1. Ebola Buddy


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    Now that politicians and pundits are using Ebola to score political points, it seems only natural for Ebola Buddy to be a vice presidential candidate, or at very least a trusted political consultant. (Never mind that thousands are dying in West Africa and you should donate to Doctors Without Borders right now.) You can read more at http://www.MarkFiore.com

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    • "The Real Mitt Romney" - feat. Eminem


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      By Hugh Atkin Can I have your attention please. Can I have your attention please. Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up. I repeat. Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up. We're gonna have a problem here. Y'all act like you haven't seen a Mormon before. Jaws down on the floor. I'm not concerned about the very poor. Got it wrong. Sorry. That's not what I meant. I want every American to be in the top one percent. I'm really named Willard. That's my first name. I'm not looking for a colony on the moon. Just for someone to blame. I like being able to fire people. "I'm Newt Gingrich." You're fired. "I'm Rick Santorum and I'm...." Fired Boom. Boom. Boom. "Conservative women love Mitt Romney." And I love cars and I love lakes. I'm running or office for Pete's sake. With regards to abortion. Pro-life? Pro-choice? I firmly believe in my own singing voice. For purple mountains' majesty, above the fruited plain. "Where were we at John?" Uh... with regards to abortion... uh.... You can choose your own adventure. It's a Republican dementia. And I'm more concerned about the banks: they're unable to lend. Corporations are people my friend. My dog is on the roof. My dog is on the roof. Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Understand I'm an exception. The Obama contraception. Not a vulture, I'm an eagle. Look I'm gonna get my lawn cut by illegals. There will be an influx. Hispanic voters in trucks. Look, if you don't believe, I'll tell you what, ten thousand bucks? Well, I made a lot of money matter of factually. I drive a couple of Cadillacs actually. I have emotion and passion. That's a joke for the record. But if you want the soul of America restored, Come on board. Take your fair share and every Mormon wave your underwear. Sing the chorus, papa bear. I'm Mitt Romney. Yes, I'm the real Romney. All the other Mitt Romneys are just ****. So would the real Mitt Romney please stand up, please stand up, please stand up. I'm Mitt Romney. Yes, I'm the real Romney. All the other Mitt Romneys are just ****. So would the real Mitt Romney please stand up, please stand up, please stand up.

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      • The Huck Awards Featuring Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Impersonators


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        Reggie Brown as Barack Obama and Tim Watters as Bill Clinton appear together for the second time on FOX News' Huckabee Show with Governor Mike Huckabee.

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        • Christmas: A Revenge Tale


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          When our striking hero (Nathaniel Beaver) disrespects the vile crime boss, Bumpus (John Mark Huckabee), on Christmas Eve by refusing to take one more job, he puts the lives of his girlfriend and himself in mortal peril. Now, he must fight back to end the tyranny and get his bloody revenge in this epic tale of action, vengeance, retaliation, and eggnog. Starring Nathaniel Beaver and John Mark Huckabee Directed and Edited by Nathaniel Beaver Director of Photography and Visual Effects: Luis Garcia

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          • Kind Bomb Mission : Gimme Some Truth


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            http://www.kindovermatter.com Song : Gimme Some Truth by John Lennon No, I don't own the rights to this song & I will take if down if asked but something tells me that I would have John's blessing to use it -- especially under these circumstances -- because it's what he was fighting so hard for too.

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            • Rock Opera White Suburban Liars Songs 'No Takers' / Greenhouse Effect Music 2006 - Bmi Music Rock City Productions.


