1. action packed unix


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    don't blink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • AdAway


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      Our entry into the dev8D Developer Happiness Days developer decathlon competition - AdAway, a transparent network service which uses reclaimed space to provide students with information that makes their lives easier. This video explains our motivation, shows our paper prototype, explains how the system works, and shows some of the students that we interviewed while planning this project. Team AdAway is Andrew Wasilczuk, Mark van Harmelen and Ian Morrison

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      • BayLISA 2011-05-19: Brendan Gregg on Dynamic Tracing and DTrace


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        Brendan Gregg of Joyent spoke at BayLISA on May 19, 2011, about dynamic tracing, and the DTrace implementation for Solaris, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X. Slides from his presentation are available at http://dtrace.org/blogs/brendan/files/2011/05/BayLISA_DTrace.pdf BayLISA is a non-profit organization for the benefit of San Francisco/Silicon Valley system administration professionals. Since 1992 we have provided a venue for tech professionals and organizations to meet, network, and learn about new technology as well as new uses of old technology. For more information about BayLISA's activities, and to become a member, visit baylisa.org Original recording by BayLISA's Secretary/Cheerleader, Robert Novak. Copyright 2011

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        • Britney - Hacktivity Wargame


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          A 2010-es és 2011-es Hacktivity egyik Wargame feladatának megoldása

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          • Cool Commands: fstat


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            The Cool Commands series supplements the course, Support 101. Each episode briefly introduces one command useful for administrating or troubleshooting an Isilon OneFS NAS cluster from a command line interface. In this episode, Mark Foster introduces fstat.

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            • Cool Commands: netstat


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              The Cool Commands series supplements the Isilon training course, Support 101. Each episode highlights a command useful for administrating or troubleshooting an Isilon OneFS NAS cluster, from the command line interface. In this episode, Mark Foster introduces netstat.

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              • Curso Online de FreeBSD - Com Certificado


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                Mais em: http://www.pbsys.com.br/products.php?product=Curso-Online-de-FreeBSD-%252d-Com-Certificado 001 - Introdução ao FreeBSD quando surgiu o freebsd O que é o freebsd Unix de verdade Depoimentos sobre o FreeBSD Linus Torvalds Jordan K. Hubbard Michael O'Brien freeBSD e Mac OSX Histórico de Falhas de segurança Desempenho Root Servers Pouca ou Nenhuma diferença entre versões FreeBSD como Desktop Puro PCBSD GhostBSD DesktopBSD Projetos paralelos NetBSD OpenBSD PicoBSD PFSense M0n0wal Quem Usa o FreeBSD 002 Obtendo o FreeBSD 8 003 Instalando o FreeBSD 8 004 Obtendo o FreeBSD 9 005 Instalando o FreeBSD 9 006 - O Shell do FreeBSD - introdução ao tcsh Não é o bash, e agora? Principais diferenças 007 - Atalhos de teclado 008 - ee O editor de textos padrão do FreeBSD 009 - Configurando a rede manualmente - dhcp e ip fixo 010 - Gerenciamento de pacotes no FreeBSD - Ports x Binary 011 - Binários Linux no FreeBSD 012 - Instalando programas binários no FreeBSD - package 013 - Compilando programas no FreeBSD - ports collection 014 - Scripts de inicialização no FreeBSD 015 - Gerenciamento de usuários 016 - Gerenciamento de mídias externas - CDs e USB Disks 017 - Finalização e Considerações

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                • dynOS - dyncall build and test framework


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                  The dynos (www.dyncall.org/dynos) test project is a FreeBSD based collection of shell scripts that run dyncall (www.dyncall.org) builds and regression tests on different OS and toolchain deployments. This is done natively for the host OS, in OS images run by various emulators (such as QEMU and GXemul), on more or less directly attached devices (e.g. Nintendo DS), or over the network. The platforms are set up in a way that allows fully automated startups, tests and shutdowns. Although this is used for dyncall builds and tests, exclusively, at the moment, it's flexible enough to build/test/run anything on the supported/featured platforms. The list of OS images is constantly growing, this video only shows a subset, namely (in this order): Arch Linux 2011.08.19 / x64 Arch Linux 2011.08.19 / x86 Debian GNU/Linux 4.1.1-21 / PPC Debian GNU/kFreeBSD 6.0 / x64 Debian GNU/kFreeBSD 6.0 / x86 DragonFlyBSD 2.10.1 / x64 DragonFlyBSD 2.0.0 / x86 Haiku r1 alpha2 r38811 / x86 NetBSD 4.0.1 / cats (arm) NetBSD 5.0.2 / pmax (mips) OpenBSD 4.0 / x64 OpenBSD 4.0 / x86 Plan9 4th edition / x86 Windows XP / x64 Windows XP / x86 Platforms supported (at the time of writing) by dynOS that are not in this video: 9front Con Vic / x86 Raspbian Wheezy (2012-07-15) / raspberrypi (armhf) FreeBSD 11-CURRENT r260099 / raspberrypi (armv6) Darwin 8.0.1 / x86 Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 r3 / SPARC Desmume 0.8 / Nintedo DS (arm) - experimental Minix 3.8.1 / x86 NetBSD 4.0.1 / macppc NetBSD 6.0 / sparc Nexenta (OpenSolaris) 1.0.1-b85 / x64 Nexenta (OpenSolaris) 1.0.1-b85 / x86 OpenBSD 4.4 / mvme88k - experimental ReactOS 0.3.15 / x86 The video is a timelapse of my laptop running the mentioned OS images - sorry for it being so blurry, I used a webcam for recording, which is obviously not the best option...

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                  • Episode 005: FreeBSD and CARP


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                    In this short video I demonstrate how easy it is to set up two machines with the same IP for automatic failover and high availability. Support via Flattr: https://flattr.com/profile/hukl

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                    • Episode 002: FreeBSD Tour de Tools


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                      In this quick episode I show you a couple of familiar and unfamiliar tools to inspect the running system and the various metrics. In the end I also point you to a few websites to help you answer additional questions. Support via Flattr: https://flattr.com/profile/hukl

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