1. Ashton/Hill FUSE 2015


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    February 21st 8-10pm in the Hill Hall Lounge The theme is Animal Kingdom so: Come dressed in your best wild animal or safari gear and get ready to parrrtaaaayyyyy

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    • week twenty-four


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      this week was pretty amazing. looking back, i didn't realize how much i did, but then again, i guess that's sort of the point of doing this type of thing! on tuesday kenneth and i headed downtown to the paramount theater for the passion pit concert. we got chipotle and ate it in line. we ended up standing right in front of this family that had brought their kids to the show and we were amazed at how cool that was. icona pop and matt & kim opened for passion pit and it was such a good show. i didn't know icona pop was going to be there and i had just gotten into listening to them and it was so cool to see them. matt & kim always put on a good show, their energy is amazing. it was actually our second time seeing passion pit, but this time was so much better because we were in the fifth row or so. it was really great. after, we shared a cab with nicole and aubrey, two friends that sat in the balcony. the next day, henry and i took a trip to capitol hill. it's beginning to get to the point where there are days that i just want to spend in a particular neighborhood of seattle. lately it's been capitol hill, the vibe there is so great. henry and i stopped in elliott bay and he got a new book and journal and then we headed over to caffe vita. vita was the last recommendation i had on the list from the augie's baristas and it is right up there with stumptown for me. they have great coffee and a great second floor study area. when we left, the sky was churnin' out some intense cloud formations and we stopped to take some photos and videos. on our walk to the bus stop, the guys were out playing bike polo and i always stop and watch. they play the game of polo, but on bikes instead of horses. it's so crazy! i came back to my room and there were a ton of people studying. carl said that little message in the video because hardly anyone from school knows that i do this. or at least they don't watch them. hahaha. that night we had a raid! raids are where one floor raids the other side of the floor. this one was 90's themed so we all dressed up like we were little and ran through the boys' floor slamming on their doors and screaming "RAAAIIIIIDDDDDDDD!!!!!" it's really so much fun. it was really great because i wore high waisted shorts, mary janes, a button up, and a bow with a high pony tail, and that's basically what i wear normally. anyway, the raid involved a great 90s playlist, coloring books, catch phrase, blowing bubbles, and a group sing along to "i believe i can fly" by r kelly. an oldie but a goodie. it was great, even though i had to write two papers afterwards. friday was beautifully sunny! i wasn't scheduled to work so kenneth and i went to u village to use a jamba juice groupon that i had. we walked around, went to the apple store, and then ended up going to an unplanned dinner at boom noodle. kenneth is obsessed with it because their restaurants are heavily furnished with eames chairs. he had spring rolls and i had chicken pad thai. it was one of the few times i ate noodles with chop sticks and i surprised myself at how much better i had gotten with it. after dinner we found a little hole in the wall crepe shop and i got so excited. i had one with coffee ice cream and powdered sugar just like i did in paris. it was so delicious!

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      • week nineteen


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        i'm at the point where i'm having fun but i'm getting really tired doing it. i think i've mentioned before that last quarter i feel like i had all this adrenaline going from living somewhere new and having new friends that i just didn't really get tired, or at least, it wasn't a big factor in my days. but now, i feel like i'm realizing, "oh yeah, i actually do need sleep." the first clip in this video is deb, kenneth, and jordan sitting on my couch. we just hung out for a while, which i'm learning to appreciate more. i'm realizing i don't always have to be going somewhere to have a good time. this is why i only did a few things off campus this week and basically lounged around for the rest of the time. one of those things was going to capitol hill with kenneth. it was such a blast! we took the bus there tuesday afternoon and it was so foggy and rainy, you could barely see the outline of the space needle through the clouds. our first stop was elliott bay book company, a place i had only heard about in my dreams and while researching places to go in seattle. rows and rows of books and it was so nice to just flip through them. then we hopped across the street to everyday music, a store that sold everything from old cds to vinyl. it made me yearn for my record player. we went to panera for dinner, which was a huge thing for me. its the only panera in seattle and i always though it was such a ways to get to, but it actually isn't, when you count how delicious the food is. after dinner we walked around a little, went into a few stores, and then headed over to stumptown coffee which was another place i've been dying to get to ever since i moved here. it was really nice to go, all the baristas were really cool and we just sat by the window and chatted for a little. kenneth had gotten some credit with uber car service, so he ordered a car and they picked us up right outside and we went back to campus. it was just a really nice evening away. that night some people lit a fire in the lounge fire place and sam, the hall president, put it out sometime around midnight when we all went to sleep. my mother sent me some valentine's decorations for my room in the mail. they're so cute. this week i also returned to milstead for the first time in what seemed like forever! i walked there with henry and we caught up with kenneth and kristie on the way. their vanilla lattes never get old. on saturday i walked through the uw campus on my way to u village. the buildings there always amaze me. i love all of the old architecture. that night i took myself out for tacos because i got closing stuff done at work quicker than i usually do, so i wanted to congratulate myself. finally, kenneth, henry, and i walked up to caffe ladro on sunday night to study. it was so nice to hang out with both of them again, and the coffee was good too! song: something good can work - two door cinema club

