1. Project Horus: Horus 23 - Amateur Radio in the Sky


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    Project Horus is a high altitude balloon project based out of Adelaide, South Australia. The group has been launching balloons into the region of the atmosphere known as "near space" for over 2 years now. The latest launch was Horus 23, conducted on Sunday April 15th 2012. The aim of this flight was to fly some amateur radio oriented payloads, including an FM Voice repeater (438.9MHz FM Uplink, 144.65MHz FM Downlink) as well as several telemetry beacons (APRS AX.25 Packet Radio on 145.175, RTTY 300 Baud on 434.075 (25mW) and a bi-directional command system flown also on 70cm. The flight was timed to coincide with the Wireless Institute of Australia's National Radio Field Day event. 44 stations from across South Australia and Victoria accessed the system and made contact with the Amateur Radio Experimenter Group's club callsign VK5ARG. The next radio repeater flight is scheduled for the last weekend in May, this time to be launched from Mildura, Victoria. This should be very interesting as we expect to have coverage of Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney simultaneously during the flight. --- This film was shot with a Panasonic GH-2 DSLR and a 14-140mm F4.0-5.8 lens Additional footage was from an iPhone4S Additional stills footage was from a Nikon D800

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    • Journée gonflage


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      Samedi 20 février 2010 Journée entière dehors. Le Matin repérage d'un dénivelé à Beynes pour la pratique du soaring. L'après midi , séance de gonflage musclée. Beaucoup, beaucoup de vent. Donc, on ne vole pas. L'école ouvre malgré le froid, et entraine ses élèves au gonflage avec des jeux ludiques. Savoir voler et ce en toute sécurité, commence par une bonne maitrise de son aile au sol. Le gonflage est une nécessité. Avant d'envisager d'intégrer une école, renseignez vous si l'école propose les exercices (genre sur cette vidéo) qui feront de vous de bons pilotes. Merci à Perle pour avoir tenu le caméscope. C'est super de se voir ;-)

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      • 2012 Transition of the ages - Interview with Rik Clay 1/9


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        Rik Clay walks us through his staggering research that suggest's a significant Event of the Ages is planned for the 2012 Summer Olympics in Stratford, London. A whole new way of looking at Rik's work ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I found the 2nd part here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9X6w8WneHc at FelipeSparx29 channel but unfortunately the first part was not available. I found a source at googlevideo but the video doesn't play - to make it short i found this complete interview on another videosite and put it here again. If it's not available u can download the complete interview from a one click hoster which can be found below. Thanks for watching :) Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75eI8O3on00

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        • Paramoteur : l'activité qui décoiffe


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          13 Mars 2010. Journée fraiche mais ô combien sympa. Romain tire une banderole de 200 m.Scène filmée avec une GoPro HD fixée sur son casque. Nous avons été survolé par 3 montgolfières en raz-motte. Il n'en fallait pas plus pour "chausser" les paramoteurs et tourner autour. C'est vraiment l'ECOLE à ne pas rater pour s'amuser, bien se former, et se préparer à un avenir de bon pilote.

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          • Our Continent from "Near" Space


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            This footage shows images of the lower Murray, metropolitan Adelaide, the Coorong and almost all the way to Port Augusta at the top of Spencer Gulf, from an altitude of 33.7km (110,800ft). It was captured using a camera flown aboard an amateur helium balloon flight undertaken by the Project Horus team based in Adelaide. More information can be found on the project website http://projecthorus.org/ If you listen closely, you can hear the balloon burst at the 00:34 second mark, followed by the sound of the wind as the payload begins it's decent back to earth. This is a stunning reminder of how small we really are against this vast continent of ours! Note - this is not something you can do out of your back yard. A long process was required with CASA to seek approval for this project.

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            • Cineflex "La Réunion"


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              Cineflex V14 and Wescam HD owner, Horus Aerial is specialized in rental and filming services of Cineflex and Wescam systems. Based in the South of France we can easily install our systems at the airports of: Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Toulon, Le Castellet, Marseille, Aix en Provence, Avignon, Gap, Grenoble, Lyon, Montpellier, Perpignan, Castres, Pau, Bordeaux... horus-aerial.com

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              • The Truth of the Times 4 - The Sun VS The Snake (An in depth Zeitgeist Movie Response and Review)


