1. Theology Matter: What Does the Bible Say About... Salvation? Part Three


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    One of the most important parts of our Theology Matters series is the portion on salvation. In previous messages Pastor John has covered Justification: I have been saved, Sanctification: I am being saved and now he’s dealing with Glorification: I will be saved from. Philippians 3:20-21.

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    • Reasons for Loving the Church, Part 1 (Selected Scriptures) John MacArthur


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      http://www.gty.org/resources/sermons/80-340 Through the years of ministry here at Grace Church, there has always been an underlying attitude that has filled my heart and it is an attitude of love for the church. I love the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are many things the Lord has called me to do and given me opportunity to do that I have done that do not come close to the privilege of serving the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. I could live without lots of things. I am thankful for the opportunity to give leadership to schools, to write books, to write commentaries. I'm thankful for the opportunity to go places and if only to touch ever so lightly down and preach a little while and go away again, which I have done through the many, many years of ministry. But all of those things could be taken away from me and it would not touch me as to the true joy of my heart because my love is the church, the church of Jesus Christ. I love the church wherever I encounter it admittedly, whether I am fellowshiping with believers in Asia or Russia or wherever it is on the globe, whether in a primitive environment in the Andes Mountains, or a very sophisticated environment in Europe or with a small group or a large group, with a church of one of our seminary graduates, or some great event involving many churches and many Christians, wherever I go, the fellowship which I enjoy with God's people who are His church is a tremendous joy to me. I love the church. But of all the church, I love this part of the church most. This group that God has assembled here through the years in this one place is the love of the church that exceeds all others. And that by virtue of the years and years of interaction and fellowship and mutual ministry and caring and living through all the experiences of life. All the rest of the things that I have done and do could be taken away from me and I would be left completely in tact if I were still here serving the church that I love. As I said on the day of the fortieth, there has never been an impulse in my heart to go anywhere else. This has never been a job for me. This has never been a place to serve. This is...this has been the church, the segment of the church that the Lord has given to me....

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      • Purify Yourself With Hope


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        This is a message preached by Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile at Howick Baptist Church on 18 August 2013, from 1 John 2:28-3:2, during Session 4 of the 2013 Stand for the Gospel Conference. For sermon notes, audio, and other resources, please visit: www.howickbaptist.org.nz/sermons, or leave a comment on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/howickbaptist).

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        • Romans 116b - Salvation, Not Justification


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          Salvation, Not Justification. Romans 10:1-4. September 26, 2013. Are we puppets being manipulated to bring about God's plan for history or can we freely make our own choices? Listen to this lesson to learn that God is powerful enough to allow us free will but is nevertheless always bringing about His plans. Follow along to see that in spite of a pause because of the nation Israel's spurning of the Messiah, God's plan for them is still on track. Listen to a quick assessment of what has been covered so far in Romans and learn the difference between salvation and justification with the emphasis on righteousness. www.deanbibleministries.org

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          • [FBC] Zechariah: Tranformation and Glorification, 2011.12.04


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            Pastor Dan Wolf starts a short series on the book of Zechariah, another of the minor prophets. Zechariah was both a priest /and/ a prophet about 500 BC, a contemporary of Haggai. He followed Ezekiel and Daniel. In his writing, he is like a mini Isaiah, and writes a lot about a pre-incarnate Christ. Like Haggai, he strove to try to help encourage the people to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. His writings also dealt with prophecy and the end times.

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            • Romans 117b - Righteousness and Life


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              Righteousness and Life. Romans 10:4-8. October 3, 2013. Are you willing to take your chances that your good deeds are enough to satisfy the perfect righteousness of God? For thousands of years many people have chosen this flawed belief rather than God's plan. Listen to this lesson to learn how Paul stresses that our salvation can never be dependent on what we do but on Christ's death. Learn what the role of the Mosaic Law was and what Paul means when he says, "Christ is the end of the law." Find out how after we are justified by faith in Christ, we receive the imputation of perfect righteousness and are free to learn to walk in obedience to God. www.deanbibleministries.org

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              • Jude 004b - The Christian's Sanctification and Eternal Security


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                The Christian's Sanctification and Eternal Security. Jude 1. January 17, 2012. www.deanbible.org

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                • Romans 065b - Spirituality, Sanctification, and Life!!!


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                  Spirituality, Sanctification, and Life!!! Romans 6:1 (overview). July 12, 2012. Phase II salvation is related to sanctification; learning to think and relate to one another. It takes time to rethink the baggage that comes from living in this world. May we conclude that the ethical, moral man is spiritual? Is the mandate to the Church to make it comfortable for everyone to fit in? What is the role of the Holy Spirit in spirituality? Contrasts and definitions of life, death, spiritual life and sanctification are clearly given in this lesson so that these terms are no longer a mystery in the Christian life. www.deanbible.org

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                  • Philippians 3:7-16 - Gain Chirst


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                    Paul want people to understand that how they value things and their beliefs drive their behavior. We always do what we want to at any given point of time. The "World" offers satisfaction that is temporary, but Christ offers satisfaction that is forever. Unfortunately many times we get so caught up in the details of day to day living that w just don't prioritize Christ or see knowing Christ as the greatest profit of our lives. We've got deadlines and commitments, problems, and priorities, distractions and obstacles. In looking at how you can follow Paul's exhortation to gain Christ as your highest profit Paul exhorts you to fervently hate fleshly profit (vv. 7-9). This will help you become more God dependent. Secondly Paul exhorts you to fervently love Gospel Godliness (vv. 9-12). Gospel godliness involves more than forgiveness of sin, but also our growth and progress toward Christ-likeness and glorification. This entales the increase of the Spirit-backed Word of God as it makes it way in the world. Finally, Paul encourages you to fervently train yourself in Godly Hope. since we are seized by Christ, we train you must train yourself toward perfection even though you will not possess it completely this side of heaven. You must for get the past - whether good or bad - and press on and fact the present with the Gospel hope.

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                    • Acts 077b - The Exaltation of the Servant


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                      The Exaltation of the Servant. Acts 8:26-40, Isaiah 52:13-15. August 7, 2012. From Isaiah 52 we have eliminated two of the possibilities in answer to the Ethiopian eunuch’s question, “of whom does the prophet speak,” which leaves us with the third possibility, the future Messiah. What group is looking back to report these things about Messiah? Look closely to determine the focus of these verses – suffering or exaltation? Compare and contrast the New King James translation with those of 20th century Jewish translations to see where they differ and the theology those differences affect. Understand the considerations in translating the word “sprinkle,” and the possibility of the influence of theology on translation instead of correct translation of the particular word on one’s theology. www.deanbibleministries.org

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