1. Our vision for Make Parallels (working title)


    from Steven Dale Added 31 0 0

    A free + open source tool helping storytellers of all kinds unlock their creativity. We imagine one place to fluidly: 

- gather bits of inspiration scattered across the web 
- remix + weave together these bit of media, in a freeform way 
- move between these interactive creations, both privately and collaboratively 
- navigate + share an interactive version history of the creative journey Why? 
We believe a system designed to enable flow leads to inspired play, which unlocks peak levels of creativity. Musicians describe these moments of flow, when their instrument “disappears”, allowing them to effortlessly discover breakthrough musical ideas. We see the same potential for digital storytellers. 

2 key problems block this vision. First: tools + apps today obsessively focus on narrow tasks. Our hunch is the opposite is required: holistic design, where everything happens in one place. However, a fluid tool without content is of no use, so the second barrier is data lockin. Our data is locked across many silos because the "free" digital services we use are designed to monetize the content we create. This makes it hard to search and remix our creative raw material. 

The connection between these 2 problems is our starting point. Check out our latest proof of concept at http://makeparallels.herokuapp.com Codebase: github.com/parallelsio/core-modules https://twitter.com/makeparallels

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    • JesterN interview on TRIESTE IN DIRETTA about Brain Pong for Omissis Festival


      from jestern Added 19 0 0

      Intervista a Tele4 per la mia ultima installazione "Brain Pong" per il festival Omissis 2015, che usa le onde cerebrali dei partecipanti per giocare ad una reinterpretazione dello storico videogioco Pong.

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      • Fragmentation


        from Kresimir Jelusic Added 328 7 0

        turntable for Behance project http://on.be.net/1NGGCQb - study in parametric modeling using voronoi geometry, and continuing exploring all things cube - also my soundtrack, get it here http://bit.ly/1HDXGHG

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        • Inverted Shattering


          from Dimitris Kapiniaris Added 12 0 0

          Results from a series of tests on shattering geometry.

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          • Ask our CEO: Why are small businesses better?


            from Zaarly Added

            Flipping The Home Service Industry on Its Head The past 100 years have seen technology advances that propelled productivity and progress at a pace previously unimaginable. The industrial revolution showed us the best of what progress and capitalism could lead to - an explosion of choice and an unparalleled improvement in quality of life. But something important has been getting lost along the way. As small businesses were forced to compete with giant franchises, the dignity and honor that was built into the fabric of our society has been chipped away in favor of saving another two percent. We hate that. We believe that the best work you’ll ever see comes from people who truly love what they do — and that the opportunity exists for millions of people to make a living doing work they're proud of. We've been able to make a meaningful impact on numerous home service businesses, and we've seen countless home owners finally find service experts they feel great about going back to and telling their neighbors about. More than anything, we want to create a marketplace of people who smile when they meet each other in person, where the first interaction is the first of many. We are cultivating a marketplace of small businesses centered around trust and community, where the way things should be is the way things are. Welcome to a better future. Join us at www.zaarly.com

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            • Pretty in pink


              from Nunca Silva Added 29 2 0

              The world is so much easier to take through rose-coloured glasses. All the fragments, unrelated sequences, moments of beauty, fear, boredom and pain that make up our everyday reality, individually and as a society, can seem, well, sort of pretty. The sound track is a reminder that the unfiltered sound reality remains disturbing. Of course only until you plug in your ear phones. And if you choose your virtual reality carefully, you won’t even need those rose-coloured glasses. Which is a relief. But what does it all mean?

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              • RayFire Bricks modifier promo


                from mir-vadim Added 560 50 1

                New Bricks modifier in RayFIre 1.66 allows you to fragment your geometry to bricks. More info on http://rayfirestudios.com/feature/bricks

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                • RayFire Bricks modifier overview


                  from mir-vadim Added 598 63 1

                  New Bricks modifier in RayFIre 1.66 allows you to fragment your geometry to bricks. More info on http://rayfirestudios.com/feature/bricks

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                  • Anima I., II., III., IV. ( Assembled)


                    from Eva Kraljic Added 6 0 0

                    Compilation of a series of experiments with stop motion animation and montage. Building on the Idea of breaking perception, fragmenting and the postmodern idea of intertextuality and reflections on one-self.

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                    • Excerpts from Radiata Machine (a video installation)


                      from Brandon Gonzalez Added

                      In the video installation, Radiata Machine, multiple video loops are fragmented into differently sized vertical strips. Inside each of the strips, a person is interacts with a variety of industrial everyday objects. He ambiguously efforts in a physical dialogue with the objects, his body conforms and adjusts to the object's structure, weight and function. Chance moments in time and image fold into a single channel of video, new objects and bodies assemble and disassemble. The origin and end of the event remain unclear through a continuous and unending loop. The viewer is seduced into an unending churning of abstract movements. Installed at the Basement Gallery at University of California, Davis 2014 Performance, Video, and Installation: Brandon Gonzalez

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