1. A Christmas Tour


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    Merry Christmas from the tour guides at Tours Departing Daily! This is a HDR time lapse Christmas tour of the original Magic Kingdom. We hope you enjoy it! Photography by Michaela Hansen, Matthew Hansen and Kevin Crone. Music: Trans-Siberian Orchestra - "Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24" http://www.toursdepartingdaily.com/

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    • Acid Trip Shader


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      Was attempting to implement High Dynamic Range (HDR), but got a weird, psychedelic bug. Thought it was so neat that I'd thought I'd record it. I tried to move the view to the beat.. :) The song is: MF Doom - Potholderz

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      • advanced motion controlled hdr panoramic time lapse photography


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        There‘s always a fast moving development in the video- and camera technology. Better sensors, lenses and calculating algorithms of the cameras enable the creation of bodacious images. One reasonably new technique is the HDR photography which uses multiple different exposed images to gain the whole dynamic range of what our eye can actually see. The created images get totalized in a post production process to a single impressive image. Another camera technique is the time-lapse technique. At time-lapsing, single pictures are taken in a long period of time. These pictures are combined to a movie and show the long period of time accelerated. Sure, this technique is not completely new, but the fast developments in the sector of the DSLR cameras enable many new possibilities in creating time-lapse recordings. The combination of the above mentioned two technologies creates other possibilities to record impressions of the reality more interesting and brilliant. The highly developed DSLR cameras enable the combination of these techniques without any additional equipment. This simplicity and compactness makes it possible to develop the time-lapsing technique in a way to create more exiting sequences. The latest development is moving time-lapse recordings. In most cases the camera is rotated or dollied at a very slow speed. Because of the need of very minimal and extremely precise movements it is very difficult to create constant smooth movements. But exactly that is the future of such films. The movement of a camera creates an impression of the space at which it is pointed at and exactly that is point where this thesis will take a closer look. Possibilities of creating complex movements in three dimensional space at the use of HDR time-lapsing is the center subject of this thesis. The difficulties in the creation of time-lapse recordings are getting emblazed and a possible production pipeline is going to be developed. To increase the experience of the impressions a way to create panoramic HDR time-lapses using more than one DSLR- camera will be found. Also a closer look at the post production process in the field of time lapse recordings is given.

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        • AE tut - video HDR look. Free download the aep file.


          from yves lespagnard / Added

          Hi, this is the kind of face a have to deal with in my classroom :) Thanks so much to my students to play the game. Anyway, here comes a way (and not the only way I presume) to make a HDR look like picture. Filmed with a Canon 500d and stock lens, natural daylight. White balance and hue/saturation would be different for you depending of the light you got during the shots. We will try to get this final effect ; http://www.yveslespagnard.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/versus.jpg How to use the after effects (aep) project? 1. Download the after effects project file at http://yveslespagnard.net/hdrfromyveslespagnard.aep 2. Add your own footage in the project (right click on ‘your footage here’ media and replace by yours) 3. First you will ajust the color correction depending of the balance you get while the shot. 4. Feel free to change the values set in the effects and see what will happen on your own hdr project. 5. Feel free to share your links and/or experience here or on http://yveslespagnard.net. 6. Hope you will appreciate and enjoy ! Music: Bell by cloud mouth (http://www.myspace.com/birddog8o8)

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          • Amaryllis: One Month


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            Rock me, Amaryllis

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            • AMP Digital Video


              from ampHDR Camera / Added

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              A fun video that introduces the AMP Camera Technology and gives a sneak preview of the GEN II camera features. AMP captures three images with the exact same exposure time, at the exact same moment in time. A custom blending algorithm is used to combine the images to produce a true HDR image for each frame in the video. Of course, we can't display true HDR images (yet) so tonemapping is left to the user. For this video, we chose a wide variety of commercially-available tonemappers, just to get the idea across that all the HDR data really is there for every frame. AMP is a trademark of Contrast Optical Design & Engineering, Inc. For more on tonemapping see our video "AMP Melting Snow".

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              • amp: Getting the Whole Picture


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                "amp: Getting the Whole Picture" is a brief video that shows various ways to view amp HDR footage. It's impossible to display amp HDR footage in its raw format, because today's displays (LCD screens, plasma TVs, digital projectors, etc.) do not have enough dynamic range to show all the data we capture. So we use a few different methods to show the extraordinary range of light-levels that we capture. The amp prototype camera used to capture this footage comprises three SI-1920 camera sensors, to capture high, medium, and low exposure images for each frame of video. To demonstrate the amount of dynamic range that the amp system adds to the standard SI-1920 camera, we show comparisons between the amp footage and the same footage seen with the medium-exposure SI-1920 sensor, or what a "typical" camera might see for each scene. Working together with Erik Reinhard, we have developed a new video tone map operator (TMO) to provide real-time, natural-looking output from our next-generation cameras (via HDMI). This new fully-automated video TMO, which we call the Kiser-Reinhard TMO, gets applied to both the raw SI-1920 (single sensor) videos and to the amp HDR videos. On a properly-calibrated video monitor or projector, you can see the extension of color and details, as well as the removal of significant noise, both up into the highest highlights and down into the darkest lowlights of the scenes. If you would like to learn more about our cameras, please visit ampHDR.com.

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                • ampHDR: Laser Heating


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                  This video was taken using the Gen2 ampHDR video camera. amp is a High-Dynamic Range video camera that can capture over 18 photographic stops of light range -- far more than any typical camera. For this video, we recorded different materials as they were melted with a high-power laser. The laser is not visible in these videos, but the materials all glow very brightly, and some of them produce flames and smoke while the laser is heating them. For each material, we shot video using both a false-color (luminance only) mapping and a true-color realtime tonemapped video output. False color is nice because it shows the true luminance range in each scene, without any alteration of the video data (good for scientific research). And the true color video is nice because it shows actual color changes in the materials and gives a true view of what these materials actually look like as they are heated with the laser. Learn more at http://amphdr.com/

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                  • ampHDR: Metal Foundry


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                    This video is made up of shots taken with our amp camera at a metal foundry, and we captured several of the processes involved in creating various metal ingots and blocks. Some of the shots in this video show molten magnesium alloys, which are typically much too bright to capture with any standard camera, but our amp camera captures an incredible amount of color and contrast detail. The "pig cast" clip shows a direct comparison to a standard camera used in most foundries. This is a great way to see the additional range that amp is capable of capturing. All the amp camera footage shown here was captured from the real-time tone mapped video stream (from the HDMI output port on the amp camera). No post-processing at all was performed on this footage.

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                    • A Pleasant Afternoon Fishing From the Jetty at Olowalu on Maui


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                      Afternoon clouds forming over West Maui Volcano in Hawaii.

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