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    • Resume Reel - Professional Theme for FCPX - Pixel Film Studios


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      http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/theme-resume-reel Resume Reel is a professional theme from Pixel Film Studios designed to give users the control of a resume in 3d space. Resume Reel includes a comparative graph for showing off skill sets, a drop zone for a profile and additional text and information columns for resume details. Also included in Resume Reel is 2 lower thirds, 4 transitions, titling screens and more. Add some excitement to any resume with this intuitive 3d theme. Resume Reel is created exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro X. Build a 3d Resume Resume Reel gives the user all the tools needed for creating a professional looking resume video in a 3d space. Create skill graphs, about statements and information content using Resume Reel's advanced yet simple to use controls. Photos & Videos The drop zone in Resume Reel is compatible with both photos and videos of any kind. Make a more traditional resume using a profile photo or spice up any resume by adding video to the drop zone. It's as easy as dragging media into the timeline then selecting media to use in the drop zone and hitting the blue "apply" button. Clean & Efficient Resume Reel is a robust package, but it has a clean, efficient design made for ease of use to the average user. Checkboxes allow for intuitive and effective ways to turn off unwanted aspects of the scene and turn on others to help the user craft a clean and professional video resume. Customizable in Final Cut Pro X Choose from 4 environment shots including animation and without animation as a base for video editing. Customize colors, reflections, positions, and more using the parameters in the Inspector window. Design capability in Resume Reel is practically infinite.

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      • Chromachart - Professional Theme for FCPX - Pixel Film Studios


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        http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/theme-chromachart Chromachart is a clean and intuitive theme from Pixel Film Studios designed to be completely versatile by giving the user an endless variety of customization options and can be applied to nearly any type of video, business-related or otherwise. Included in this package is an animated environment shot, one with no animation, 4 transitions and much more. Users who create their professional video using Chromachart will not be disappointed. Chromachart is made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. Complete Versatility Chromachart is a theme with application for business, personal advertising, fashion and more use. It's easy to alter parameters using the Inspector window to change the style and positions giving the user an endless amount of variety. Color Controls Chromachart has all the controls the user could possibly need for adjusting the colors of Chromachart's assets. Change the base color of each individual drop zone section as well as the color of dividers and background elements using simple color wheel controls. Multiple Drop Zones There are 4 individual drop zone groups to take advantage of using Chromachart. All four drop zones can be rotated, repositioned in 3D space and turned off if not needed. Drop zone controls in Chromachart are extensive and give the user infinite design options. Customizable in FCPX All parameters in Chromachart are customizable within the Inspector window inside of Final Cut Pro X. Alter reflections, positions, rotations, background elements, colors and lengths with ease. Animation in the environment shot is keyframeless and saves editing time. Use Chromachart to increase editing efficiency across the board.

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        • Promo Zone - Professional Theme for FCPX - Pixel Film Studios


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          http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/theme-promo-zone Promo Zone is a professional theme from Pixel Film Studios created for use in Final Cut Pro X. 48 camera presets, title elements, 4 transitions and more are included in this package. Utilize Promo Zone to create a professional marketing video for clients, business partners, advertising, or personal use. Let Promo Zone's pre-made animations make any FCPX user's editing experience more efficient. Promo Zone is made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. Photos & Videos Promo Zone is compatible with both picture and video files. Just insert personal media into designated drop zones and click the blue "apply" button that pops up. Reposition and scale media to fit the drop zone and utilize the "Logo Key" title to add personal insignia to the scene. Intuitively Change Colors & Style Change the colors in Promo Zone with simple easy-to-use color wheels. Alter the color of the stripes, background, shadow and more using color wheels within the Inspector window. Adjust the style to achieve various, unique looks that best suit the video the user is attempting to create. Great for Advertising Promo Zone is perfect for graphical presentations, advertising, marketing, corporate and fashion videos. Promo Zone has endless versatility, but is especially fitting for promotional videos. Whether the user is advertising a product, creating an instructional video, or simply working on a personal project Promo Zone has all the tools necessary for a professional video. Customizable in FCPX Using Promo Zone gives the user editing efficiency without losing product quality. Utilize Promo Zone's self-animating generators to cut down on a great amount of work and add a unique style to each scene. Edit reflections, transitions, text screens, positions, camera angles and more all using Promo Zone.

