1. Food Executive Europe 2015 - Keynote Carol Sanford


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    On the 9th & 10th February 2015 Food Executive Europe 2015 will take place in Maastricht (The Netherlands). This international networking event is absolutely a must-attend event for CEO´s in foodservice who are willing to look across national borders and meet colleagues from abroad. FXE is a truly inspiring event for every hospitality professional who believes in the added value of networking and knowledge sharing. Someone who is willing to step out of his comfort zone to experience innovations and business opportunities from other segments of hospitality. Speakers 2015: Gigi Wang (US), Mattias Klum (SE), Carol Sanford (US), Richard Bergfors (SE), Matt Sikes (US) and others. www.foodservicenetworkeurope.com

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    • Zest Lifestyle - Welcome


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      Rachel McGuinness from Zest Lifestyle works with busy people such as executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. She helps them understand the core principles are living a healthy lifestyle with her 4 PILLARS of VITALITY: Sleep, Eat, Move and Chill. How can you wake up feeling refreshed and energised? How can you eat a healthy diet without feeling deprived of your favourite foods? How can you get the best workouts in the least amount of time possible? How can you take time out without feeling guilty? Speak to Rachel - she can tell you how!

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      • How to quickly find a person


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        This video shows how to find a resident, executive or both using AtoZdatabases’ quick search feature. The information provided on a record/person includes, name, address, phone number, length of residency at that particular address, neighborhood information (Estimated Household Income, Home Market Value, and Census Information), and links to the records of 10 neighbors around that person.

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        • Mount Mercy Master's Degrees


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          Dream big. Do what you believe in. Achieve more. Mount Mercy University’s six highly sought after graduate programs will help you take the next step forward. Continue your journey with convenient night and weekend classes, and gain real world experience and knowledge from professionals working in the field. Become the person you were meant to be, with Mount Mercy University. For more information on graduate programs, visit http://www.mtmercy.edu/graduate-programs.

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          • Why Ohio?


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            This video shares the testimonials of different executives that work with JobsOhio when locating their company to Ohio.

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            • How to quickly find a business profile


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              A business profile of a certain business constitutes a collection of information on that business. Here, information refers to address, phone numbers, demographic profile, job postings, ownership, industry profile, competitors, historical data, corporate linkage, nearby businesses, estimated annual expenditure, executive directory with emails, and much more. This video shows how to quickly find the business profile of a particular business using AtoZdatabases’ quick search feature. As an example, the video shows finding the business profile of the headquarter location of Gamestop.

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              • How Good Can You Stand It?


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                Today I’m going to talk to you about one of the deadliest success crushers. It’s a little known thing called a ULP and it stands for Upper Limit Problem. This upper limit idea comes from Gay Hendricks’ fabulous book, The Big Leap. And it is based on the idea that each of us has an internal thermometer for how much career success, wealth, happiness love and intimacy we’ll let ourselves experience. When we exceed this limit and our career, business, or life gets a fabulous result - maybe we land a big client, our relationship is humming, things at work going well, maybe we get an influx of money, or lose weight like we’ve been wanting - we unconsciously sabotage ourselves and drop back to the old, familiar place where we feel in control. It can be understood like this: Your mind will only allow you to expand to the extent that it has first seen your success and believes it is possible. Our brains cannot and will not do what it has not first imagined and is comfortable with. For this reason, life only gets as good as you can stand it. So in order to overcome the limitations of an average or ok happiness and success threshold, you must deliberately and consciously choose to increase them. So let me give you the example of what I’m talking about. This happened to a successful business owner I know. After 20-some years of building a substantial company that he’d bought for $20,000 another company wanted to buy his for roughly $20 million. He was ready and he was clear that he wanted to sell his company. This was his dream. He had a buyer and the agreement to sell was made. He was to meet the buyers in China and was to fly out for the international flight to China the next morning. Well on the first leg of the flight into Chicago he got drunk in first class and dropped his bag and everything in it. At about 10:00 that night in his hotel he realized that his passport was missing. It likely was on the floor of the plane. Without his passport he didn’t get to China and the deal fell apart. This man was dealing with an upper limit problem: he could handle being a successful business owner and always pictured himself doing that but never could see himself actualizing the reward of the sale of the company. His “upper Limit” of comfort was really on working towards a sale – not actually doing it. While extreme it is true. And this happens all of the time. We say we want something, but we are not quite comfortable with that new level of success and we unwittingly do something to bring us back to our comfort zone. So How do you know you have an upper limit problem? You know you have an upper limit problem if what you want remains elusive or when you get it you can’t maintain it. And here’s the rub with this kind of programming. We are all going to face “upper limit” problems as long as we seek to grow and expand in our career, relationships and in our wealth. The key is to be aware of the problem when it starts to show up. Here are a couple of strategies to use when you start to see an “upper limit” problem show up. First, be on high alert for any areas your upper limit problem may be setting in. Ask yourself how good can I really stand it? How much wealth, love, happiness, can I really handle? If you’re answer is a lot then make sure your words, thoughts and behaviors match up. Be on alert for anything that pulls you in the opposite direction of what you want to maintain and get more of. Second prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to accept the wins you say you want and that you’re creating BEFORE they happen. Imagine and visualize your tremendous success for just two minutes every morning. The next time you want to list the 100 reasons why something is not possible, choose instead to list the 100 reasons why it is. This expands your comfort factor so that when these good things happen, you won’t repel them. Bottom line: how good you can stand it is how good it gets! Take a look at where you're at right now. How much wealth can you stand? Look at your bank account. How much love and intimacy can you currently stand? Look at your relationships. If you don’t like what you see or you just plain want more, expand what you can stand by retraining your brain to see your goals and desires as surmountable and choose the positive perspectives which will direct your brain to seek out the solutions, creativity, decision making and productivity to make them reality. In that way you will break through that “upper limit” glass ceiling. Remember a half version of you is not enough. The world needs the best version of you, your life and your leadership at play. Begin your best version of you today!

