1. Portal: Terminal Velocity


    from Jason Craft Added 1.6M 5,614 219

    My interpretation of what a real Portal gun would be like if one existed. Based on the video game, Portal. I tried to match the game as close as possible. This was the most challenging project I have ever undertaken, consisting of 3D tracking, seamless camera cuts and 3D camera projection. ENJOY! The Visual Effects. Can't view it on Vimeo watch it on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsdEXlPsobI For those of you that think the gun is a physical prop you can buy, well.....sorry to break the news to you, but it's entirely CG. The 3D Portal gun was replacing/covering up a painted up coffee can with tracking markers. Here's a 3D turntable of the model, https://vimeo.com/43795711 For everyone that wants to know the song used: Snakes On The Take - Freeplaymusic.com Software Used: Autodesk Maya - Modeling/ lighting Zbrush - Texturing PFTrack - 3D tracking After Effects - to composite HDR shop - to capture High Dynamic Range images for 3D lighting/ Refections Trapcode Particular - for particles

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      from Joseph Kahn Added 1.4M 4,770 199

      Deboot of the Power Rangers. My take on the FAN FILM. Not a pilot, not a series, not for profit, strictly for exhibition. This is a bootleg experiment not affiliated or endorsed by Saban Entertainment or Lionsgate nor is it selling any product. I claim no rights to any of the characters (don't send me any money, not kickstarted, this film is free). This is the NSFW version. An alternate safe version is on youtube. ***For the record I wrote and posted this statement at release of this video, BEFORE it was pulled then reinstalled.*** Interview by Drew McWeeny at Hitfix: http://www.hitfix.com/motion-captured/world-exclusive-what-are-katee-sackhoff-and-james-van-der-beek-doing-in-joseph-kahns-powerrangers Making Of: https://vimeo.com/120858084 CAST: Katee Sackhoff - Kimberly/Pink James Van Der Beek - Rocky Russ Bain - Tommy/Green Will Yun Lee - General Klank Gichi Gamba - Zack/Black CREW Director: Joseph Kahn Writers: Joseph Kahn, James Van Der Beek, Dutch Southern Producers: Adi Shankar, Jil Hardin Executive Producers: Justin Smith, David Kang, Raymond Watt, Michael S. Kim Co-producers: Renn Brown, Kathy Palmer Cinematographer: Christopher Probst Production Designer: Brett Hess Costume Designer: Edda Gudmunsdottir Stunt/Fight Coordinator: Don Theerathada/87 Eleven Sound Designer: Fletcher Alliston 
Music by: Brain and Melissa Visual Effects: Ingenuity Engine Visual Effects Supervisors: David Lebensfeld, Grant Miller, Chris Watts Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PowerRangersBootleg

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      • Beyond Black Mesa


        from Brian Curtin Added 196K 3,179 334

        ( Hope you enjoyed it. Please use the Tip Jar below to help us make more awesome videos! ) Beyond Black Mesa is a short Independent fan film Inspired by the Half-Life Video Game series. This is an action packed short film centering around Adrian Shephard and a band of resistance fighters struggling to get out a warning about the impending invasion. - Independent short film - 2 years in the making - Endless hours of post - 1 Canon HV20 - 7 Friends - $1,200 budget for the full short film. This film is not HL,HL2 or Opposing Forces. It's a short fan film that takes place in the Half-Life world. Also, as a completely independent film, we wanted to have a creative voice in the movie and make it a movie that we would enjoy shooting. We took artistic freedoms and liberties, unfortunately most of those decisions were determined by our limited resources. Stay updated here: http://on.fb.me/BBMfacebook Check out: BEYONDBLACKMESA.COM Directed by Brian Curtin Producer: Matt Hall, Mat Powell Actors/Grips: Joy Gravel, Walt Thomas, Andrew Gothard Special Tracks: Nate Quarterman Narrator: Taylor Robinson Audio Mastering: Eric Chapman

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        • KILLZONE INTERCEPT - Live Action Fan Film