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        • week eight


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          a week full of friends is a week i consider well spent. but here, i'm almost always with friends, so it's not much different. the only really exciting thing that happened this week was that the electricity went out. apparently that doesn't happen here as often as it does in california because everyone went crazy. the halls were cool because it looked like a scary movie but that was my extent of amusement. otherwise, this week was sort of just random shenanigans and lounging in dorm rooms. sorry it's not very exciting.

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          • week seven


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            the days are getting considerably colder here, which makes me want to snuggle in more often. this week was full of exploring, which is probably what i adore most about seattle. i feel like i'll never completely know this city like the back of my hand, and while that's somewhat intimidating, it's also really exhilarating. it started out with me getting a box of earl grey tea and drinking it with almond milk. it reminded me of when josh poole made it for me the first time and so i got to talk to him about it. i spent a lot of time in the vintage mall this week too, i love the little things you can find in there. i ended up getting four 1950s style mugs that are perfect for water and orange juice, and they take up less room than the mugs that bekah got me. my friend group got together for friday night thai which may become a regular thing due to the high concentration of thai restaurants here. i've been getting to spend more time with elanor and kristie and sometimes even mallory which is very nice. last weekend my world was opened up to brand new preview students. it was the weirdest feeling, being on the other end of a campus preview, because just last spring i was one of those clueless kids and i still feel like that a little! but it was fun, we walked to queen anne at eleven at night and had some delicious man 'n cheese. i went to kerry park again with kenneth, and it was so beautiful. i remember the first weekend we were here and we went to kerry park and everything was super new. i can't believe i've only known him and everyone else for seven short weeks. also, the presidential election was this week and so we watched it on kenneth's laptop. i like being able to say i voted, it makes me feel very adult-like. in the middle of the week the sun showed up (i think it has to do with my mom sending my package of sunshine in a box, but that's just my theory) so that was a pleasant surprise. henry and kenneth and i went on a trip to safeway to get some cheese and bread so kenneth could make grilled cheese. it was a success except the sandwich maker is somewhat challenging when you have to open it, and i died laughing every time kenneth made a sandwich. my mom send wonderful fluffy socks in her package and i wear them all the time. henry and i stayed up late in the lounge watching cats on procatinator.com. i can't decide if that website is the best or worst thing that's ever happened to me. red cups are back at starbucks! which makes me very happy. kristie, kenneth, henry, and i all went to starbucks to get coffee before we all parted ways on friday night. i had a meeting for work, kenneth went to a miir launch party which was very brave of him, henry went to see the new bond movie, and kristie went to elanor's choir concert which is something i wish i could've seen. after kenneth and i were finished we went to jai thai for dinner, which is, in my opinion, the best thai restaurant around here. we sat on the floor on cushions and took off our shoes. it reminded me of the first week of school when we were each other's only friends. it was a nice change, but i love my group of friends. yesterday, kenneth, kristie, and i all walked to gas works park because it was beautifully sunny, and it made for some great pictures. after, we went to a little hole in the wall coffee shop called solisticio and kristie and i got carmel lattes and i ate clam chowder. it was delicious. the sunset was beautiful and we ended the night watching dog videos while henry drew elanor's name completely in cats. it was a week full of smiling.