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                • Account Management


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                  • Rita Hyland - Home Page Video


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                    I know that there’s a level of performance, and fulfillment, and personal contribution that even the best leaders aspire to. Entrepreneurs and executives who want to fulfill their highest potential and create more of the business and life they really want, and even be happy. And as crazy as it sounds, I know that the biggest obstacles to making that happen are the things they’ve accomplished so far to get where they are today. It’s the pace of their life. The obligations they’ve taken on in a top leadership role, and the responsibilities of having a robust personal life, can be the very things that keep us from making it even better. The reason I know this, is because I too found myself knowing that I had untapped potential, but recognizing that the pace of my life was pushing me to the edge of overwhelm. It was at that point I knew I had to make a change in how I was living. Because the way I was doing it - this definition of success - wasn’t sustainable. I started asking myself, what was I doing? Did it really matter? Even though I was successful I knew deep down I wanted more. So I started examining my life with new eyes, a new urgency, and a sense that I wanted to not only live, and lead and love, but I wanted it all to matter. I wanted to make a difference. So I began to explore what I really wanted. I read books, I took on-line courses, seminars, and I networked. And then in one afternoon my life dramatically changed. I was working with someone who insisted on asking me questions I had never even thought about before. Observations of my patterns, and why I was getting the results I was getting were finally becoming clear. And by being willing to face those questions and observations, I realized they would lead me to the things in life that I couldn’t not do. That it would be unacceptable to reach the end of my life and not have worked on. I got crystal clear on the work I was called to do, I became a more influential leader, I started my own business, I increased my income dramatically, travelled to Europe with friends, and for the first time I was more happy and fulfilled than I had ever been. This new way of thinking and being and behaving had such a profound impact that I began helping other people consider these same questions and doing the same things, and even though I had experienced it myself, the impact it had on them was even more surprising. My clients have built businesses, they’ve doubled their incomes, they've left the corporate world to build organizations that reflect who they really are. They've transitioned into the work they can't not do, become positively infectious leaders in their corporate roles, put the spark back into their relationships, moved into stellar health, and they've increased their power, productivity, and impact. In that time, I’ve distilled everything that I see works best into a life-changing proven process for uncovering patterns and facilitating real breakthroughs that consistently lead to extraordinary results in business and in life. You see, I believe each of us has a set of gifts and talents and a unique voice we've been given to make a difference and impact in our world. I believe it’s our responsibility to know who we are, and to use that self-awareness to become the best version of ourselves. I believe by living deliberate, spiritually awake lives, we not only change our own lives but we change and heal our families, the organizations we lead and in turn, our communities and the world. I believe you can be, and experience, and achieve much more than you may currently think is possible. I don’t just say this because something led me from being burned out standing at a train station, to witnessing people make huge differences in their lives. I say it because every single person I’ve encountered who has been willing to engage in this process - every one of them - has discovered within themselves a capacity for meaning, and joy, and fulfillment that they didn’t know existed when they were just grinding it out. I’m not talking about just productivity or getting more done. I’m talking about getting done what matters most to you. And if you say you’re already doing that, I say that’s terrific. But have you really asked the right questions yet? Have you dug deep? Are you clear-minded and tuned in? And have you taken the leaps you know you’re capable of? My job, is to ask you the right questions, and to take the answers and make them real in your life, so you can fulfill the highest version of you. That you can shatter your limits and be the leader and friend and spouse deep down you know you can be. Because let's face it, a half version of you is not enough. The world needs you at your fullest. We only have one shot at this life, and there’s no reason not to play it full out. that's my job.

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                    • Connected Commerce: Old vs. New


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                      The Connected Commerce Series is a set of evening events, designed to bring the senior most retail leaders together for discussions on our mutual challenges and the evolution of the industry itself. The idea is to provide a platform that facilitates networking between retailers who wouldn’t normally dine together, so to speak. The first two events have been a huge success, with over 30 different retailers in attendance. These include: The Sussan Group (Sussan & Sportsgirl), Nike, Telstra, Tourism Victoria, Brandbank (Seed, Nine West, French Connection), sass & bide, Kookai, Jetstar, Movember, JB Hi Fi, Coles, Kmart, Walt Disney, Officeworks, Captain’s Choice, Bupa, AGL and many others. The third of the Connected Commerce series saw attendees gather in the IE office once more. Being the unique networking event that it is, leading retailers were able to learn about current trends and gather with like-minded individuals from across the entire industry.

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