1. Testimony Maurice Donovan


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    It was at the age of about 20 when I found myself sitting in the front seat of a church service, and for the first time I started to question God and asked God for understanding about what the Preacher was teaching. One day after many months of struggling with these questions, I just gave up and I got before God and surrender my life to Jesus. It was after this step of faith that I received the knowledge and understanding of how significant Jesus Christ was and why I needed Jesus in my life. It was like the blinkers had been removed from my eyes and I now could see things so clearly. Today God wants to reveal Himself to us in more ways than we can imagine, but it takes faith to walk with Him, we have to act from our heart and not from our mind. Had I acted from my mind instead of my heart some 35 years ago when I first accepted Jesus, I may not have been here today, and my children may not be walking with God as they are today. Hebrews 11.1 says: Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Now while faith starts when we accept Jesus into our lives, it should not finish there. Faith should be like mustard seed that Jesus teaches us about. The smallest of all seeds will eventual grow into a big mustered tree. Our faith needs to grow and we need to walk as Christ walked and see the sick healed, see the blind see, see the lame walk, and see the gospel preached wherever we go. There has been many times in my life were I have trusted in my own understanding and I have not listened to God. We miss out on so much of Gods Blessings when we stop following Gods ways. We are like that Mountain climber who is left hanging. Friends, we are not saved by works, but if we say we have faith but we do not act in a Christ like manner than our faith is dead Our lives should be full of the fruits of our faith being love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control Just because you have knowledge doesn’t mean we have amounted to anything useful, it is not until we apply that knowledge that we become useful. It is only when we learn to apply our knowledge that we become efficient. The problems we have in our Churches is not that people do not know the bible. Church’s do not split because they do not know the bible, it is because they do not apply the Bible. In Jesus’s time who best knew the scriptures? It was the Pharisees. So who stirred up the Romans to Crucify Christ? The Pharisees. We all process knowledge, but knowledge without application is not beneficial to anyone. But an action such as love builds up and has a positive input to those we love. What is harder, to know something or to love someone. It is much harder to love someone than to know something. Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up Spiritual maturity is not just knowing Gods word, but is gauged by our application of His word. If the mountain climber had applied Gods word he would have cut the rope and would have been saved. Gods Blessings are bestowed on those who not only know Gods word but to those who apply His word. At the end, our true success is measured not by what we know but by what we do with what we know. My son James long before he went to Africa to be a missionary, was a doer of God’s word. He worked tirelessly helping many people in his community. His choice was to love the needy and he impacted the lives of many people that were in our community. There was a young refugee who came to Australian who was very troubled and living a very dark life and was often in trouble with the law and in hospital after being stabbed or injured in a fight. James obeyed the word of God and loved this person when no one else would. James’s love had a huge impact on Godzilla, which was his nick name, James’s love was up lifting and Godzilla knew this and was affected by the love and care James showed him. It was many years after James left Australia that my wife and I ran into Godzilla who is now known by his real name. He has changed so much and he was un-recognizable to us. He is now a follower of Christ and he is working with others who were once like he was, showing these hardened people the love that Christ showed him and giving them the same love that James showed to Godzilla. In summing up: I have delivered you a simple message that we need to apply our faith and not simply know the word of God. Remember Faith without works is dead. There are still many religious people in our churches today; the Pharisees were very religious people in Jesus’s day, but they helped Crucify the Son of God. Well I want to make it clear just as the Religious people in Jesus’s time had Him crucified, the same is for today. It is not the true believers, and it is certainly not God, who carries out evil deeds on people, it is the religious people, not the believers.

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    • THE DAILY HOMILY - Jan 19 - Faith without Works is Dead


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      There are many "shepherds", but only One True Shepherd - and His Name is Jesus Christ the Lord. Are you sick of following the false shepherds in the religious institutions? Have you had enough of 'the spirit of the antichrist' for one lifetime? Get healed. Get some Blessed Holy Water. Read the Testimony of the Two Witnesses. Obtain a free copy of the Testimony by contacting the Last True Pope of this Era, Petrus Romanus. Petrus.Romanus.mail@gmail.com Pope Peter the Last and his wife are in fact, the Two Witnesses, mentioned in the Book of Revelations, in Chapter 11. Are you hungry for the Truth? Or, will you settle for what the goats are eating? Be one of the first people in human history to experience the New Pentecost. Get some Blessed Holy Water from the Two Witnesses NOW! http://testimonyofthetwowitnesses.com/HOLY-WATER-AND-THE-SACRAMENTS.php To bookmark the Daily Homily, use this link http://testimonyofthetwowitnesses.com/DAILY-HOMILIES.php

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      • James 2: WORD WORKS, never you!


