1. 'The Sons of Eilaboun'


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    2007 'The Sons of Eilaboun' is a documentary film about the massacre, expulsion, and eventual return of a small Palestinian village in the Galilee. Celebrated Israeli historian, Ilan Pappe introduces the events of al-Nakba (the 'Catastrophe' of 1947-49), and the people of Eilaboun tell their own story. (Directed by Hisham Zreiq - Winner of BADIL's 2008 al-Awda Awards 'Best Documentary Film')

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    • Stop Israel’s Ongoing War Crimes Against the People of Gaza- Ilan Pappe


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      Introduction by Debra Sweet. Speaker: Ilan Pappe, historian/activist/author, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine Thursday August 14 Cooper Union, NYC Organized by The World Can't Wait www.worldcantwait.net Filmed and edited by Deep Dish TV www.deepdishtv.org

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      • Two Israeli Jewish Perspectives on Resisting Zionism: Ilan Pappe and Sahar Vardi


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        During the weeks of April 14 and 21, Salaam Shalom: Report on Palestine/Israel will air two documentaries that feature Israeli Jewish perspectives on resistance to Zionist occupation, ethnic cleansing, militarism and colonization. The first was given in 2008 on the subject of the Palestinian Nakba of 1948 and its meaning today by Israeli historian Ilan Pappe. The second, a talk by Sahar Vardi, a 24-year old woman who was imprisoned by the Israeli military for refusing conscription when she was 18. This edition will also air two short videos, one by the Never Before Campaign honoring and mobilizing resistance to Israel’s occupation and war crimes; the other by a group of artists in Finland called "SodaScream: Bubble Trouble," which employs satire to expose illegal business practices in the West Bank by the Israeli company SodaStream. Special thanks to Danny Weiss, our technical producer, and Jamie Brooks, VTJP.org webmaster.

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        • Renegade Settlers & Zionist Mythologies - New, in HD


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          This edition of Salaam Shalom: Report on Palestine/Israel explores the racist and destructive dynamics at work in the illegal colonization of the West Bank and East Jerusalem by Israeli Jewish settlers. We air two episodes of the five-part series “Renegade Settlers,” produced by Vice News, that documents the illegal, Jewish-only “outposts” established by right-wing, messianic settlers, many of them quite young. Many of these "outposts" eventually merge with larger, more-established colonies funded and backed politically by the Israeli government. The program also features another incisive and committed presentation by Israeli historian and activist Ilan Pappe, speaking before the National Press Club of Australia. Pappe identifies the national mythologies that have informed the Zionist conquest of Palestine since the late 19th century and that continue to influence its occupation and colonial enterprise in the occupied Palestinian territory. He also exposes the fallacies of the so-called “peace process” and two-state solution. Finally, the program closes with a report by Shir Hever of the Real News Network on the 2nd Palestine Solidarity Conference in Stuttgart, Germany, last May, which was dedicated to advancing a democratic, one-state solution in Israel/Palestine. Special thanks to Danny Weiss, our technical producer, and to Jamie Brooks, VTJP’s webmaster.

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          • Political Zionism: Colonization, Ethnic Cleansing & Ethnic Purity


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            During the weeks of November 5 and 12, Salaam Shalom: Report on Palestine/Israel will feature Professor Ilan Pappe, a native-born Israeli and distinguished historian, and director of the European Centre for Palestine Studies. Our first segment features Dr. Pappe speaking to a Palestine Solidarity Conference in Germany, on the three main forces driving the Israel-Palestine conflict: (1) Zionist colonization dating back to the late-19th century, (2) ethnic cleansing (which began with the War of 1948 and the forced dispossession of 750,000 Palestinians by Jewish forces, and is continuing today in the occupied territories of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza), and (3) the aggressive pursuit of racist policies that promote Jewish "ethnic purity" in all the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan. On the second half of the program, we'll air portions of a panel discussion in Australia, recorded by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's news program Q&A, about Israel, the occupation and Palestinian dispossession, where Dr. Pappe squares off with Irving Wallach, a prominent barrister and ardent supporter of Israel. Special thanks to Danny Weiss, our technical producer, Bill Coil, co-producer, and Jamie Brooks, VTJP webmaster (www.vtjp.org).

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            • Israel: Jewish Privilege vs. