1. Aberdeen - Sea Level Rise


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    • Abu Dhabi - Sea Level Rise


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      • 23 ADB and the International Negotiations on Climate Change


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        This video elucidates international negotiations on climate change. It describes how countries, both developed and developing, have responded to the to the establishment in 1992 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The objective of the treaty was to stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.

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        • Advocates Map Outlook for Boston Climate Change


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          Ken Ward of the Metro Boston Climate Defense and Chandra Richardson of MassUniting discuss the possible scenarios for climate change in Boston by mid-century, and how this would look on a public transit route map. Interview on BNN News. Aired May 7, 2012.

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          • Altamira - Belo Monte Dam


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            In 1989 the World Bank pulled out of a plan to build a series of huge hydroelectric dams on the Xingu River in the centre of Brazil. The dams were judged a potential social and environmental catastrophe, highlighted by the largest combined demonstration by the indigenous tribal people of the area ever staged. In 2008, the dams were back on the agenda, and the Indians came together again to fight the new proposal. The Belo Monte dam would be the third largest in the world. As much earth moving would be required to build it as was needed to build the Panama Canal. Yet the Brazilian government has been trying to railroad the scheme through on a very tight timescale, riding roughshod over the tatters of Brazilian environmental legislation and ignoring the requirements of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which Brazil had voted to endorse less than a year before. A development of this size, with the potential to reverse much of the progress Brazil has made in the last few years in reducing the rate of deforestation, should be fully discussed, with all its ramifications fully explored in order to reach a balanced and reasoned decision about its environmental, social and financial viability before deciding if it should be built or if it should be abandoned forever. This video includes footage from the demonstration and attempts to highlight the problems the scheme will bring to this so-far well preserved area of the Amazon. This is the same battle which is being supported by Avatar director James Cameron and actress Sigourney Weaver.

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            • Amazon Popular Top Videos 'Misogynistia' ( Shes A Bitch ) The Greenhouse_Effect_Songs ( Los Angeles ). Bmi Recordings


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              327,045 Views - Amazon Popular Top Videos 'Misogynistia' ( Shes A Bitch ) The Greenhouse_Effect_Music ( Los Angeles ). Bmi Recordings. - youtu.be/vwpGvgYZCtQ - Los Angeles Internet Stars The Greenhouse Effect are Most known for Surfing Videos with Clay Marzo and Tom Curren but Did you know that G.e. has also coined their very own word that they hope will Soon be in Webster's Online Dictionary; "Misogynistia". As you all well know, this track Leads off the 1992 Epic Cd "The Rock Opera White Suburban Liars" which is Clark Hagins Masterpiece. The Redondo Beach Musician began his musical career some 30 Years ago Playing regular gigs at the Hermosa Saloon and thrilling audiences with his dramatic and dynamic Hard Pounding drumming,...and he Performed with Over 30 local bands ,..Long before becoming One of the Most watched musicians in Cyberspace; "People embed our videos because they go viral and we are really good and popular,..I donno" Says Haggins "I actually think we're kinda a sucky band ,..we aren't technically that good ,..but we do have a rare kind of talent ,...being super talented and being good are two different things entirely" Says Haggins for Rock City Promotions at Jango World Wide Radio; "G.e. is really where it's at,..when other bands saw G.e. get big at Youtube back in 2005 and 2006,..they wanted to learn how to get big like that too - We led the way ,..atleast on the web" Says Haggins. Hagins parted ways with Mega-Guitarist Phil keegan in 1990 but before they drifted apart, they recorded an epic track called "COKE SNORTING" where Phil Keegans Guitar Leads the way with technical Proficiency. "He is respected now on the web as one of the World's best..,,,and that's what he is" Says Haggins. 2009. Amazon Popular Top Videos 'Misogynistia' ( Shes A Bitch ) The Greenhouse_Effect_Music ( Los Angeles ). Bmi Recordings. "We were an amazing band ,..I grew up listening to really rare groups like the Nazz and the Pretty Things,...even Hawkwind ,...People know that I'm fucking weird" Says Haggins. Amazon Popular Top Videos 'Misogynistia' ( Shes A Bitch ) The Greenhouse_Effect_Music ( Los Angeles ). Bmi Recordings. Amazon Popular Top Videos 'Misogynistia' ( Shes A Bitch ) The Greenhouse_Effect_Music ( Los Angeles ). Bmi Recordings. 2010. G.e. has seen entire accounts at Youtube get deleted and Hagins has had to resort to start new ones But just as quickly as ever, 50,000 plus Views clips grow for "Brandy" as well as the mega popular "White Black Thang" and more; "It's hard work on here,..I don't have the money to compete with the major record labels ,..with G.e., it's all about that DIY Spirit ,..we grew big by the efforts of ourselves and no one else,..." Google Adwords ads seem to help propel Greenhouse-Effect-Music as well as sites at magnify.Net where millions of G.e. videos are watched daily.

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              • Amazon's Hottest Songs 2012 - 'Misogynistia' The Greenhouse Effect Rock the Return Of Grunge !! BMI MUSIC 2012.


