1. Autumn Glory


    from Paul Frederick / Added

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    It's full fall color here in the North Eastern US. This year has been one of the best for fall foliage. My mentor who taught me so much about TV production back in the early 90's passed away recently. I hadn't seen him in a few years but still think of his lessons nearly everyday. Many of these locations we shot together nearly 20 years ago. I will always remember him and I offer this video up as my way of saying thanks to an old friend. If playback stutters, click the HD IS ON to HD IS OFF. Technically speaking, this was shot with an EX1 in 1080 30p. Some shots use the Letus Extreme, some do not. A few also use the indislider, but mostly it's just the stock lens. Cut in FCP and lightly color graded in FCP as well.

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    • The Remains of the Season - Part I


      from Felipe Rojas / Added

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      The Remains of the Season is a short film about the Fall and the best foliage colors I was able to capture during the tail end of the season; most of the footage was taken in Georgia during the last four weeks—spending this past week editing the three hours+ I captured, and making it all fit in only a few minutes; I may have enough material for a sequel depending on the box office response, :-) Hope you all enjoy it—I realize there are many videos out there describing the season, some beautifully done, but I hope you can appreciate some of the unique scenes I included and are able to perceive what was simply an attempt to add my personal touch; please leave me your feedback if you like the video. Many thanks for watching and happy Holidays. NOTE: This video (only the video track) is licensed under a Creative Commons Atribution 3.0 License, and is available for downloading.

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      • foliage shoal


        from Tsaworks / Added

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        joined Brainfeeder Sessions 2009 Downtown Los Angeles / OneDotZero 2010 / La Gaîté Lyrique Berlin Next ! Paris Fr. 2011 Foliage Shoal Is a motion studies about swimming and vorticity foliages. The exploration of the movement is based on different imaginations like a fish shoal and the idea of dancing foliages in the wind. The Character of the single elements is due to a paper look. /original track by clark /onedotzero track by myself

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        • Autumn in New England - Letus Extreme Film - HDTV


          from Tom Guilmette / Added

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          Please visit my website at http://www.tomguilmette.com I recently hiked my EX1 and the Letus up Rattlesnake mountain in Rumney, New Hampshire. I graded the colors in Magic Bullet Looks and shot the entire film in high speed at 60 frames per second.

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          • Osmosis in MAINE


            from AGENANCE / Added

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            Trip northeast of USA with its maritime landscapes dotted with picturesque and welcoming islands, jagged rocky coastline and all its great forests particularly shimmering autumn. Simple nature lovers find happiness here in the pure state. Enjoy watching. Music : Nicholas Dodd & John Barry Albums : Renaissance & Eternal Echoes

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            • Demo Reel 2014


