1. Sight


    from Robot Genius Added 2.7M 21.3K 921

    A short futuristic film by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo. This is our graduation project from Bezaleal academy of arts. Check out our official site: www.robotgeniusfilms.com Please share if you enjoyed it! Contact: Daniel Lazo: duniol2@gmail.com Eran May-raz: eranmayraz@gmail.com Hanan Revivo: hanan5712@gmail.com Boaz Bachrach: hearfeel@gmail.com Guidance: Eric Lerner Actors: Ori Golad: ori.golad@gmail.com Deborah Aroshas: deborah.aroshas@gmail.com Animated Starry night by: Petros Vrellis, vimeo.com/36466564

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    • Playing with Power


      from Ava Benjamin Added 622K 4,686 160

      Dillon Markey, an animator for Robot Chicken and PES, modifies a Nintendo Power Glove as the most awesome animation tool ever.

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      • Real Life Mirror's Edge


        from claudiu voicu Added 277K 4,114 107

        Another personal project and my 2nd GoPro-only edit... Wanted to recreate the look, movement and features of Mirror's Edge as much as possible. Everything shot on GoPro Hero 3/4 using a mouth-mount. All of the Parkour/Freerunning is real. Bonus clips / outtakes : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX5WVRDK63o --- BLOG POST http://www.claudiu.co.uk/2015/06/mirrors-edge-catalyst-real-life-time-trial/ DIRECTED / EDITED / MOVEMENT CHOREOGRAPHED BY: Claudiu Voicu | twitter, ig @claudiuvoicu | www.claudiu.co.uk FREERUNNING, CLIMBING & ADDITIONAL CHOREO BY: Pip Andersen | twitter, ig @piptrix Drew Taylor | twitter, ig @drewftaylor Ashley Holland | twitter @ashley_dholland ig @spyderfreerun Phil Doyle | twitter @_philydee ENEMIES: Dan Morbin Mark Lunt Mike Lienard Iain Linnane Claudiu Voicu EXTRA HELP: Yassin Yassin - Driver, Production Assistant Storror Freerun - Security Management - www.storror.com Marwan Elgamal - Tinder+ User GEAR: GoPro Hero 3 Black + 4 Black (mouth mounted) DJI Phantom 2 + H3-3D Edited & graded entirely in After Effects MUSIC: Kate - Solar Fields All sound effects are from the game More information on the game: www.mirrorsedge.com -------------------------- WHO DID WHAT: [ - 0:30 PHIL DOYLE Enemy: Iain Linnane 0:34 - 0:44 PIP ANDERSEN 0:45 - 1:14 DREW TAYLOR 1:15 - 1:47 PIP ANDERSEN Enemies in order of RIP: Claudiu, Mark, (Claudiu), Dan 1:48 - 2:10 ASH HOLLAND 2:11 - 2:20 PIP ANDERSEN 2:21 - 2:24 DREW TAYLOR 2:25 - 2:36 PIP ANDERSEN Enemy: Claudiu 2:37 - 2:59 DREW TAYLOR 3:00 - 3:15 ASH HOLLAND 3:16 - 3:45 (so brave) PIP ANDERSEN 3:45 - 3:57 ASH HOLLAND Enemy: Mike 3:58 - 4:05 PHIL DOYLE 4:06 - ] CLAUDIU VOICU Enemies in order of RIP: Mike, Mark, Dan... ---

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        • Call of Duty: Ghosts "Cinematics"


          from The Mill Added 92.5K 3,008 63

          Mill+, the concept, design and animation arm of The Mill, has contributed its visually stunning cinematics to Activision's blockbuster Call of Duty: Ghosts, the new installment in the global phenomenon Call of Duty® series. Led by Cinematics specialists at Infinity Ward, Mill+ worked with a team of designers and visual effects artists in the Los Angeles and London studios to create the cinematics players will see starting on November 5. The team at Infinity Ward had a vision for how cinematics could further help to bring the new narrative to life. Developing the look in collaboration with Mill+ led to a new and unique level of cinematics that is sure to captivate and immerse players into the experience. Find out more about the project at: http://bit.ly/CDGhosts

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          • Video Games


            from MUSCLEBEAVER Added 951K 2,462 167

            ///A Film directed and animated by MUSCLEBEAVER/// This animation we did was planned and animated for the prologue of a documentary. (That explains the absurd, unfinished seeming, ending.That is where the actual documentary starts.... ) The briefing was to show an evolution of computer games. The documentary itself is about different people, based here in germany, showing their everyday life, and their addiction to the same specific, famous MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game):"Wo.." Every game character in this prologue was reinterpreted, redrawn (...one pixel at a time), and animated frame by frame. Animation: http://www.musclebeaver.com Sound by: http://www.nichtvonpappe-platten.de client/documentary production: http://www.vonherzen.org year: 2008

