1. Are You Ready For Secret Church?


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    Register for the Secret Church Simulcast with pastor and author David Platt at Radical.net/SCSimulcast. The next Secret Church gathering will be held on Friday, April 24, 2015. We will be studying the topic "Christ, Culture, and a Call to Action." Secret Church is 6+ hours of intense, fast-paced, Bible study and prayer for the persecuted church. It has been likened to "drinking from a fire hose." It is taught by pastor and author, David Platt.

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    • Greenhouse Effect Songs ; The Hermosa Saloon gig August 16, 1991 ; The future of Rock. (Grunge).


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      Greenhouse Effect existed for about 7 years beginning in Possibly Late 1985 until their conclusion with November 1992's "Big Teen Dollar$" album. The early portion of the band was 'the power trio" garage 'indie rock' version led upfront by guitarist Phil Keegan as Clark Hagins bizarrely sang "in a David Bowie-like" voice from the drum kit!, hammering away at his percussion intruments in a Keith Moon heavy fashion. Keegan's loud guitar, fueled by strange sounding 'middle eastern' or "Dorian" guitar scales as he stepped on his wah wah peddle to constantly up the anty, was co-pilot to the antics of Hagins as bassist Rick Carmody more than kept up with some of the South Bay area's (Redondo Beach / Torrance California) best bass playing, often going into the difficult territories of Led Zeppelin's John paul Jones and even Iron Maiden's Steve Harris at times in a demanding 'uptempo and fast' style of playing almost entirely with three fingers and never a pick. Probobly G.e's most critical 'phase' begins in September of 1990 when Phil Keegan and the other two members of the band agree to mutually go 'seperate ways'. Drummer Clark Hagins had infact originally been a guitarist - dating to the days when he was 11 years old in 1976 or 77' and took 'several' guitar lessons in Redondo Beach from the local leader of St. lawrence martyr Church's 6;00 PM band! Before he was in Greenhouse Effect, Hagins was already a schooled and savy 'studio musician" who carefully recorded all alone at Gardena's South Bay Sound Studio with studio engineer Bill Rothberg in 1985 and parts of 86' ,..where Hagins would first lay down drum tracks and then add guitar, bass, vocal, and keyboard bits himself ,...structures that would lead to songs like 1985's "Maury - A Lad insane". Hagins ' trademarked 'heavy distorted guitar' was on almost every track on the cassettes he would make and pass out to people around town,..almost as if he were 'auditioning' where ever he would go...for 'something'... The Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 1990 portion of Greenhouse Effect is very transitional and of utmost critical importance; Clark Hagins set aside his little black Premier Drumkit in favor of his trusty 'Ibanez Artist' electric guitar and little "Peavey Bandit 75 Watt" amp! Together with bassist Rick Carmody and drummer Mike Valencia, "The 'New' G.e." began to work on Hagins' own home crafted little 'demo' songs. Ideas which Hagins had tossed around alone for so many years,...'ideas' that would turn into "Ben is Dead", Star, and especially "Hey Negrita"... The early rehearsals of the newly revamped Greenhouse Effect were not clumsy. The band almost immediately asserted itself as the well experienced Carmody and Hagins carefully put together songs and song parts as they also developed a new stage show for their still three piece band act. Hagins' "concept' album idea was a project that he and Carmody long wanted to set into motion. The idea for a 'Rock opera' that was some 48 songs long and over two hours long too had to be reduced due to money flow problems for the reborn fledging new G.e. Some of the brand new song ideas were almost 'punk rock" like in uptempos and the more 'heavy metal' drumming style of Valencia seemed not quite a right fit for G.e. In the 'recycler' classified newspaper, Haggins and Carmody found that new fit - in the hammering big arms of San pedro drummer Martin Silva ! Almost immediately, Hagins, Carmody, and Silva were a bonafied power trio 'threat' of weird new epic 'alternative rock' status. Keep in mind that in late 1990 and most of 1991, the dominant sound in the South Bay (and most to all of the United States was KNAC styled glam 'heavy metal'). Greenhouse Effect were something totally different indeed. Coming out of the band that sported the mighty power guitar of Phil keegan (who put his power 'grunge rock' stamp on everything with authority) gave G.e. a definitely 'heavy' style to begin with....Hagins' guitars, especially on the Neil Young 'Cowgirl in the sand"/ Down by the river"- like Hey Negrita - were something totally new indeed! Hagins and Carmody would work in the studio alone - almost in secret- cutting the February 1991 album "Going Legit" where Hagins once again returned to the drums "to get that 'ge' drum vibe" along with his important guitar. The result was a classic 8 song piece of music which would feature some of Ge's greatest and never again-matched songs ! "Dead End Street", "22nd Street", God's Joke, Hey Negrita, Star, and the classic BEN IS DEAD as well as two songs 'not' recorded at Accessive Light and Sound , the lomita music recording studio , ran by Studio engineer Andy Houston. "America the Beautiful" and "Wilson Phillips" would be recorded and mixed by Bill Krodel at El Segundo's Jet City Sound studio near LAX. Due to financial problems, the album was greatly reduced but the gigs that G.e. would quickly play with Silva lacked nothing !! G.e. immediately attacked the stage with Silva, playing two gigs at the Crest in Torrance with several other bands. The crowd, as well as the members of the other bands, watched intently as the bizarre G.e. seemed to pick up right where they last left off with Keegan at the Wilson park concert in Torrance in September. The 'new G.e." were a manic three man band led upfront by hagins who built their new live act around the long (nearly 9 minute versions) of Hey Negrita as Clark hagins would stop in between songs and tell hillarious jokes as well as trying to explain the 'concept' of his 'Going Legit' Rock Opera,..explaining to the crowd that many of the songs had to be cut out, thus rendering the album 'un-understandable" with only the bare 8 songs. The live set evolved around hagins' stepping on his guitar peddles (Not unlike Keegan before him) and imiting loud distortion and feedback,...crowds were confused - not sure if they should refer to the jaded looking and depressive t-shirt clad g.e. as 'metal' - clearly G.e. were some kind of 'whole new thing" as they bounced around the stage, playing a Keegan-era song in "Waiting for your love to fail" but also the riveting new "Winers, Diners, and Social Climbers" G.e. were clearly in uncharted waters,...mining a whole new territory and genre. In a move that would disappoint bassist Rick Carmody, G.e. made the decision to replace Marty Silva with a punk rock drummer that they discovered one night at Accessive Light and Sound named Greg Tarpley. Tarpley had the 'look' that Hagins was looking for but also the punk rock vibe G.e. so badly needed. Greg Tarpley was a flannel wearing 'tight' uptempo drummer who played drum rolls and fills exactly the way Hagins envisioned 'ideal' for G.e. - and with Tarpley, G.e. would charge straight into May 1991's Wilson park Festival number 5. The energy for this concert was intense and although Clark hagins feels today that this three man show probobly 'could have been better' ...G.e. nevertheless 'stole the show' from the 7 other bands that would play that day,....and the show would end with the destruction of a cheap Fender Strat at the closing notes of "22nd Street' in a clymactic moment before a large cheering crowd.... G.e. perfectly carried a 'don't give a shit' demeanor - and definitely something 'brand new' was on display at this performance; "Star", BEN IS DEAD, and "Waiting for your love to fail" all leading the way....Back at the Crest in Torrance, G.e. again exploded onstage the following week-end in a spellbinding performance ,..but things would culminate perfectly on the night of August 16, 1991 at the Hermosa Saloon in Hermosa Beach as G.e. perfectly focused their rage into a historic 'filmed' performance now seen around the world millions of times a day at Googlevideocom !! The 'Anniversary of Elvis" death gig at the Saloon that night,..perfectly is a dead look at the 1990's future of 'alternative emo rock' as G.e. -completely unaware of coming bands from Seattle Nirvana and Pearl jam - put on one of rock's greatest shows,...exploding through riveting and fashionably loud out of tune versions of BEN IS DEAD and STAR before an excited small crowd in the tiny saloon. The video, so historic to the South Bay, literally 'confirms' Clark hagins (and even Phil Keegan's too) claims to Ge's vision for emo alternative 'grunge rock' as a pop marketing tool - long before any other bands ,..much less lawyers, agents, publicists, or A & R PEOPLE - COULD THINK of such a thing or dream it up !! Another Pre-Nirvana ERA G.E. gig would explode at the Anti-club in Los Angeles as G.e. were part of yet another multi-band festival line up only a few days after the Saloon show,...and at this performance,...the three piece G.e. ripped their way along through one of their tightest and professional sets ever as the Anti-clubs Soundman declared them 'the best band he had ever seen", the Long grungey "Hey negrita' dominating the action along with "Winers Diners", hagins stepping on his peddles and feed backing his strat and ibanez all the way and all night long through out,...Greg Tarpley's drums definitely providing rock's most important foundation with tight fills and always a straight even hard punk beat... "Greenhouse Effect" seemed ready to take on - THE WHOLE WORLD ! BUT THEN,... In early October 1991, a Seattle band called Nirvana began to catch fire big in the media, on KROQ RADIO, ON MTV, in magazines,...everywhere - ....and things suddenly began to turn south for the once mighty G.e. A bitter Clark hagins did not understand the buzz about these new bands from upnorth as their songwriting seemed far sub-standard to G.e. - even the version of the band with Keegan. Hagins wrote some angry letters addressed to various magazines and record labels wondering why G.e. was so long rejected,..and not given a chance ?? ..but to no avail.... A return back to drummer Marty Silva, the recordings of obvious hit songs like Brandy, White Black Thang, and others, as well as a multitude of new great gigs with Silva ,...would 'not' be enough to keep G.e. going strong in 1992. A new interest in punk rock came into the media and the culture following the Nirvana sensation. Bassist Rick Carmody would slowly drift away and eventually exit G.e. out-right in favor of Redondo beach punk band 'the One handed Readers' and by November of 1992, despite tons of new great recordings done all alone by the experienced hagins, G.e. was over "Final videos" were shot in late 1992 with new drummer Palle Carlson as Silva had once again left G.e. - this time on his own watch,... Greenhouse Effect were out of money and according to the soon to turn aged 28 Hagins; Out of time,......