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            • weeks five and six


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              i feel like it’s far too early to be smooshing two weeks into one video, but midterms sort of made everything turn into a blur. so this is sort of a mash of both week five and six. the video starts out with the documentation of a trip that we took in sam’s car. we went to fred meyer because i was sick and i had run out of soup and wanted some orange juice and almond milk. so we went and elanor, kristie, kenneth, and sam bought some cookie dough and we made a decision to go to gasworks after the grocery. we took another trip to u village to get kenneth’s laptop finally squared up and this time deb came along with us and it was fun. video games are a recurring theme in sam and nate’s room so i just watch usually with elanor and kristie while other people get mad at yell at each other. last week we claimed the small lounge and ended up ordering pizza and playing hangman. i won by guessing kenneth’s word, which was “shanghai.” kenneth and i made a trip to the upper queen anne starbucks which is becoming one of my favorite hang outs. we walked part of the way back because it was sunny and the houses are the most perfect things i have ever seen. we had an impromptu oreo’s and milk party on the lobby floor in the middle of the week. and then yesterday henry and i went to milstead and then walked around fremont for a bit. it was beautiful because the leaves have changed and the sky looked like cotton candy. we went to the fremont troll because i had never been before. all in all, it was a good two weeks. oh, and the song in this video is “the penalty” by one of my favorite bands, beirut.

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              • week four


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                this week was full of adventure. kenneth and i decided to walk to queen anne one day, but it started raining when we were halfway up the hill. on the plus side, we passed that creepy cemetery. once we were in upper queen anne, we stopped at cafe ladro because the place i actually wanted to go to was closed. it was actually really good and kenneth had quiche and i had an empenada. i got to spend some more time with henry this week and we went to the vintage mall. he found a great denim jacket and i bought a pastel poncho that is so comfy. milstead has indeed become my coffee shop away from home. kenneth found some problems with his computer so we took the bus to u village and walked through the uw campus on the way. it was so nice and reminded me of seventh grade when i fell in love with this city. sam has his car here now, so we went on a spontaneous trip to west seattle and visited henry at his work. the skyline from the bridge was so great. we decided to go get thai food but not without some collar poppin' and shenanigans. i've become better friends with kristie and elanor, who are very nice. people all around the hall decided to get pumpkins and carve them, so everything is a little bit more festive. i spent saturday trying to do some homework and downing raspberry lemonade. and then saturday night was the two door cinema club show! it ended up being somewhat of a festival, so first st. lucia played, and then motopony and friends, and then two door. they were well worth the wait. on sunday, kenneth, henry, and i went to the fremont market which was really fun and now kenneth just likes being weird in all my videos which i highly enjoy. and then josh and kenneth were learning a top secret dance in elanor and kristie's room that we were all laughing at. it was a pretty good week.

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                • week three


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                  we’ve arrived at week three. there was much of this week that wasn’t captured in this video which is sort of disappointing. but here are the things that you see: the first rain slash wind outside my dorm window/ studying oedipus in the library with kenneth/ and we finally got tickets to deck the hall ball at key arena this winter and we’re totally stoked/ we went to this really interesting german concert and kenneth wore his suit/ that was also the first night of real seattle rain/ watching donnie darko with henry, elanor, kristie, mallory, spencer, sam, and nate/ me, on accident/ spending a quiet saturday in the lounge because a lot of people went on the retreat/ playing piano/ the starbucks cafe on campus has been a godsend, and i start working at one in fremont tomorrow/ kenneth just being studious in general/ we’ve started writing down all the funny things henry, kenneth, and i say on post-its and sticking them to their dorm room window/ and also, kenneth’s mother sent those wonderful fall window things in the mail this week/ a douchebag mug was started in their room as well/ and kenneth actually used an umbrella on our walk to church

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                  • Hill/Moyer Hall Ball Promo Video


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                    Hill/Moyer Hall Ball on Friday, May 4th @ EMP, Level 3. ONLY $20. Cash or Check. Buy your tickets from your Hall Council this week!! Don't miss out!

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                    • Hillhall Road from Belfast to Lisburn on a Honda Varadero 1000


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                      Today is a quick run on my Honda Varadero from South Belfast to the edge of Lisburn. Known as the Hillhall, the road takes in Hospital Road, Purdysburn Hill, Ballylesson Road and the Hillhall Road. Filmed with my Kodak ZX1 pocket camcorder mounted on my crash bars.

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