1. PROWALL™ - Professional Video Walls and Arrays for Final Cut Pro X - Pixel Film Studios


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    PROWALL™ - Professional Video Walls and Arrays for Final Cut Pro X - Pixel Film Studios http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/plugin-prowall Want to create a wall of monitors that are each showing a different clip or image? With PROWALL™ from Pixel Film Studios™ users can create video walls, rooms and tunnels directly inside of Final Cut Pro X, and then navigate the viewer through them with a 3D camera. With 60 different layouts and customization options, the possibilities are endless. CREATE YOUR WONDERWALL Today is going to be the day we are going to bring PROWALL™ to you. Fill drop zones and move the camera is all you have to do. Whether you are telling a story through images or creating a backdrop for your scene, PROWALL™ can be the one that saves you. 60 UNIQUE LAYOUTS FOR FCPX With 60 unique layouts, PROWALL™ can create a video wall for any situation. Quickly and easily make title sequences, slide shows, backdrops, or corporate videos directly inside Final Cut Pro X using your own footage or images. MOVE IN A 3D ENVIRONMENT Want to pan or glide around to reveal new videos and images in your video wall? With PROWALL™, you can control a 3D camera in the FCPX Inspector to view your wall from all angles. This ability allows you to tell a story through your images as you progress through the wall, room or tunnel you have created. DESIGNED FOR FINAL CUT PRO X The team at Pixel Film Studios meticulously created PROWALL™ so that users could create and manipulate awesome 3D video walls, room, tunnels, and environments directly inside of the Final Cut Pro X viewer without having to import them from another software.

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    • PRO3DT - Professional 3D Text and Logo Plugin for Final Cut Pro X - Pixel Film Studios


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      PROFESSIONAL 3D TEXT AND LOGO GENERATOR FOR FINAL CUT PRO X http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/pro3dt-plugin Create a cutting edge 3D title sequence directly in Final Cut Pro X with PRO3DT™ from Pixel Film Studios™. Adding 3D Text and logos to your FCPX project has never been so easy. With PRO3DT™, you can now give your Final Cut Pro X text depth and dimension with the click of a button. PRO3DT™ works with any font that you have in your font library. Simply drag and drop one of the PRO3DT™ presets ontop of your footage and use the simple sliders and text controls to complete your look. 3D TEXT IN FINAL CUT PRO X Adding 3D Text to your project is a great way your video a modern, commercial feel. With PRO3DT™, you can now give your Final Cut Pro X text depth and dimension with the click of a button. PRO3DT™ works with any font that you have on your computer. 10 CAMERA ANGLE PRESETS Stop worrying about having to move a camera in 3D space to get the right look. We got you covered. With 10 preset camera movements you can breeze through moving title sequences. Simply use the Camera Angle slider and add start and stop keyframes to get the perfect smooth movement. CREATE A 3D LOGO IN FCPX After creating your 3D text you can add a 3D object or lower thirds bar behind it using the Background Image features. Simply select a .jpeg or .png to use as the backdrop for your text and see it instantly transformed into a 3D object that can move in 3D space. TOTAL CONTROL IN FCPX PRO3DT™ was designed by the team at Pixel Film Studios to create flawless 3D text inside Final Cut Pro X without melting your computer with renders. With easy-to-use sliders and drop down menus in the FCPX Inspector you can quickly and effortlessly change the Camera Angle, Lens Type, and Shine of your text along with many parameters.

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      • PRORUIN™ - Final Cut Pro X Effects - Pixel Film Studios


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        PRORUIN™ - Final Cut Pro X Effects - Pixel Film Studios http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/proruin-plugin PROFESSIONAL GRUNGE TECHNIQUES Create the grungy, gritty film that you always wanted to with PRORUIN™ by Pixel Film Studios™. This collection of over 100 Final Cut Pro X presets and 50 video composites allows you to add moving textures, burns, splatters and colors to your film to give it that dynamic look. PRORUIN™ gives you a never seen before amount of control over your grunge effects in FCPX. DESTROY YOUR FILM Destroy your film... In a good way. Adding PRORUIN™ to you footage in Final Cut Pro X is the easiest way to add dirt, burns, and splatters to your film without lighting your camera on fire or dipping it in paint. With PRORUIN™, you can create limitless unique and grungy looks. YOU GOTTA FIGHT... With over 100 awesome ruined effects for Final Cut Pro X and 50 ProRes video composites, PRORUIN™ gives you the tools to rock on. Choose from 1 of the 10 effects styles (including Water Damage, Splatter Effects, and Chaos), or layer multiple styles to create grittier and crazier looks. HANDCRAFTED ELEMENTS Using numerous techniques and equipment, the artists at Pixel Film Studios™ created all the burn and splatter elements in PRORUIN™ by hand, burning and grungifying different materials and textures. We even pulled out our hair and scanned it for you, so you don't have to. CUSTOMIZE PRORUIN™ IN FCPX PRORUIN™ brings never seen before customization to grunge effects in Final Cut Pro X. With the easy-to-use sliders and controls found in the FCPX Inspector, editors can change the individual colors, scales, blurs and opacity of the grunge elements in PRORUIN™.