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              97,734 Views - Youtube Video - 1992 Would Prove to be "The Golden Age" of Greenhouse Effect Songs as well as the final phase and years of the Los Angeles Band. "No Takers" Would be just one of the many ( and often Hilarious ) catchy Great Hook laden Song ideas that would mark G.e. as a cut far above other ordinary lesser bands. "Misogynistia" ( Shes A Bitch.....And Then You Live ) as well as the extremely Gifted classic "Brandy" would be stitched together from final albums to be plotted in to "The Rock Opera" in what would be Clark Haggans' Most ironic writing work of his idea that 'celebrated his life "real reality" as it collided rock n roll fantasy with reality with pure rock theatre tragedy ,.... and Maybe Meatloaf style ala Bat Out of Hell" - The Story of the Rock Opera is that of a weak and smallish guy named Maury who suffers through a life of being ignored or ridiculed "at best" before going off to fight in George Bush Sr's 1990 / 91 Iraq War - in order to "gain respect" or die ,...and "come home in a box" to make others feel guilty "at best" - Maury survives the War ,...only to return home to being thrown out of his parents home along with continued ridicule and lack of respect. Maury soon finds himself homeless on this "Story within a Story" ,...with only the comfort of black prostitutes and vagrancy in the streets as he abuses methamphetimines and alcohol. "I know that the concept of the Rock Opera has been so hard to swallow for so many people" Says Clark Haggins in 2007 "And the fact that you have a "Story within a story - or basically a Rock Opera within another Rock Opera" is daunting to most people and hard to follow..." As the Story goes, ...Haggins own life of being an ignored and neglected "Pop-Star" runs simaltaneously with the confusing and Pretensious story of "Maury" "I admit,..its a damn bit confusing and Pretensious" says Haggins "But 'thats' what Great Pop Art is !!" Says the Redondo Beach Guitarist; "The Story is pretty bloody basic simple !! ,...its the story of me and my life in general ,...and I write a Rock Opera - within my own Rock Opera,.... Sure, theres weird shit where I go back in time and talk to myself ,.... Where I go back and see the little me when I was five and when i see my mother,..way back in 1970 ,...I see that Sunset goin' down that day ,....and there is a bit maybe too much of the Kinks influence and feel from the "Lola " days and "Soap Opera' I may over-indulge in plus ofcourse lots of other over-indulgences ,....but I am from a routine boring place Like Redondo Beach California - a place where people just get drunk and get high,...buying marijuana and cocaine,.... I think my music fits the place,..and represents it - like a glove !!" - After the band's early years of Guitar indulgence from Phil Keegan and songs like "Precarious" and "Coke Snorting" ,..., Haggans and bassist Rick Carmody settle in with more refined tracks - some that seem to borrow from Fm rocker radio hits of the past maybe a bit too much ala the Kinks and Ray and Dave Davies ( An example ofcourse is Ben is Dead - and its lifting of Ted Nugent and the Ambouy Dukes "Journey to the center of Your mind" - "I admit,..I love the Kinks and I particularly love their 'concept albums' period ,... Ray Davies is a genious ,..and I also love Fee Waybill and the Tubes,...I love that 'reality' talk in their lyrics,..and the ironic iconic humor,..." Haggans often writes that him, his blogs, his wacky "Politics" and everything about him 'is' the Rock Opera "Still - to this day" and that he will write the most outrageous and out-landish shit to keep his throngs of listeners and watchers "hooked' on G.e. - "I write a buncha shit that makes people laugh,..and they get all excited and happy,... I play the fool ,..and I let the People 'use' me for their enjoyment and outlet - its much like how my life has always gone,... but now, we're all entertained,..including me too - I enjoy all of this immensely,...plus People are just fucking bored and stupid and they will read anything....I take full advantage !! " declares Haggans "Its all art and ironic ,..thats how good quality life and humor 'must' be ,..I am pure entertainment ,...I am pure Pop" says Haggans. The Most watched band of the internet doesn't shy away from controversy or anything that will keep Haggans and G.e. from their quest for endless and complete attention; "I have always been a joke to people and I have always been one of those ignored and 'expendable' type people ,... the guy whose' picked last for the team ,.... the guy who is just a complete joke, a loser, and pathetic to people ,...thats what I am !! I am Pop art !!" Says Haggans "I have made the most of it on the web,....ofcourse the irony being so many people discovering my great talent ,...it all makes Redondo Beach and it's People exposed as the jokes and worthless artless people and ghouls that they are !!" Greenhouse Effect blast with Some of the Web's Greatest Songs from the 1992 Period or G.e's "Golden Age" ; 'White Black Thang', 'Search And Destroy', "Manipulation", "Five Years", "Addicted" , "It Ain't Easy", and ofcourse the 1992 epic "Big Teen Dollars" where Haggans savages Kurt Cobain to pieces ,..." A Lot of people say that I hate Kurt Cobain or that I'm jealous and all that,...My music is nothing Like Nirvana ,..its apples to oranges - except My shit is One thousand times better !!!" Says Haggans. Rock City Productions Boston Massachusetts.

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              • Approve This Message


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                • lip dub Saturday


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                  my niece's first lipdub. The artist is a good friend named holly brook - check her out she is amazing and getting very popoular. She hopes you like it.

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                  • The Mike Huckabee Radio Show


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                    Mike Huckabee welcomes affiliates to his new radio show.

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                    • Reggie Brown performs "I Am Barack"


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                      Reggie appeared with Governor Mike Huckabee, Tony Orlando, and Montel Williams live on FOX News from Branson on Veteran's Day.

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