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          • New Beginnings - Professional Theme for FCPX - Pixel Film Studios


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            http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/theme-new-beginning New Beginning is an elegant wedding theme from Pixel Film Studios that includes a generator, titling screens, transitions and more. Dynamic sweeps, booms, slides, and dollies give FCPX users the camera tools they need to intuitively create a professional video. Create post wedding videos, save the date style wedding invitations and more using this versatile theme. New Beginnings is made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. Photos & Videos Pixel Film Studios gives the user the tools to easily apply media into drop zones. Simple drag the generator into the FCOX timeline and click the blue "apply" button that appears on screen. Control the position and scale of the image or video using simple controls once the media has been applied. Pixie Overlay Take advantage of New Beginnings' elegant flare overlay with floating pixie dust designed specially for wedding videos. Control the intensity, position, size and much more of the flare overlay using the Inspector window and enjoy endless pixie dust animation with no key framing necessary. Just drop in the overlay and expand it to the end of your timeline for an infinite loop without animation stretching. Exciting Flare Transitions New Beginnings comes packed with 4 unique light flare transitions. Smoothly change shots using simple-to-use controls in this set that is perfect for soft, elegant scene transitions. Brighten up wedding videos in seconds using New Beginnings amazing transitions. Customizable in FCPX Select customizable generators, titles, or transitions and find the Inspector window in FCPX's top right corner. All published parameters are adjustable using sliders, pop down menus, checkboxes and color wheels. Edit colors, shadows, reflectivity and more using New Beginnings.

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            • North Pole - Professional Theme for FCPX - Pixel Film Studios


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              http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/theme-north-pole North Pole is a theme template featuring amazing on-screen controls, dynamic cameras, and a full 3D environment. Drop in personal media into up to 3 drop zones to create an incredible scene.. Using Pixel Film Studios themes is easy. Simply choose a camera angle using the intuitive drop-down menu and stylize the text within the scene. North Pole's auto-animation will do the rest! North Pole is a Final Cut Pro X exclusive. 48 Camera Presets The North Pole theme features 48 graceful camera presets that allow Final Cut pro X users to completely control the environment. Choose from slow moving dollys to dynamic sweeps using an intuitive drop-down menu that can be found in the inspector window. Pixel Film Studios makes it easy for users to create amazing productions. Intuitive Controls Control the style of this snowy environment using intuitive controls found in Final Cut Pro X. Manipulate the background gradient using simplistic color wheels and add personal media into up to three beautifully designed drop zones. Easily create an fun and stylish video for people of all ages with Pixel Film Studios customizable theme template. Drag & Drop Ease The North Pole theme is extremely easy to use. Simply drop an "Environment Shots' generator into the Final Cut Pro X timeline. Insert personal media into the drop zones and select a camera preset. The North Pole theme will automatically animate the scene without the hassle of key framing. Customizable in FCPX The North Pole theme is completely customizable in Final Cut Pro X. Light controls, camera options, and all other customizable parameters can be found in the inspector window. Utilize text/title screens, transitions, lower thirds, background generator, and environment shots to create a fun and festive video. Pixel Film Studios makes amazing easy in Final Cut Pro X.

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              • ProMessage Volume 2 - Dialogue Creation Tool Final Cut Pro X - Pixel Film Studios


