1. Fly Fishing Vibes with Hooké in Patagonia


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    Filmed at Cinco Rios Chile : http://www.cincorios.cl D'ont forget to follow Hooké on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hookeqc In the following clip you will follow Fred Campbell, Jeff Bourdages and David Bishop on an 8-day Patagonian fly fishing odyssey in search of big brown and rainbow trout! As with any Hooke film, it is more about the “Vibes” than showing a bunch of big fish being held up, even though you will indeed see some, our videos are more about the journey and the people and things we experienced along the way. We hope you enjoy our latest journey to Patagonia. It is an amazing place to visit and should definitely be on all of your bucket lists! Everything about this wonderful region of Chile is incredible; people, lodges, rivers, lagos, lakes, food scenery and of course, big ass fish! If you have ever thought about doing it, don’t wait, just do it, you will not regret it! We would like to thank all of the people who made this fantastic trip possible; Hardy Greys, Simms, Gaspe Fly Company, the Montana Fly Company, Fokus Productions and of course our gracious host Sebastian Galilea from Cinco Rios Lodge and his excellent team of guides, Lalo, Ivan and Hector who showed us an amazing time while we were there! .. Dans cette vidéo, vous allez vivre ce que Fred Campbell, Jeff Bourdages et David Bishop ont vécu dans leur périple de 8 jours de pêche à la mouche en Patagonie chilienne. Nos trois mousquetaires sont à la recherche de grosses truites brunes et arcs-en-ciel dans un paradis terrestre incroyable. Hooké, avec ses films, cherche avant tout à faire vivre l’ambiance qui règne autour de la pêche, plutôt que de seulement voir des combats interminables avec les poissons…et ce même si vous en verrez quelques-uns. Nous espérons que vous allez apprécier les images de notre voyage en Patagonie autant que nous. C’est un endroit extraordinaire que vous devez absolument visiter, tant pour les gens, les lodges, les rivières, les lacs, les paysages, la nourriture et bien sûr, les gros poissons. Si c’est quelque chose à quoi vous avez déjà rêvé, n’attendez pas ! Faites-le, vous ne le regretterez pas! Nous tenons à remercier tous les gens qui ont rendu ce fantastique voyage possible : Hardy Grey’s, Simms, Gaspé Fly Co, Montana Fly Co et Fokus Productions. Sans oublier notre hôte, le bienveillant Sebastian Galilea du Cinco Rios Lodge et son excellente équipe de guides , Lalo, Ivan et Hector qui nous ont fait vivre de merveilleux moments. Gracias! Music : http://hooke.ca/en/fly-fishing-vibes-with-hooke-in-patagonia/

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    • Fly Fishing Vibes Pulaski + Hooké!