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        • PROMONO™ - FCPX Plugin - Pixel Film Studios


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          PROMONO™ - Final Cut Pro X Plugin - Pixel Film Studios PROFESSIONAL WASHED AND MONOCHROME FILM LOOKS http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/promono-plugin Achieve that washed out film look that you always wanted with PROMONO™ from Pixel Film Studios™. This collection of 100 monochromatic and washed out color grades can help you create the stylistic theme and tone of your film. PROMONO™ was professionally designed to work inside of Final Cut Pro X. WASHED FILM LOOK Adding washed and monochromatic color grades to film has become a popular direction for Hollywood colorists. It is a great way to communicate information such as locations and emotions through color. For instance, a warm color can convey tranquility and peace, while a cooler color may suggest sadness or danger. With PROMONO, you can tell your story through color grades. 70 PROMONO GRADES FOR FCPX With 70 PROMONO™ color grades to choose from, editors can set the mood for any story while also creating a professional, filmic look. Simply browse through the PROMONO™ library and then drag and drop the one that works best with your footage. Use the simple sliders in the Final Cut Pro X inspector to polish your look. 25 BLACK AND WHITE GRADES PROMONO™ also comes with 25 black and white color grades to help you create any desaturated look. From Classic Hollywood to Film Noir to contemporary black and white, PROMONO™ has it all! NOW INCLUDING ADD-ON EFFECTS! After choosing your PROMONO™ color grade, you can complete your filmic look by adding one of the bonus editing effects included in PROMONO™. These Add-on Effects include: film grain, film projector, edge blur, and film scratches. ONLY FOR FINAL CUT PRO X PROMONO™ was professionally designed by the team at Pixel Film Studios™ for FCPX. As an FCPX effect, these plugins can be dragged-and-dropped onto your footage and previewed in real time. PROMONO™ also contains easy-to-use controls built into the Final Cut Pro X Inspector that allow you to customize your looks quickly.

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          • PROLUMETRIC™ - FCPX Plugins and Effects - Pixel Film Studios


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            PROLUMETRIC™ - Final Cut Pro X Plugins and Effects - Pixel Film Studios http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/prolumetric-plugin PROLUMETRIC™ - PROFESSIONAL VOLUMETRIC LIGHTING EFFECTS Want to give the illusion that epic or stunning light rays are poking through clouds or a stained glass window? With PROLUMETRIC™ from Pixel Film Studios create beautiful volumetric lighting effects in Final Cut Pro X. STUNNING LIGHT EFFECTS Create the epic or mythological lighting effects that you see in Hollywood blockbusters without breaking the bank on lighting equipment. Add shines, shimmers and sweeping rays to your footage with the PROLUMETRIC™ plugin for Final Cut Pro X. Then make a Hollywood-style trailer for your film by adding the PROLUMETRIC™ effects to your title text. ADJUST YOUR LIGHT COLOR Take control of the light in your scene and adjust the color of your volumetric lighting. From a dimmly candle lit dinner to a sunset at dusk you can change mood with a tweak of the on-screen controls. ADD DUST PARTICLES Over 24 different presets of dust that can be added into the volumetric light in Final Cut Pro X. From out of focus large dust particles to small shimmers in the distance. Simply select one of the FCPX presets in the effect panel. LIGHT DIFFUSERS Diffuse your light using two methods in PROLUMETRIC™. First a simple diffuser located at the light source. This can be adjusted using a slider in the effect control panel in Final Cut Pro X. The second diffser point is used to bounce the light around your scene creaeting a relistic volumetric light effect. ON-SCREEN CONTROLS FOR FCPX PROLUMETRIC™ was created by the team at Pixel Film Studios to integrate perfectly with Final Cut Pro X to enhance your editing experience. Take command of this plugin using the on-screen controls in the FCPX viewer. Simply grab control of your light, diffuser points, and dust particles using the handles instead fumbling around in the inspector. CONTROL YOUR LIGHT SOURCE Use the 8-point light masking tool to isolate the source of your volumetric light. Want your light rays to just poke through a small window opening or a hole in the clouds? Simply use the on-screen masking tool in Final Cut Pro X to shape the mask around the light source.

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            • PROSHIVER™ - FCPX Plugin - Pixel FIlm Studios


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              PROSHIVER™ - Final Cut Pro X Plugin - Pixel FIlm Studios PROFESSIONAL MALFUNCTION EFFECTS FOR FCPX Add a little chaos or tension to your next project with PROSHIVER™ by Pixel Film Studios™. This collection of over professional 60 malfunction effect will give any scene a more kinetic, fast paced feel. Using many popular contemporary films as inspiration, PROSHIVER™ was professionally created to add a futuristic chaos to your footage through digital film damage and glitches. ENERGETIC TRANSITIONS PROSHIVER™ also includes plugins created specifically for the starts and ends of clips to create quick malfunction transitions, which is a great way to give your project a Sci-Fi vibe. CUSTOMIZE YOUR PROSHIVER™ Create a digital film damage look without breaking your camera. With PROSHIVER™ you can quickly and easily tweak the look of your malfunction effect by adjusting the color, intensity, blur and color seperation controls. Go from futuristic Sci-Fi to vintage computer monitor in the click of a button.

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              • BG Sliding Doors Plugin Tutorial


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                Visit http://FCPeffects.com/BGSD for more information about this Final Cut X plugin or check out our discounts at http://FCPeffects.com/discounts.

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