1. Global warming and its bad effects on human being and earh


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    Global warming have increase allot nowadays and which result imbalance in earth earth and so many bad effects on human being and animals.

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    • 50 miles of mine debris in southern Arizona


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      This is a seven-minute video with a brief introduction by Moshe followed by 50 miles of mine debris in southern Arizona made from 395 pictures. Please go to Save the Planet at All Costs http://rabidrebbe.com a daily news website dedicated to environmental and social issues.

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      • Canadian Senators Begone


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        The Senate is the annoying house guest we just can’t get rid of How do you solve a problem like the Senate? The Red Chamber is like an annoying great-uncle who has overstayed his welcome. He spends our money at the local pub, when he is supposed to help mow the lawn. The kids are sick of him taking over their bedroom, but to kick him out, we’d have to negotiate with our siblings about who gets him next. He’s family, part of our history, what would mom and dad say? So nothing gets done, while Great-Uncle Red cracks open another cold one on the patio. Enough, already. Enough of putting up with bad behaviour for which no one is accountable. Enough of throwing $21 million of good money after $1 million of bad. Enough of the scandals, audits, investigations and prosecutions. There is a tipping point, and its time is now. It’s true that the Senate is part of the Canadian tradition. Lots of things were, including denying women the vote and having two territories instead of three. But times change and traditions change with them. Canada’s Constitution is a living tree and there is no reason that the institutions charged with defending it shouldn’t be as well. And while there is value in having a bicameral legislature, if half of it is seen as a vestigial organ instead of an essential one, at some point amputation becomes necessary. http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/tasha-kheiriddin-the-senate-is-the-annoying-house-guest-we-just-cant-get-rid-of Supreme Court rejects Harper government proposals for Senate reform Ottawa cannot act alone to reform the Senate, limit terms or appoint only elected senators, and must have the consent of seven provinces with half the country’s population, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Friday. Prime Minister Stephen Harper shut the door Friday on a career pledge to reform the Senate after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled he needs substantial provincial consent to introduce elections or term limits to the upper chamber and unanimous consent to do away with it altogether. In response, the Conservative government said it is dropping Senate reform and ruled out a referendum to build public support to bring reluctant premiers onside as one of its own cabinet ministers, Maxime Bernier, and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair — who both advocate abolition — publicly urged Friday. The prime minister said he was “personally disappointed” in a ruling he says left the country “essentially stuck” with an scandal-plagued unelected Senate supported by “virtually no Canadian.” http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/04/25/supreme_court_rejects_harper_government_proposals_for_easy_senate_reform.html ‘Judicial activism’ Has the Supreme Court gone too far? In the wake of landmark decisions on assisted suicide and the right to strike (among others), there appears to be a new renaissance for decrying the “judicial activism” of the Supreme Court of Canada. Andrew Coyne accuses the Court of ignoring precedent, rewriting the constitution and basically lacking “any rational basis” for its decisions. Conrad Black is equally critical. Stockwell Day accuses the Court of writing law, rather than merely applying existing law. Gordon Gibson arguably goes even farther, calling the Court “the greatest threat to our democracy,” and accusing it of “making” rather than merely “interpreting” the law. And Brian Lee Crowley complains of the “unaccountable” and virtually unlimited control judges have over the meaning of the Charter, allowing them to trump legislation and introduce uncertainty into the law. In the view of all of these critics, it is asserted that judges have abandoned the “appropriate” level of judicial restraint. http://www.macleans.ca/politics/what-were-talking-about-when-we-talk-about-judicial-activism/

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          In this video I produced for The Guardian, I met Erpur Snær Hansen, Director of Ecological Research at the South Iceland Nature Centre who has been investigating the puffin population of the Westman Islands since 2007. Hansen believes that, if surface sea temperatures remain at their current level or higher, the entire puffin population of south and west Iceland will disappear in the next ten to twenty years.