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                435,024 Views - Mefeedia Videos 2012 - The Hottest Music on the internet Continues to come From Los Angeles Three piece Band Greenhouse Effect what with their "Don't Give a shit" Lyrics and Devil-May-Care Musical styles,....this trio Gets Your attention and Keeps it and Better than any other band online in 2012. Is the Secret all of the Surfing Videos - So carefully edited By Clark Haggins - or is it just flat out great songwriting and videos of Live performances that hit the Net as far back as 1998 through 2001. "Mysogynistia" is a Song from August of 1992 - Nearly 20 years ago - but it sounds fresh on the web as if it was recorded in our modern era; "There's too many lame bands that fucking suck shit now" Says Clark Haggins "People are drawn to watch me and my band ,..they have to watch our shit,...because Music sucks now,..Maroon Five and Coldplay are fucking weak - they're not even as good as Fucking Nickelback or Bieber - Music sucks now,...People are naturally drawn to an older classic rock sound like the Who and Zeppelin and the Beatles and my band sounds Like those !! ,...there's too much Rap music and bullshit today ,...Good old fashioned melody - Like an old Harry Nilsson Song arrangement is missing now,..but People will find that in G.e. " Greenhouse Effect uses a careful and creative blend of internet Search Engine Advertising ( Like Google Adwords and Tons of it ) and internet radios ( Jango, Pandora, Last.FM-Powerplay ). Haggins also knows how to use his many Facebook Accounts to full advantage; "Our music is today - we aren't really an old sound,...We just have a good sound" " Says Haggins for Rock City Boston Entertainment; "Classic rock will never die,...People will always like old Bowie Records, Captain Beyond,..and the Pretty things,....THE KINKS ARTHUR !." // "Misogynistia" was written in the South Bay ( Redondo Beach California ) when Hagins was 27 and it is about no particular person or girl. The Outrageois Sily and in-your-face lyrics are marked as "Only Could be from Hagins" right along with other South Bay Mega-Rock Classics from the band; "Ben is Dead", Star, and "A White Black Thang" ( also from 1992 and 1991 ). Haggins is outspoken and his blogs are as controversial as the internet gets !! This guy gets the attention of Millions - and he keeps it - and Better than Ted Nugent !! Does ! "Just Like Perez Hilton,..I fucking hate women ,..(Laughs)" says Haggins. All kidding aside, Hagins is happily married and at 47 Years young,..he is possibly the oldest Pop Star on the web and his wife grudgingly "Approves" of all the Outrageous shit; "When you crank up our music,...you realise quite quick just how talented we are as a band ,..you see that no other band can sound quite like this - We are incredible,..We kick ass !" Says Haggins. As a "Loser" who grew up in the South Bay area of Redondo Beach California ( A Los Angeles Suburb ), Hagins Lived a long Life of constant rejection - before G.e. began to hit it big on the web with Youtube in 2006 and Millions of internet views for "Brandy" and "White Black" ,.....Mainly known around Los Angeles for his Power-house dominating Drumming,...Hagins is a fixture of South Bay music and his talents are greatly revered and respected in the community right along with Pennywise. The tiny Hermosa Saloon would be a place that 25 years ago, Hagins would rock crowds being a part of over 30 different bands in the South Bay and People who saw him drum live - they never forgot it - and just exactly as if they saw Keith Moon and the Who; "My ego is big,..I get a lot of video plays and every band Looks to me for promotion ideas,..I get so many emails from bands and scam promoters ,..that I can't read them all,..sometimes, I will try to help a band,..but it's tough when you consider that I am really nowhere myself !!,...God help me !!" (Laughs) ... Greenhouse Effect have become THE MONSTER of online music and Hagins never rejects a compliment; "We've fucking earned it,...it's hard work - this ain't easy shit,...just Like the song says ,...a lot of prayer to the Good Lord helps,... we are seen - and seen big - for a reason !!!" ROCK CITY RECORDS - BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS. Over 600,000 New Youtube Plays for the band in 2011 and 2012 means more good years ahead for the World's most watched band. As a "Christian Band", G.e. says that it takes real rebellion and Courage to do what he does and write about exactly as he feels, often castigating and condemning Liberals ; "We got balls of steel - but we have the musical talent to back it up ,..and I pray that it is Good" Says Hagins. -2012 Music. # Bmi.

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                • Amsterdam - Sea Level Rise


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                  • Are humans contributing to climate change?


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                    As part of Climate of the Nation 2012 we asked some 40 people around Sydney’s CBD and Inner West in mid-June whether they thought humans were contributing to climate change. These were some of their responses. More information about the project can be found at climateinstitute.org.au/climate-of-the-nation-2012.html

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                    • 20a The Climate Change Challenge


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                      The earth's climate has changed alarmingly over the last decades. The threat that climate change poses to Asia and the Pacific, the home of more than half of the world's poor, is incalculable. ADB is taking action to help mitigate causes and adapt to consequences.

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