1. El Gran Tabu - the revisionist film that DESTROYED a film festival!


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    * See the intro by David Cole here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-DCHPeuS5c * Subscribe to David's Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/WeAreTheRPA * Read Bradley Smith's description of the festival fracas here: http://codoh.com/library/document/627 * Buy David Cole's book here: http://www.countercontempt.com/archives/5185 * Please check out my friend Ryan's book, "The Separation of Business and State." Get it here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/428057

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    • Floating - Ephemeral Passage


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      Floating in a sea of water, snow, fire, earth and sky. Dealing metaphorically with the subconscious memories of my grandparents as well as other family members' deaths in a concentration camp during Hitler's Third Reich in Germany. This piece addresses my feelings of aging and vulnerability as I am literally "bared" and the ever-present nature of change be it constructive or destructive. Music: Grace Graupe-Pillard Thank you to Wolfram Tones

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      • Big Sonia Trailer (2015)


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        IndieWire Project of the Month - Jan 2015 BIG SONIA is currently raising funds for post-production. Original score for this trailer by Brad Anthony Laina. Please visit our website to learn more: www.bigsonia.com.

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        • The Painter Who Escaped the Holocaust


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          A renowned artist with a terminal condition, faces his own mortality, and reveals the secret to a happy life. This documentary is currently in post production and in need of finishing funds and distribution. www.harrysfilm.com

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          • Holocaust Memorial - In A Berlin Minute (Week 22)


            from Luci Westphal Added 1,136 18 10

            --- http://MovingPostcard.com --- The official name of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin is "Denkmal für die Ermordeten Juden Europas" (Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe). It was designed by architect Peter Eisenman and engineer Buro Happold and officially inaugurated on May 10, 2005 - sixty years after the end of World War II. There are as many concrete slabs on the field as there are pages in the Talmud. In the underground museum there is a list of all known Jewish Holocaust victims. When talking to my German friends about the memorial, I realized there really isn't a German word for Holocaust besides the word itself, which I've never heard anyone say here. But that doesn't mean people aren't aware of the murder of the Jews, Romani, homosexuals and dissidents. The shame and guilt are still felt in the generations born long after the war and have a lasting effect on the national identity of Germans. I won't deny that I've seen signs of Neo-Nazis and racism in Germany today - but then I don't know which country doesn't have those kinds of people. The memorial is supposedly controversial but I personally have found every visit to be a very moving and fitting experience. Admittedly it was even more intense to experience this together with my Brooklyn friend Erica, whose mother (and therefor her) is Jewish. There are so many associations as you see the large field of grey stones. Then you walk in and you get lost, dioriented - the sky and the outside world seem to move further away - you don't know what is around the next corner, who may run into you - you hear voices, children laughing, their innocence today and back then, when the parents were terrified - the thought of all the voices lost... When putting together the video, I tried to capture some of the atmosphere through mixing music with other sounds. It was a little disappointing not to use footage I filmed last year of the memorial when there was a light rain making it look like tears were running down the gray concrete. But the footage was of such different quality and in the end I can't include everything anyway - I don't have any impressive aerial footage or shots at night when the memorial is lit up either. And I'm really trying to stick with just using current footage. For anyone paying attention to such details though: yes, Erica was visiting three weeks ago, which means the footage is from a few weeks ago and not from this week. But I thought it was such an important place I wanted to share it as a weekly video. Website: http://MovingPostcard.com Personal blog: http://goodhardworkingpeople.blogspot.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MovingPostcard Twitter: http://twitter.com/luciwest Flickr: http://flickr.com/luciwest Google+: http://google/+MovingPostcard YouTube: http://youtube.com/GNYBerlin YouTube: http://youtube.com/LuciWest Tumblr: http://luciwest.tumblr.com Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/LuciWest Instagram: http://Instagram.com/LuciWest Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/LuciWest

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            • Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust: 'World That Was' Interactive Table


