1. Ringside's Heritage Line Of Boxing Equipment


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    Ringside's Heritage Line of Boxing Equipment

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    • Boxout 10 minute Boxing Workout -home, park, anywhere - Bronze level


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      Got the boxing gear, but no idea? Have no fear! Pull on those old boxing gloves or just shadow box the moves in front of a mirror. This is Bronze level - simple combos, but still not easy. Silver Gold and Platinum coming soon. *****this video is not for watching, it's for DOING. Jump off the sofa and lets get started! This is the preview video for the soon to be released Boxout App. Boxout started out in 1994 in a dusty old boxing gym in Australia. 20 years later we produced this workout video of the class, so now anyone in the world could get the best boxing workout in the world...right in their own home. Thank you to all the Boxout students who appeared in this video and helped make it - you are the heart and soul of Boxout, and now you are helping others, all over the world. Use focus mitts, punching bag or just shadow box the moves in the mirror - but whatever you do..START! 15 minutes later you're going to be sweating a river, and losing the pounds!

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      • Get Ripped Using Maniac Kickboxing: Total Body Heavy Bag Workout


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        http://www.kickboxingheavybagworkout.com/ This is a non-stop, heart-pumping, calorie-torching workout. Got a a heavy bag hanging unused in your home? Time to take advantage of this insane training tool that will allow you to 'super-charge' your workout! Tired of all the workout DVD's that use flat, studio set ups to film their workouts? Sick of staring at paid professional models demonstrating moves?Step into my class. I bring you directly into a real, legit kickboxing class complete with real people and real energy. I use the pace of the class to push you to your potential and keep the workout at the optimum level. This is a conditioning workout that focuses on burning massive amounts of energy and developing your sense of balance, power, speed, and 'Improv Striking' (IS) which is a key focus in my class. You'll develop the ability to strike without thinking- your body will react to a situation immediately.This is where the magic happens... As your strikes get faster and more powerful, your body fat begins to melt off and you'll start to see muscles you never realized you had! You'll be "Crushing It!"! This is the key to transforming your body, and it's NEVER BEEN AVAILABLE in your own home UNTIL NOW!!!You'll get:Instant access to a class that is designed to enhance your heavy bag workout whether you're a K-1 Champion or a kickboxing-cross training enthusiast. It's all here. I have designed and developed this class to burn the most amount of energy with the least amount of effort. Yes. With "The Least Amount Of Effort"-- Of course, your body will be exerting great effort while it's torching bodyfat. But your mind won't! I promise you won't be wondering how much time you have left while you're taking THIS class! That's because I've carefully designed the language of the class to put your mind on auto-pilot and your body in overdrive! You've never felt ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE--

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        • Maniac's Kickboxing Heavy Bag Workout Teaser


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          Maniac's Kickboxing Heavy Bag Workout Teaser

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          • Long Jab Cross: How To Get On The Inside and Add Power!


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            Punching Bag Workouts - 3 Secrets to Get Great Results http://www.ckotrainer.com http://www.rebootcampretreat.com http://www.bodytransformationexperiment.com Michael Andreula Of CKO Kickboxing,… Have you bought a punching bag and boxing gloves to workout at home? Now you've the gear it's time to learn to how to use it, for maximum results. Are you ready for the secrets of a great Kickbboxing workout? To get a great workout on a Punching Bag there are three secrets you absolutely need to know. Secret #1 is Kickboxing Basics. Secret #2 is Combinations (or combos). Secret #3 is use A Format. Secret #1 - Kickboxing Basics: To get a great cardio workout you are going to need a "fighting stance" and some basic punches. Your fighting stance should be left foot forward, feet shoulder width apart and fists up nice and high, near your face. Get on the balls of your feet and do what the great man said. Float like a butterfly. If you are left hander (southpaw), switch stance so you are right foot forward. The Jab. Lead with your jab and follow with your cross. Push off the back foot, look along your arm like you are lining up a gun and corkscrew the fist so you strike with the front two knuckles. The Cross.Twist the right foot on the ground like you are putting out a cigarette with the ball of your foot, so your right toe points to your target. This activates your core, which is like your hammer. Your arm is like the nail. The power comes from your core. If you get this, you're half way there. Secret #2 - Combinations: Now you need some Combos. Why? Because the more punches you throw the fitter you'll get. That's why it's better to throw "punches in bunches" than just one offs. However some Combos work better than others. Keep it simple. Here are a few Combos to get you started. I call them Bronze level. LR (that's left jab, right cross) LLR (double jab, cross) LRL (jab, cross, jab). Once you've mastered those, try these: LRLR (left jab, right cross, left jab, right cross) LLRL (double jab, right cross, left jab) LL,Rlow (double jab, low Right Cross) Remember we are just getting started here - so the jab and the cross are enough punches for now. The more advanced hooks and uppercuts can be added later. Secret #3 - Use A Format: The best format is to follow is "rounds". Swimmers swim laps, body builders do sets and boxers train in rounds. The great thing about rounds is you can adjust them to suit your fitness level - both the number of them, how long they go for and the rest period. Here are some guidelines to get started: Unfit: Do one minute rounds with one minute rests. Do 2-3 rounds in total. Moderately fit: Do 2 minute rounds with either one minute or 30 second rests. Do 3-4 rounds in total. Fit: 3 minute rounds with 30 second rests. Do 4-6 rounds in total. So glove up and use a kitchen timer or stopwatch. Choose 2 combos per round. Do each one non stop for half the round then switch to the second combo. Work first on form (technique) then speed and power. May you Get Fighting Fit!

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            • Old Man Hitting Heavy Bag


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              ...if that bag learns to hit back, I'm in big trouble

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              • Leonard Bundu - Between Breaths


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                Leonard Bundu’s strength is the one of a man that knows sacrifice and is not afraid of it, rather he turns it into his stronger allied. A man that knows how to take efforts and difficulties and transform them into hope and energy, with the humble pride of a real fighter. To win, for a boxer like Leonard Bundu, does not mean smashing the opponent. To win is something that happens, if we do our best to make it happen. To win means embracing a man just after knocking him down. To win means accepting to see him rejoice when he has just won over us. To win means being able to modify our own path, without the pretentious thinking of being the only ones in charge. To win means being prepared every time we face the hardest challenges of life. In these challenges we must win or lose all alone.

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                • Focusmaster Burnout


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                  The Focusmaster Burnout is one of the most challenging, but yet empowering parts of this ultimate 30 minute MMA inspired workout. The Focusmaster Workout...train like a fighter!

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                  • Raw Knuckles


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                    Wrap it up! No glove, no love! lol Canon T3i 50mm f/1.8

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                    • Personal Training with Focusmaster


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                      The versatility of the Focusmaster G-1000 allows you to safely and effectively introduce Strike Training to your clients. Utilizing the G-1000 will help your clients shed fat, build lean muscle, improve balance and core stability, while driving revenue to your bottom line. When wall mounted, the G-1000 takes up less than one square foot of floor space. The G-1000 allows you to create your own unique MMA Inspired boot camps and small group training programs that are tailored to your demographic. Call us today and ask how you can become a Licensed Certified Focusmaster Coach and receive new workout programs and marketing materials to ensure a successful and profitable small group training program.

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