1. HAPPY life


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    A short film about life... about human being. Location: Europe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am very excited If I have chance to capture 'ordinary' people in their natural environment They just inspire me and moves... I see a harmony in ordinary activities - joy and sadness at the same time. Everything around us is magical. When I take pictures or shots I look at the world through the eyes of a child ... everything seems so interesting and unusual ! I'm 'hungry', I want to grab everything ! In this way I've gathered shots and took some pictures over 5 years. Now I have quite huge library of footage of people, places, nature, animals etc. The film is directed only at the stage of editing ! No man in this movie wasn't forced to do anything. There is no acting, no dubels, no studio lights, only one camera (5D MKII), no sponsors :D, unrestricted creativity, completely without crew - just one person - me ;) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Beautiful Music: Max Richter & Dinah Washington - This Bitter Earth http://www.maxrichtermusic.com/en/index.php voice over: Dalai Lama Sound FX: mojebory Directed: mojebory Edited: mojebory Shot: mojebory Color grading: mojebory facebook.com/borytucholskie ten sam Film z polskimi napisami [captions] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqOge4J9Aj0 Used Canon 5D MK II, couple of lenses and some other stuff

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    • A Tribute to Discomfort: Cory Richards


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      Blue Chalk worked with National Geographic Creative photographer and North Face athlete Cory Richards to create a promotional piece to demonstrate the scope of his work and the passion and athleticism that accompanies him in the field. A Tribute to Discomfort brings the viewer through Cory’s stunning work, his unique sense of humor, and his quest to create photographs that relate a common humanity. Original Still Photography: Cory Richards/National Geographic Creative Co-Director, Producer: Catherine Yrisarri Co-Director, DP, Editor: Rob Finch Assistant Camera: Jamie Francis Original Music: Elizabeth Lim Sound Design: Chip Sloan, Digital One Additional Footage: Keith Ladzinski, 3 Strings Productions Created by Blue Chalk Media http://bluechalk.com

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      • Bet She'an


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        "In the city of Bet She'an, where mankind is progressively morphing into crows, a sculptor decides to leave a trace of this dwindling humanity" "Dans la citadelle de de Bet She'an où les hommes se transforment progressivement en corbeaux, un sculpteur décide de laisser une trace de l'humanité." Directed by : Calvet David - www.banditscollective.com - Technical Director - Render - Lighting - Preproduction Charbonel Jérémy - Environment and Character Modelling - Hair and Cloth Simulation - Sound Letoile Bastien - www.banditscollective.com - Director - Animation - Environment Design Raynaut Guillaume - www.graynaut.blogspot.fr - Rigging - Skinning - Character Modeling - Compositing Soler Julien - www.banditscollective.com - Art Director - Environment Design and Modeling - Character Design Wang Gongjin - Skies and smokes - Modelsheet and Concept Music by Seraphin Quittau Our making of : http://vimeo.com/78102934

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        • The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck - by @JasonSilva