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        Youtube playlist, to dispel many false doctrines in Christendom which IGNORE the inspired Greek in James 1-2. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV_aTsnz-zs&list=PLB2D36A5F17A7ABB4&index=2 . Off-Youtube: http://www.brainout.net/SatStrat2.htm#James2 . You've often heard, oh, one must do works to be saved, 'faith is not enough', 'easy-believism' is wrong; or worse, one must 'make Christ Lord' to be saved; or, one's not saved unless one 'evidences' salvation by works. So, this playlist shows how James' GREEK, disproves those claims. The last 12 videos show his four-fold rhetorical style, color-coded. (Word doc download: http://www.brainout.net/JAMES1-2INGREEK.RTF . Download its free Greek fonts here: http://www.bibleworks.com/fonts.html .) Updated version (for colors and meter): http://www.brainout.net/James1-2InGreekR.pdf or .doc . A) "Faith" means WORD BELIEVED, not your act of faith, and begins in James 1:3. B) "The" in Greek ("definite article"), he cleverly removes or inserts, to show the difference between GOD's works and your own. This is a common Bible rhetorical style. It begins in Jas 1:3, goes thru end Chap 2. C) "True riches" (Lord's phrase in Gospels). James starts this witty parallel to the crown you're tested to receive, with Jas 1:3's Greek dokimion. It means to test a gem or metal for genuineness (folks counterfeited gems & coins). For WHAT word is in you? God's, or your own? Word is gold silver precious stones in 1Cor3, so James plays off 1Cor3. D) Favor True Riches of Word over material poverty or wealth: theme of Chapter 2, James began in 1:9-10. So now you know: * 'Faith': is it THE faith, or YOUR faith? THE faith is James' topic. ITS works, never yours. * Only due to ITS work are you crowned at Bema (1:12), same idea as for Abraham's Maturation Award, Friend of God (2:22-23). Abraham favored what works The WORD produced in him -- hence "Friend of God" Maturation Inheritance Title. For Abraham was already saved back in Gen 15:6, 25 years prior. So Word Works by Spirit; without Whom, you are carnal (Jas 2:26, compared to 1John1:9); HE Works Word in you post-Salvation, to save your soul from all your pre-salvation thinking; so like Abraham, you are caused to Believe In Word so strongly, God can take away what matters most to you. That's the test to pass, for crowning. * James isn't talking about getting into heaven, but WHERE you reside, in it. That, is governed by how Implanted Word in you, creates those 1 Cor3 gold (etc.) AWARDS. * Jas 1:1-1-4's context: Believer Maturation. James' Rhetorical Style A, "faith" means WORD BELIEVED & in you. IT doing the works, not you. * James talks to those Already Saved (1:1-2); so he writes about how you get CROWNED at Bema -- by means of Word in you (1:3, "faith" first means Believed Word, aka "passive use of pistis"). True Wealth of Word Working In You (James 1:3-12, 13-18, 21-26) profits you, so your soul becomes king-sized, and hence you undergo testing (1:3, letter's theme); so when Word in You proves valid, God crowns you (1:12). So, you INHERIT a subkingdom (1:12, all of Chap 2), not merely be IN God's Kingdom. Forever. * So Jas 2 is on True Wealth Of Bible In You, what IT does to you: not, on you doing anything. Of course, Word won't abide in you, work in you, profit you -- if you didn't learn and believe it. So James reams out Jewish believers who had the Word memorized, as was custom -- but they didn't BELIEVE in it. Paul levied the same criticism, in Rom 10:1-10. * For, said in Jas 1:18, we are God-produced fruit -- NOT what we do; James thus invokes Isa 53:10-12. Paul, Peter, Jude, Book of Hebrews and finally John, all allude to or quote, James' themes. Fruit is TEACHING, Matt7, whether good or bad. Fruit is Thinking, Galatians 5 being the Spirit-produced THINKING. For our souls were paid for by Christ's Thinking, "bedato yatsdiq" clause in Isa 53:11's Hebrew. Word implanted in Christ, made Him BECOME the Truth, by means of which His Soul PAID for us (Isa 53:11); so this Truth is shared out like booty among Church, Jas 2, Rom 12:1-3, Eph 3:15-19, Eph 4:13 (the goal for Church maturation & hence Rapture), 2Pet3:18. So Word Believed, Works. IT works, not you. IT produces, not you. IT is true profit, not worldly wealth or poverty. IT makes you mature, IT makes you 'approved' for king-sized maturation & hence from IT you INHERIT a kingdom (1:12) if you keep abiding in The Word. Learning it. Believing it. Then you are a 'doer' of The Word, Jas 1:22-23. Then what happened to Abraham, Jas 2:22, happens to you: for the Word works ON faith. Greek verb sunergew is intransitive. So Abraham cannot do anything. But the Word IN Him, makes the intransitive, fruitful, just as in Rom 8:28 (same verb). Vids made 6/28-30/09.

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        • Grace Part 5


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          This teaching is on "true faith". Learn how God's grace is connected to our faith.

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          • Faith without works is useless


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            After Linda tries to explain why she needs to keep her decision-making, Pastor Paul talks about the importance of acting on our faith.

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            • 04-14-2013 - Freedom Church Sermon


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              According to your faith be it unto you, the just shall live by faith, faith without works is dead, Freedom Church Cincinnati, Pastor Rob White, freedomchurchcincinnati.com, loving God for who He is

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              • Working Your Faith


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                Pastor Tim Lambert Christian Embassy International Church Chesapeake, VA http://www.ceicva.org April 25, 2012 James 2:14-26 Faith without works is dead! It takes works, worked out of faith, to connect the natural with the supernatural.

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                • James 2:14-26 - The Exercise of Wisdom


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                  What does "faith without works is dead" really mean? Is it a theological statement, or something else? Join the discussion as Tom explains the broader context of the letter of James and how it all fits together . . .

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                  • 10/29/2011 "Finding & Finishing God's Will (John 4)" – Pastor Shane Idleman


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                    Westside Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian church that meets every Saturday at 5:30 pm, at 6015 West Avenue J8, Lancaster, California. For more info, or to read our statement of faith, visit westsidechristianfellowship.org/​about-wcf/​statement-of-faith/​

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