1. The Fiscal Cliff & Retirement - Financial Planner Adam Moeller Denver Colorado


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    adam.J.moeller@hotmail.com The Bush tax cuts play the starring role in the fiscal cliff drama. They impact a large part of our tax code, and if they expire as scheduled on December 31, various rates will jump. For retirement savers, the worries center on possible hikes in tax rates on income, capital gains and dividends. Financial Advisor Adam Moeller in Denver Colorado says it's a good idea to meet with your advisor but cautions against upending investment strategies in reaction to Washington's eventual decision on the cliff. Even if tax rates rise, the bite could be minor compared with the impact of changing your long-term portfolio strategy. Adam J. Moeller - President AJM FINANCIAL, LLC 695 S. Colorado Blvd., Ste. 480 Denver, CO 80246 Office: 720.974.4800 Fax: 303.722.7281

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    • The Fiscal Cliff Retirement Planning TV with Jeff Vogan Mesa Tucson Arizona


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      http://www.premret.com Congress returns to work after a five-week vacation and before the election. While it is unlikely that lawmakers will tackle the so-called "fiscal cliff," it will be discussed frequently. Here to help you out is a summary of the fiscal cliff and how it might affect you from RPTV's Jeff Vogan and author/ financial commentator Bill Losey....author of Retire in a Weekend! The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Making Work Optional and he publishes Retirement Intelligence®, a free, weekly, award-winning newsletter that reaches over 5,000 subscribers worldwide.

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      • The impact of the Fiscal Cliff on Real Estate Investing


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        To sign up: http://www.homeunionservices.com/RealEstateInvestors.aspx So now that the elections are over and President Obama has won a second term, the focus shifts to the fiscal cliff. What is this cliff exactly? And how steep is the fall? Well, pretty steep, if we fall. In essence, three things are set to happen: The first is the expiration of tax cuts. Payroll tax cuts from last year would expire as would the Bush-era tax cuts, the end of certain tax cuts for businesses and the emergency unemployment benefits. The second is an actual increase in taxes from the Health Care Law. The third is automatic spending cuts agreed upon from the budget deal in 2011. Let's look at what economists estimate to be the impact of this triple punch. The tax cut reversals would take out about $440B from the economy. The tax increases relate to the new health care law. There will be an increase in taxes for hospital insurance by about .9% and a surtax of about 3.8% on investment income. The automatic budget cuts are pretty steep and dramatic - they will affect over 1000 programs with pretty big hits to Medicare and defense. The savings would be around $100B. So where does all of this leave us? Well, it takes about a $550B bite out of our economy and the deficit. The congressional budget office estimates that it will whack GDP by 4% or so and cost 2 million jobs plunging the country into a recession. If this scenario comes to pass, Greece and Spain are going to look like wild party and spend countries compared to us. So what's the impact of all of this on real estate? First of all, passive income whether it is in real estate or the market is going to be taxed at a higher rate. Dividends will take a big hit if that holiday expires. A depressed economy is going to dial back positive home ownership trends that we have seen in the recent months. There were about 1.1 M new households formed in the 12 months ending September. Most of these were renters. We expect this trend to continue especially if there is uncertainty in the employment market. This increased renter pool would be good for all who are buying Residential Rental investments. As long as you are buying the right property in the right area with the right manager. To get more information on how to buy right, go to http://www.HomeunionServices.com and register. Music by HH Ganapathy Swamiji

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        • The Inadequacy of the Posttribulational and Midtribulational Views (The Prophet Daniel's Report #42)


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          Signs of His Coming: Former Israeli leader says a missile strike on Israel is preferable to a nuclear Iran | Hamas Launches Rocket Attack on Israel Amid Winter Storm | Ben Bernanke warns U.S. lawmakers that country is headed for a 'massive fiscal cliff' Today, we are at part 3 of a new series titled "The Church and the Tribulation" from John MacArthur's book "The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ." Our subject for today is titled "The Inadequacy of the Posttribulational and Midtribulational Views". Action Point: Today, we will discuss spiritual warfare in the end times.

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          • The St. Kitts Debt Cliff


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            How can a country deal with a debt that approaches 200% of GDP? This film explores one Caribbean nation´s approach to tackling this challenge.

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            • The Vatican's Fiscal Cliff Solution: Socialism


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              A Financial Crisis is rocking the world's economies. Many are searching for a solution to the crisis here and abroad. Biblical principles regarding how we live and provide for our families and ourselves that bring stability and well-being into societies are ignored. Moreover, while socialism is on the rise, the Catholic Church is helping in advancing it with its socialistic agenda. The anomaly is the fact that while there is abject poverty in numerous nations overtaken by socialism, many world leaders are already prepared to accept it. The Vatican officially states, "With her social doctrine, the Church aims 'at helping man on the path of salvation.' This is her primary and sole purpose." However, mankind's purpose by nature is to be free to determine his own well-being. When mankind's purpose is opposed to the objective of the Vatican, it is time to be alert and sound the alarm. In this DVD, Pastor W. J. Mencarow, along with Richard Bennett, document the Vatican's surprising position and what are real biblical solutions to the contested crisis. Kindly make this crucial DVD known to others by forwarding its URL. To see in print the Roman Catholic Socialist Agenda please download our article on the topic at: http://www.bereanbeacon.org/articles/sorted/05_False_Ecumenism/The%20%20Roman%20Catholic%20Socialist%20Agenda.doc Source Links: SOLLICITUDO REI SOCIALIS http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/john_paul_ii/encyclicals/documents/hf_jp-ii_enc_30121987_sollicitudo-rei-socialis_en.html COMPENDIUM OF THE SOCIAL DOCTRINE OF THE CHURCH http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/pontifical_councils/justpeace/documents/rc_pc_justpeace_doc_20060526_compendio-dott-soc_en.html Starting point for IMF Quote http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/secretariat_state/2010/documents/rc_seg-st_20100324_doha_en.html

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              • Top 5 Things You Need to Know About the Fiscal Cliff


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                http://www.penurystreet.com The Fiscal Cliff is a large, all-inclusive expiration date on a host of government tax cuts, finance relief programs and budget increases. Once the expiration date on these numerous programs runs out, it is expected the United States will go into a political gridlock, with both parties fighting bitterly for their own ideology and agenda which might sink the US into a second recession. Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/PenuryStreet Twitter - https://twitter.com/PenuryStreet Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/penurystreet/

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                • UCSB Economics Chair Discusses the Fiscal Cliff


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                  Peter Rupert, chair of UC Santa Barbara's Economics Department and executive director of the UCSB Economic Forecast Project, explains how we reached the precipice of the "Fiscal Cliff" and what happens if we tumble over the edge.

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                  • Unions, Elders, Advocates Oppose "Fiscal" Cliff Cuts


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                    Elders, consumer advocates, and unions representing health care workers stage a rally at Faneuil Hall to oppose cutbacks in Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as part of a federal budget agreement to avoid the "Fiscal Cliff." Report for BNN News. Aired December 10, 2012.

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                    • Unspeak: Episode 2. Money Talks


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                      UNSPEAK IS AN INTERACTIVE DOCUMENTARY INVESTIGATING THE MANIPULATIVE POWER OF LANGUAGE Experience it at http://unspeak.submarinechannel.com Episode 2. Money Talks - Spinning the global financial crisis From Too Big to Fail to the Fiscal Cliff, Unspeak is rampant in economic crisis rhetoric.

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