1. Coffee Talk (Trailer - Gay Web Series))


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    From www.skyriderfilms.com: Coffee Talk is an anthology web series about gay college friends confronting hot-button issues over a cup of coffee: tattoos, gays in sports, feminine men, gay dads, sugar daddies, gay marriage... The short films seek to develop awareness about gay topics in an entertaining way. Enjoy previewing new shows on www.skyriderfilms.com

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    • "KISS IN" to Fight Against Homophobia


      from Erick James Added 1,148 12 9

      Location: Queen Victoria Building, Sydney, Australia. 12th December 2009. More info on IDAHO The Exhibition: http://www.idahosydney.org Camera: Canon HF S11 DoF Adapter: Handy35 V5Plus Lens: Nikon 50mm f/1.4 Edited in: Sony Vegas Music: "Teardrop" by Massive Attack

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      • Oy Vey! My Son is Gay!


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        "Oy Vey, My Son Is Gay" is the story of the Hirsch's, a Jewish family living in the North Shore of Long Island, where every Friday night Shirley Hirsch (Lainie Kazan) invites another "perfect" girl for Shabbat dinner in hopes that her son, Nelson (John Lloyd Young), will marry a nice Jewish girl. When Shirley and Martin (Saul Rubinek) once again set him up on a date, Nelson reveals that he is already seeing someone. Shirley and Martin are thrilled and can't wait to meet the lucky lady. In a motherly attempt at finding out who her son is dating, Shirley stops by Nelson's apartment. She is greeted by Angelo Ferraro (Jai Rodriguez), Nelson's live-in boyfriend, and in order to not divulge Nelson's secret life, Angelo introduces himself as his decorator. Shirley also meets the gorgeous Sybil (Carmen Electra), Nelson's neighbor and Playpen magazine centerfold. Shirley believes that Sybil is Nelson's mysterious girlfriend. She is concerned that Sybil isn't Jewish but resigns to the fact that if her son is happy, that's all that matters and she can't wait for the rest of the family to meet Sybil at an upcoming wedding. Nelson attempts to tell his mother that he is gay, but Shirley is too busy with her own life to listen to her son. After a long and emotional argument between Nelson and Angelo, Nelson agrees to take Angelo to his cousin's wedding, instead of Sybil. Halfway through the ceremony Nelson finally breaks the news to his parents that he's gay. At first, Shirley and Martin are confused and distraught, but when the reality starts to set in they begin to blame one another for Nelsons sexuality. As Shirley and Martin struggle to accept this, they meet with a psychiatrist, talk with local members of the gay community, Martin goes to a gay bar in an attempt at understanding his son and he even goes as far as to try to get Sybil to sleep with Nelson to make him straight. As a last resort, Shirley and Martin have dinner with Angelos parents, Teresa and Carmine Ferraro (Vincent Pastore), in order to understand their sons lifestyles. Shirley and Teresa have sympathy for one another, unlike Martin and Carmine, who accuse each others son at being the cause of their own sons homosexuality. Both families continue to try to hide the fact their sons are gay from their friends and co-workers, but when Nelson and Angelo decide to adopt a baby and it makes headline news, the two families must unite to defend their son's cause. In an emotional confrontation, the families stand up and fight for their gay sons right against opposition. In an emotional victory for the two families and the country, the Hirsch's and the Ferraro's not only accept the fact their sons are gay but realize how much they love them. Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!! is a romantic comedy about how far we come and yet how far we still have to go.

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        • You Are Loved


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          "You Are Loved" is a documentary chronicling Montana Pride celebrating the diversity of all walks of life. The documentary explores what it means to be an LGBTQI in Montana, a rural state of not even a million people. The response from the community in Bozeman, MT was overwhelming, and without it, this documentary would not be possible. Enjoy the show! Filmed on the Canon 5D Mark ii. The soundtrack and more can be found at: http://soundcloud.com/sidehug/sets/montana-pride-documentary Follow Wet Paint Studios on Facebook for more information on upcoming screenings and DVD sales. https://www.facebook.com/WetPaintStudios

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          • Amnesty International Ad (Gay Rights); feat Slim K