              from Jeff Budsberg / Added

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              Resume: http://goo.gl/JPkFeX Demo Reel Breakdown: http://goo.gl/liAONW 1. Pyroclastic Flow * Simulation, lighting, and compositing of all FX. DreamWorks (DWA) gas & Bullet solvers, Houdini POPs, Mantra, Nuke. * Outstanding FX and Simulation in an Animated Feature Motion Picture. VES Awards (nomination), 2014. * Outstanding Achievement, FX in an Animated Production. Annie Awards (won) 2014. 2. Water * Shot 1: FX Lead. Shots 2 & 3: Simulation & compositing of all FX, lighting of volumetrics. Naiad, Houdini, OpenVDB level set operations/meshing, DWA gas & shallow-water solvers, render time displacement, Mantra, Nuke. FX Lead. * Liquids in ‘The Croods’. ACM DigiPro Short Paper, 2013. 3. Fire & Embers * Simulation, lighting, and compositing of all FX. Choreographed 1300+ frame shot with ~100 hand-animated embers, Maya Particles, Fluids, burn maps, DWA filament gas solver, PBGI & art-directed point lights, DWA REYES & volume renderers, Nuke. FX Lead. * Developed studio-wide Nuke gizmos: fire glow, adding light flicker in post. Many others, including channel lighting, color lookup, contact sheet, and default FX element gizmo. 4. World ripping apart * Simulation, lighting, and compositing of all FX tearing elements. Houdini geometry preparation, POPs, SOP solvers, COPs, Maya Particles, complex shaders, DWA REYES renderer, Mantra, Nuke. FX Lead. * Outstanding FX in an Animated Feature Motion Picture. VES Awards (nomination), 2011. 5. River development * Simulation of all FX. Houdini FLIP (customized), POPs, SOP solvers, OpenVDB meshing, simulation analysis tools (per spawning secondary elements), collaborated with R+D to guide level set toolset development, wrote simulation profiling tool (Python). 6. Hourglass * Simulation, lighting, and compositing of FX hourglass and glass. +60 shots, ~10 hero, automated setup with MEL/Python. Maya Particles, Fluids, NCloth. DWA REYES-based and Particle renderers. Wrote tools to perform glass lighting and refraction interactively in the comp. FX Lead. 7. Dust wall * Simulation, lighting, and compositing of all FX. DWA gas solver, Houdini POPs, Mantra, Nuke. Built systems for artists to quickly execute 40+ full-screen volumes shots: large library of simulations, tools for placement & instancing, re-simulating & deforming existing volumes, art-directable shaders & lighting. FX Lead. 8. Volume tools * Developed numerous OpenVDB tools & SOPs (HDK, C++) for cloud explosion sequence. These include instancing, point sampling, simulation retiming, geometric volume deformers. FX Lead. * OpenVDB: An Open-Source Data Structure and Toolkit for High-Resolution Volumes. SIGGRAPH Course, 2013. 9. Debris tool * Wrote tool to facilitate seamless handoff from Maya Particles (or hand-animated debris) to DWA’s Bullet solver (MEL, Python). Alleviates RBD setup time & asset management; utilized in multiple departments (including set dressing). * Shot 2: Simulation of all FX. Lighting, and compositing of volume & particle elements. Maya Particles, Fluids, debris tool, hand-animation, Mantra, Nuke. 10. Plant deformation * Simulation of all FX. Soft-body dynamics rig art-directed by various methods: Maya fields, bend deformers, or hand animated; automated setup with MEL/Python. Wrote tool for easily selecting and promoting instanced assets to hero. 11. Flower field * Spearheaded workflow and developed multi-department flower field (shaders, C++). Density & height maps drive fur placement; each fur drives deformer that grabs a random asset in the correct height range. Render time wind, plant dynamics via curve deformation, debris tool for flower petals/grass, easy LOD control for Lighting. FX Lead. 12. Destruction geometry generator * Geometry procedural for rendering Houdini Bullet data in the DWA REYES renderer (C++) and Houdini exporter (Python). Multiple orders of magnitude disk savings over studio’s previous RBD caching/rendering technique. 13. Bonsai foliage modeling software and supporting pipeline * Developed DWA’s next generation procedural foliage tools/libraries/pipeline (C++, Python, PyQT, MEL, Maya API, HDK). Clients include Maya/Houdini authoring tools & visualization, asset configuration/installation, and geometry generators & deformation across multiple renderers. * Technical Achievement Award. DreamWorks Animation, 2012. * Beyond procedurally modeled foliage in ‘Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa’. SIGGRAPH Talk, August 2008. 14. Wind deformer * Wrote divergence-free noise procedural and interactive flow field visualizer (C++). Facilitated artists to quickly art-direct wind in foliage, fur, hair, etc. 15. Foliage level of detail * Built LOD system for foliage & crowds yielded +10X render time savings for Lighting (C++, Python, Shaders). Replaces high-resolution asset with camera-tracking card with pre-computed renders per viewing angle. Performs light-tracking for accurate shadows.

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              • fall foliage


                from Eugenia Loli / Added

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                A relaxing nature video. Music and video are licensed under the Creative Commons "BY" 3.0 license.

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                • proserpina


                  from Elise Bonato / Added

                  "...In the night where thine eyes are as moons are in heaven, the night where thou art, Where the silence is more than all tunes, where sleep overflows from the heart, Where the poppies are sweet as the rose in our world, and the red rose is white, And the wind falls faint as it blows with the fume of the flowers of the night, And the murmur of spirits that sleep in the shadow of Gods from afar Grows dim in thine ears and deep as the deep dim soul of a star..." - Hymn to Proserpina by Algernon C. Swinburne ©2012 Elise Bonato. All rights reserved.

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                  • Autumnation


                    from Mike Celona / Added

                    Processed imagery of autumn foliage overwhelms the senses in a distillation of color.

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                    • Birds


                      from Graham Gaunt / Added

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                      A recording of those first short few weeks of spring when all the colours and richness of new growth seem saturated with life. Film & Sound © Graham Gaunt Further info @ grahamgaunt.com/​personalpage.html

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