1. "Arc" Public Sculpture Visualization


    from Ivan Toth Depeña / Added

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    “Arc,” a new, permanent public art installation by artist Ivan Toth Depeña will be completely installed in March of 2015 at the Northeast Regional Library in Aventura, Florida. Commissioned by Miami-Dade Art in Public Places, with assistance from the City of Aventura, “Arc” uses geographically specific wind data to create a sculpture that reinterprets the natural force that destroyed the original library on the same site. The data (speed, time, and direction) was retrieved from NOAA for the duration of Hurricane Wilma's landfall in 2005. This data was used directly to generate the sculpture’s linear, three dimensional form. In addition, wind sensors (anemometers) will activate the lighting at night and give life to an otherwise invisible force of nature. I took the historical data about the very same force that destroyed the building and using it to generate a new sculptural form on the site. After visiting the site, I returned to the studio and began looking up data on Hurricane Wilma. After rigorous data collection, I took the wind speed, direction and duration (from lowest to highest on the date of Florida landfall and time of occurrence) and started to sketch the groundwork for the design of the final sculpture. I wanted to use the natural element of wind/air to generate a new 'life' on the site and turn the focus towards the more positive side of this process, which includes complete rejuvenation. Photography/Rendering: Ivan Toth Depeña/An Chen Commissioning Agency: Miami-Dade Art in Public Places Interns: An Chen, Erin Kelly Music: Sneakster - "Trust and Blush"

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    • afeto (2,3,1)


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      objetos audiovisuais generativos Descrição afeto(2.3.1) é um conjunto de três instalações de luz e som que tratam da relação entre pessoas de forma abstrata, apontando encontros e desencontros nas relações humanas. A obra é dividida em três objetos audiovisuais, cada um simbolizando um tipo de relação interpessoal. Fala da forma como pessoas se relacionam afetivamente e, ao mesmo tempo, influenciam no comportamento umas das outras. Neste sentido, o outro significado da palavra afeto surge para denotar o impacto de uma pessoa em relação àquelas que lhe são próximas. As partes da instalação sugerem três tipos de relação interpessoal: uma pessoa solitária; um casal; e a relação entre três ou mais pessoas. Através de objetos de luz e som, cada parte simboliza este sentimento relacional de forma específica. Em todas o conteúdo é gerado de forma procedural, ou seja, uma programação que vai sendo gerada em tempo real e controla o comportamento tanto da parte sonora quando visual, que vão se desdobrando com o tempo e nunca se repetem. Afeto(2) mostra a relação entre um casal. O que um diz é assimilado pelo outro na forma de frequências e cores. Há momentos harmoniosos, onde o que um diz é ouvido pelo seu par, que concorda e muda sua opinião; e outros onde discussões surgem e alteram completamente sua relação. Em Afeto(3) existem 3, e o relacionamento entre eles se torna mais complexo, alternando momentos de diálogo entre os 3 com a escolha de 2 personagens em ter uma relação mais íntima. Logo após, o trio volta a se comunicar e na próxima vez outra configuração afetiva pode se formar. Já em Afeto(1), o personagem solitário se limita a cantar seu lamento atráves do código: ...- --- -.-. . -- . --- ..- ...- . ..--.. (você me ouve?). Sua fala à vezes é lenta e melancólica; em outras furiosa e agressiva. Porém nada consegue alterar seu estado, pois ninguém ouve seus apelos e seu destino é a solidão. para mais informações, imagens e outros trabalhos: www.1mpar.com __________________________________ Affection ( 2.3.1 ) is a set of three installations of light and sound that deal with the relationship between people in a abstract and subtle way, pointing commitments and disagreements in human relations . The work is divided into three audiovisual objects, each one symbolizing a type of interpersonal relationship . Reflects on the way people relate affectively and at the same time influence the behavior of each other . In this sense , the other meaning of the word ‘affect’ appears to denote the impact of a person in relation to those close to him. The parts of the installation suggest three types of interpersonal relationship : a lonely person ; a couple; and the relationship between three or more people . Through light and sound objects, each part symbolizes this relational sense specifically. In all of them, the content is generated procedural form, ie, a behavior that is being generated in real time and controls both the sound when visual part, which will unfold over time and never repeat. Affection (2) shows the relationship between a couple. What one says is assimilated by the other in audio frequencies and colors. There are harmonious moments where what one says is heard by your partner who agrees and changes his opinion; and others where discussions arise and completely alter their relationship. In Affection (3) there are 3, and the relationship between them becomes more complex, alternating moments of dialogue between the three with the choice of two characters to have a more intimate relationship. Soon after, the trio returns to communicate and the next time another affective configuration can be formed. In Affection (1), the lone character is limited to sing his lament through the code: ...- --- -.-. . -. --- ..- ...-. ..-- .. (Do you hear me?). His speech at times is slow and melancholy; in other angry and aggressive. But nothing can change its state, for no one hears your calls and his fate is loneliness. More informations, photos, and other works: www.1mpar.com