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            • The Mill 2015 Reel


              from The Mill Added 43.3K 1,658 35

              Music: Thriftworks – Pad FUKKK Editor: Alex Trierweiler 00:03 Hugo Boss – #THISISBOSS http://bit.ly/1QKjOz3 00:14 Lexus – Facet City http://bit.ly/1MmSPYZ 00:21 SSE – Orangutan http://bit.ly/1MmSSnx 00:26 Vaults – Lifespan http://bit.ly/1JIBz1e 00:30 Ikea – Forest http://bit.ly/1KUhzHI 00:37 Budweiser – Collective Energy http://bit.ly/1Kohii2 00:40 Visa – Night Swim http://bit.ly/1JIBCKg 00:43 Turtle Wax – Break Out http://bit.ly/1KUhCTQ 00:46 Lexus – Swarm http://bit.ly/1JDUaNq 00:48 BBC – Commonwealth Games http://bit.ly/1IE7ZeH 00:50 Pharrell Williams – Gust of Wind http://bit.ly/1B519fq 00:51 Miss Dior – It’s Miss Actually http://bit.ly/1MmT2LD 00:52 BBC – Commonwealth Games http://bit.ly/1IE7ZeH 00:54 Marco Polo Titles http://bit.ly/1e23eyK 00:57 Age UK – Time Flies http://bit.ly/1TagKA7 00:58 Brand Jordan – Re2pect http://bit.ly/1I0AtJR 01:00 Adidas – Battlepack http://bit.ly/1IE85TE 01:03 Major Lazer – Sweat http://bit.ly/1KUhMKV 01:06 Fashion Film – 5 Elements http://bit.ly/1JDUwnn 01:08 Nike – Hypervenom http://bit.ly/1Gcrjfp 01:10 FKA Twigs – Video Girl http://bit.ly/1Qn4A80 01:11 Coca-Cola – Download Happiness http://bit.ly/1GxHzdY 01:12 Audi – Birth http://bit.ly/1GxHzee 01:18 Qoros – Shredder http://bit.ly/1Hp793N 01:21 Activision – Call of Duty: Extinction http://bit.ly/1IE8gOB 01:22 Doom Teaser http://bit.ly/1B18s89 01:23 Adidas – Lionel Messi http://bit.ly/1QKkowE 01:24 Hennessy – Ride http://bit.ly/1KUhROP 01:26 Google ATAP – HELP http://j.mp/GgHlp 01:27 Adidas – Haters http://bit.ly/1f1J7Ro 01:28 2014 YDA Titles http://bit.ly/1F7bx1m 01:30 2014 D&AD Titles http://bit.ly/1JIC5MJ 01:32 Nike – Vapour http://bit.ly/1KUhR12 01:33 AICP Titles http://bit.ly/1GqouZn 01:35 Nike – Ripple http://bit.ly/1cKH8zg 01:36 FIFA – Feel the Game http://bit.ly/1MGY5aH 01:38 Nike - Winner Stays http://bit.ly/1GqowAo 01:39 Under Armour – Misty Copeland http://bit.ly/1Qn4Ow6 01:41 Free People – Sand Dancer http://bit.ly/1FI1aCt 01:42 Baileys – Nutcracker http://bit.ly/1KohMos 01:44 Turbotax – Boston Tea Party http://bit.ly/1GqoCIt 01:45 Axe – Hotel http://bit.ly/1L0yMlV 01:46 Under Armour – I Will What I Want http://bit.ly/1FQcFqM 01:47 Comcast Xfinity – Auto Pilot http://bit.ly/1e23HRm 01:49 Titanfall – Life is Better With a Titan http://bit.ly/1cKHnu4 01:52 Mr. Kipling – Pink Elephant http://bit.ly/1F7bKS7 01:54 AT&T – Space Capsule http://bit.ly/1JIClLC 01:55 Budweiser – Black Out http://bit.ly/1dvim6U 01:56 Microsoft – Halo 5: Guardians http://bit.ly/1QKkMLI 01:58 Gatorade – Fierce http://bit.ly/1QKkPah 02:00 Financial Times – Full Day http://bit.ly/1L0yRGh 02:02 Puma – Calling All Trouble Makers http://bit.ly/1JICrTr 02:02 Beyoncé – Mine http://bit.ly/1B51LBJ 02:04 The Cosmopolitan Hotel – Twilight Speedball http://bit.ly/1e23SfG 02:06 Ben Pearce – What I Might Do http://bit.ly/1GxHRBA 02:07 Johnnie Walker – A Gentleman’s Wager http://bit.ly/1MmTXMe 02:10 Smirnoff Ice – The Double Side http://bit.ly/1KoiamK 02:10 Guinness – Sapeurs http://bit.ly/1B51QW4 02:14 Playgrounds Festival Titles http://bit.ly/1e23ZHY 02:15 BBC – God Only Knows http://bit.ly/1MGYJoB 02:17 Jaguar – Never Stop the Journey http://bit.ly/1MGYHNn 02:18 Honda Civic Type R – The Other Side http://bit.ly/1L0yUSw 02:19 Cadillac – Power Train http://bit.ly/1I0ATA7 02:20 Jaguar – Rendezvous http://bit.ly/1JICDSB 02:20 Diet Mountain Dew – Horse Show http://bit.ly/1L0yYl8 02:23 Volvo – The Epic Split http://bit.ly/1S32V59 02:25 Finish – Dishes http://bit.ly/1IE8Xre 02:26 Bagman Short Film - http://bit.ly/1MGYZnG 02:28 FIFA – Feel the Game http://bit.ly/1MGY5aH 02:29 Coke – International Space Station http://bit.ly/1KUinwd 02:31 Axe – Knife http://bit.ly/1F7caIf 02:32 Dos Equis – Masquerade http://bit.ly/1MGZ4HU 02:33 Southern Comfort – Shark Bite http://bit.ly/1L0z4cp 02:34 Beyoncé – Rise http://bit.ly/1Tahg13 02:36 Sailor Jerry – Outside the Lines http://bit.ly/1IFideT 02:39 Dolce & Gabbana – Street of Dreams http://bit.ly/1F7cjey 02:42 Delta – Faucets http://bit.ly/1Hp95cE 02:44 Nike – Kirill’s Story http://bit.ly/1Qn5rWp 02:52 OFFF SKAZKA Titles http://bit.ly/1IE9dGA

