1. Eazy Dolly


    from Jason Hernandez / Added

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    A little experiment my Dad and I took on, when I asked him if he could help me build a dolly. A few weeks later I've got a legit dolly and my dad has a new hobby... Enjoy

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    • 2010 Cinematography Demo Reel


      from Patrick Lawler / Added

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      My name is Patrick Lawler I am a Cinematographer and camera operator in San Francisco California! This is my Demo Reel as of January 2010! Everything here is shot digitally using the Red One, Panasonic HVX, or the Canon 7D.

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      • Tea/Las Alturas Fire, Santa Barbara California


        from Patrick Lawler / Added

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        November 2008 A fire broke out in the mountains above Santa Barbara California. I took my video camera up 2 days in a row and got all the footage I could before I got in trouble with the police for not having a press pass. This was shot with the HVX200 (stock lens) and edited with FCP The music is "in the cold I'm standing" by M83 Over 200 houses burned to the ground. My heart goes out to everyone who lost their homes in this horrible fire.

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        • ALEX


          from Turkeymelt / Added

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          This is a fresh look at Alex Gray and his exploits from the last year. A Film By: Mike Nulty Music: Tame Impala "Apocalypse Dreams"

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            from Alex Tyson / Added

            107K Plays / / 88 Comments

            Produced + Directed by Alex Tyson. Viewing with headphones or a stereo is highly recommended. A film featuring sound artist Charles Cohen improvising on a 1970's Buchla Music Easel. This extremely rare instrument is one of Don Buchla's 200 series. Buchla (a pioneer of audio synthesis) only manufactured 14 of these units. The film was edited from over an hour of free improvisation, with audio taken directly from Charles' mixing board.

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            • Aerobie Champion HD


              from Boat Safety Films / Added

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              Many men make futile, stabbing attempts at greatness, only to be rebuffed like gnats flying repeatedly into a plexi-glass generated reflection of themselves. Other men achieve greatness, and sit behind the plexi-glass barrier of success, sipping on cane sugar caipirinhas and watching gnats kamikaze futilely from the other side. Klaus Wolfenstein falls into the latter category, and his tale is one of carefully measured immeasurability.

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              • Anthem


                from Jarrett Lee Conaway / Added

                63.2K Plays / / 79 Comments

                In the distant future two explorers uncover a time capsule buried by the people of Earth on the eve of its destruction. Finalist for Steven Spielberg's FOX show On the Lot (2007) starring Sam Feuer (Munich), Ossie Beck (Munich), Christina Robinson (Dexter), Robert Ray Manninng Jr (Southland), Keisha Alfred (Law & Order: CI), Austin Basis (Life Unexpected), Amro Salama (The Siege), Thomas Phillips and Leni Ito.

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                • Ten Lighting Setups


                  from John Note / Added

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                  This was a project for my lighting class. Each shot had specific details on which to follow, which are explained in the video. In more depth, here are the ten shot assignments. 1. A three-quarter or waist-high silhouette of 1 or 2 people perfectly exposed for the background with the foreground figure(s) completely dark. There should be enough distance between foreground and background that the spill of one area does not interfere with the other. 2. Invert the lighting in #1, using exactly the same pose and framing with perfectly exposed foreground figures at 4:1 key/fill (two stops) and completely dark or just barely visible details in the background. 3. A waist-high person in soft (diffused) side light, no fill light, and a specular edge light from the opposite side with the background as dark and unlit as possible. An incident reading of the edge light should be about the same f/stop as the key light if the subject has light features, or one stop brighter if the subject has dark features. Expose for the diffused key light. 4. Identical pose and framing to #3 but with added light and shadow (using barn doors, or other shadowing material) shaping and highlighting the background (think of it as painting the background with light and shadow). 5. A scene with a standing or seated person, a candle (either held by hand or on a table) seemingly lighting the person but actually enhanced with additional light, and a circular glow simulating the effect of the candlelight on the background. 6. A person reading in bed by lamplight at midnight (implied by light, shadow, framing, ratio, composition, and a “practical”). 7. A person sleeping in bed at 3 am with shadows implying moonlight coming through unseen foliage or blinds onto part of the scene. You may want to gel the moonlight source or the fill light with a blue or other color gel. 8. A person in bed at sunrise (implied by light, shadow, color, and composition). 9. Simulate the pose, surface tones, and light of a specific frame from a film of your choosing. If possible, also turn in a still image of that frame. 10. Shoot an interior still with at least one person in it using whatever light sources already exist in the location (lamps, overhead lights, windows, etc.), but without showing any of those sources in the frame. Now, turn off/cover those sources and replicate, as nearly as possible, that scene using only artificial lighting. Also shoot wide shots of both the “natural” lighting sources and the artificial sources. Since it is available in video, instead of using gels, I white balanced off of different color swatches, for a greener look, I white balanced off of a magenta tone, blue look, orange tone, etc... I also lowered the blacks and raised the mids in Color, to give the video a more filmic look. Over all, a very fun assignment

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                  • SKATE AND CREATE GLOBE


                    from Jason Hernandez / Added

                    25.6K Plays / / 70 Comments

                    A 9 day contest put on by Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. You had 9 day's to skate the same obstacles 4 teams skated, you could bring any sort of props you could fit in the door (but you can't skate you props) You can go through, over, under, but you can't skate them. You could paint the ramps, possibly even cut the ramps? Then your judged by the staff at TWS on first: Photos, then the video produced... Sorry to all the skaters I felt bad making you wait around all day/night just to get (a trick) shot, I think it was worth it. Thanks to Joe. G at Globe, Globe for asking me to do it, and to all the skaters it was a pledger to work with you guy's. Watch and Enjoy. Jason Hernandez

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                    • The White AB.1 by Alex Broskow. Merry Christmas!


                      from Themgoods / Added

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                      Merry christmas! The White AB.1 by Alex Broskow Available worldwide now. www.valo-brand.com www.valo4life.com Music: Ty Segall-Caeser Check out valo4Life now on iTunes click link below to order itunes.apple.com/​WebObjects/​MZStore.woa/​wa/​viewMovie?id=420743255&s=143441 4Life—the fourth video from the Valo skate brand—features sections from pro skaters Alex Broskow, Erik Bailey, Brandon Smith, Victor Arias, Soichiro Kanashima, Cosimo Tassone, and Jon Julio. Filmed in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Australia, Montreal, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and more. Along with the main feature, 4Life includes footage from the World Rolling Series and Amateur Inline League contests all over the world, bonus edits, director’s commentary, submissions for 4Life, and other extras to pile up over two hours of viewing time.

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