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      To see all our photo's and Videos join our facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/hookeqc Muisc : https://soundcloud.com/when-saints-go-machine/kelly Pulaski - the place I had sworn I would never visit again some 18-years ago! Boy am I glad I changed my mind! Well, to say that I changed my mind on my own would not be true, the TRUE motivation behind my journey back was because of two people Fred Campbell and Jeff Bourdages and their incredible project called HOOKE! The VIBE they spoke to me about preceeding our meetings together sounded all great and all but then again, who the hell are these guys I asked myself? Well, after a morning meeting with Fred at his production offices at Fokus in Quebec City and a lunch later that week with Jeff, I found myself amazed by the VIBE - ENERGY and DEDICATION that oozed out of both of them. A few visits to the Hooke.ca website where I watched their videos and this guide was HOOKE himself! We met up at the Fox Hollow lodge in Altmar, NY with big smiles and hugs as if we had know each other for years and years. The VIBE had somehow transferred into all of us and remained the entire time we were together, through good cast and bad, through frozen feet and shared shots of Fireball on the river bank, it was magical and I did not want it to end! Let me back up a bit before I go on... on the first night we met up with Rachel Finn from Lake Placid NY, a fishing and guiding Goddess in her own right - she then turned us on to her friend and local guide/angler and Spey Jedi, Patrick Ross, who kindly took us out fishing for 3-days while he could have been making some $$$ guiding. Feeling the VIBE he said "screw the guiding - I'm hanging with you boys"! The rest, as they say, is history, sit back and feel the VIBES coming through your screen - better yet, get off your asses, go grab a rod and get out there and discover just how much fun you can have if you invest in your soul a bit! Before you watch, please know that this film is entirely based on Fly Fishing with a Double Handed rod, aka, SPEY RODS! You may, from time to time, see some other guys in the background using 'Float' rods, which are basically long rods that use a center-pin reel (a free spool reel) that allows their "bait" usually an egg sack to drift about at the level the fish are holding in hopes that one may open its mouth and eat the sack - oh, and I forgot the best part, the egg sack is guided down the river by a strike indicator, or, bobber, if you prefer. It is a very popular method of fishing, although to me, rather boring, but quite deadly for those of you interested in numbers of hook ups in a day, and, if you enjoy sitting in the same spot for hours and hours. Now, I do not profess to be an expert on this type of fishing and hell, as long as you are out there, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you, especially at -10C, but the only problem, or, dissapointment I have with these anglers is that they NEVER move! As a matter of fact, if a fish takes them down stream for an hour fight, they walk right back to where they where and reclaim that exact spot and this seems to be normal. Problem is, when you are trying to "share" a pool with Spey anglers and other single hand fly fishers, problems may arise and that is what I dislike about this river system. I love the fish, the vibe while I am steadily wading down the river (when I can find a spot to do so) and enjoying the scenery and especially the banter between friends as we cast and fish. That is the best part for me. To think that this happens on ALL rivers would be a big fat FALSE! You will never find this sort of "ownership" of a spot on the rivers in Eastern Canada while fishing for Atlantic salmon and I dare say, on most rivers in Ontario where you find Steelhead. I guess it is a cultural thing that started long ago and it does not seem like there will be much change, at least in this area, which is fine, hell, I got there last, not first! The bottom line is this, there are miles and miles of river and if you pick your spots and are with a few guys rotating though a pool most "float-anglers" will simply get the message and will move on, or, if they do not and they low-hole you (stepping below you to cast in your path) you can always politely explain to them that you were in the process of fishing and that you will indeed end up hooking them if they do not rotate along with you. I do not understand why that is just not the case as everyone could indeed rotate from the top to the bottom of the pool easy enough if they wanted to Anyway, that is not my fight nor is it the vibe I want to impose on anyone else. Either you have the overall VIBE of a ethical angler, or, you don't, I guess. David Bishop https://www.facebook.com/hookeqc

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      • Fly Fishing Vibes!


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        Like our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/hookeqc Music : https://soundcloud.com/john-butler-trio/ocean-2012 While we are waiting for the fresh Salmon season to get started we decided to go target some brookies at la réserve faunique du Saint-Maurice. Good times and great fly fishing vibes in the wild. ... En attendant la pêche au saumon de l'Atlantique, nous sommes allés pêcher la truite mouchetée sur les lacs de la réserve faunique du Saint-Maurice. Du bon temps entre amis et des flyfishing vibes de qualité étaient au rendez-vous dans cette merveilleuse région sauvage. Pour acheter en ligne, visitez: https://hooke.ca/boutique

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        • HOOKÉ + Genessee


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          HOOKÉ a eu la chance d'allez tourner des images pour un projet au domaine Genessee. Voici quelques images captées avec la FS700 au super ralenti. J'en dit pas plus et je vous laisse aprécier la beauté des images. Visitez le site web du domaine http://genessee.ca ............... HOOKÉ had the chance to visit the beautiful valley of Genessee for a video production. Here are a few images taken with the new FS700 in super slow motion. Have a look and appreciate these wonderful images. Web site http://genessee.ca

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          • Teaser : Hooké à Gaspé!


