1. Black Ribbon America Funding Campaign


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    A video about our fund raising campaign called Black Ribbon America to help to get a Gun Registration laws passed in every state that includes every gun sold

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    • Stick To Your Guns - A Look At Australian Gun Control


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      An objective short-form look at gun control in Australia from two contrasting perspectives: An Australian Greens Party federal senator, and a firing range trainer. Produced as part of documentary film study at The University Of South Australia, Stick To Your Guns takes aim at the opinions from both sides of the gun control debate in Australia in the wake of a senate inquiry into illicit firearms. Special thanks to Penny Wright of the Australian Greens Party and Sam "Rusty" Russell of Southern Shooters for taking the time out of their schedules to be a part of this. Credits ------------------------------- Featuring: - Penny Wright - Sam "Rusty" Russell - Paul Maland Executive Producer, Director, Editor, Camera Operator and Interview Audio: - Paul Maland Additional camera operations: - Blake Wheeler - Justin Greenwood Ambient Audio: - Justin Greenwood Covering footage courtesy of: Channel Nine, Channel 7, Channel Ten, ABC Soundtrack: Explosions In The Sky - Six Days At The Bottom Of The Ocean

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      • The UN-DEAD of Columbine - Matt Kechter


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        A search for the "victims" of the 1999 Columbine 'massacre' in official records yields some rather shocking results. There aren't any. One of the first complete "No Motive" school massacres ever staged, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were supposed to have embarked on gunning down 12 students and a teacher - only to shoot themselves. For 15 years, most people have accepted this as a real event. Now, the fact that an FBI agent's son (of the LEAD agent investigating the case, no less) helped the Klebold and Harris team to make a film about a bombing inside the school - prior to the 'shooting' of course - makes much more sense. And, the fact that one of the "victims" also worked with them in acting and plays, also makes more sense. A "mass shooting" anniversary special, April 20 2014. Now the truth can be known. One of the greatest prizes in the infringer's arcade of fakery is now going down in flames. This film, as mind-bending as it may be, is just a teaser for what is to follow. ===================================== More on control through staged violence: https://archive.org/details/AmericanTerrorManufacturedByTheFBI https://archive.org/details/ColumbiaMallshootingNowAProvenFake-PerpetratorsRevealed https://archive.org/details/ArapahoeFAKEVictimClaireDavisALIVE https://archive.org/details/GiffordsFAKEIII https://archive.org/details/HowTheyFakeTerrorism https://archive.org/details/TSADocs Columbine, Columbine High School, Columbine Massacre, Klebold, Harris, Matt Kechter, Virginia Tech, mass shooting, Cho, anniversary, Fort Hood Shooting, Gabrielle Giffords, Tuscon shooting, Wade Page, Loughner, Jared Loughner, Karl Pierson, Arapahoe, truck bomb, IED, Sikh, Sikh Temple, Arapahoe school, Townsend, Bernall, Fleming, Curnow, Rachel Scott, Rohrbough, SWAT, FEMA, second amendment, lockdown, crisis actors, staged, school shooting, Homeland Security, victims, DHS, Stockton, Stockton School Shooting, Hoax, Patrick Purdy, Sandy Hook, Daniel Ferguson, mass shooting, shooting hoax, witnesses, eyewitness, false flag, testimony, drill, Navy Yard Shooting, staged, gun control, AR-15, Tracy Murphy, Claire Davis, handgun, shotgun, Barack Obama, white house, Giffords, Safeway shooting, Alexis, Mary Knight, attack, bombing, false flag, EMC, John Kerry, government, Christian Williams, police, death records, charity, public relations, PR, government sponsored, 9/11, lihop, mihop, operation gladio, sandy hook, batman massacre, investigation, controlled explosion, terror, reality check, fear, staged terrorism, constitution, privacy, bill of rights, Jared Loughner, oligarchs, media, media coverage, programming, psyop, PATCON, history, Barack Obama, David Yepez, stooge, patsy, shadow government, nwo, oligarchy, elitists, FBI, Adrianne Haslet, trauma, emergency, Adam Lanza, Nancy Lanza, Peter Lanza, boston marathon, injuries, fake injuries, killed, false flag, false flag attack, Sydney Corcoran, staged attack, moulage, deception, boston marathon, marathon, boston police, Marilyn Kight, EMT

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        • shawn deena -- before I fade


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          A compilation of anti-gun violence PSA featuring the music of Shawn Deena as the soundtrack. The song, Before I Fade, was originally inspired by the shootings of Columbine more than a decade ago. Since then conversations and attempts to pass laws have taken place, but clearly there's much more work that needs to be done.

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          • Leak.


            from Daniel Bach / Added

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            Leak is a experimental film about the decentralization and democratization of information and technology. When we consider how information is shared through the internet and the future of democratized manufacturing, does that make certain ideas like intellectual property and gun control irrelevant in a digital world?

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            • tweetshot2.2


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              TWEET_SHOT v1.0 is a fictional gun control device. The system works perfectly but exists on the boundary of reality and fiction offering insight into the future of weaponization and gun control legislation. Intended as a glimpse into gun culture and the potential in public shaming, or conversely, glorification of an act of violence in the social media sphere.

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              • TWEET_SHOT v1.0


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                TWEET_SHOT v1.0 is a fictional gun control device. The system works perfectly but exists on the boundary of reality and fiction offering insight into the future of weaponization and gun control legislation. Intended as a glimpse into gun culture and the potential in public shaming, or conversely, glorification of an act of violence in the social media sphere. . When the trigger is pulled an email is generated. That email is sent to a central email account. In turn a Facebook post and image upload is initiated. The email and Facebook post log the time, date and location of the action of the gun. Version 2.0 is coming shortly with more functionality, real-time video, and Instagram integration. Visit www.byronrich.com for more information.

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                • The Professor Noodle Show 294


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                  The Sociology of the failed "Campaign Finance Reform" shows in the election of 2014 in vicious detail. There is unavoidably a major public policy question. Able to spend so much money per voter, with millionaires able to declare themselves a "Political Action Committee" and access data on the behavior of voters, creating digital media of their personal ideas as the "committee" and with their biollions of dollars defined as "free speech" basically using financial leverage to buy the government that defends their continued power, is democracy surviving? Is this the "freedom" that the "founding Fathers" intended, money is free political speech?

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                  • My Counter Protest Against Moms Demand Action: Support Kroger & Carry Your Gun


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                    One radio host in Phoenix is sticking up for the Second Amendment and has launched a counter protest against Moms Demand Action a gun control group that is attempting to bully grocery giant Kroger into turning their stores into gun free zones. Kroger has continued to be steadfast in its position that they will go by what state law dictates regarding guns and not the one MDA wants to have. Help spread the word about this unique protest because we patriots need to show Kroger that we support them and say NO to the gun grabbers. Thank you. For more information about the protest feel free to write catprotector@catgalaxymedia.com.

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                    • A Sandy Hook Father’s Plea


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                      Mark Barden lost a child in the Sandy Hook massacre. At The Summit 2014, he offers a plea that we all do what we can to stop the next school shooting before it happens. Download the FREE accompanying small group study guide: http://summitforchange.com/?p=96

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