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      • UBER Extreme Stress Test - WATER - Black Storm Coat


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        The UBER Extreme Stress Test - WATER - shows heavy rain on the UBER Black Storm Coat from a different angle. Very versatile & highly technical coat for the city and traveling.

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        • Cinema4D: Modeling a Fire Hose Timelapse


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          If you're interested in a full process video of modeling something from scratch, this is for you. Get some coffee, turn on some tunes and watch Remco create a fire hose 3D model in C4D. The free model download can be found here: http://www.thepixellab.net/free-c4d-3d-scene-locker-room

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          • We Have Signal: Mike Watt & The Missingmen


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            Legendary bass extraordinaire Mike Watt was kind enough to sit down with us for a wide-ranging interview and let us shoot his performance of his third opera, Hyphenated-Man. Watt is a 40-year veteran of the punk and DIY scene starting with his seminal Minutemen, later fIREHOSE and then solo work - all the while collaborating with dozens of some of the most influential luminaries in music. Closed Captioning: http://video.aptv.org/video/2311039812

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            • Slipstre.am


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              Slipstream lets you instantly focus on the most relevant & important tweets in your stream.

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              • Jerry and Becki Falwell take on the Ice Bucket Challenge


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                Liberty University President Jerry Falwell and his wife, Becki, accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. They then issued their challenge to the entire freshman class, with help from the Lynchburg Fire Department.

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                • The ResQ Wallet: A Minimalist Upcycled Fire Hose Wallet


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                  The ResQ is a minimalist wallet made with repurposed fire hose. Simple and light-weight, it holds the perfect amount of cards and cash.

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                  • Dirty Laundry Presents: Mike Watt Part 4


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                    Check out more episodes of Dirty Laundry here: HTTP://WWW.DIRTYLAUNDRY.TV

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                    • Smoking Hot Data and Text Analytics: DiscoverText, Gnip, and the Health Media Collaboratory


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                      We interviewed researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago in the Health Media Collaboratory about their use of DiscoverText and the Gnip-enabled Power Track for Twitter to study smoking behavior. The team, led by Dr. Sherry Emery, explains why it is important to train and use custom machine classifiers to sort the millions of tweets they are collecting from the full Twitter fire hose. The UIC team strongly argues for the combination of good tools and highly reliable data.

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