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          • Development - Areas for concern


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            Dr. Duncan Green looks into the future of global development, specifically the concern over whether the progress made during the 20th century will be reversed due to climate change, rising food prices and increasing inequality. Accompanying resources and the other video parts can be found here: http://geography.org.uk/resources/videocasts/development-areasforconcern/

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            • Qu'est ce que l'acidification des océans ?


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              Avez-vous déjà entendu parlé de l'acidification des océans ? Moins connu que le réchauffement climatique, elle a pourtant la même cause : l'augmentation constante de la quantité de CO2 dans l'atmosphère. C'est pour cette raison que certains s'en réfère comme "l'autre problème du CO2" ("the other CO2 problem"). Il s'agit pourtant d'un phénomène alarmant, qui remet en cause l'équilibre chimique des océans. En s'acidifiant à cause de la grande quantité de gaz carbonique que la société moderne émet (ce que l'on appelle les émissions anthropiques), les océans deviennent moins propices à certaines formes de vie, ce qui remet en cause toute la chaîne alimentaire. Parmi les espèces menacées, on retrouve notamment Limacine Hellicina, le héros de notre vidéo. Pour en savoir plus sur l'acidification : fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acidification_des_océans Pour une ressource en anglais, voir le site de la NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) / PMEL (Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory) : www.pmel.noaa.gov/co2/story/Ocean+Acidification Under The Pole Expeditions: www.underthepole.com Suivez l'actualité Under The Pole sur / You can follow the news from Under The Pole at: facebook.com/underthepole instagram.com/underthepole Vidéo montée sur Premiere Pro CS6, animation sur After Effects CS6.

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              • A la découverte du plancton !


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                Le plancton, ce sont l'ensemble des organismes vivants qui dérivent au gré des courants. Et il y en a beaucoup ! Le plancton représente 98% de la biomasse océanique, bien que les êtres vivants que le compose soient majoritairement microscopique. Comme sur terre, on y différencie les plantes (le phytoplancton, capable de photosynthèse) des animaux (le zooplancton, plus gros, qui se nourrit du phytoplancton). C'est ce que l'on appelle la production primaire, la base de la chaîne alimentaire océanique. Et ce n'est pas la la seule utilité du plancton ! Découvrez l'importance de ces petits êtres au cours de cette vidéo. Davantage d'infos sur : fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plancton Découvrez la série des Chroniques du Plancton, réalisée par Christian Sardet (CNRS) dans le cadre de l'expédition Tara Océans : www.planktonchronicles.org/fr Under The Pole expeditions : www.underthepole.com Suivez l'actualité Under The Pole sur / You can follow the news from Under The Pole at: facebook.com/underthepole instagram.com/underthepole Les plans de début de vidéo sont tourné avec une Canon C100 MkI et Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 retourné et monté sur rails de binoculaires pour la mise au point. Pour réaliser vous-même cette technique, voici un excellent tutoriel (en anglais) : http://digital-photography-school.com/reverse-lens-macro-close-up-photography-lesson-3/ Monté sur Premiere Pro CS6, animation sur After Effects CS6.

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                • Truth & Consequences Lottery


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                  "Truth & Consequences Lottery" is an Interactive Global Warming Game. This interactive environmental projection is a portrait that frames global warming perspectives in the process of shattering and rebuilding from cyclical vacillations in the real-to-reel. Our current world of instability reflects the destructive, fickle nature of weather that shatters gravitational trust as the reliance on stability rebuilds from particles of dust. The QR code was chosen as a near universal interaction device that allows people to collaborate with our media using mobile phones regardless of platform. People encounter a large (9’x16’) video projection displaying a variety of global warming weather conditions that threaten the global environment. The projection has embedded QR codes for people to use their smart phones and respond to a series of ethical questions posed about climate change and the associated environmental dilemmas we face today. Participants interact with our media by responding to questions based on the ethical, moral, and social perspectives embedded in the content of the video. Each time a new code is scanned, questions appear for people to choose one of the three options that best represents their viewpoints on climate change. Votes are aggregating daily in real time, computing tallies for review at a dedicated website. A performance at the venue can include live models or robotic mannequins wearing LED lighted costumes with QR codes on the fabric of their costumes. People can use their smart phones to scan the QR Codes and vote their viewpoints on climate change. Issues and options are: AIR, EARTH, WATER, and PLANTS & ANIMALS. An example is below: AIR 1. Many countries violate air pollution standards A. Each country should enforce existing regulations and fund new research that resolves how to reduce emissions B. Emissions are the price we must pay for freedom of travel and industrial development. C. Individuals should be responsible for overseeing and protecting their community by reporting violations.

