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      So sehen Partner im Business Club der Grizzly Adams Ihr Engagement.

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      • The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams S2-E24 Once Upon A Starry Night


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        The mountains of Grizzly Adams (Dan Haggerty) are never friendlier or more comforting than when they are tucked under their blankets of snow, and the smell of Christmas hangs high in the air. Adams enjoyed digging up a nice little pine tree to decorate in the holiday spirit and having a snowball fight with Ben the bear. Jack (Denver Pyle) was on his way back from the settlement testing his new snowshoes when he saw Frost-bite Foley (Jack Druschen) and his white mule, Blizzard, in a jingling harness with a strange high pack saddle. On a pair of primitive skis, with his white beard and red stocking cap skidding along, he was the vision of Old Saint Nick. The two old friends proceeded to have a fight about whose type of transportation was the fastest--skis or snowshoes. They decided to have a race to the cabin to determine the answer. Not far from where this race takes place is part of a family almost frozen and just about lost in this unfamiliar territory. When Uncle Ned (Ken Curtis) saw his niece, Debbie (Linda Arbizu) and nephew, Billy (Steven Robertson) were quite frightened by a wolf, he took his gun and prepared to shoot it. At that moment Adams was coming across the ridge and noticed with horror what was about to happen. When Uncle Ned fired his gun it caused the snow comb to explode and bring thousands of tons of snow careening down the slope--an avalanche!!! Quickly thinking, Adams ran to the wagon and attempted to move the people and their wagon from the deadly path of the avalanche before it picked up too much speed. In the aftermath they found the buried wagon and Mad Jack who had taken a short cut in the race luckily there to help them. They all went back to Adams' cabin to decide the best course of action. Sadly for the children it seemed that they would not be able to join their parents for Christmas. Frost-bite Foley arrived at the cabin and after telling Adams about seeing some smoke in the pass, they all hurried to that area in hope it might be some of the settlers . . . maybe even their family. While Debbie and Billy were getting ready to have their own Christmas manger scene, Adams had rescued their parents, Sam (Don Galloway) and Jenny (Diane McBain) and was bringing them back to the cabin. After a beautiful reunion, they got down to celebrating Christmas. They really had something to be joyful for now. The precious feeling of love combined with the winter splendor made this the most wonderful Christmas Adams ever enjoyed.

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        • The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams S2-E23 The World's Greatest Bounty Hunter


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          The friendship Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) treasured most in the world, that which he had with Grizzly Adams (Dan Haggerty), was about to be put to the test. Returning from the settlement and hoping to make it to the cabin for his birthday, Mad Jack was stricken with the fever that had been going around at the fort. When his burrow, Number Seven, began to look like a goose, he knew that the fever had set in fully. He started imagining that he was Brett Carson, the world's greatest bounty hunter and that he was going to capture James Capon Adams. Adams was busy at the pond and did not know that of all people, Brett Carson (Mad Jack) the bounty hunter was after him. Nakoma (Don Shanks) and Adams were going about their business in the usual manner except that they were planning a surprise birthday party for Mad Jack. When they returned to the cabin and put everything together for their friend, they heard a voice outside. Adams was sure it was Jack but the voice announced that it was "Brett Carson". After Brett arrests Nakoma, there was an unexpected surprise in store for him. Nakoma jumps into his Indian dancing act while Adams throws Brett into the pond. It was a worthwhile trick as Adams and Nakoma were very thankful that the man who came out of the water was again their good friend, Mad Jack, wet and mean as ever, but it was still Mad Jack. When Mad Jack heard what he had done, he was surprised he still had friends. As Adams said, "That's what real friends are for, having patience and understanding when things go wrong."

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          • The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams S2-E22 The Skyrider


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            Ben the Bear and Grizzly Adams (Dan Haggerty) answer an S.O.S. call from their friend, the hawk. In the meantime, Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) has come across Mr. Milton Wright (Russ Tamblyn), his burro, Suzie and some crazy kind of contraption he called a "glider". It seemed that Mr. Wright's only real interest in life is getting this glider to fly. The contraption turns out to be a glider plane with collapsible wings. When Mad Jack goes off to find Adams, Wright gets his plane ready to fly. Until this point of flight, Mad Jack was convinced the glider was really some kind of a large animal trap. The glider had some trouble and crashed beyond the crest of the hill. Adams and Jack decide they better keep an eye on Wright because after having rushed to help him, he wants to fly again. Adams explained that Wright had no idea what he was up against in these mountains, but with their help, he would be safe. Wright gets an idea that if he studies a bird, like the Golden Eagle, he will find out what he needs to keep himself in the air. Adams tried to get him to settle for another bird like the hawk. Since Adams has trained the hawks to come on call, he brought one for Wright to study. After research and more work on his glider, Wright takes to the air the next morning and crashes again. As Adams dresses his wounds, Jack decides he should get rid of the glider. Instead Jack ends up flying and in spite of the fact that he crashes too, he will never get over the excitement of that incredible flight.

