triggering a chain of complex chemical reactions…

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              • ESOcast 78 excerpt: Airglow Altitudes


                from ESO Observatory Added 20 1 0

                This short video clip from ESOcast 78 shows the altitudes at which the distinct green and red tinges of airglow can be seen, in relation to the height of the International Space Station and the NASA/ESA…

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                • ESOcast78 excerpt: Creating Ozone


                  from ESO Observatory Added 25 0 0

                  The Sun is constantly showering the Earth's atmosphere with ultraviolet light, which destroys oxygen and nitrogen molecules during the daytime. This triggers a chain of complex chemical reactions,…

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                  • ESOcast 78: Airglow


                    from ESO Observatory Added 317 6 0

                    ESO’s La Silla Observatory on a moonless night, deep in the Atacama Desert of Chile. It should be very dark -- but strange green and red colours can be seen to shimmer in the sky. What are these…

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                    • VISTA finds hidden feature of Milky Way


                      from ESO Observatory Added 33 1 0

                      Astronomers using the VISTA telescope at ESO’s Paranal Observatory have discovered a previously unknown component of the Milky Way. By mapping out the locations of a class of stars that vary…

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