1. The Church of Scientology killed my son - part 2


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    Karen de la Carriere recounts how she found out her 27 year old was dead and his body was lying in the Los Angeles Morgue. A true Testament to the success of Scientology In, Alexander Jentzsch, a sencond generation scientologist was only permitted to see his fater 11 times in 15 years. His father is still imprisoned at the infamous "Gold Base" near Hemet. Google "Scientology SP Hole" for more info. This is the link for Part one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEwz_p... MORE ON GOLD BASE HERE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_Base Follow me on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/karendelac Follow me on Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/KarendlaCariere

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    • Knowledge Report: The Gold Tone


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      Scientology tries to stop critics from protesting at the corporation's desert compound near Hemet, California.

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      • Protest at Gold Base in Gilman Hot Springs, March 12, 2011


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        Protest at Gold Base in Gilman Hot Springs, March 12, 2011 This protest was in honor of the late Ida Camburn, whose son was sucked into the cult, and the 100th anniversary of L. Ron Hubbard's birthday. The cult brought out all the stops. Sprinkler tech, speaker tech, goons. It was great. The annoying sound you hear in the video has not been altered or edited...that is what the protesters heard for most of the protest.

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        • Jeff Stone Cult Flunky for State Senate


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          Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone who originated Ordinance 884 in Riverside County California at the behest of the cult of Scientology for the sole purpose of thwarting the people's constitutional right to peacefully protest an organization well known for its abuse of the law and hide under the guise of religion. He is now going to try to run for California State senate where he will be able to do the bidding of his master David Miscavige in order to protect the cult of Scientology so that it can continue its criminal ways unabated. For more info goto xenu.net RWT 2009

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          • Speech, Censorship & The Law - Regarding Scientology


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            Another project of mine with Scientology as the subject. This project has to do with the recent Riverside County Board meetings regarding Ordinance 884: Targeted picketing in a residence. The ordinance was drafted by a Scientology attorney and the RivCo Board of Supervisors to limit free speech outside of Scientology's International compound, also known as Golden Era Production Studios, "IntBase", or "Gold Base" The content on this video was selected, and honestly I could have used so much more footage, but based on the project, I wanted to keep it short. Even after finishing this, there were still more meetings that took place (and at the time of typing this, there are even more going on) to appeal the ordinance. It seems to be getting spicier, so let this video be the tip of the iceberg. Credits in video go to marklowell99. Other footage by me. Board meeting footage is available for free to the public.

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            • Miscellaneous Cultistry


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              Various goings on fighting Scientology in Socal Jan-March. Featuring your favorite "Golden Girls" Muriel Dufresne and Catherine Fraser. Plus there is cult cutie Tommy Davis their spokesman and check out his high performance custom BMW sedan! Plus there's recent Anon goings on and your old favorites Mrs. Burpee and Patty. Good old Patty where has she been?

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              • Pansy Bashing! Not the Angry Gay Pope!!?


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                The police in Hemet act manic depressive. Either they are swarming with five cop cars around three middle aged protesters or they don't come at all. The Angry Gay Pope takes matters into his own hands the only way he knows how, Pansy Bashing! ========================= From Ex-Cultist Chuck Beattie: The guy who comes out to banter with you at the beginning of the video is Kevin Caetano, long time security guard, married to Kirsten Caetano, who you filmed early on in one of your old original HGB Maxim magazine protest you did last summer was it, at the HGB in LA remember, the lady who you followed walking into the Ivar entrance, and you bantered intelligently and wittily with, on one of your first videos! You have a knack of hitting the jackpot when it comes to tripping over Scientology's top of the line external facing "handlers." On Kirsten and Kevin, it is amazing and interesting how some upper ranks Sea Org elite staffer couples, like Kevin and Kirsten, stay together, even though other couples fall apart. I think there is an agreed upon exception, that OSA Int staff (Kirsten is the Intell Covert Ops flap handler international for Scientology, based in LA though), and Kevin is Gold org staff, at Hemet, they normally would have been encouraged to divorce, since normally working at different echelons is grounds for encouraging the staff couples to divorce, but OSA Int staff married to Gold staff, at least this relationship, between Kirsten and Kevin, is allowed. Ask him if he and Kirsten "have a 2D room at the base or in LA?" It would be interesting to know where their little home is. Scientology upper ranks marriages are very unique. Their marriage has lasted, and it's interesting, both Kevin and Kirsten are both external facing staffers, having to face guys like you guys, the dreaded "SPs"! Sheesh. You hit the jackpot, you have a knack for it. Kirsten is a real talkative smoothie, she just smoothly dominated all my conversations, when I was being "handled" by her, during my routing out transition out of the Sea Org when she was assigned to my "case", Dec 2002 until I left the Sea Org in late March 2003. Kirsten used to be my second wife's boss, my second wife was the "Invest Files In Charge OSA Int". Long range marriages of top ranked Sea Org members are the exception, and Kevin and Kirsten I believe have managed to be an exception. good for them, really, despite all the Hubbard crap.

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                • Riverside County, March 3, 2009 Ordinance 884, Addendum


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                  Additional remarks after final adoption of Ordinance 884 at the March 3, 2009 meeting of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. To locate the source of this segment, find "3/3/2009", duration 2 hr 38 min, on http://bosvideo.co.riverside.ca.us/ppportal/agenda/webcast.aspx Select segment 21 (Oral communications from the audience on matters not on the Board's agenda), offset 2 hr 27 min - end. Warning: Sound is available on only one stereo channel in the source video.

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                  • Riverside County, March 3, 2009 Ordinance 884, Final Adoption


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                    At the March 3, 2009 meeting of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, Ordinance 884 "regulating targeted residential protests" was debated and adopted by a 4-1 vote. Supervisors Stone, Tavaglione, Wilson, and Ashley voted in favor, Supervisor Buster dissented. To view the full debate among the Supervisors, find "3/3/2009", duration 2 hr 38 min, on http://bosvideo.co.riverside.ca.us/ppportal/agenda/webcast.aspx Select segment 14 (Agenda item 3.6) Warning: Sound is available on only one stereo channel in the source video.

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                    • Mark Bunker (Wise Beard Man) Arrested at Gold Base for Tresspassing


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                      UPDATE: The DA has dropped all charges in this case from lack of evidence but the cult got great photos of them being arrested. The second half of an absurd video in which the police fish around for reasons to arrest people until they semi-randomly arrest Mark Bunker aka Wise Beard Man. AKA Emmy award winning long time Scientology protester who has tangled with them legally before. It opens with a fantastic dolly shot going behind mark bunker. We clearly see he is not on their property. Then Catherine Fraser extends her mighty hand and points to her next victim. 1. he's not on their property 2. There is no traffic trying to come in 3. He is standing next to the police cars that are blocking the way anyhow The man who stepped into the driveway to take photos of Mark Bunker's arrest, was Kenny Seybold, one of the man-handlers of anonOrange.

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