1. United in Anger Trailer


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    Trailer for our upcoming feature-length documentary.

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    • A Chat With Steven


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      • bobby blue - "go" (official music video)


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        -the music- http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/bobby-blue/id3700400 vocals and song by : bobby blue song produced by : abe seiferth record label : hades music -the video- written, produced, lit, shot, edited and directed by : ian cinco art direction, costume design, make-up and styling by : sara antoinette martin http://www.sara-land.net/ story by : ian cinco and sara antoinette martin starring : bobby blue as bobby bot elizabeth webb as sasha bot kevin gebhard as the professor stephen cinco as the driver set dresser, insert designer : douglas einar olsen additional score for the video by : derek muro voice of sasha bot : leslie phillips adr and foley : ian cinco additional foley by : derek muro using samples from the freesound project (usernames : unclesigmund, incarnadine) production assistants : johnny giancone, douglas marks, mark pitre post-production consultants : william d. caballero, jefferson heuer, cesar kuriyama, douglas einar olsen, todd rawson, schöneck shoaf special thanks to : tommy agriodimas, phillip andry, william d. caballero, denise cinco, nolan conway, tiffany navarro, studio 208 photography & imaging software used : final draft, final cut pro 6, adobe after effects and photoshop CS4 video shot with the canon 7-D

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        • Olek Russia's Pride


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          In New York City I created the camouflage pattern. I transformed the human form into a new species. Once a person enters the crocheted skin, their race, color, ethnicity, even sexuality become irrelevant, camouflaged; they are transformed into citizens of Olek's world, where everyone is free. The full version of my statement: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/olek/russias-pride_b_3938293.html

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          • As One ~ Part 2 Promo / A.M PROJECT


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            As One : Part2 Promo / A.M PROJECT Model: Marylin Monroach / Ariel Ryan Music / Lyrics: Glass And The Ghost Children by Billy Corgan https://www.facebook.com/amproj www.amproj.com

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            • Know Your Rights!


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              Where do we draw the line??

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              • Mom's Apple Pie: The Heart of the Lesbian Mothers' Custody Movement clip


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                Dir. Jody Laine, Shan Ottey, Shad Reinstein 2006 60 min. USA While the beginnings of the LGBT Civil Rights movement was gaining momentum, the 1970s witnessed horrific custody battles for lesbian mothers. "Mom's Apple Pie: The Heart of the Lesbian Mothers' Custody Movement" revisits the early tumultuous years of the lesbian custody movement through the stories of five lesbian mothers and their four children. Narrated by Kate Clinton, the documentary interviews the sons and daughters who were separated from their mothers, the mothers themselves, and one woman who made the difficult decision to flee with her children. Founders of the Lesbian Rights Project (now the National Center for Lesbian Rights) and the Lesbian Mothers' National Defense Fund recount the founding of their organizations in response to the bevy of court rulings granting custody to grandparents, fathers and distant relatives based on the belief that lesbians would be unfit parents. Rich with archival photos from JEB (Joan E. Biren) and Cathy Cade, the documentary also features music from iconic lesbian musicians Margie Adam, Alix Dobkin, Mary Watkins and Cris Williamson. http://cart.frameline.org/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=T655 “This film evokes painful memories of the legal systems' treatment of mothers who are lesbians as well as the transformative nature of women's resistance. The lesbian and gay legal movement was built on the backs of these women.” —Paula Ettelbrick, Executive Director, International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, former Legal Director of Lambda Legal, Policy Director of National Center for Lesbian Rights "Being raised by homosexuals was in no way damaging to my psyche or childhood experience. What ultimately proved to be traumatic was the legal system's blatant and unwelcome intervention into our family life, deciding for us what and who constitutes good parents." —Devin Glaser, son of Jean Kasota featured in "Mom's Apple Pie," Seattle Gay News "At a time when same-sex marriage is on the horizon, it's hard to remember that, a generation ago, lesbians routinely had their children taken away from them by the courts. "Mom's Apple Pie" brings this history back to life - the pain and the heartbreak, but also the heroic resistance of lesbian mothers." —John D'Emilio, Professor of History and Gender & Women's Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago “This film breaks my heart---and gives me hope. Thank you...” —Suzanne Pharr, Author of Homophobia as a Weapon of Sexism, Former Director, the Highlander Center

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                • MC FLOW - "Created Equal"


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                  We are all Created Equal... Directed By: Rebecca & Kevin Joelson Produced By: Rebecca Joelson Photography Production Assistants: Matt Palmer & Megan Mc Daniel Special thanks to those who helped make this possible. Client: MC Flow www.myspace.com/mcflow

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                  • Breaking the Silence: Gay Youth in an American Town


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                    A documentary about the lives and struggles of LGBT youth in Tri-Cities, Washington and the allies that fight to give them hope. Directed by Ittai Orr, an undergraduate at Columbia University. Support equal rights. Visit vistayouthcenter.org to find out more.

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                    • Amsterdam Gay Pride 2012 - jfm8561 present . Amsterdam has very large gay community.


