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    I drove out to California recently and managed to hit a lot of the locations used in Tarantino films.

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    • In Noctem


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      Beneath the darkness that veils our conscious during periods of sleep, there resides untapped creative potential. As stated by Dr. J. Allan Hobson, when we dream we enter “…our most creative conscious state, one in which the chaotic, spontaneous recombination of cognitive elements produces novel configurations of information: new ideas.” Within this chaotic and spontaneous world of reverie we experience the ultimate freedom of experimentation. Not bound by the natural laws of the waking world, we find ourselves venturing into uncharted territories previously thought to be unfathomable. This limitless well of inspiration remains unpredictable, unfettered by our slumbering cognitive powers. The barrier between coma and lucidity can be breached through documentation and observation of nocturnal visions. By recording our dreams, we begin to recognize patterns in our subconscious. Our minds establish relationships between the dreamscape and reality. We breathe tangibility into the ephemeral. On average we experience five dreams a night. “In Noctem” represents one night of dreaming, with excerpts selected from my dream journal. The five dreams form a narrative. Impuissance degenerates to failure, destruction and decay. In the end, the dreamer gains power through lucid dreaming and overcomes the nightmarish world. It is the journey of self-mastery gained through self-identification and finding harmony in entropy.

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      • Gattaca


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        Cinematography Assignment - Remaking a scene from Gattaca. Note: I took some liberties with the script to make it more interesting personally.

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        • Jerome


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          New abstraction of Jerome D. o. P Grace Art D. Centaine A. D. Huang Hao C. A. Anthony Gaf. Hadi ft. Kurtis Supervised by Prof. Marijke Special thanks to Prof. Roger

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          • San Francisco: Longboarding


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            Film: Joe Andersen Film/Edit: John Ross Rider: Josh Andersen Music: Alt-J. Fitzpleasure.

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            • Baby Fist


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              • 서구의 철학과 문예이야기: 5강. 멋진 신세계에서 살아남는 법


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                013 이화여대탈경계인문학청소년강좌 : 영상인문학II 서구의 철학과 문예이야기 5강. 멋진 신세계에서 살아남는 법 (교수 신상규) 최근 경제주간지 이코노미스트의 보도에 따르면, 국제미용성형학회의 조사 결과 2011년 기준으로 한국인 천 명당 13.5건의 성형 수술이 이루어져서, 인구대비 성형수술 비율에서 우리 나가가 1위를 차지했다고 한다. 불과 수십 년 전만 하더라도 성형수술을 받는다는 것은 남에게 비밀로 해야만 하는 “부끄러운” 일이었지만, 이제는 대부부의 사람들이 보다 나은 자신의 미래를 위하여 개인이 선택할 문제라고 생각한다. 그러나 과연 성형뿐일까? 우리는 이제 굳이 성형이란 번거로운 수술을 받지 않더라도, 유전자의 변경이나 선택을 통해 외모나 정신적, 육체적 능력을 선택할 수 있는 세상으로 나아가고 있다. 그러한 미래 세상에 대한 이야기를 통해 생물학적 몸의 변형과 행복의 관계를 반성적으로 생각해본다. 1) 참고문헌 『생명의 윤리를 말한다』(The Case Against the Perfection), 마이클 샌델, 동녘,2007 『부자의 유전자 가난한 자의 유전자』(Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution), 프랜시스 후쿠야마, 한국경제신문사,2003 2) 미리 보았으면 하는 영상물 : 가타카 Gattaca,1998 3)생각해 보면 좋을 문제 ① 우리는 우리의 몸을 마음대로 선택해도 되는 것일까? ② 생명공학을 이용한 인간의 향상에 반대해야 할 이유는 무엇일까? 영상인문학 토론 페이지- http://facebook.com/#!/groups/494185373974920/ 주최: 이화여자대학교 탈경계 인문학 연구단/ 하자작업장학교

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                • Into Anticipation


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                  This is a clip I created for a fashion-designer for her newest collection. It is inspired from science fiction films like Blade Runner and Gattaca. The lightning and music draws heavily upon cyber-punk elements, using clair-obscur and mixing eerie feelings with nostalgia and a dreamy state of mind. The clip is driven not so much by a narrative as it is by emotions and feelings. The name of the video is taken from the name of collection.

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                  • Gattaca slideshow


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                    Details of the film, Gattaca.

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                    • AXN Black, Sony Pictures Television - Promo "Gattaca" #2


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                      Promo "Gattaca" #2. Sam Seoane.

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