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      • Motion Test: Animated Generative Flowers


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        A quick set of experimental animation tests in #processing

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        • Mirrored Constellations Test 01


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          Generative constellations based on chance encounters. Stars "connect" to each other as they get pulled into orbit; Connections fade as they grow distant. Coded in Processing.

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          • Laplacian Growth (process)


            from Matt Ebb / Added

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            A visualisation of the growth process behind two sculptural objects produced for the Art by Design 10 exhibition in Sydney. The pieces were designed with a directed generative technique mimicking coral growth, then 3d printed and cast in brass. More information: http://mattebb.com/weblog/laplacian-growth/ Available for purchase and on exhibition until Feb 23: Art By Design 10 Wedge Gallery, near Books Kinokuniya L2, The Galeries, 500 George St, Sydney.

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            • Ghost Nightmare (VI).


              from Spaghetti Coder / Added

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              Generative Art Animation.

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              • Leap Motion Hack 02 - DirectX 11


                from evvvvil / Added

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                Made in vvvv, HLSL and C# by Mangosh Prunier aka evvvvil. 100% audio-responsive real-time generative 3d graphics, no post-production, entirely controlled by leap motion. Features: Custom audio responsive extrude geometry shader, custom audio-responsive particle system with geometry instancing & particle rotation, dynamic animated cube maps, multi-pass rendering with correctly occluded glow, real-time text effects, 3 track audio analysis. How it works: Keytab gesture to start/pause extrusion, circle gesture to rewind. Red cubes react to DRUMS, extrusion reacts to BASS and blue circles react to NOISE. Music: exclusive track by SAGA (Lost Codes | Lit City Trax). SAGA Soundcloud: https://www.facebook.com/saga.saga.524 SAGA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/S-A-G-A/1442600102658715 SAGA Twitter: https://twitter.com/sagatracks evvvvil Twitter: https://twitter.com/evvvvil

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                • floraform - 5 point growth


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                  I rendered this animation last night of one of my favorite floraform pieces we’ve generated so far. It exhibits an odd, spiraling, 5-form symmetry as it grows. This radial symmetry is not present when the same piece is generated with 3, 4 or 6 growing zones. Our floraform system is an on going project that explores differential growth of surfaces and was inspired by research into the development of leaves and flowers. It is a thin shell simulation that models surfaces growing at variable rates. Complex, ruffled forms emerge from simple initial surfaces as they grow preferentially along their edges.

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                  • DEFFEKT // generative Installation // Processing - Kinect


                    from 2einhalb / Added

                    Testaufbau einer interaktiven Installation mit generativen Visuals. Beteiligte Personen: Simon Gallus Hannes Melzian Daniel Härle Musik von Score Squad DEFFEKT – digital visual artists www.deffekt.org ___________________________ test Setup of an interactive installation combined with some generative art. persons involved: Simon Gallus Hannes Melzian Daniel Härle music by Score Squad DEFFEKT – digital visual artists www.deffekt.org

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                    • Contemporary Self-Portrait #2


                      from Moritz Resl / Added

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                      Moritz Resl, 2015 — Project Website: http://www.resl.xyz/generative-self-portrait/ Throughout history the self-portrait has always been a constant in an artists’ body of work. Only recently has it been adapted, re- or misused by the public as the “selfie”. Former self-portraits have commonly been painted and drawn. Instead of the natural fade and decay of colours, this generative experiment aims to implement a non-analog way of alteration over time by visually exploring a commonly used lossy compression algorithm. A portrait is redundantly being compressed. During this process information gets lost. Compression might further be understood as a digital version of aging. Since the generative process is theoretically infinite, we get endless variations of the up to date static self-portrait. One might call it an aging or generative selfie. The videos below show different takes of the custom-built process. At the beginning, we look at a picture after every few compression steps and later on after every 500 compressions. Video one shows the result of 100 000 cumulative compressions applied to the same image, video two shows the process of 241 500 individual compressions with different variables. My take on a contemporary, generative self-portrait.

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