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          Follow me on twitter! @JasonSilva - https://twitter.com/JasonSilva This video was created by Jason Silva and shot and edited with my friends at Bravo Media, and is non-commercial and for educational and inspirational purposes only. Full credits and clip attributions can be found below. This video was inspired by three big ideas: 1) The ideas of psychologist Nicholas Humphrey who has written of "THE BIOLOGICAL ADVANTAGE OF BEING AWESTRUCK". Basically, our ability to awe was biologically selected for by evolution because it imbues our lives with sense of cosmic significance that has resulted in a species that works harder not just to survive but to flourish and thrive... "Humphrey refers to consciousness as a magic show that you stage for yourself inside your head, which lights up the world and makes you feel special and transcendent... this magical theater provides a reason to live, a love of occupying the present moment, and a desire to sustain it into the future, that over time has proved stronger than anything else, and accounts for humanity’s swift and triumphant success-- Humphrey says “being enchanted by the magic of experience, rather than being just an aid to survival, provides an essential incentive to survive.” "We relish just being here. We feel “the yen to confirm and renew, in small ways or large, our own occupancy of the present moment, to go deeper, to extend it, to revel in being there, and when we have the skill, to celebrate it in words..” Our desire to understand brings exquisite pleasure... and feeds our exploratory voyage, our scientific inquiry, our technological development, and even our poetic self-regard.. More: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703858404576214771893335998.html 2) The Stanford study that found that AWE is clinically good for you, expanding perception of time, increasing compassion and empathy and promoting well being: More: http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/07/study-awe-inspiring-experiences-change-our-perception-of-time/260138/ 3) Ross Andersen's rapturous meditation on the ontological awakening of our psyches provided by the Hubble Space Telescope: "At first glancing the Deep FIELD “one might mistake it for gemstones scattered across black velvet, but a closer look reveals that each smudge of light, 2,600 in all, is a galaxy dense with billions of star-fired worlds, pinwheeling in deep time. … To that point, astronomy had imaged objects only four billion light years away, and poorly at that. Here a telescope reached 11 and a half billion light years into space and delivered an image legible to the layman: an unprecedented expansion of human vision." More: http://lareviewofbooks.org/article.php?id=331 **Music by John Murphy - "Kaneda's Death Pt 2" from Sunshine Soundtrack itunes.apple.com/us/album/sunshine-music-from-motion/id297702863 **Featuring Stock Footage from Shutterstock Still images courtesy of THE IMAGINARY FOUNDATION - http://www.imaginaryfoundation.com/ And clips from Knate Myers' "ISS at Night" featuring NASA images: http://vimeo.com/45878034 Camera: Liam O' Sullivan Edited by Jess Betz and Jason Silva Shot and edited at BRAVO MEDIA - http://bravomediainc.com/

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          • THE GLOAMING


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            Written by Niko Nobrain Director : NOBRAIN Production : Sabotage Studio and Autour De Minuit Edited by Niko Nobrain and Gregoire Sivan Post Production by Sabotage Studio Stop Motion and Miniatures by Two Left Hands 3D Supervision by Ludovic Manonni and Florian Durand 2D Designs by Pasquale Carlotti Music by joseph Arthur Sound Design by Kouz Production

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            • FIFTY PEOPLE ONE QUESTION - GALWAY, IRELAND 2011 by Kamil Krolak


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              http://www.kamilfilms.com - more about us and our projects. "One Town, 50 different People, One very difficult Question" Fifty People One Question - Galway A short film which brough together people from furthest corners of the world... Its impact on the audience, inspirational content, reaction in the media in various countries, as well as the global popularity are incredible and indisputable. We are delighted we gave you the opportunity to watch it and experience it in many different ways. Thank you for watching it and sharing it with your close ones. I made this short movie few months ago, with the help of my friends and college mates. It is based on the 'Fifty People One Question' series made by http://fiftypeopleonequestion.com It is based in Galway and it was shot in November 2010. Shot in High Quality on Cannon 550D. Fifty People One Question... Hope you will all enjoy it. I appreciate any critique and suggestions so please feel free to comment and contact me. Phone number: (00353) 868910692 FaceBook: KamilFilms - http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100002501040241 Email: kamilfilms@gmail.com Songs used in the production and iTune links where you can buy them: 1)Wilson Phillips - Go Your Own Way [http://bit.ly/kq9lTW] 2)Hans Zimmer - You're So Cool ('True Romance' soundtrack) [http://bit.ly/mDFIJP] 3)Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth [http://bit.ly/iLVOC9] 4)John Powell, Pete Anthony, Don Harper, Blake Nelly & The Hollywood Studio Symphony - The Moon And The Superhero (Hancock Soundtrack) [http://bit.ly/kzzby4] 5)Rachel's - Water From the Same Source [http://bit.ly/m6s1OH] Crew: Director: Kamil Krolak Assistant Dir: Fintan Warfield Director of Photography: Kamil Krolak Editor: Kamil Krolak Camera: Julia Puchovska/ Des Mulcahy/ Fintan Warfield/ Kamil Krolak Sound: Killian McPartland http://www.kamilfilms.com // Kamil Krolak 00353 868910692 // info@kamilfilms.com ©KamilFilms 2011 // ©Kamil Krolak 2011

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              • THE EDGE


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                Capture and Narrative development by Steer Films / Steer Digital - steerdigitalmedia.com Sharks have fascinated both Joe Romeiro and Bill Fisher since childhood. They each learned to dive as a tool to experience the power and mystery of sharks first hand. After meeting on a shark diving expedition, they teamed up to form 333 Productions and produce films that help aid in the conservation of sharks and the marine environment. They want to use their experiences to help show others that many species of sharks are threatened, and some even face extinction. Joe and Bill portray sharks the way they see them, as beautiful and awe inspiring creatures that are an important and critical element of our oceans eco-system.