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              • A Brief History of Video Game Title Design


                from Art of the Title Added 276K 1,147 22

                A brief history of video game title design, created to accommodate our “Talking Titles: How The Language of Cinema Changed Video Games” presentation by Editor Will Perkins and Managing Editor Lola Landekic at the 2013 GamerCamp Conference. — Website: www.artofthetitle.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/ArtoftheTitle Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ArtoftheTitle Music: Anamanaguchi "Endless Fantasy" ++++++++++ Full video game listing: Donkey Kong (1981) Ms. Pac-Man (1982) Mario Bros. (1983) Atari’s Star Wars (1983) The Legend of Zelda (1986) Mega Man 2 (1988) Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (1990) Last Ninja 3 (1991) Day of the Tentacle (1993) Final Fantasy VI (1994) Full Throttle (1995) Metal Gear Solid (1997) Half-Life (1998) Fallout 2 (1998) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (2001) Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (2002) Resident Evil: Outbreak (2003) Katamari Damacy (2004) BioShock (2007) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007) Braid (2008) Mirror's Edge (2008) Kill Zone 2 (2009) Borderlands (2009) God of War 3 (2010) Super Meat Boy (2010) Red Dead Redemption (2010) Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (2011) Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011) L.A. Noire (2011) Fez (2012) Tomb Raider (2013) Grand Theft Auto V (2013) BioShock Infinite (2013) The Last of Us (2013)

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                • David Gibson - Evolve Animation + Game Development Reel 2015


                  from David Gibson Added 54.3K 1,049 92

                  I spent almost 4 years as a developer and supervising animator on Evolve. Everyday the entire team worked tirelessly to push the experience taking risks to create a unique and refreshing game for our players. My main areas of focus during development were the look and feel of the monsters, creatures, & first person hunters. Although my background is in animation, I became heavily involved with the gameplay design process. Together with Gameplay Programmers Bill Merrill & Dan Youhon we focused heavily on the monster experience. 4 years is a long time so I tried to pick the best clips that showed a wide range and were the strongest examples of my work. Turtle Rock Animation Team: Geoff Hemphill Robert Alves Juan Sanchez Monty Kerson 2K animators that saved our bacon a million times: Sonny Santa Maria PJ Leffelman Jacob Palmer Sunny Sun Any questions let 'em rip in the comments or hit me up on twitter: @poodletime. Thanks for watching!

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                  • Imaginary Forces - Behind the Scenes - SXSW 2015 Gaming Awards


                    from Imaginary Forces Added 10.3K 1,032 22

                    An inside look into how we made the SXSW Gaming Awards opening sequence.

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                    • IRL - In Real Life (Short Version)


                      from Anthony Rosner Added

                      "IRL - In Real Life", is a short documentary looking at the time an individual can spend in the world of an online game, in this case, World of Warcraft. The documentary is a personal look at the director, Anthony Rosner, and his own experience from playing Warcraft. This is the shorter version for film festivals, the longer version can be found here - https://vimeo.com/35199868 And watch the sequel - https://vimeo.com/73712210 Winner Phoenix Comicon Film Festival Winner Durham Film Festival - Best Design, Audience Choice Award Nominated Royal Television Society Student Awards - Best Factual Film Official Selection BUtiful Film Festival Official Selection British Shorts Film Festival, Berlin Screened at Summoning Stone Brazil Featured on ABC1 (Australia) Featured on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Surrey You can check out the Facebook page here - www.facebook.com/irlmovie My website - www.anthonyrosner.com Produced, Directed, Written, Edited and Cinematography By Anthony Rosner - https://vimeo.com/antronoid Visual Effects By Dave Novis - https://vimeo.com/zictor Created as part of the film production course at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.

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