1. Amita Motion 2011 Patra


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    • Chase The Bracelet Full Audition 2 Season 5 - Poker On Air - RFID POKER TABLE


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      Chase The Bracelet Full Audition 2 Season 5 - Poker On Air - RFID POKER TABLE

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      • Rich Dad Poor Dad - Listen to the Complete book Online for FREE


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        Get your FREE membership that can lead you too financial freedom at http://www.eljones.com/wowwe.html . Contact me anytime. Edward Jones - 336.441.4200, Ed_Jo2003@yahoo.com

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        • Dune: The Complete Saga


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          This version of David Lynch's Dune (1984) integrates footage from the original Theatrical Cut, the Extended TV Cut, and deleted scenes to make the most complete version of the film as of 2012. I have done this as a labor of love to give fans of this under-appreciated gem an alternative version to the two flawed cuts currently available on the DVD. I only acted as a fan editor and did not originate the content of this movie. MCA Universal and its associated parent companies own all rights to this material. They have released a beautiful Blu-Ray and DVD of David Lynch's classic movie, which I highly recommend you buy to demonstrate to the studio that there is market for this movie to be fully restored one day, ideally with a new master cut of the film to restore as much of the story as possible with the utmost attention to detail that I could never hope to match in this good-spirited fan effort. Viewers will notice the footage from David Lynch's Theatrical Cut is expertly edited, color corrected, and sound designed better than the far poorer extended TV Cut, which was originally created without the director's authorization or oversight when the movie was prepared to air as a reconstructed mini-series for television in the late 1980's. For this reason, the elements culled from the extended TV cut are inferior, more poorly edited, not color corrected well, and are lacking certain basic special effects (such as the Fremen's lack of blue eyes). The sound design was also of poorer quality in the TV cut, which was was particularly egregious since this film's original sound editing and design were nominated for the Oscar. If I had the resources, time, and equipment necessary to correct these issues in a thorough re-edit of the original material, then I would gladly do so. And I would offer my services to MCA Universal free of charge to help see the project come to fruition. As is, I only had the material available on the DVDs to work with, and used the most basic of editing software suites available. For this reason, this particular cut of the film is unavoidably choppy and rough at times. But I meticulously reconstructed Dune with nearly all the available footage of the film, with an entirely new structure differing from both the Theatrical and Extended TV Cuts to better preserve story continuity and improve the dramatic flow. David Lynch's efforts in bringing this film to life have been often criticized in the past, and I believe is his most unfairly maligned film. My only intention in creating this cut of Dune (1984) is to show a sliver more of his amazing directorial efforts and show more of what the film could have been were it given more time to run than the too short Theatrical Cut and if it had been edited with just a bit more care when it was released as a mini-series. Thank you. 03/17/2015 Update: I uploaded an improved version of this fan edit to correct a few mistakes in the original version. I improved overall video and sound quality, including better syncing between audio and visuals in several scenes. I smoothed out a few rough transitions as much as I could, particularly by removing a few audio glitches. I removed a shot of Thufir still alive in the finale since it conflicts with the continuity of his restored death scene. And finally, the end credits no longer abruptly cut out but play through fully to the end.

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          • Pardes VOD


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            Pardes, meaning foreign land, is a story that revolves around Ganga - Mahima Chaudhary. She is a young Indian girl living in a rural village, and is brought up by her conservative Indian family. Kishorilal - Amrish Puri is a wealthy and successful businessman who lives in Los Angeles, America but is still deeply attached to his motherland India and adores the values and culture of India. On a visit to India, he meets his old friend Suraj Dev - Alok Nath and stays at their house.He hopes to find an Indian girl for his westernized, American son, Rajiv - Apurva Agnihotri and feels that Ganga is just right.He offers a marriage proposal between Ganga and Rajiv.He sends his foster son, Arjun - Shahrukh Khan - Little Master to to make the place suitable for Rajiv.Arjun spends many days trying to get Ganga and Rajiv to like each other and in the process becomes a close friend of Ganga. Eventually Rajiv and Ganga both agree to the wedding. The engagement is set in India with the wedding in America. Ganga leaves for America with her new family and is very excited about going Pardes. In her new surroundings, her only friend and confidant is Arjun who she begins to form a special bond with. At first everything seems ok but as time goes on she realises that Rajiv really isn't the person Arjun portrayed to her while they were in India. She faces many culture shocks when she sees Rajiv smoking, drinking and also finds out that he has had affairs and sexual relations in the past and is still seeing his former girlfriend. She confronts Arjun about why he lied to her, and he realises that he has fallen in love with her. How Ganga and Arjun realize their love for each other, and manage to convince everyone that their love is pure, is the remainder of the story.

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            • Slavic Full Gospel Church Harvest Thanksgiving service 101412


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              • Slavic Full Gospel Church Harvest Celebration 101313


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                Are you thankful for what you have, or you're taking things for granted? During this service we were reminded to thank God for every thing He gave us and importance of a thankful heart. Благодарны ли вы за то что вы имеете или думаете что так должно быть? Во время этого служения нам напоминали быть благодарными Богу за всё что Он нам дал и как важно иметь благодарное сердце.