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                The purpose of this series is 2-fold. First, I wish to bring to light the facts and fiction of the Zeitgeist movie and the movement in general. Secondly, I hope this video will serve as an example to other YouTube users as to the proper way to make a response video, namely cite all of your sources with at least a hyperlink if not APA or MLA. This allows people to see where you are coming from. What made Zeitgeist so engrossing was the flood of new information which formed a coherent argument with out having to cite sources or discuss which parts were only theory. This episode shows the sun is NOT the most adored object of all time. Some of my research in further episodes will show that many of the central themes in the film can be found in the discussion portion of Wikipedia articles as ideas that literally just came out of nowhere or poor attention to the detail of the origin of images and information from non-scholarly sources. I have seen a lot of responses to this film and finally decided that I should really make one to top them all by digging to the very source of each and every argument and presenting it alongside the response. These are issues of science and faith that shake people to the core and should not be so easily written off by any one person or movie with out a shred of evidence. This YouTube series is the living rough draft for the final feature film. All are encouraged to share their thoughts and point out where improvements could be made. If anyone would like to help in the technical aspects, making animations, finding relavant film footage (no flv please, avi, mov and wmv only) or contributing valid sources to back up or disprove points in the movie I will add you to the credits. I do not plan to make money off of this movie so its an all volunteer effort! 50,000 people have viewed the Zeitgeist film, but how many are willing to go the distance to ensure our society is kept in the paths of knowledge and truth? Question everything and cite the answers! -Vinny

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                • The Return of the Gods Part 1


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                  The Return of the Gods during this change as the natures reclaim their territories Fire/Hru ,Earth/Geb ,Air/shu, Water/Hapi over man in the transfer of the ages and the old world comes to a end and the new world begins. We will look into the origins of the major symbols used in the predynastic and the rulers that used it during the dynastic period in Kmt/Egypt and Ksh/Nubia and how it was taken and reused by the rulers of today. These presentation will lead up to a art show by Ramomar after all his years of research and bring life back to the symbols that were valued by the ancestors so it may be seen again today and for the future .you can support the Renaissance at www.ramomart.com.

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                  • Obc S.Loeb & D.Elena


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                    Caméras embarquées pour l'émission "Intérieur Sport" en compagnie de l'équipage 7 fois champion du monde. Pour voir le documentaire dans son intégralité: http://www.canalplus.fr/c-sport/pid2708-interieur-sport.html?vid=385090 Onboard camera for the french TV program "Intérieur Sport" featuring the 7 times world champion crew. To watch the entire film: http://www.canalplus.fr/c-sport/pid2708-interieur-sport.html?vid=385090 Matériel Horus XSHD MK2 www.mi2ko.fr

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                    • Fraudulent New Age "Zeitgeist" Movie Deceives Many


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                      Larry Wessels, Director of Christian Answers of Austin, Texas/ Christian Debater & Steve Morrison, Research & webmaster for Christian Answers (see websites: BIBLEQUERY.ORG, HISTORYCART.COM, & MUSLIMHOPE.COM) analyze a movie called "Zeitgeist" that claims that Christianity is the "Fraud of the Age." "Zeitgeist" claims that Christianity is nothing more than a concoction of myths, fables, & legends plagiarized from numerous pagan sources before it. "Zeitgeist" argues that Christian faith & doctrine come from a collection of astrological sources (Zodiac), Egyptian myths (Egyptian Book of the Dead), & various other ancient religions (such as Hinduism). "Zeitgeist" comes across with amazing forcefulness as if the information being presented is absolutely true & unquestioned. The movie opens with quotes from George Carlin & others indicating that lies are everywhere. The movie then sets out to trash Jesus Christ & Christianity by supposedly "documenting" that it is all a lie based on the above mentioned sources. The movie also talks of political conspiracies in the world today & concludes with an annotated bibliography of reference citations. Gerald Massey is cited 30 times (he wrote for Theosophy's publication "Lucifer" which was founded by New Age occultist H.P. Blatsky. Massey was also a practicing Druid). "Zeitgeist" also references Manly P. Hall (Freemason) five times, Albert Churchwood (Freemason) six times, Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy (makers of Zeitgeist) seven times, D.M. Murdock (New Age author) two times who also goes by the pen name Acharya S. twenty-seven times, & on the list goes. This movie is nothing more than pure propaganda easily refuted by historical data, archeological findings, manuscript evidence, & hundreds of fulfilled Biblical prophecies. Hitler's Propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbels would have been proud of the makers of "Zeitgeist" who follow the old line, "If you lie long enough & loud enough people will believe you."

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