          from Brian Curtin Added 167K 3,055 155

          ( Hope you enjoyed it. Please use the Tip Jar below to help us make more awesome videos! ) Watch the Behind The Scenes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAKGANmRFNw Killzone Intercept occurs during the events of Killzone 3 as the ISA evacuate Helghan. A small scout squad is called upon to stall a large group of approaching Helghasts that plan to cut off the ISA convoy from reaching the extraction point. Outnumbered, the squad takes on the task with hopes of getting everyone off the planet alive. Director's note: "This is another film project that was 2yrs in the making and only possible with unbelievable amounts of work and support from friends and family. It amazes me what can happen when a group of talented people are passionate about a project. On previous projects, we have never had any form of support from the actual game creators. Luckily, Guerrilla Games was kind enough to give feedback and recognition for a fan film project fueled by our love for the games. Other developers should take notes. Now, enjoy the film!" STAY UPDATED ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/infectiousdesigner SEE MORE HERE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=INFECTIOUSDESIGNER THE CAST Director: Brian Curtin Writer's: Brian Curtin and Taylor Robinson Executive Producer: Taylor Robinson Producer: Lisa Harris Director of Photography: Jason Wallis Casting: Hannah Francis Produced by: Six Foot Five Productions MAIN CAST William: Russ Hobbie ISA Heavy: Gerhard Mathangani ISA Sniper: Michael Walters ISA Rifleman: Don Cano Mother: Shannon Hoppe Helghast Commander: Kevin Wayne Young William: Finn Steward Tortured ISA Soldier: Cris Morriss Helghast Soldiers: Ryan Whaley, Logan Huggins, Ben Moon, Kenny Glover Helghast Sniper/Capture Trooper: Walt Thomas CREW First A.C.: Bill Schweikert Audio: Eric Chapman Gaffer: Seth Newell and Jerry Kelly Key Grip: Sean Kirby Grip: Ned Boggan Costume/Props: Gary Barth and Martin McDonald Make-up: Kathryn Petras PA/Craft Service: Jonathan Hoffman and Jackson Leach Art Dept: Matt Hall, Mat Powell, Walt Thomas Audio Mastering: Eric Chapman Editor/Visual Effects: Brian Curtin 3D/Special Effects: Goran Zovkic and Michael Eves Visual Artist: Daniel Enrique De Leon Capture Trooper Suit Artist: Anthony Kitchens Special Thanks to: Sloss, Wade Sand and Gravel, Kel Roberts, Ford and Karla Wiles, Guerrilla Games Huge Thanks to Joy Gravel for keeping me alive during this project.

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          • PAC-MAN The Movie (The Fan Film)


            from Steelehouse Productions Added 158K 2,153 69

            For more information on PAC-MAN The Movie (The Fan Film), visit: http://www.projectyellowsphere.com Visit Steelehouse's official site at: http://www.steelehouse.com Disclaimer: PAC-MAN The Movie (The Fan Film) and its associated trailers are fan-made shorts created to celebrate the awesomeness that is (and will always be) Pac-Man. These videos are not affiliated with Namco Bandai, and in no way represent their original work. Not intended for commercial use. Special thanks to Machinima for partnering with us on this release. http://www.youtube.com/user/machinima

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            • The Solo Adventures 2D


              from Daniel L Smith Added 90.1K 885 55

              This is the winner of "Best Animation" from the Star Wars Fan Film Movie Challenge, sponsored by Lucasfilm. It was shown at Celebration V in Orlando Florida in circular polarized 3D. Here it is in 2D I am the director, co-writer and stereoscopic supervisor. It was produced as a student film by the June 2010 class at the DAVE school at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. For more information about the DAVE school see, http://www.daveschool.com

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              • WARRIORS Trailer (2014)


