1. Pale Blue Dot - Animation


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    I've been enrolled in illustration at Sheridan College for the the last 4 years and this is my final thesis project. I have always thought of Carl Sagan's writings as "scientific poetry" since they lack the cold touch that science is often cursed for having. I think Sagan's words resonate more than ever, and will continue with each generation until the human species "wakes up". The first time I heard this excerpt from his book "Pale Blue Dot" it literally changed my life, and I hope it does for you too. Enjoy. Written and Narrated: Carl Sagan Music: Hans Zimmer "You're So Cool" Art and Animation: Adam Winnik

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    • A posteriori


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      We are Multiplying. (For best results, use headphones)

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      • Scapegrace (2013)


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        Scapegrace (2013)
 Film by Fred L’Epee and Kenneth Gentry I write of the real and unreal, physical and metaphysical, sights and shadows, sounds and silences, highs and lows, good and evil, hope and despair--simultaneously. This film is based on soluble forms over three dimensions: body, time; and memory. An intrapsychic odyssey through the hippocampus mythology. ... Credits Camera
Fred L'Epee Cast
 Dimitra BK
 Philllpos G
 Frederic LP

 Written by
NN Original sound design by
AM Co-producers
 Fred L’Epee 
Ed Alvarado
 Kenneth Gentry Helicon Films 2013
 This work is licensed under Creative Commons. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.

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        • The Light : AFTERLife


          from David V Barron / Added

          Title and Credit Music composed and produced by Guillaume Chaucheprat. Lyrics written and performed by Simon Binkenborn. (P) & (C) by Shah-Music Digital - SMD2174 "This is an absolutely amazing piece. Very powerful. Absolutely beautiful. I’m very proud to be a part of it and I wish you much success." - Di Bauer http://andromedarecordingsgroup.com/ "Your film has a very captivating atmosphere. I am very proud that you have chosen my music to tell this story. very proud!" - Guillaume Chaucheprat www.pakka-music.com/ "Incredibly touching and powerful and moving and beautifully edited. I love the cinematography, the flashback to your childhood, the soundtrack, along with the visuals and your dialogue... you are truly a genius with film making." Teri - Sartorial Girl Blog http://sartorialgirl.tumblr.com/ The Light : AFTERLife My late grandfather was a man of presence, with great insight and intelligence. Polish in origin, he fled to Great Britain after Germany's invasion of Poland along with 160,000 other members of the Polish Army, who were attached to the British army, alongside British forces in 1939. He had a will and integrity of steel, had an outstanding capacity for inspiration and shared many a story with a loving patience that I will forever remember. His effect on my life and my development as a human being has been and continues to be, absolutely remarkable. Making this film was a deeply personal and cathartic process and has mentally prepared me for the next phase in my personal development and direction. I have felt compelled and guided to make it, which became all the more profound with the synchronicity of receiving twenty of his cine reels, which I wasn't aware existed. Here in this film I talk to my partner about him and using just a few of those reels, I have been able to scratch at the surface of an extraordinary man. This film concentrates purely on his spiritual insights and beliefs and poses the question, what of the afterlife, of life AFTER death? Thank you Grandad Xxx Selected Reviews :- "The lights, sounds, transitioning images, shadows make the film mysterious, suggesting the presence of something heavenly. You have succeeded to bring us into the mood of 'life after life'. I am so much enriched by this film. I have watched several times, each viewing gave me new impressions, new shivers, discovered new lights and new messages'" - Krisztina Bagamery Communication and Medical Marketing professional "Wow I want to thank you for sharing this amazing tribute you made of such an interesting and inspiring and deep thinking man that your grandfather truly was. He loved you so much and still maintained that special bond with you even after his death. I loved your imagery.....the kite, the rainbow, the gardens, the books showing our curiosity in seeking knowledge of our universe and the afterlife, the chess game with the chess pieces showing how inevitably our physical lives will end. I love how you blurred and slowed down the past footage of your grandfather and your childhood self...it has a idyllic dream like quality that enforces to the watcher the loving protective relationship between you and your grandfather and also times that have past. The footage where your grandfather is lifting you high above the ground can also symbolize his enabling you to see or be aware of higher spiritual things. I'm really very impressed with what you have done." - Jennifer Ellis "You ooze talent! I think a lot of people could relate to the relationship between you and your grandad. Such a powerful insight into the beliefs your grandad and yourself shared. You really know how to keep the audience captivated, such creativity. Your like a technical genius when its comes to editing ect. The spiritual meaning came across beautifully but it also aired a magical sense. Beautifully amazing David xx" - Claire Hignett

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          • Islam, my choice.