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            • The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams S2-E21 The Quest


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              Adams (Dan Haggerty) and Nakoma (Don Shanks) are busy repairing the cabin's roof when Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) appears with what he terms as "good news"! He met an Army Corporal (Royce D. Applegate) and a gentleman, Mr. Elmer Bludgett (John David Carson) along the trail and they said the government is going to give a reward to all the animals. After a little discussing, Adams is sure the "reward" is in truth a bounty! Just in time to save Ben from the bullet of the Corporal's gun, Adams explains to the two a little about the ways of their mountain. Afterwards he offers them shelter for the night which they accept. Adams is sure he can talk some sense into them if he has more time. He found that Elmer and the Corporal work for the Department of the Interior and they are doing a census so they can better administer all federal lands. Adams explained that laws designed as the government now wants would be an invitation to destroy the wilderness and all the animals. Elmer was on this trip for more than one reason. He was afraid of everything including animals. He realized there was no way he could lose his fear if he thought of these animals as his enemies. Making a decision to stay for a while, he went off into the mountains to do some growing up. Noticing that Elmer had disappeared, Mad Jack and the Corporal decided they should find him before something terrible happened. After all, Mad Jack was the number one scout for the Fourth Calvery and he would be able to find Elmer without any trouble. When they finally find Elmer, he is happily playing with a pack of wolves. Elmer reached the turning point and became a man at last. Elmer is ready now to go back to Washington, report his findings and get married too! Elmer promises to work to help the animals through congressional legislation.

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              • The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams S2-E20 The Stranger


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                No one at the mountain expected to see, let alone meet, Captain Ulysses S. Grant, but here he was, riding through the valley trying to take a census count of the animals. Apparently the Army wanted to know how many wild horses and burros were available for their use. However, there was news regarding this visitor which was going to be very sad. Captain Grant was writing a book for the Army entitled, "Manuevers In The Wilderness and Techniques For Survival," which meant how to survive off the animals. He explained that they would not understand how to live off the land. Adams (Dan Haggerty) explained that the soldiers can live off the plant life without ever killing a living thing. After all, Mad Jack had over 200 recipes made strictly from plants and could share them with the Army. While Grant was there, Adams and Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) were able to teach him some things about the wilderness. Grant learned to cut down only the dead trees and to feed himself on roots and berries instead of always killing an animal to satisfy his hunger. Learning is such an important part of life. Totani, working on becoming a brave, is learning the same things that Ulysses Grant learned - how to live in harmony with the wilderness. When Grant went back to the Army he was given a promotion to Major for his work in the valley and a Letter of Commendation was sent to Mad Jack for his contribution of the meatless cookbook.

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                • The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams S2-E19 The Renewal