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                • LLAPSE


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                  "A visual metaphor of the positive and negative aspects of humanity, and its path on Earth." Official website: http://llapse.net Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/llapse Contact: contact@llapse.net Story: “This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper.” - TS ELLIOTT Transience reflects the condition of every being in the universe seen through a sensitive, intellectual or even felt experience. Even further, what humanity can’t describe, touch or identify is also linked to the same vanishing flow. As big can be atoms or minuscule the stars, it’s all about sequences, pace, sudden apparitions or slow decay. Humanity seems to have a unique potential in this constant struggle between life and entropy. Whether our aptitudes help us prevail and evolve or instead accelerates our doom we have yet to decide. That hesitation would come to an end with self-annihilation, but an end may just be a transition, a transformation. Process: Structured in a pseudo-timeline, the film is visually bringing a balance of positive and negative aspects in humanity. Slow or fast paced scenes, soft nature or hard concrete environments are shown as global human experience. Initially a personal practice to bring mental concepts to life, this movie is achieved by two individuals, Julien Vanhoenacker as writer/director/VFX artist and Nicolas Vitte as music composer. A great deal of computing power is needed to generate CGI images and the availability of the renderfarm of The Post Bangkok is a chance that allows this film to exist. Creating these visual metaphors is a lengthy process spanning over many months. This allows ideas to be refined and become stronger in time, but also requires organisation, endurance and perfectionism, as well as the ability to stay focused on the initial intention. Credits: Writing / Direction: JULIEN VANHOENACKER CGI / VFX: JULIEN VANHOENACKER Music: NICOLAS VITTE Production / Renderfarm: THE POST BANGKOK Thanks: YA CHUNG TENG GABRIEL MAYMON MOONTIARA SANPHECHUDA PICHAYA POPANYASAK APIWAT SRIMONGKOLKUL

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                  • Welcome to the Anthropocene


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                    In June 2012, "Welcome to the Anthropocene"—a film about the state of the planet—opened the UN's Rio+20 summit on sustainable development. The summit was the largest UN meeting to date. A 3-minute journey through the last 250 years of our history, from the start of the Industrial Revolution to the Rio+20 Summit. The film charts the growth of humanity into a global force on an equivalent scale to major geological processes. HD stills available here: http://www.igbp.net/5.1081640c135c7c04eb480001217.html Unnarrated version here: https://vimeo.com/40940686 The film was commissioned by the Planet Under Pressure conference, London 26-29 March, a major international conference focusing on solutions. www.planetunderpressure2012.net The film is part of the world's first educational webportal on the Anthropocene, commissioned by the Planet Under Pressure conference, and developed and sponsored by www.anthropocene.info Anthropocene.info is a beta version. Phase two and phase three of the site development will be complete by the end of 2012. www.Anthropocene.info has been brought to you by: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) | www.csiro.au Globaïa | www.globaia.org International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) | www.igbp.net International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDB) | www.ihdp.unu.edu Stockholm Resilience Centre | www.stockholmresilience.org Stockholm Environment Institute | www.sei-international.org Data used: International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme | www.igbp.net NaturalEarthData | www.naturalearthdata.com OpenStreetMap | www.openstreetmap.org National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency | www.nga.mil National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration | www.noaa.gov National Aeronautics and Space Administration | www.nasa.gov Greg's Cable Map | www.cablemap.info Music: Earlyguard | www.earlyguard.bandcamp.com HECQ | www.hecq.de

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                    • Faces of Turkey


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                      In travel or in our daily lives we pass by others, forgetting that all the people we interact with are just like us... human: full of happiness and pain and hope. In Turkey, we tried to take an extra moment to "see" some of the food producers that make up this wonderful country. Created by: www.theperennialplate.com In Partnership with: www.intrepidtravel.com/food/ Filmed & edited by: Daniel Klein ( twitter.com/perennialplate/ ) & Mirra Fine ( twitter.com/kaleandcola/) Music: "Kicked down the Road" by James Wallace and the Naked Light: http://www.jwatnl.com/ https://vimeo.com/user2429372 Filmed on 5d Mark iii w Canon 24-70, 70-200 2.8 L

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