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            The journeys in pursuit of life's purpose always make stories that never fade into history. Such journeys are defined by the choices the seekers must make in times of uncertainty. Choosing the truth is a daunting task even for the strongest among us. But if you set yourself free... the truth will make the right choice for you. Talent: Abdurehman Yusef Background Adhan: Yusuf Yunus Al-Blushi Producer: FANAR Qatar Islamic Cultural Center Director / DP / Sound Design: Mansoor CK Editing / Grading / FX: Hammad Iqbal Script / Voiceover: Abdullah Al-Almani Best boy: Ibrahim Fouad Khalaf Logistics: Athar Rahman Scripted and shot in one day. Post production done in three days. A tremendous amount of work went into making a lifeless noon footage captured on a dusty and windy day into something pleasing and beautiful to look at. Check out the before and after photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hammadiqbal/sets/72157630623461338/ Equipment: 5D Mark II, Kessler pocket dolly, kessler crane

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            • Mare's Nest (2014)


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              Mare's Nest (2014) Film by Fred L'Epee and Kenneth Gentry .In our film we posit the following question: is mankind in this postmodern era falling into a sort of collective madness, for which there may be neither a remedy nor a means of escape? It is an existential question regarding the postmodern condition. If one looks into the contemporary arts and sciences, one will find that this may well be the case. The postmodern condition has been characterized as that of denial (Pinker), shock (Hughes), disorder (Lwoff), chaos (Bloom), dismantling (Bauman), and oblivion (Borges). Do we find ourselves in a world, like it or not, of disarray, disillusionment, even illusion? Does this inevitably lead to internal and external conflicts? We will let each viewer of our film be the judge of that. CREDIT Cinematography Fred L'Epee Script Kenneth Gentry Editing Fred L'Epee Design Ed Alvarado Music soundtrack Album: "The Gas Heart" Artist: Surrealist gesture Additionnal sounds 4096_plagasul_rarexport-5 62912_Benboncan_Heartbeat_Mono 156866_strair_sad-ghost 170653_headphaze_horror-sounscape-01 32570_erh_screaming-indian-brass 179376__stonedb__huge-laser 148283__rmutt__oceanwaves-5 17726__suonho__elements-water-01-underwater 38544__erh__rhythm-2-2-own-b7-21 34012__erh__cinematic-deep-bass-rumble Helicon Films 2014 Fred L’Epee Kenneth Gentry Ed Alvarado This work is licensed under Creative Commons. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3

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              • Amygdala (2014)


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                Amygdala (2014) Film by Fred L'Epee and Ed Alvarado. Amygdala (structure in the limbic system) is an mental encoding information. The Amygdala performs a primary role in the processing of memory, decision-making, and emotional reactions of fear. ... CREDITS Cinematography Fred L'Epee Ed Alvarado Editing Fred L'Epee Sound/Music 1296_Freed_160903C 1891_virotic_machine6 31904_yewbic_ambient01 Helicons Films 2014 Co-producers
 Fred L’Epee 
Ed Alvarado
 Kenneth Gentry This work is licensed under Creative Commons. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.

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                • 8mm experimentation


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                  super8 sort of mini re edit in HD here - http://www.vimeo.com/15042273 ;)

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                  • The Art Of The Timelapse | Meet Michael Shainblum


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                    "Into The Atmosphere," the new timelapse video by Michael Shainblum, spotlights epic, natural spots in California. Find out how Shainblum creates visual magic in the video above. Watch "Into The Atmosphere": https://vimeo.com/81616727 http://shainblumphoto.com/ Read more: http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/stunning-time-lapse-sheds-new-light-on-california _______________________________ SUBSCRIBE to The Creators Project Newsletter: http://bit.ly/HhxuUN _______________________________ The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE: http://thecreatorsproject.com/ _______________________________ Check out our full video catalog: https://vimeo.com/thecreatorsproject Facebook: http://fb.com/thecreatorsproject Twitter: http://twitter.com/creatorsproject Tumblr: http://thecreatorsproject.tumblr.com/

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                    • Les champs du possible


                      from Danieldp / Added

                      Dieu (Victor Hugo - extraits) Au monde des esprits je monte sans efforts. Je plane en liberté dans les champs du possible, Il me faut un séjour qui n'ait pas d'horizon. L'infini dans son sein absorbe ma pensée ; Là, reine de l'espace et de l'éternité, Elle ose mesurer le temps, l'immensité, Aborder le néant, parcourir l'existence, Et concevoir de Dieu l'inconcevable essence. Nature ! Firmament ! L’œil en vain vous contemple ; Hélas ! Sans voir le Dieu, l'homme admire le temple, Il voit, il suit en vain, dans les déserts des cieux, De leurs mille soleils le cours mystérieux ! Comme ils brillaient hier, ils brilleront demain ! Qui sait où commença leur glorieux chemin ? Qui sait quand ce flambeau, qui luit et qui féconde, Une première fois s'est levé sur le monde ? Mais les jours éternels n'ont point de premier jour. Le spectacle est usé, l'homme engourdi s'endort. Réveille-nous, grand Dieu ! Parle et change le monde ; Fais entendre au néant ta parole féconde. Tire un autre univers de cet autre chaos. Change l'ordre des cieux qui ne nous parle plus ! Lance un nouveau soleil à nos yeux éperdus ! Détruis ce vieux palais, indigne de ta gloire ; Déjà l'ombre du monde à nos regards s'efface, Nous échappons au temps, nous franchissons l'espace. Et dans l'ordre éternel de la réalité, Nous voilà face à face avec la vérité !

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