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            The short for "Amnesty International" has been linked to by dozens of sites, news portals and blogs. In the online gay world, it secured a front-page report which caused a surge in visits to the spot posted on YouTube. From chueca.com (a gay portal), there have been tens of thousands of visitors among the Spanish gay community, enjoying the most rights in the world. As at March 2008, the video has been viewed over 73,000 times. "Amnesty International" and the Publicis group also sent an e-mail with the TV spot attached to a database of over 56,000 e-mail addresses, thus setting in motion the whole viral mechanism around the initiative. A short film for a greater cause. http://www.amnestyusa.org The spot will be presented as well at this years "Cannes International Film Festival" (14-25 May 2008) http://www.festival-cannes.fr/ A project directed by JUAN VARELA and produced by Brenda Weiermair, Txetxu Lozano and Laura Bautista for SAATCHI & SAATCHI (Madrid, Spain) - SLIM KHEZRI stars as a Robber. [Production Note: Shot March 8th, 2008 in Fullerton, CA.] Visit Slim K Official Website http://www.slimk.proboards.com SPOT AMNISTIA INTERNACIONAL: Spot Publicitario en contra de la persecución que los homosexuales sufren aún en muchos paises

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            • Amsterdam Gay Pride 2012 - jfm8561 present . Amsterdam has very large gay community.


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              Amsterdam has very large gay community that you feel you have the responsibility to point interesting people . So I am one of the hug frequenter of Amsterdam Gay Festival. This vid shall be dedicated to my best activist friends figatomek ,nooneathome ,DamienG,Mrslave. I invite all my followers to observe and support my blog also do not ignore our group activities . Liveleak team developing and we strive to represent all of the right in different localities. http://jfm8561.wordpress.com/ http://jfm8561.skyrock.com/ https://jfm8561.jux.com/ http://jfm8561.soup.io/ Taco Boy ,dalliance1',maze79,Unpossible ,The Answer ,RickBond,Loldongz,GINGERPUBES ,dinglbat ,Barremel ,2Crazy4U,lua_ss,Rebel_Radius ,nellis51,nanpsx2,heymaker14,mrgod2u,livelurked ,goslow,JohnExpert,WombRaider69,RASTUS,Sam Shepard,Facu,Sharkbait,oscarfdff,MuffinTop,Winston-Smith,ChemicalAli,Lil Conner Peterson,erl2430,plecostomus,mikeirontyson,Rager 45,redijack07,Waaaaay2Easy,firstletmetakeaselfie,1intel,Human waste,mariachistorm,USA_PATRIOT_MOLON_LABE ,HigherPrimate43,tlk,dabs,NinibwaakaaOjibwe,rygar777,Laffing_at_choo,MyCat,NameIsPedroia,Kreon,Mr Rag3r,M A S T E R,paulc07 is here,justwantlife AAMFB,Phonocaster,wiiings,snoopAhLoop,Fuck La Policia,MindTherapy,KILLER_K,Barrackbar Osama,singingcloaca ,WorldLeaks,Julian Assange ,Hayden Hewitt, MohammedLovesBacon,Macunaima,Tar River Pirate,Slaapkop,autobot,OMGLiveleak, FutureJenn,Dale Sharp,PiiaBrazi ,CatJuggler,XxRAGExX,hotjobz ,Mr Rager Returns,Mondhaut Reeks,tat2d,JNavy1974 ,DRDAVE,hardujuu,CODboy, canis_majoris,Sirano,Fried Brain, Greyhound ,GHOST_of_MSMP,sluggoo, Rootfire,XxRAGERxX,LiveLeak On YouTube,11k29 ,aphidlip ,picked,Wester, LL_Hayden, Franky_be_nice,NazelHoot,Telum,Vagical Powers,Boojyman,RULES44, Merican ,kle57,Gimpo,Danny Jock Fanclub,rtsrcool,gubastek,Mr_Anonymous, Maccabi,thejshep,dietcokesucks,rite_above_u,Da Da Dummy,Jayjo, ,bikedude88,Freejay ,Pink_Floyd,roLEXus,DFW ,TheAnswer,Adam French,USMC_SRT,ori_atin,njscott21569,Dmanfig,hitchcocknballs,PORK-CHOP,foghorn_leghorn,outsidelooknn,Ruffus,Moose Knuckle,BBQ-is-good, william tecumseh ,The Soup Nazi,2Centrist,english-patriot33,jdaniel173, Blackdawn,GORTEVANS,Mongoose_5000,gutzbravo,Juggernaut,FAH-Q 916, Kobe,Coldasawelldrillersass,Jesse_James,Richiemc71,TBK,Scarrfo, sexysuzie,pigshead,crofalcon,WoE,TheHarvesterScout,figatomek,Bill Davis, NukeMeSlowly,JustinTime,Ill Advised,fobfob77 ,meh88,Ogie Oglethorpe, INEVITABLE-COLLAPSE,WillFerrellsBastard,Wa1martyr,Mullet Over ,Mr Rager, Oneirishman,michielsnip,HeyMaker69,EnglishDefenceLeague,Intelignet, Chitaiyah,MELLOWHYPE,Tama7866,kiska,Carguyinok,Brian Cooper,DJCool, BCAA,THR33SIXX3MPYR,GraveMatter-,SomeTosser ,br0t,gonehuntin, CatEatDog,Mr Ebk, -sloop-, Legend07_1973,Poosti Malaka ,john1054 , RogerTheShrubbe,ALah007,Chris6900,mostcallmeFLEX,RustRocket, flank99,nooneathome,toppo,cajunmojo,CrimsonTide,HeyMaker923, TEXAS HOLDEM123,Nazel_Hut,Blech,luisxbeltran,BIGLOUBRUNO,keepclosed ,J1989taylor,lucidx1,Zeb,nonconforme,itsallaboutyou,marinemp00,theonlyepi, SpeckFettGulag,spliffy1966,Deeki,tehkaffir,Stoner_Simpson,doood, Proud2b-American,MANontheMOON,AussieJane,VikingRapesCoed,tscipio, WingSP117,MANNY_THE_CREATOR,cswartz,Fire37Rescue,spartan112, kmmouse ,GINGERPUBES,ZANGADO,menderman,dinglbat,HeyMaker84, James-T-Kirk,Hazel_Nut,MAKMAK,2H2K,2DLISH2QUIT,illiath,ghastlyghost, laqueefa,jum_runky,Grace37,Potatoes,dcmfox ,Wyseguy67,bcober85,Jacob749 ,Travis1991,k-doe,SpIderZ,shark44,85cmorning,moonpie69,fuchajen,10fold, storm_seal,Demonsouls,WE ARE POWER,illegal_smile,maze79,Captain Canuck,anglosaxonwarlo,thecleaner001,daleastor,Ghost_of_CJ,Crazyhillybiily,Medic 51,SnAg,zrile29,Oneirishman ,justwantlife ,maze79,jdaniel173,Richiemc71 ,rtscool,english-patriot33 ,AlSet-AlOkin ,Jester14499 ,anglosaxonwarlord,JP SORGEN,KAPPE1980,aslanthelion,mrbluesky,mutterfudder,mutterfudder,E3F5L7,Jadehase73

