1. Berserk Redux - Chapter 1: The Band of the Hawk


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    This fanedit combines the 1997 Berserk TV series and 2012 Berserk: Golden Age film trilogy, and focuses on restoring both character development and much of the plot that the Berserk trilogy omitted while maintaining an exciting cinematic pace that the anime lacked. This film is the first of four chapters. Berserk Redux - Chapter 2: The Hundred Year War https://vimeo.com/79562848 Berserk Redux - Chapter 3: Sparks and Dreams https://vimeo.com/90216306 Berserk Redux - Chapter 4: Rise of the Hawk https://vimeo.com/90751558 Notable changes include: -Color correction to match the animation styles of the two formats -Hundreds of minor cuts to make conversation flow more naturally -Removal of most voice over and redundant dialogue throughout -Removal of many background characters commentary (Not all) -Restoring the "In this world" opening line by Void -Opening credits have been altered -Restoring Corkus's debate on whether to attack Guts on the road -Multiple minor edits during Corkus, Casca and Griffith's initial attack on Guts -Removal of super human jump by Griffith -Restoring minor reactions after Guts is beaten a second time by Grifith -Restoring Guts reflecting on his loss in a tent and Casca warding off an ambush by Corkus -Restoring Guts first battle with the Hawks -Restoring Guts childhood flashbacks -Restoring Griffith's philosophical discussion with Guts about destiny after the battle -Restoring the after battle party -Restoring the morning discussion with Judeau and the water fight with Griffith -Restoring the Beherit being introduced after the water fight. Includes Fortune teller flashback -Removal of the trilogy's "I will have my own kingdom" scene -Extention of the fight with Zodd to be more intense and faithful (Guts beaten worse, Zodd's arm severed) -Restoring Minister Foss and nobles confronting Guts in castle corridor after Zodd -Restoring Guts visiting injured Griffith at chapel and getting punched by Casca -Removing Griffith showing Guts the Beherit on the stairs and Guts almost falling off railing. -Restored Guts musing on the roof with his sword -Restored Foss and Julius's plotting. Shortened significantly so that Julius doesn't come off so thick headed. -Shortened the Fall Hunt scene so that Charlotte doesn't wail at the end -Shortened Julius's death scene so he doesn't stagger like a zombie -Extended Gut's escape from Julius's keep to be more intense. -Restored Gut's escape into the sewers after leaping over the wall. -Some subtle edits in the 'dreams' speech. -UPDATE: Green line removed on border -UPDATE: Higher resolution on '97 anime which removes interlacing -UPDATE: New opening credits -UPDATE: New color correction -UPDATE: Various sound issues fixed Changes not made: -Aspect ratio for both media sources remain true their original format (This cannot be fixed without massive picture cropping) -Opening castle seige remains (Sets up a world at war, is an exciting opening, and does a great job of introducing Guts) -Guts wears a mask during assassination of Julius (a reasonable change and the trilogy's version of the scene is more cinematic) CONTINUITY NOTE: Due to merging two different sources of the same story, there are certain inevitable continuity errors. This edit focuses on character, story, and pacing over the continuity of wardrobe, art style, or minor details. These continuity errors are known and remain by choice. Disclaimer: THIS IS A FAN EDIT AND IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO WARNER BROTHERS, STUDIO 4ºC, VIZ MEDIA, VAP, AND MEDIA BLASTERS. The faneditor does not endorse piracy and owns a commercially available version of all source media. Viewers should own a commercially available version of the film or television show prior to seeking out and viewing a fanedit. The faneditor does not endorse piracy and owns a commercially available version of all source media. Viewers should own a commercially available version of the film or television show prior to seeking out and viewing a fanedit.

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    • Numerologie im neuen Zeitalter


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      Erika Berthold beschäftigt sich seit vielen Jahren mit dem Geheimnis und der Bedeutung unseres Zahlensystems. Es ist ihr schon lange ein Rätsel, warum wir in einem dekadischen Zahlensystem rechnen. Seither forschte sie an der Bedeutung der Zahl 12. Die geistige Welt führte sie in den letzten Jahren mehrmals an Heilige Stätten in Griechenland. In Delphi erhielt sie den geistigen Auftrag, die wichtige Bedeutung des 12er Zahlensystems zu entschlüsseln und weiterzugeben. Dies sah sie als ein besonders wertvolles Zeichen. Über Lemuria und alte Geheimlehren sowie neue Erkenntnisse hat Erika die Bedeutung des 12er Systems jetzt entschlüsselt und geht i in diesem Video darauf ein. Das Zehnersystem hat uns in unserem spirituellen Wachstum begrenzt, im Jahre 2012 werden wir wieder beginnen, mit der Energie der 12 zu schwingen. Ein spannendes Thema! Eine Webstream-Produktion des Internet-Kanals THE GOLDEN AGE. Dauer des Videos: 1:13 h. http://www.fairfolkwisdom.at/ http://www.livestream.com/2012truth

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      • Golden Age Workshop - Q&A session


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        An informal question and answer session from our "Golden Age Workshop: Inner and Outer Changes for the Sat Yuga to Come". Sixty minutes of thought provoking (and often humorous) discussion based on questions from our workshop participants.