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                http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/slug/plugin-promessage-2 ProMessage Volume 2 Text Messaging Effects for Final Cut Pro X ProMessage Volume 2 is a dialogue creation tool made exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro X. Choose from 30 self-animating styles ranging from generic boxed messages to rounded presets with blurring capabilities. Stylize the text and message style and allow ProMessage to do the rest. Using ProMessage is an absolute breeze. Drag, drop, and stylize. ProMessage Volume 2 is an FCPX exclusive plugin. Dialogue Creation Tool With ProMessage Volume 2, users can create an unlimited dialogue without the having to set a single keyframe. Using ProMessage is extremely easy. Select one of 30 minimalistic messaging styles and drag it into the FCPX timeline. After styilzing the bubble and text, drag another title and drag it above the first message. ProMessage will do the rest. Type In Functionality ProMessage Volume 2 presets allows users to animate text messages with type in functionality. Find the "Type In" checkbox under the "ANIMATION CONTROLS" category. Utliize ProMessage presets to create short or lengthy conversations between two or more parties with drag and drop ease. On-Screen Controls ProMessage Volume 2 features on-screen controls that allows users to intuitively scale and position presets. Additionally, users can freely adjust how far messages are shifted downwards. For larger messages, increase the shift amount and vice versa. ProMessage Volume 2 is the easiest way to create a limitless dialogue in Final Cut Pro X. 30 Customizable Presets Each ProMessaage preset contains unique customization options that can be found in the top-right inspector window. Using these parameter controls, users can manipulate the text message content, style, and more within Final Cut Pro X. Choose from generic message bubbles with rigid edges to background blurring presets.

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                • Air Theater - Professional Theme for FCPX - Pixel Film Studios


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                  http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/theme-air-theater Air Theater is a kid friendly theme from Pixel Film Studios designed as a fun template for all of your favorite photos and videos of your children. Air Theater works great as a template for family and friend related videos as well! Enjoy Air Theater's cartoon stylized airplane that brings the drop zone into view as it soars through the clouds. Showing off your media has never been so much fun! Also included in this package are 3 cloudy transitions, a vignette overlay, title and text screens, and more! Air Theater is made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. Designed for Kids Air Theater is a carefree cartoon theme designed with children in mind. Show off your kids favorite photos and videos in this playful sky world and your kids will love the colorful cartoon style. Air Theater is the perfect theme for your family. Cartoon Elements This theme comes packaged with a stylized airplane design and a looping set of clouds that zoom by as your drop zone comes into place. Air Theater gives you the option to turn off features that you do not want to use. Take the clouds, plane and more out of your scene and leave the drop zone by itself, or pick and choose what you wish to keep in the scene. Change the Mood Changing the mood from a bright and cheery day color palette to a dark and stormy color palette is only a few clicks away. Use intuitive color wheels to edit the background, text, airplane parts, string and also advanced color controls for the clouds that allow you to change the color of shadows and midtones as well. Customizable in FCPX Air Theater can be manipulated in Final Cut Pro X using the Inspector window. Edit drop zone reflectivity, colors, positions and much more using Air Theater's intuitive control rig. Customize the angle the plane flies into the scene at as well as the direction the scene moves through. Air Theater is fully equipped to satisfy your editing needs.

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                  • Precision - Professional Theme for FCPX - Pixel Film Studios


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                    http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/plugin/theme-precision Precision is a new marketing and presentation style theme perfect for businesses and web pages. Precision's 3D environment contains a drop zone as the main focus and several animating text boxes with their own graphic drop zones for logos and other small images. Explain your personal media, or product with these easy-to-use text boxes. Precision can enhance any subject with its intuitive design. Precision is made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. Perfect for Presentations Precision was made specially for graphic presentations and works well in any situation. Spice up your web page, add a little flair to your personal photos, or advertise your product with this theme. Precision's drop zones work with both photos and videos to make sure you have full customization at your disposal. Vignette Overlay Use this simple vignette overlay to instantly frame your video. Take advantage of the added depth this vignette overlay gives you with custom controls for size, darkness, blur and more. Precision's vignette overlay is light on your computer and easy to use. 3 Graphic Drop Zones Use the 3 text box drop zones to add logos and other graphic elements that complement your scene. Change the position of your graphic along the X axis or turn them off altogether. Precision makes sure you have all the customization you need. Customizable in FCPX Precision is fully editable in Final Cut Pro X. Move the text boxes anywhere, or turn them off. Change the colors using color wheels and edit reflectivity and blur. Precision gives you all the controls you'll need to personalize your video.

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                    • SDMO - How it's made


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                      Directed by The Brothers M Entertainment Produced by Wire Entertainment Director: Silviu Mustățea Director of photography: Bogdan Mustățea Producer: Ciprian Rotaru for Wire Entertainment Production Manager: Ștefan Blaer

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