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              • 'GAY IN AUSTRALIA' - Important message for the LGBT Community


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                My Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009787626085 Many of you may already know about the recent gay discrimination bestowed by the Australian Prime Minister and his party, but some of you have been asking, 'Why would this carry on in such a modern country?' Not exactly a good example to set when many other governments in less advanced countries still find justification to penalise gay people politically or using barbaric methods. 70% of Aussie's believe that we deserve equal rights too, therefore, Mr Abbott perpetuates the dissension because of his own personal agenda. if you want to know more, please watch the film, and if you want to spread the anti-discrimination posts and petitions on y FB page, and send symbolic glitter to the coalition, please do friend me on the above link.

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                • Believe Out Loud - Silent Thoughts


                  from Kontent Films Added 1,288 11 4

                  Got Moms? David Munro directed this viral video for SF-based Underground Advertising to launch Believe Out Loud's A Million Christians for LGBT Equality campaign. To get the latest from our SF award-winning faction of indie commercial hyphenates: Facebook: http://facebook.com/kontentfilms Twitter: http://twitter.com/kontentfilms Instagram: http://instagram.com/kontentfilms Youtube: http://youtube.com/kontentfilms Flickr: http://flickr.com/kontentfilmssf Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/kontentfilms

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                  • Vanessa Williams – Close To You


                    from Concord Music Group Added 5,083 11 2

                    Internationally-renowned singer and actress Vanessa Williams released her thirteenth album and debut for Concord Records entitled THE REAL THING, on June 2nd, 2009. The collection marks a return to her love for the rhythms of jazz and Latin music, a key part of her musical roots. Check out the video for “Close To You” and visit her MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/vanessawilliamspage

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                    • The Juan MacLean - You Are My Destiny (=)


                      from dustin sussman Added 2,421 11 0

                      GAY IS OK = = = = DFA OWNS THIS

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