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              The 'World That Was' interactive table is an interactive and communal learning tool which visitors use to visually explore an archive of 25,000 photos depicting Jewish people and their lives before the Holocaust. Many of these photos are portraits, and the accessibility of the table’s UI allows visitors to connect with the striking visual and emotional qualities of these portraits. Variate Labs designed this display as part of the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMH) master strategy for information and interaction. The museum has an extensive image collection of such a size that displaying it in a conventional way would have been impossible. The solution was to create a database of images with rich metadata associated with each image, and to have the interactive table organize and present the images in various groups determined by the metadata. One goal of this interactive table was to have a low barrier of entry, whereby visitors could manually and visually explore the photos with ease, and learn about the poignant stories behind the faces they portray. This table offers visitors a personal connection to its content and allows for spontaneous exploration. The table can accommodate up to 12 individual viewers (navigating the UI themselves), or it can switch to a teaching mode where a docent can present content to a group of viewers. In this teaching mode, the docent activates a robust content management tool which can show images grouped by a specific family, theme or name. The table is also designed to allow videos to seamlessly sync with the LAMH audioguide device. More info at: http://variatelabs.com/work/lamh-worldthatwas/ Design Team: Variate Labs - Concept, Content and Interaction Strategy -Miles Kemp; President -Elisa Kemp; User Experience Design -Elise Moore, Peng Lee; Technology Design Potion - Interaction Design and Technology -Jared Schiffman, Phillip Tiongson; Principals -Young Cho, Yasmin Elayat, Xiaoyang Feng; Software Development -Caroline Oh; Design Belzberg Architects - Architecture -Hagy Belzberg; Principal -Aaron Leppanen; Project Manager Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust - Client -E. Randol Schoenberg; Board President -Mark Rothman; Executive Director Fabricators: Potion - Interaction Design and Technology -Jared Schiffman, Phillip Tiongson; Principals -Young Cho, Yasmin Elayat, Xiaoyang Feng; Software Development -Caroline Oh; Design Consultants: The Tech Consultants - Technology Consultants -Nick Mancini; Partner and Project Lead

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              • How to Make it to the Promised Land - a short film by Sam Zalutsky


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                Summer camp suddenly becomes very strange for Lizzie when she's forced to play a Holocaust roie-play game. Starring Marlane Barnes as Lizzie, as well as Lia H., Peter Vack, Kate Krieger, Aaron Sanders, and Noah Harpster.

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                • Drawings from the Gulag


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                  A short animation from the book Drawings from the Gulag. The book consists of over 130 drawings and texts by Danzig Baldaev -- author of the acclaimed Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Volumes I, II, III -- describing the history, horror and peculiarities of the Gulag system from its inception in 1918. His work as a prison guard allowed Baldaev to travel across the former USSR and witness scenes of everyday life in the Gulag first-hand, chronicling this previously closed world from both sides of the wire. The drawings, made during the Communist period, form a devastating document, a haunting echo of the works of Varlam Shalamov and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. With every vignette, Baldaev brings his characters to vivid life: from the lowest zek (inmate) to the most violent tattooed vor (thief), the practices and inhabitants of the Gulag system are revealed in incredible and shocking detail. He documents the contempt shown by the authorities to those imprisoned, and the transformation of these citizens into survivors or victims. This graphic depiction exposes the systematic methods of torture and mass murder of millions undertaken by the administration, as well as the atrocities committed by criminals on their fellow inmates.

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                  • Bettine Le Beau - A Lucky Girl


                    from cut it out studio Added 143 15 2

                    A collaboration with Animator & Director Griff https://vimeo.com/griffolio The audio was edited from an interview we conducted with Holocaust survivor, actress & writer Bettine Le Beau. http://bettinelebeau.co.uk The collages were created using a mixture of found ephemera, paint & photocopies & incorporated photos from Bettine's personal albums and scrapbooks. Commissioned by The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. HMDT. For the #MemoryMakers Project. 2015.

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                    • The Revolt of the Greek Jews


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                      A documentary from the book by Photini Tomai (Constantopoulou) "Greeks in Auschwitz-Birkenau" Directed by: Constantin Pilavios Written by: Nikos Pilavios Music by: Marietta Fafouti

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