                from ram bhat Added 129K 819 31

                WARRIORS - Fan Trailer Poster Art: http://www.rambhat.com/still-warriors/ Los Angeles 1992 - The Warriors and every other gang in the city are called to meet in the Valley. Cyrus, the leader of the biggest gang (The Riffs), wants to take over LA and proposes a truce amongst them all. But as events take a turn for the worse, the Warriors have to fight their way back home to Long Beach. WILL THEY SURVIVE THE NIGHT? Directed by Ram Bhat (http://www.rambhat.com) Like "WARRIORS" on Facebook - http://www.warriors-trailer.com #WARRIORS #COMEOUTTOPLAY -------------------------------------------------- Produced by Meagan Judkins Alex Sanchez Ram Bhat Unit Production Manager Alex Sanchez Executive Producer Ram Bhat Director of Photography Autumn Cheyenne Durald Editor Doron Dor Original Music by Andy Favre ADR / Foley / Sound Design M. Dean Bridges for Glob Records Casting Meagan Judkins Ram Bhat Associate Producer David Bokser Chris Olivarez Production Designer Alessandro Marvelli Set Decorator Curtis Kemp Painter Juliette Sedlacek Assistant Set Decorator Christopher Hansen Costume Designer Sarah Kinsumba Demetrius Damon Meagan Judkins Tamara Becker Make Up Artist Miho Suzuki Make Up Assistant Hiroko Claus Hairstylist Abraham Esparza Hair Assistant Michelle Ghaltchi First Assistant Director Jeff Keith 1st Assistant Camera Stephen T. Wher 2nd Assistant Camera Ryan Hogue 2nd Assistant Camera Drew Dawson Digital Imaging Technician Thomas Kowalczyk Gaffer Brice Bradley Best Boy Electric Simone G. Jesse Smith Electric Simone A. Swing Melanie Adams Key Grip Don Padilla Best Boy Grip Steven Winslow Grip Anthony Arenas Special FX Coordinator Erich Martin Hicks Special Effects Assistant Gary F. Bentley Picture Vehicle William Albright Mechanic Jerry Fredericks Production Assistants John Curtis Joshua Grossman Benjamin Askinas Sacha Ben-Harroche Joseph Capone Kelsey Degideo -------------------------------------------------- Concept Design Jacob Winkler Luca Vitale Ram Bhat Warriors Logo Design Chris Sanchez Poster & VHS Illustration Ram Bhat Behind the Scenes Photography Mark Rubenstein Ryan Erke Thomas Wood Trelanda R. Lowe -------------------------------------------------- CAST Lizzies Destiny Nolen Latonya Swann Gabrielle Nevins Brittany Rosoff Hennessy Rubio Lizzies Victim Sebastien Charmant Baseball Furies Anthony Stagel Andrew Kailon Eric Corbin Jalil Houssain Matthew Peschio Baseball Furies Victim Nemanja Flipovic Rogues Charles Jamison Jonothan Cota Emmanuel Howell Jarrod Christopher SBJ Rogues Victim Frankie Ray Warriors Eddie Ramos Jesse Somera Oluchi Lardge Jeffery King Aaron Rivera Adam Gold Lera Pentelute -------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to: Mom, Dad, & Priya HKCORP Brandon Prior Heidi Berg David Gitlis Abbe Magid Lindsey Ramey Steven Ilous -------------------------------------------------- This trailer is a non-profit artistic expression by Sriram Bhat LLC. As such, this trailer released as a noncommercial use, is not intended for distribution in connection with a good or service that does not belong to their respective owners in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, or in any manner that disparages or discredits their respective owners. No claim herein is made to ownership to the literary and artistic works of the respective rights holders below. This trailer shall not be deemed or construed to convey or transfer any of such intellectual property rights to Sriram Bhat LLC. Streetfighter III: 2nd Impact, Turbo Street Fighter II: Champion Edition – Hyper, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Capcom U.S.A, Inc. Marvel TM & © 2000 Marvel Characters, Inc. PAC-MAN® & © and MS. PAC-MAN® & © 1980 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. PAC-MAN Party™ & © 2010 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. SEGA and the SEGA® & © logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Corporation. Mizuno logo is a trademark or registered trademark of Mizuno USA, Inc. The Warriors ® & © 2014 Paramount Pictures. All other marks and trademarks are properties of their respective owners. All Rights Reserved. All content included in this trailer, unless notice given otherwise or referenced in the aforementioned paragraph, including all text, graphics, logos, is the property of Sriram Bhat LLC and is protected to the full extent of U.S. and international copyright laws.

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                • The Solo Adventures 3D


                  from Daniel L Smith Added 137K 522 58

                  You need red/cyan anaglyph glasses to see this properly. This is the winner of "Best Animation" from the Star Wars Fan Film Movie Challenge, sponsored by Lucasfilm. I am presenting it here in stereoscopic 3D. It was shown at Celebration V in Orlando Florida in circular polarized 3D. I am the director, co-writer and stereoscopic supervisor. It was produced as a student film by the June 2010 class at the DAVE school at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. For more information about the DAVE school see, http://www.daveschool.com

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                    from Joseph Kahn Added 38.4K 445 15

                    Shot and cut by Renn Brown. Music by Brain and Melissa. *If you haven't seen the short film, please watch it first: https://vimeo.com/120401488 Behind the scenes montage of POWER/RANGERS starting from tech scout on July 27, 2014 to cast/crew screening on February 23, 2015. This project was self funded by me and not endorsed by Saban or Lionsgate. POWER/RANGERS is not for sale, it was not kickstarted, and I don't want any money from any of you. It's yours for free. I just want you to have nice things.

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                    • BATMAN DELIVRANCE


                      from Atomic Production Added 188K 386 16

                      Gotham City, quelques années dans le futur. Batman s'est retiré de la scène super héroïque et Gotham a rapidement sombré dans le chaos et la violence. Un Bruce Wayne vieillissant, alcoolique, résistera t-il à l'appel irrésistible du chevalier noir pour un dernier combat épique face à un adversaire redoutable... Batman has retired from the superheroes’ stage and Gotham City is plunged into chaos. As Bruce Wayne is getting older and suffering from serious problem drinking, is he going to resist to the Dark Night call for a last fight, a heroic fighting with an awesome adversary?

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