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                  • The Planet Has a Fever


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                    "A picture is worth a thousand words." Using statistics and images, Ramez Naam brings the planet's fever into focus.

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                    • Imaginary Country ? – Racist Blacks Attack White Family


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                      Imaginary Country ? – Racist Blacks Attack White Family Pierre Karl Peladeau: Canada Is An ‘Imaginary Country’ Imagination is overflowing in Quebec City these days. A day after Premier Philippe Couillard attacked the sovereignty option being proposed by Pierre Karl Peladeau as an imaginary solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, the new Parti Quebecois leader fired back. “Listen, I think the imaginary country that the premier is talking about: it’s Canada,” Peladeau told reporters in Quebec City. He noted that Canada unilaterally repatriated the Constitution in 1982 without Quebec’s approval. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/05/20/pq-leader-pierre-karl-pel_n_7347118.html Racist bullying plagues Calgary family in mostly-black housing complex A Calgary mother says she and her kids have become victims of racist attacks from other children in their southwest housing complex, where most of the residents are black. Blair France says her family has been taunted and pushed around for ‘being white.’ “They call me white trash and a marshmallow. They say I don’t belong here because I’m white,” said France’s 12-year-old daughter Deborah France. Local children even come on to France’s front lawn at the Shaganappi Village complex, swearing at the family and pelting the house with rocks, she says. “I’ve called the police numerous times.” “I’m in fear for my life. I sleep on my couch at night because I’m afraid that someone is going to break into our house,” said France. She says the taunting is taking a toll on her kids. “My children’s grades have gone down. They’ve never been bullied before,” she said. The affordable housing complex is run by Calgary Housing, but France says officials have done nothing about the situation. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/racist-bullying-plagues-calgary-family-in-mostly-black-housing-complex-mother-says-1.3081784 Black on White Racist attacks U.K. Victims of racist attacks in Oldham: 62% White http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1316725/Police-fear-Asian-gangs-may-set-up-no-go-areas.html http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/1160552.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/1296007.stm Victims wounded in racist attacks: 83.3% White http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/6128466.stm Blacks are 5 times more likely to commit violence against the person. Blacks are 4 times ‘more likely’ to commit sexual offences. Blacks are 15 times ‘more likely’ to commit robbery. Blacks are over 6 times ‘more likely’ to commit fraud and forgery. Blacks are over twice as likely to commit criminal damage. Black are 5 times ‘more likely’ to commit drugs offences. http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/rds/pdfs2/s95racetables0001.xls%20Sheet Federal Statistics Show Blacks are 39 Times More Likely to Commit Violent Crime Against Whites Than Vice Versa The “New Century Foundation” studies Federal crime reports, and found significant differences in crime ratio between races, verified by the FBI’s NCVS, National Crime Victimization Survey, and The Department of Justice’s UCR, Uniform Crime Reports, FBI Communication’s Division, 304-625-4995. They state emphatically that the Judicial System is not biased against minorities. Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery. Blacks are three times more likely to use a hand gun, and twice more likely to use a knife. Hispanics commit three times more violent crimes than whites, but the statistics are nebulous because sometimes they are classified as white, so it could be far higher. The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic. Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery. Forty-five percent of black crime is against whites, 43 against other blacks, and 10 percent against Hispanic. http://www.dailystormer.com/federal-statistics-show-blacks-are-39-times-more-likely-to-commit-violent-crime-against-whites-than-vice-versa/

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