1. The Epigenome at a Glance


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    An introductory look at the relationship between DNA, genes and the Epigenome.

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    • The Upgraded Self: Top 6 Biohacks to Upgrade Your Body and Mind


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      Dave Asprey's (BulletproofExecutive.com) Full-length presentation from BIL Conference 2011 in Long Beach (BIL is the Unconference equivalent of TED Conferences) Learn from a NY Times-published Silicon Valley entrepreneur/executive/angel who hacked his own biology to gain an unfair advantage in business and life. This presentation talks about real-world techniques I used to upgrade my brain by 12 IQ points, lose 100lbs, radically reduce sleep, and fit 40 years of Zen meditation into one very long week. This talk leverages years of nonprofit work with leading anti-aging physicians and researchers like Aubrey de Grey and Gary Taubes, along with extensive research (1300 references) completed for The Better Baby Book, my upcoming (Wiley & Sons) book about how to have a smarter baby by hacking your environment during pregnancy. I'll introduce the exposome, explain why it's bigger than your genome, and why it's infinitely easier to biohack at any age than your genome. We'll cover the top 5 things you can do to upgrade yourself, ranging from bio and neurofeedback to hacking mitochondrial function. I've helped hundreds of people upgrade their biology and their careers at the same time.

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        Máximo Sandín es Doctor en Ciencias de la Biología y profesor titular de Evolución Humana en la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Lleva 15 años investigando si realmente la Teoría Evolutiva vigente es realmente un fundamento teórico apto para desarrollar toda la Ciencia de la Biología y sus conclusiones no son especialmente favorables. Según Máximo, la Biología se encuentra actualmente en un estado realmente deplorable, textualmente, en una situación esquizofrénica. En esta entrevista podéis profundizar en su investigación y "desaprender" lo que nos enseñaron en la escuela sobre el distinguido Sr. Darwin. Para profundizar en el tema, podéis ver la entrevista que he realizado a dos estudiantes de Biología sobre el MANIFIESTO POR LA BIOLOGÍA DEL SIGLO XXI: http://timefortruth.es/general/entrevista-a-dos-estudiantes-de-biologia-manifiesto-por-una-biologia-del-s-xxi-2/ Para más información, el grupo de docentes La Otra Biología: http://otrabiologia.wordpress.com Libros interesantes sobre el tema: "Pensando la Evolución, Pensando la Vida" de Máximo Sandin: http://www.kreatibestore.com/Pensando-La-Evolucion-Pensando-La-Vida La Crisis Latente del Darwinismo, de Mauricio Abdalla: http://www.kreatibestore.com/la-crisis-latente-del-darwinismo Resumen de esta entrevista: http://timefortruth.es/videos/desmontando-a-darwin/ Y aquí tenéis un resumen de temas, por tiempos: La inconsistencia del Darwinismo (1'20") El viaje de Darwin a las Galápagos (8') El Darwinismo como apéndice científico de la Teoría del Libre Mercado de Adam Smith (11'40") La Teoría evolucionista de Darwin, qué dice realmente (16'15") La Eugenesia (24'30") El ADN y los genes (35'20") El gen egoísta / El ADN basura (39') La Biología en situación esquizofrénica (45'50") Somos virus y bacterias (49') La aparición de la vida en la tierra (1hr 01') La relación de la Evolución con las grandes catástrofes ambientales (1hr 05') El virus de la Gripe (1hr 08') El Tamiflu (1hr 13') El origen del SIDA (1hr 15') El cancer (1hr 28') La Otra Biología (1hr 31') Teorías sobre el origen de la Vida (1hr 38') Acerca del mundo "conspiranoico" (1hr 40') Su experiencia como docente universitario (1hr 43') Otros biólogos disidentes (1hr 49') Acerca del debate Darwinismo/Creacionismo (1hr 51") EVOLUCION UNA BELLA HISTORIA (Conferencia de Máximo Sandin en la Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche el 26/11/10: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sb1WA9OEdAI Alish www.TimeForTruth.es

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        • 'Grow Your Own' - from the Policing Genes Project


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          Policing Genes Pharmaceutical companies are experimenting with pharming – genetically engineering plants to produce useful and valuable drugs. Currently undergoing field trials are tomato plants that produce a vaccine for Alzheimer’s disease and potatoes that immunise against hepatitis B. Many more plant-made-pharmaceuticals are being developed in laboratories around the world. However, the techniques employed to insert genes into plants are within reach of the amateur…and the criminal. Policing Genes speculates that, like other technologies, genetic engineering will also find a use outside the law, with innocent-looking garden plants being modified to produce narcotics and unlicensed pharmaceuticals. The genetics of the plants in your garden or allotment could become a police matter… _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ This project was done as part of the EPSRC's IMPACT Project. It was inspired by research on pollen forensics at the Centre for Security and Crime Science at University College London.

