1. Artist Malgorzata Wolak Dault On What Humans Can Learn From Cows


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    I made this quick video at the opening of Malgorzata Wolak Dault's exhibition of cow drawings at INDEXG in Toronto on Jan.26/13. I was listening to the artist talk about her work -- and I thought, I have got to capture this -- it gives such insight and meaning to her cow drawings! All of a sudden I was seeing the placid cows as "rocks in the landscape" with echoes of Henry Moore.... Malgorzata is standing in front of my favorite cow which I splurged for that day. If you're in Toronto, drop by to see the show live. The gallery is at 50 Gladstone, just off Queen Street.

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    • Banned on the Hill (and in Europe!)


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      Is fear of the “Dirty Oil” label behind Canada’s tarring of Artist’s European tour? What lengths will the Canadian Government go to ensure that oil from the Alberta Tar Sands is not labelled "dirty"? Watch this video about Canadian artist Franke James, and how a dream opportunity -- a 20-city European artshow to educate youth about climate change -- faced behind-the-scenes interference by the Canadian Government. November 24/11 statement by PEN Canada: “The government of Canada has no right to determine what is an acceptable opinion for an individual citizen, on climate change or any matter of public interest,” said Charlie Foran, President of PEN Canada, “To do so is clearly not in the spirit of the Charter and the long history of freedom of expression in Canada.” Greg Hollingshead, Chair of The Writers’ Union of Canada, “The right to freedom of expression includes freedom from official disapproval, including the sort of bureaucratic interference encountered by Franke James.” Read more including the internal government documents released through an ATIP request. http://www.frankejames.com/debate/?page_id=8202 The Green Party of Canada has submitted an official question to Parliament. The Govt has 45 days to respond in writing. See Question #380: http://www.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Language=E&Mode=1&Parl=41&Ses=1&DocId=5323336&File=11 Banned on the Hill (and in Europe!) by Franke James and Billiam James is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.Based on a work at www.frankejames.com. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.frankejames.com.

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      • Banned on the Hill: A True Story of Dirty Oil and Government Censorship


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        Announcing my new book "Banned on the Hill". Check out my Indiegogo campaign to pre-order books, get fun perks and spread the word... http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/banned-on-the-hill/x/527666

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        • Bothered By Being Too Lazy to Compost


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          High school student talks about what is bothering her green conscience in Franke James "Green Conscience Workshop" on May 6th, 2010 in Belleville, Ontario.

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          • Bothered By Consuming Stuff


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            High school student talks about what is bothering her green conscience in Franke James "Green Conscience Workshop" on May 6th, 2010 in Belleville, Ontario.

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            • Bothered by cutting down forest in my backyard


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              High school student talks about what is bothering his green conscience. Franke James "Green Conscience Workshop" took place on May 6th, 2010 in Belleville, Ontario.

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              • Bothered By Four TV's On All the Time!


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                High school student talks about what is bothering his green conscience in Franke James "Green Conscience Workshop" on May 6th, 2010 in Belleville, Ontario.

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                • Dr. Thomas Pedersen, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, on Franke James


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                  See the post: The Big Leap: From Picking Up Dog Poop to Getting Off Fossil Fuels http://www.frankejames.com/big-leap-dog-poop-to-giant-job-creating-emissions/ Dr. Thomas Pedersen, Executive Director of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, speaking at the opening of Franke James Art Exhibition, "The Real Poop on Social Change: at the The Dock, in Victoria BC. October, 9, 2014. TRANSCRIPT (Excerpt): Tom Pedersen: Thank you. Well I'm delighted and privileged to have been asked to say a few words tonight. My name is Tom Pedersen. I'm Director of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions at the University of Victoria. .... And I am so delighted to see what Franke has done over the last several years with respect to helping us meet this challenge because, as a scientist I've been speaking for it all of my career now to audiences and I've been berating them with facts. “Look, here's the Keeling Curve showing CO2 going up. Do something! Do something!” Nothing gets done. It hasn't worked. I haven't been able, I've failed as an individual to reach the audiences that need to start responding to the challenge and the scale of the challenge. But Franke, on the other hand, she's meeting those audiences. She's relating to them in ways that I could never conceive of and you know, that poster in the corner there, "Do not talk about climate change." Brilliant. So simple. So brilliant. And it's captured so much attention. Her book is behind on the table there, I don't know if you have any copies left. It's called Banned from the... Franke James: Banned on the Hill. Tom Pedersen: Banned on the Hill. It's absolutely outstanding. It's a tour de force and if you haven't bought a copy, buy one. And then buy a second one for your kids and your grandchildren. Because we've got to get the youth. We don't have an awful lot of youth in the room here tonight. We need more youth to start reading these books because it, it resonates with them. Franke gave me a copy, I have a 17 year-old son. He looked through it and he said, "Wow." He said, "Dad this is better than anything you do." (laughter) Well, he's right. He's right because he immediately related to the visual [power that Franke generated]. Now on the cover of that book you'll see the, the clock tower, in Parliament and on the side of it there's a big cockroach and that cockroach is there because a friend of Franke's and a friend of mine, Richard Littlemore, he's a brilliant writer based in Vancouver, suggested to Franke that she was being a cockroach. A kind of a pest to the Federal government and so she, she stuck it on the cover of her book. I don't know if you entirely agreed with that particular connection. Franke James: No, no, no I do agree. I understood it metaphorically. (laughter) Tom Pedersen: But actually, I think there's a better metaphor. I don't think Franke is a cockroach at all in the metaphorical sense. (laughter) I think she's a bedbug. (laughter) Audience: That's an upgrade. (laughter) Tom Pederson: That's an upgrade. Yes, thank you. I think she's right there biting and scratching and itching and tormenting. (laughter) And you know, we have to have that if we're going to make progress with the current government that we have ensconced in Ottawa. We're not going to make progress unless we have thousands of bedbugs out there agitating all the time for change. So the role of art in fomenting change in our society I think, is critical. I'm not, I haven't been good at it but I'm so glad that we have people like Franke and I want to close these few comments with a, some paraphrasing from a speech that Bill McKibben gave in 2011. And you all know Bill McKibben. He's the founder of 350.org. McKibben said to somebody in somewhere, he said, "I know that simply persuasion will not do. It's taken me years to realize that. But the one thing that we need to get across," and here's where I paraphrase, is that Franke "is not the radical in this fight." "The radicals," despite what Mr. Harper might say, she is not the radical in this fight. "The radicals are the people that are fundamentally altering the composition of our atmosphere. This is the most radical thing that people have ever done." And he is right. We need to fight with art and with music. Not just the side of our brain that likes bar graphs and pie charts, the kinds of things that I populate all of my talks with. But with all of our brains and all of our souls, we need to fight with unity. Hence, the bedbug idea. We need to have a coherent voice. We need to speak with one loud voice. We are fighting for our future. And we are. Thank you.

