1. Nepal to introduce lead paint standards


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    June 2013 Nepal's government is in the process of making a standard to reduce the amount of lead in paint. In some paints, levels of lead are 2000 times higher than international standards. A local hospital has noticed an increasing number of children with delayed cognitive development -- raising suspicions of lead poisoning. Al Jazeera's Subina Shrestha reports from Kathmandu.

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    • Negative Health Effects of Sleep Apnea, With Dr. Clay Hansen, Moscow, Idaho


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      http://www.palouseviewdental.com/ Dr. Clay Hansen, a dentist in Moscow, Idaho and pullman, washington talks with Sleep Better TV about the many different negative health effects of sleep apnea.

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      • Health Risks Associated With Sleep Apnea, With Dr. Rich Gillespie, Vancouver, Washington


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        www.sleepbetter.tv www.sequencemediagroup.com Dr. Rich Gillespie, a dentist in Vancouver, Washington with Gillespie Dentistry, talks with Sleep Better TV about some of the health risks associated with sleep apnea.

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        • Health Risks of Eating Junk Food


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          http://goo.gl/gT2N5V A lot of people love to eat junk food. It tastes great, and sometimes for a few people it can be a sort of solace and a way to escape from the problems of life. That being said however, a lot of people don’t really know the dangers of it and what it can do for a person. It may seem like a great thing to have and snacking might be the best thing in the world in your eyes, but there are a lot of health risks for that. A lot of people don’t know about them, but there are quite a bit out there that could really affect a person.

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          • Sleep Apnea Symptoms & Treatment, With Dr. Rich Gillespie, Gillespie Dentistry, Vancouver, Washington


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            sleepbetter.tv sequencemediagroup.com Dr. Rich Gillespie, of Gillespie Dentistry and Snoring and Sleep Apnea Center in Vancouver, Washington, talks with Sleep Better TV about how sleep apnea is diagnosed and treatment options.

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            • Gum Disease and Dental Decay, With Dr. Roger Biede, Dentist, Tucson, Green Valley, Marana, Arizona


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              sleepbetter.tv sequencemediagroup.com Dr. Roger Biede, dentist in Tucson, Arizona, talks with Sleep Better TV about gum disease and dental decay.

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              • Predictors and Health Risks Associated With OSA, With Dr. Larry Pribyl, of the Center for TMJ & Sleep Apnea, Independence, MO


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                Dr. Larry Pribyl, of the Center for TMJ & Sleep Apnea in Independence, Missouri, talks with Sleep Better TV about the predictors of sleep apnea and its associated health risks. www.sequencemediagroup.com

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                • Periodontal Disease, With Dr. Bindi Patel, Pearly Dental Care, Naperville and Aurora, Illinois


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                  Dr. Bindi Patel, of Pearly Dental Care, in Naperville and Aurora, Illinois, talks with Sleep Better TV about periodontal disease and how it is the "silent killer" of the mouth.

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                  • Looking For Answers About Pesticides...Together


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                    Researchers the University of Washington and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have been working with communities in the Yakima Valley of Washington State to better understand the health risks of pesticide exposure. They have also been providing information to farmworker families on how they can better protect themselves from pesticide exposure. This digital story provides perspectives from community members who participated in this research project that started in 1998.

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                    • Snoring and Sleep Breathing Disorders, With Dr. Michel Fancelli, Montreal (Longueuil), Quebec, Canada


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                      Snoring is obstructive breathing, a type of sleep breathing disorder. Snoring affects approximately 90 million people in the US. Snoring is a big problem in today’s society. You hear about it more and more, it disrupts the bed partner, couples sleep in different bedrooms. In many cases snoring can lead to more serious problems according to Dr. Michel Fancelli of the Fancelli snoring and apnea clinic of Montreal (Longueuil). A recent study has demonstrated a direct corrolation between snoring loudness and carotid artery blockage caused by plaque deposits along the arterial walls. The other problem says Dr. Michel Fancelli of the Snoring and Sleep Apnea clinic of Montreal (Longueuil) is that in most cases snoring will eventually lead to sleep apnea . Not all snorers have apnea but 90 % of sleep apnea patients snore. We know that people suffering from sleep apnea have a four times greater risk of stroke, three times greater risk of high blood pressure, of type 2 diabetes and heart disease, a higher risk of weight gain not forgetting loss of mental alertness and fatigue. Most people think that snoring is caused by a blocked nose however snoring is actually caused by a partially blocked airway mostly due to the tongue. As we sleep the tongue moves to the back of the throat and partially obstructs the airway says Dr. Michel Fancelli of the Fancelli Snoring and Sleep Apnea center of Montreal (Longueuil). An example is a garden hose with water flowing out, if you pinch the hose and shrink the diameter, the water will come out at a much greater velocity. The same thing happens when the tongue partially blockes the airway as we sleep. The air in the lungs as we exhale will come out much faster, like in a wind tunnel, causing the soft palate, the uvula and other soft tissues to vibrate making the snoring sound. We know that snoring gets worse as we get older due to the loss of muscle tone which is also why the risk of sleep apnea increases with age. There are different methods to treat snoring according to Dr. Michel Fancelli of the Fancelli Snoring and Sleep Apnea Clinic of Montreal (Longueuil). The medical profession’s first option is often surgery where the vibrating tissues are removed. Exercises that can increase the muscle tone of the mouth and oropharynx is one option however few people actually do their exercises. Another option is a mandibular repositionning appliance which is a dental appliance that prevents the lower jaw and the tongue from moving backwards and obstructing the airway therefore eliminating the snoring noise. There are other causes of snoring for example many different types of medication, like antihistamines, antianxiety meds, antidepressants and alcohol will cause muscle relaxation leading to snoring . In conclusion Dr. Michel Fancelli of the Fancelli Snoring and Apnea Clinic of Montreal (Longueuil) suggests that all snorers get screened for sleep apnea before being treated for their snoring, Dr. Fancelli is a member of the ACSDD (Clinical Sleep Disorder Disciplines) and practices at Centre Dentaire Fancelli (www.centredentairefancelli.ca) Montreal (Longueuil) Quebec, Canada since 1984. Dr Fancelli is a sleep expert for Sleep Better TV which provides on demand sleep disorder video content.

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