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                • Salyu Tour 2009 Merkmal - Live at Nippon Budokan 2009.2.10


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                  日本武道館 2009年2月10日 (火) 1. 呼吸前奏曲 2. 回復する傷 3. プラットホーム 4. be there 5. 彗星 6. Tower 7. 飛べない翼 8. 飛行船 9. エロティック 10. name 11. 夜の海 遠い出会いに 12. インテルメッツォ (Cello・ソロ) 13. Sight 14. 砂 15. 光の束 16. 再生 17. landmark 18. Dramatic Irony 19. VALON-1 20. to U 21. I BELIEVE 22. コルテオ~行列~ 23. グライド 24. トビラ 25. HALFWAY 26. 風に乗る船 ドラム:あらきゆうこ ベース:キタダマキ ギター:名越由貴夫 ギター:清水ひろたか キーボード:Sunny コーラス:ヤマグチヒロコ チェロ:Robin Dupuy ボーカル:サリュウ

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                  • Klonoa: Door to Phantomile


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                    Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

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                    • Church Got Talent 110114


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                      Churches involved: SFGCSyracuse - www.SFGCSyracuse.org Syracuse 1st Ukrainian - www.all4theglory.com Buffalo - www.buffaloslavic.com Utica - https://www.facebook.com/houseofprayerutica Binghamton - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYr0UEPi4N32N6gemTJ6gMQ 1. Introduction/Вступление Pastor Michael Savich/Пастор Михаил Савич (Time/Время 0:00) Romans 12;11 (К Римлянам 12;11) Sermon Topic/Тема: Diligence/Усердие 2. Worship encouragement/Поощрение к поклонению Andrey Savich/Андрей Савич (Time/Время 20:21) 3. Worship/Поклонение – Jesus is the center/Иисус в центре (Time/Время 23:19) 4. Worship/Поклонение – Hidden in You/Я сокрыт в Тебе (Time/Время 29:36) 5. God’s protection/Божья охрана – Andrey Savich/Андрей Савич (Time/Время 34:16) 6. Worship/Поклонение – Hide me/Скрой меня (Time/Время 35:50) 7. Encouragement to praise/Поощрение к прославлению Adwin Zhushma/Эдвин Жушма (Time/Время 41:58) Psalm 150:1-6/Псалом 150:1-6 Topic/Тема: Praise with everything you got/Прославляй всем чем можешь 8. Binghamton/Бингхамтон – Teenage orchestra/Подростковый оркестр – I’m joyful and happy/Радiю я i торжествую (Time/Время 45:42) 9. Binghamton/Бингхамтон – Jesus you’re worth much for me/Иисус как ты дорог для меня (Time/Время 47:55) 10. Binghamton/Бингхамтон – Teenage orchestra/Подростковый оркестр – I worship you Allmighty God/Перед Тобой склоняюсь я (Time/Время 50:41) 11. Binghamton/Бингхамтон – When night again spreads its wings/Когда опять расправляет крылья ночь (Time/Время 54:08) 12. Binghamton/Бингхамтон – Teenage orchestra/Подростковый оркестр – You are my strength when I am weak/Он моя сила Он мой щит (Time/Время 57:58) 13. Binghamton/Бингхамтон – We believe in God the Father/Мы верим в Бога Отца (Time/Время 1:00:43) 14. Intermission/Итермиссия Paul Savich/Павел Савич (Time/Время 1:04:51) Hebrew 1;1 (К Евреям 1;1) Topic/Тема: God’s diversity/Божье многообразие 15. Utica/Ютика – Testamony/Свидетельство – Robert Kulesus/Роберт Кулесус (Time/Время 1:06:56) 16. Utica/Ютика – Teenage orchestra/Подростковый оркестр – Fields have ripened/Нива побелевшая стоит (Time/Время 1:10:45) 17. Utica/Ютика – Teenage orchestra/Подростковый оркестр – My Jesus my Savior/Господь мой Спаситель(Time/Время 1:14:31) 18. Utica/Ютика – Teenage orchestra/Подростковый оркестр – Shine Jesus shine/Сияй Иисус сияй(Time/Время 1:18:07) 19. Syracuse 1stUkraininan Church/Сиракуз 1-яУкраинская Церковь – Introduction/Вступление – Olga Rudko/Ольга Рудко (Time/Время 1:21:59) 20. Syracuse 1stUkraininan Church/Сиракуз 1-яУкраинская Церковь – For sunlight everyday/За те що свiт сонця (Time/Время 1:22:51) 21. Syracuse 1stUkraininan Church/Сиракуз 1-яУкраинская Церковь – Introduction/Вступление – Olga Rudko/Ольга Рудко (Time/Время 1:25:54) 22. Syracuse 1stUkraininan Church/Сиракуз 1-яУкраинская Церковь – God is our Father/Бог наш Отець (Time/Время 1:26:56) 23. Syracuse 1stUkraininan Church/Сиракуз 1-яУкраинская Церковь – Instrumental/Мелодия – You are the Rock of my salvation/Ти скала мойого спасiння (Time/Время 1:31:16) 24. Massachusetts/Массачусетс – God’s mercy/Божья милость (Time/Время 1:34:35) 25. Massachusetts/Массачусетс – Intermission/Интермиссия (Time/Время 1:39:13) Jeremiah 9:23-24(Иеремия 9:23-24) 26. Massachusetts/Массачусетс – Lift me up/Подними меня (Time/Время 1:45:18) 27. Massachusetts/Массачусетс – Poplar/Тополя (Time/Время 1:48:34) 28. Buffalo/Буфало – Song Introduction/Вступление к песне (Time/Время 1:53:40) 29. Buffalo/Буфало – Autumn/Осень (Time/Время 1:54:37) 30. Buffalo/Буфало – Song Introduction/Вступление к песне (Time/Время 1:58:24) 31. Buffalo/Буфало – Another time/В другое время (Time/Время 1:58:46)......

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