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                      Amsterdam has very large gay community that you feel you have the responsibility to point interesting people . So I am one of the hug frequenter of Amsterdam Gay Festival. This vid shall be dedicated to my best activist friends figatomek ,nooneathome ,DamienG,Mrslave. I invite all my followers to observe and support my blog also do not ignore our group activities . Liveleak team developing and we strive to represent all of the right in different localities. http://jfm8561.wordpress.com/ http://jfm8561.skyrock.com/ https://jfm8561.jux.com/ http://jfm8561.soup.io/ Taco Boy ,dalliance1',maze79,Unpossible ,The Answer ,RickBond,Loldongz,GINGERPUBES ,dinglbat ,Barremel ,2Crazy4U,lua_ss,Rebel_Radius ,nellis51,nanpsx2,heymaker14,mrgod2u,livelurked ,goslow,JohnExpert,WombRaider69,RASTUS,Sam Shepard,Facu,Sharkbait,oscarfdff,MuffinTop,Winston-Smith,ChemicalAli,Lil Conner Peterson,erl2430,plecostomus,mikeirontyson,Rager 45,redijack07,Waaaaay2Easy,firstletmetakeaselfie,1intel,Human waste,mariachistorm,USA_PATRIOT_MOLON_LABE ,HigherPrimate43,tlk,dabs,NinibwaakaaOjibwe,rygar777,Laffing_at_choo,MyCat,NameIsPedroia,Kreon,Mr Rag3r,M A S T E R,paulc07 is here,justwantlife AAMFB,Phonocaster,wiiings,snoopAhLoop,Fuck La Policia,MindTherapy,KILLER_K,Barrackbar Osama,singingcloaca ,WorldLeaks,Julian Assange ,Hayden Hewitt, MohammedLovesBacon,Macunaima,Tar River Pirate,Slaapkop,autobot,OMGLiveleak, FutureJenn,Dale Sharp,PiiaBrazi ,CatJuggler,XxRAGExX,hotjobz ,Mr Rager Returns,Mondhaut Reeks,tat2d,JNavy1974 ,DRDAVE,hardujuu,CODboy, canis_majoris,Sirano,Fried Brain, Greyhound ,GHOST_of_MSMP,sluggoo, Rootfire,XxRAGERxX,LiveLeak On YouTube,11k29 ,aphidlip ,picked,Wester, LL_Hayden, Franky_be_nice,NazelHoot,Telum,Vagical Powers,Boojyman,RULES44, Merican ,kle57,Gimpo,Danny Jock Fanclub,rtsrcool,gubastek,Mr_Anonymous, Maccabi,thejshep,dietcokesucks,rite_above_u,Da Da Dummy,Jayjo, ,bikedude88,Freejay ,Pink_Floyd,roLEXus,DFW ,TheAnswer,Adam French,USMC_SRT,ori_atin,njscott21569,Dmanfig,hitchcocknballs,PORK-CHOP,foghorn_leghorn,outsidelooknn,Ruffus,Moose Knuckle,BBQ-is-good, william tecumseh ,The Soup Nazi,2Centrist,english-patriot33,jdaniel173, Blackdawn,GORTEVANS,Mongoose_5000,gutzbravo,Juggernaut,FAH-Q 916, Kobe,Coldasawelldrillersass,Jesse_James,Richiemc71,TBK,Scarrfo, sexysuzie,pigshead,crofalcon,WoE,TheHarvesterScout,figatomek,Bill Davis, NukeMeSlowly,JustinTime,Ill Advised,fobfob77 ,meh88,Ogie Oglethorpe, INEVITABLE-COLLAPSE,WillFerrellsBastard,Wa1martyr,Mullet Over ,Mr Rager, Oneirishman,michielsnip,HeyMaker69,EnglishDefenceLeague,Intelignet, Chitaiyah,MELLOWHYPE,Tama7866,kiska,Carguyinok,Brian Cooper,DJCool, BCAA,THR33SIXX3MPYR,GraveMatter-,SomeTosser ,br0t,gonehuntin, CatEatDog,Mr Ebk, -sloop-, Legend07_1973,Poosti Malaka ,john1054 , RogerTheShrubbe,ALah007,Chris6900,mostcallmeFLEX,RustRocket, flank99,nooneathome,toppo,cajunmojo,CrimsonTide,HeyMaker923, TEXAS HOLDEM123,Nazel_Hut,Blech,luisxbeltran,BIGLOUBRUNO,keepclosed ,J1989taylor,lucidx1,Zeb,nonconforme,itsallaboutyou,marinemp00,theonlyepi, SpeckFettGulag,spliffy1966,Deeki,tehkaffir,Stoner_Simpson,doood, Proud2b-American,MANontheMOON,AussieJane,VikingRapesCoed,tscipio, WingSP117,MANNY_THE_CREATOR,cswartz,Fire37Rescue,spartan112, kmmouse ,GINGERPUBES,ZANGADO,menderman,dinglbat,HeyMaker84, James-T-Kirk,Hazel_Nut,MAKMAK,2H2K,2DLISH2QUIT,illiath,ghastlyghost, laqueefa,jum_runky,Grace37,Potatoes,dcmfox ,Wyseguy67,bcober85,Jacob749 ,Travis1991,k-doe,SpIderZ,shark44,85cmorning,moonpie69,fuchajen,10fold, storm_seal,Demonsouls,WE ARE POWER,illegal_smile,maze79,Captain Canuck,anglosaxonwarlo,thecleaner001,daleastor,Ghost_of_CJ,Crazyhillybiily,Medic 51,SnAg,zrile29,Oneirishman ,justwantlife ,maze79,jdaniel173,Richiemc71 ,rtscool,english-patriot33 ,AlSet-AlOkin ,Jester14499 ,anglosaxonwarlord,JP SORGEN,KAPPE1980,aslanthelion,mrbluesky,mutterfudder,mutterfudder,E3F5L7,Jadehase73

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