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          • Genes - Advanced WW & Steep Creekin' White Water Kayaking Instructional


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            Gene17kayaking's Award winning Steep Creekin' Instructional DVD, aimed at the Class IV paddler who wishes to go steeper, higher and harder! Key techniques are covered comprehensively and developed into whitewater skills & understanding with bulletin text presents clear instructions set to mellow music. The core skills such as boofin, running slides & melting big drops are covered Running through the central theme is the requirement to look at the water in a different way, that distinguishes the intermediate from the advanced paddler. All in all, the full resource for an advanced & those paddlers whom wish to develop new school skills, filmed at the best kayaking destinations in Europe

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            • Who Owns You? - A Documentary - Trailer


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              Over the last 20 years, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has been issuing patents to universities and private companies on raw human genes. One company or university is given a legal monopoly over a molecule that is inside every human being and many other animals. This documentary explores the legal, ethical, and clinical ramifications of human gene patenting. If you can, please donate to the film at our Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1305236092/your-genes-have-been-patented-a-feature-documentar www.whoownsyoufilm.com Taylor Roesch www.taylorroesch.com David Koepsell www.davidkoepsell.com Music by: Carter Mahnke

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              • Video Institucional - INMEGEN


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                El INMEGEN, undécimo Instituto Nacional de Salud, como parte de su vocación innovadora en ciencia y tecnología incluye el establecimiento de alianzas estratégicas para la transformación del cuidado de la salud en México y América Latina. El desarrollo de la medicina genómica permitirá una práctica médica más individualizada, más predictiva, más preventiva y más participativa.

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                • Jim Theatrical Trailer


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                  Trailer for the upcoming feature film 'Jim' by Jeremy Morris-Burke and Tinmouth Films

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                  • Simulated Evolution of a Simple Car Using a Genetic Algorithm


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                    This is a showcase of a flash app that can be found here: http://www.wreck.devisland.net/ga/ The creator of this app is apparently MIA. If you know how to get in touch with him/her please let me know. The app evolves a car using a genetic algorithm. The initial conditions are randomly generated, and the parameters evolve, breed and mutate into a very fit "ideal" car that is best suited for the given environment. ----------------------- Check out my website. Free Online Homework Help Math and Physics http://www.AlexPleaseHelp.com

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                    • How to Generate a Report for your Genetic Raw Data, Download a PDF and Print Your Report. V2 Movie (Enhanced)


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                      This Video will show you how to: ~ Generate a Report for your 23andMe, FTDNA and Ancestry.com Raw Data, ~ Download a PDF of your Gene Report and Print Your Gene Report. Get Started at: https://livewello.com/snps Questions? https://https://livewello.com/support How to use the Livewello App: To use the Gene App, make sure your Raw Data results are ready. Then, go to: https://livewello.com/snps and click: "Start Using the App" 1) Download your Raw Data from 23andMe ( https://www.23andme.com/you/download/ ) Ancestry.com & FTDNA 2) Upload it into your Livewello Gene App at https://livewello.com/snps The raw data file you upload into the App should not be altered in any way. i.e. Do not edit the file name, file format or contents. If you choose to do a sync with 23andMe to generate your Variance report, then go to: https://livewello.com/snps/report & click on: "Start Using the App”. 1) Remember that the sync process requires 2 round-trips to 23andMe to fetch all the SNPs. 2) Make sure that during the process, you select the correct 23andMe profile and one that has Raw Data attached to it. Sample Standard 300 SNP Livewello Gene App Report: livewello.com/snps/share?for=martin.dawson.606 This sample only contains about 300 of the thousands of SNPs in your Raw Data. [ Remember as long as a Gene/SNP is in your Raw Data, and it has a minor Allele and an rsID, your Livewello Gene App will generate your Results for it. Livewello gives you the ability to generate your Gene Report with tens of thousands of SNPs and learn about the diseases and symptoms associated with your Genes.] Be sure to use these other free tools that come with your Livewello Gene App purchase: ~~ Gene Library: livewello.com/snps/library It stores Gene tables grouped according to Gene names and health conditions that Research Studies have associated with them. Use it to generate your own report. Examples of Library Entries: YASKO's NUTRIGENOMICS GENES: https://livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=786267&for=kems.86 PARKINSON’S DISEASE: https://livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=41870&for=demo LACTOSE INTOLERANCE: https://livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=257796&for=florence ~~ SNP Sandbox: Generates your own Gene reports on specific Genes/SNPs: livewello.com/snps/sandbox How-To Video: vimeo.com/103512972 E.G. MTHFR: livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=393575&for=demo ~~ Health Conditions Tool: Use it to generate your Reports on Genes that Research Studies have associated with specific health conditions: livewello.com/gwas E.G. CELIAC DISEASE: livewello.com/snps/library?action=preview&index=417820&for=demo How-ToVideo: vimeo.com/96957497 ~ Tips on using this App: http://bit.ly/1jnlf4X ~FAQ: https://livewello.com/support ~If you happen to have any further questions about using this feature don’t hesitate to email us at support@livewello.com. We work hard to respond to emails within an hour of receipt. Link to this Video Tutorial on how to use the App: https://vimeo.com/97313986 Music: 帰路2 by yoko komatsu

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