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                  • Franke James at The Dock


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                    Franke James at The Dock, speaking at the opening of the art exhibition, The Real Poop on Social Change. TRANSCRIPT (Excerpt): Franke James: Oh, thank you. Wow, this is so amazing. And thank you, Tom and Carol. Your comments have just been so gratifying and heartwarming. And this is just, it's amazing to have all of you here, just amazing. And so, I think in conversation with, someone today, I was talking about what I've learned, as a result of, being blacklisted. And I have to think back, to say 2010, before all of this happened. I really did not appreciate the importance of free expression. I didn't worry about censorship. I just thought that I could speak up, right? I never realized how much at risk we are. And how important free expression is in a democracy. But being told to shut up about such an important issue, really brought it home. And so, I'm not going to thank Stephen Harper for blacklisting me, however, (laughs) I have learned an awful lot.Now I know how to file an access to information request. And how to drill down into all those people and who they are. And so, I've had a certain amount of fun in going through all of this. And it's such a kick to realize that the bureaucrats thought that they could shut me up by preventing my work from being shown on walls in Europe. And going "No, I'm sorry. I'm going to take that work which is digital, and we're going to put it right in your face in Ottawa, right around the corner from the Parliament buildings. And we're going to show people, and we're going to get people talking." Because so many Canadians have their head buried in the tar sands about the issue of climate change. They are not getting the facts about climate change. They don't understand the risk.And that's why it's important to have messengers like me. And it's also important ... So, one of the benefits to me being an independent artist is that Stephen Harper can't call up the media organization and get me fired, right? And, I've heard from people who work for various organizations, whether it's charities, or it's Environment Canada saying "You know, we really appreciate what you're doing. Go for it! And get out there on the front lines, this is great!" Because they're not able to, because their jobs are at risk. Their pensions are at risk, and so we need people like me, who are, (laughs) foolishly, being, okay with being pushed out onto the front of the stage. So I just thought... wrote a few thoughts. Back in, let me see, in 2008, I wrote to Harper. I wrote a "Dear Prime Minister" letter, asking for a carbon tax. And I never thought that they would take notice. Never, okay? So I was wrong. I underestimated the impact that any citizen can have. And each of us, we need to speak up. We need to use our voice. And it is scary. And the thing is that you, you have this little voice in your head going "Oh, I can't make any difference, it's not going to make a difference," but you actually do. When you are brave enough to get out there and put your, your statement out there that you want a carbon tax and you're opposed to something, the people in your circle go "Oh, she's pretty serious. I didn't realize that, okay!" And, and it creates a ripple effect. Like a stone being thrown into a pond. I mean that's how I started. I just wrote, my goodness that was 2008, so three years later, I find out that the government actually was paying attention. And when I got all the access to information documents, I saw that they actually saved my communications, just like they're saving any of yours! (laughing) ... And telling people what you really think, you know, it does have repercussions. (laughing) You might get blacklisted like me. Or you may just make people uncomfortable. I know that lots of people are afraid, about standing out from the crowd, but we really need people to stand out now. It's so important, we can't be like sheep just going along. We have to say, "Hey! You know, We need to take action on climate change." And we don't need to just say it, we have to do it. We have to show that we're taking action. And people are so skeptical. "Oh, she talks a good thing," but you've got to be able to put your words into action. And so, find something really outstanding that you can do. So, what my husband and I chose to do is sell our car, our SUV, in 2007. And that was great, because it actually took people aback. They went, "Wow, she's really serious!" ... And you don't have to go out and sell your car, but if you can think of some really gargantuan thing that you can do in your life that would go, "Oh, she really or he really is serious about tackling carbon emissions." And maybe it's putting solar panels on your ... I don't know what it is. Maybe it's going vegetarian. I don't know, but just something ambitious so that you, will make other people kind of envious. And they’ll go "Wow! He's not so good, she's not so good, I can do better!"

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