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            Voici enfin le teaser de notre aventure sur les rivières de Gaspé. Un aperçu de notre périple de six jours sur les rivières York, Dartmouth et Saint-Jean à la recherche du saumon d’Atlantique. Quittant les abords de la rivière Bonaventure après avoir viré Cime Aventure sens dessus dessous avec une présentation de film et un party Hooké, Phil et Fred ont pris la direction de Gaspé dans la van Hooké en semi-forme. Arrivés à bon port, les gars se sont lancés à la découverte des trois rivières dans des conditions ardues. Dans un débit d’eau de fou et un début de saison qui s’annonçait difficile, la tribu a travaillé fort pour parvenir aux saumons. Profitez du teaser et continuez à nous suivre au cours des prochaines semaines pour voir notre expédition complète! Musique : Santigold - This isn't our parade … Finally, here is the teaser of our adventure on the Gaspé rivers! A sneak peak of our six days trip on the York, Dartmouth and Saint-Jean rivers searching for Atlantic salmon. Leaving the banks of the Bonaventure River after flipping Cime Aventure over with a film premiere and a Hooké party, Phil and Fred took the direction of Gaspé in a semi-good shape Hooké van. At their arrival, the boys started exploring the three rivers in harsh conditions. With a crazy fast river flow and a difficult season beginning on its hands, the tribe worked hard and succeeded to get some salmon on the rod. Enjoy the teaser and keep following us in the next weeks for the clips of our complete trip to Gaspé! Music : Santigold - This isn't our parade

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              Click on the CC button in the vimeo timeline to see the subtitles. In March 2014, the tribe went to Patagonia for a brown trout fly-fishing trip at the Cinco Rios Lodge. We explored lakes, creeks and rivers caught some big fish and met locals with whom we share great souvenirs. In this expedition through Chile’s majestic landscapes we had the chance to live numerous surprises. Rare hatches, Chinook salmons, Rainbow trout, brown trout, unreal scenery and new encounters tinted this expedition with intensity. We are proud to present you with the Hooké Patagonia: Aventura de Pesca a Mosca teaser, intended to every adventure, fly-fishing, music and good vibe enthusiast. Stay tuned for the film tour dates and the online diffusion of the full video! https://www.facebook.com/events/638702046184892 Thanks to our sponsor who made this adventure possible especially Sebastein Galilea at Cinco Rios Lodge Music : https://soundcloud.com/moroccandreamstravels/youandewan-1988-original-mix ..... Cliquer sur CC dans la fenêtre vimeo pour voir les sous-titre. En mars 2014, la tribu s’est rendue en Patagonie pour un périple de pêche à la mouche au Cinco Rios Lodge. Nous avons exploré lacs, rivières et ruisseaux, capturé les plus grosses truites de nos vies et rencontré des locaux avec qui nous partageons des souvenirs incroyables. Dans cette expédition à travers les paysages majestueux du Chili, nous avons eu droit à de nombreuses surprises. Éclosion rare, saumon chinook, truite arc-en-ciel, truite brune, décors surréels et nouvelles rencontres ont teinté cette expédition d’intensité. Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter aujourd’hui le teaser de Hooké Patagonia : Aventura de Pesca a Mosca, un film destiné à tous les amateurs d’aventure, de musique et de bons vibes. Bref, on espère que vous aurez envie de mettre les pieds dans une rivière après avoir écouté ça! Suivez-nous pour les dates de tournée de projection du film et la diffusion en ligne! https://www.facebook.com/events/638702046184892 Merci à tous nos commanditaires qui ont rendu cette aventure possible ainsi qu'à Sebastien Galilea de Cinco Rios Lodge. Musique https://soundcloud.com/moroccandreamstravels/youandewan-1988-original-mix

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              • Hooké Leaf River