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                  For Adams (Dan Haggerty) Easter is something special. He invited Robbie Cartman (John Bishop) to come and visit for the weekend so he could be in on all the preparation. For instance, there is nothing better than Grizzly Adams' famous honey cakes. So Mad Jack (Denver Pyle), Adams and Robbie went into the hills to find honeycombs to get the perfect ingredients. They met a traveling settler named Brad (Patrick Wayne) and his son, Andrew (Brian Erickson) and invited them to Easter Sunday celebration, too. Happy to have made new friends, Brad and his son headed back to their camp trying to arrive before the storm began. However, they were only in time to see their wagon burst into flames after being struck by lightning. It was just chance that Adams and Mad Jack saw the smoke from the fire and were able to lend a hand. This assistance kept Andy and his dad from losing everything they owned. They still had their animals. They accepted Adams' kind offer of hospitality and all returned to the cabin. When they arrived, they were met by Watani (Rudy Ramos),chief of the Kutenai tribe. At first Jack was suspicious because he had known Silver Fox (Ned Romero) and thought he was the chief. It seemed that Silver Fox, who was also there, had stepped down as the chief because of his age and became the Shaman, or wiseman of the tribe. His friendship with Jack was a story in itself. The Indians had come to Adams for his knowledge and help. The story of his ability and instinct with animals had spread many miles. The tribes' sacred bird would not fly and, according to their custom, they could not celebrate the arrival of Spring without the bird. Adams agreed to help but first he had to find the bird. This did not promise to be an easy chore. He had to scale a steep cliff in order to reach the bird and almost lost his life in the process. Immediately he could tell what was wrong with the bird and while he was nursing it back to health, Mad Jack was going to do a dance with Silver Fox to seek favor with the gods for the celebration. The groups decided that they would share Easter celebrations with each other bringing their friendship even closer. Easter for the Indians is called the celebration for the spirit of Winter and they "wanted the sun to smile and the cruel winds to pass over in the coming year". The mountain folk felt the same way and on Easter Sunday had a chance to show how much they had in common with the Indians. After telling the Easter Story about the Resurrection of Christ, Adams explained about the rebirth of spirit and self which goes on every day.

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                  • The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams S2-E18 The Littlest Greenhorn


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                    Most animals live by their nose and they get very upset when they get the scent of something unfamiliar to them. When Number Seven and Ben the bear started acting funny, Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) went to investigate. He agreed with the animals that it was strange to see a big gorilla in these woods so he hurried to tell Adams (Dan Haggerty) what he had seen. After further investigation, Adams finds that the "big gorilla" which is supposed to be "ten feet tall" is just a little chimpanzee. Sally, the little chimp, is followed by her human friend, Nathaniel Morgan (Henry Beckman), an old sea captain, and Polly, the parrot. Nathaniel had been busy rigging a sail for his wagon so he could ferry people across the river. Naturally, Mad Jack thought the man had gone crazy but Nathaniel explains to Jack that he will patch up the wagon with pine pitch and actually make his whole wagon seaworthy. He told Jack that you just have to have a little imagination and faith. Just like Nathaniel Morgan said,, the wagon did sail. He was so excited at floating on the water that he did not notice the boat was leaking. Sally ran as fast as a chimp could run and brought Adams, Nakoma (Don Shanks) and Mad Jack to the river. hey were just in time to save Nathaniel and Polly from drowning. They all realized that Sally was a lot smarter than Nathaniel had given her credit for. Nathaniel had always felt that animals and man could not be friends and that animals were only smart enough to follow orders. After the old captain recovered, Adams convinced him to go to Roger's Crossing where they really needed a ferry. So, Captain Nathaniel Morgan built one of the largest ferry rafts in that part of the country with the help of Mad Jack. As Captain Morgan said, if Mad Jack wasn't such a good mountain man, he would have made a mighty fine sailor.

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                    • The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams S2-E17 The Great Burro Race


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                      Two old friends of Mad Jack (Denver Pyle), Gus Thackery (Jack Elan@ and his wife Gerty (Fran Ryan), had been working a claim in the south range and were heading for new diggings. When they passed through the settlement they heard that Mad Jack was up in the mountains and decided to say hello for old times' sake. Well, Mad Jack was more surprised than he could ever say to see the two of them. He began to realize the thirty-year rivalry between himself and Gus Thackery had only become worse with the passing vears. The next thing Jack knew, he was challenged to a contest by Gus and the stakes were high. His pride was on the line but both men felt they had to win. As the winner, Gus wanted to claim Number Seven as his prize. And being a man of his word, Jack had to give his faithful burro up, no matter how much it hurt. Adams (Dan Haggerty) could not believe that Number Seven was gone and he thought of an idea to get the burro back. Mad Jack told Gus that he could not have Number Seven's shoes. And if he wanted to have a contest for the shoes as a prize, he would have to race his burro against Number Seven. Everyone had an interest in this race and it was close from start to finish. All the animals of the forest were on the side of Adams and Number Seven and they set up little obstacles for Gus to hamper his winning. With Adams racing on Number Seven there was only one way the race would end--Number Seven was given back to Mad Jack and everyone realized this is how it should be. Gus learned something about playing fair that he would never forget and he and his wife were leaving the mountain with the memory of true friendship that comes with thirty years of knowing, fighting and loving someone.

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