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        • Visions of Earth's Changes


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          Important Message by MIRIAM DELICADO (B.C., Canada) on the current and future events taking place on this planet and how you can prepare yourself to do the right thing at the right moment in the right place! It is 65 minutes worth watching if you have concern about your life and the future of the Earth. Recorded live on the channel "The Golden Age" on Sunday March 20, 2011 which brings you weekly interviews with inspiring people from around the world, usually every Friday at 8 pm GMT on: http://www.livestream.com/2012truth More info on Miriam Delicado on her website: http://www.bluestarprophecy.com/

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          • Art Light Transmission


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            This is an exclusive "Holographic Mandalic Art Light Transmission" Christina Fisher Oma Ola Oma from Hawaii. It was first given as a live broadcast on April 29th 2011 on the Channel THE GOLDEN AGE and is now available to the public. Tune into it and get the vibrations of a new time. www.livestream.com/2012truth www.goldenheartalchemy.com Length: 59:44 min

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            • Naïma: Divine Guidance


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              Live-Broadcast of Naïma with host Shelley Sage Heart on The Golden Age Channel. They discuss the recent Earth Quakes in the world, the Earths Transformation, the expansion and contraction cycles of the 9th Wave of the Mayan Calender, the emerging Divine Feminine, and moving into the Golden Age. Born and Raised in Haiti, Naïma brings a perspective that resonates with the emerging crystalline consciousness of the emerging New Earth. Join Naïma sharing her wisdom, and telling us the exciting story of her adventures in Chile at the time of the 2010 Earth Quake, and her return to her native land Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic) just after the Big Earth quake that devastated Haiti in January 2010. In light of the recent earth quake in Japan, her story is uniquely relevant to us as we more deeply begin to understand the process humanity and the planet is in right now. Her story also brings insight to the great potential available to each one of us as we are being asked to “Return to Center” in the midst of all these great Planetary Changes. Live interviews per webcam every Friday at 3 pm EST / 8 pm GMT / 9 pm CET on THE GOLDEN AGE channel: http://www.livestream.com/2012truth

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              • Sal Rachele on 2012 - 2030


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                What is happening after 2012? This is in my opinion the best current outlook of what we might expect for the years of 2012 to 2030 when the consciousness of Mother Earth and its inhabitants is shifting from the present 3D to the 4th and 5th dimension which is also called the Golden Age. Today, October 1st 2011 author, teacher and healer SAL RACHELE is releasing his newest book entitled "Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2012 - 2030" covering the subject of this broadcast in more details. Recorded by webcam with a live channeling. Length: 59:24 min. www.salrachele.com www.livestream.com/2012truth

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                • Truth & Nothingness with Magick


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                  Greg Magick Bernstein, currently living in Hawaii, shares his visions on inner guidance, truth and nothingness on the Golden Age Channel on August 5th, 2011. See also his sound meditation "Golden Age Sound" here: http://www.vimeo.com/27365748. For well over a decade, Magick has studied with Kahuna’s in Hawaii, Shaman’s on Turtle Island and Western Masters. Magick’s unique approach is to create a space in which connection to the spirit world and your higher self is exponentially amplified. Magick helps blur the line between the physical and spiritual. www.sacredvoyages.com/​ livestream.com/​2012truth

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                  • Be Love Now with Christina Fisher


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                    Christina Fisher from Hawaii introduces practical and visionary tools for navigating through the shift we are currently experiencing. The one hour long broadcast includes a Light Transmission, Mantra Meditations, and demonstrates how to apply visionary practices for activation and grounding.

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                    • Matrix-Klangcodes mit Ingrid Keminer


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                      Der gesamte Kosmos mit all seinen Universen und Galaxien ist als ein riesengroßer Klangkörper zu verstehen. Auch die Erde, die als Planet ihren Platz innerhalb des Kosmos einnimmt, ist ein Klangkörper. Folglich kann der Mensch, der in seiner physischen Existenz wiederum Teil der Erde ist, ebenfalls als ein schwingender Klangkörper betrachtet werden. Deshalb gilt: Schwingt der Mensch als Einzelner dissonant, hat dies unmittelbare Auswirkungen auf das Ganze. Schwingen eine Familie, ein System, Teile der Gesellschaft oder die Gesellschaft insgesamt dissonant, so hat dies ebenfalls Auswirkungen auf das Ganze. Darf sich jedoch der Mensch in seinen ursprünglichen Zustand „rück-schwingen“, erfährt gleichzeitig auch das übergeordnete System Harmonisierung und damit Heilung. Mikrokosmos und Makrokosmos singen ihr Lied wieder im Gleichklang des heiligen Ur-Tons. Matrix-Klangcodes sind Tonabfolgen, die eine immense Kraft und damit eine Informationscodierung auf die Seelenmatrix und die Zellintelligenz des Menschen ausüben. In einem Beitrag des Internet-Senders THE GOLDEN AGE beantwortet Ingrid Fragen zu diesem spannenden und zeitgemässen Thema. Länge: 55 min. http://www.galacticnetwork.com http://www.livestream.com/2012truth

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