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                Fred and Maude had a chance to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world, Leaf River Lodge. The most amazing part of this adventure is that it was on home territory in the wilderness of Northern Quebec. The Leaf river has remained a clandestine jewel known only by the native Inuits of Northern Quebec. From its source in Minto Lake, the Leaf River flows away from the Hudson Bay toward Ungava Bay. On this trip our two adventurers had the opportunity to fuse the technology and hardware of today with unspoiled waters of Yester years. Big Brookies , Lake trout and Salmon were all présent for our two love birds to enjoy! Thanks to Alain and Louis Tardif for making this adventure possible. Music : https://soundcloud.com/junip/walking-lightly … Fred et Maude ont eu la chance de visiter une des plus belles places du monde, la pourvoirie de la Rivière aux Feuilles. La partie la plus étonnante de cette aventure c'est qu'elle s'est déroulée dans les régions les plus sauvages de notre belle province. La Rivière aux Feuilles demeure un joyau connu seulement des Inuits natifs du Nord québécois. De sa source du lac Minto, la Rivière aux Feuilles coule de la Baie d'Hudson à la Baie d'Ungava. Ce fabuleux périple aura permis à nos deux aventuriers de conjuguer avec la technologie et l'équipement d'aujourd'hui ainsi qu'avec l'eau pure et inexploitée d'autrefois. Grosses truites mouchetées, truites grises et saumons étaient au rendez-vous au grand bonheur de nos tourtereaux. Merci à Alain et Louis Tardif d'avoir rendu possible cette belle aventure. Musique : https://soundcloud.com/junip/walking-lightly

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                • Hooké Printemps 2014!


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                  Avec l’arrivée du printemps et de notre nouvelle collection nous avons passé quelques jours à traquer la grise et la mouchetée à la Réserve faunique du Saint-Maurice. Nous avons pêché des lacs et des rivières et pris de beaux poissons depuis la berge. C’est donc un beau début de saison pour nous, on vous souhaite de faire pareil! Suivez nos médias sociaux pour plus d'aventures de pêche à bord du van Hooké cet été! ... With the arrival of spring and of our new collection, we took a few days to fish for lake trout and brookies at the Réserve faunique du Saint-Maurice. We fished lakes and rivers and caught a bunch of nice fish from the shore. This is a great season start and we wish you the same! Follow our social medias for more fly fishing adventures aboard the Hooké Van this summer! Music : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Q5m2DEf7ag

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                  • Hooké in Patagonia / Teaser


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                    Filmed at Cinco Rios Chile : http://www.cincorios.cl If you don't already, we want YOU to love fly fishing! If you know someone who has been curious about it, have them watch our teaser. We are pretty sure that the "Fly Fishing Vibe" will come through the screen and grab them. If you are already into it, we really hope you will enjoy our latest clip! Just the beginning of many more to come. Hooke is all about getting people interested in Fly Fishing, first and foremost. The places, people and fish we meet along the way are all a part of it and we are happy to share our latest trip to Patagonia with all of you. We hope you like it. Stay tuned for the full video coming soon! The Hooke team Music : Artist : Roosevelt Album : Sea https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/sea-single/id571881963 For more info on fly fishing in Patagonia : http://www.cincorios.cl/english https://www.facebook.com/cincorioslodge D'ont forget to follow Hooké on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hookeqc ... Si ce n'est pas déjà le cas, nous voulons VOUS faire aimer la pêche à la mouche! Si vous connaissez des gens curieux à ce sujet, montrez-leur notre teaser. Nous sommes certains que le "fly fishing vibe" traversera l'écran et s'emparera d'eux. Pour les amateurs de ce merveilleux sport, nous espérons que vous apprécierez notre dernier clip. C'est le premier de plusieurs autres à venir. Hooké désire amener les gens à s'intéresser à la pêche à la mouche, d'abord et avant tout. Les lieux que nous découvrons, les poissons que nous attrapons et les gens que nous rencontrons sur notre chemin font tous partie du succès de cette belle aventure. Nous sommes heureux de partager avec vous notre dernier voyage en Patagonie. Nous espérons qu'il vous plaira. L'équipe de Hooké

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                    • Hooké Vibes!


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                      https://hooke.ca/en/shop/ Good times and great fly fishing vibes last weekend fishing for brookies and rainbows. .. De merveilleux moments et un bon vibe tout en pêchant des truites mouchetées et arc-en-ciel !! .. Music : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bloodbuzz-ohio-single/id366968841

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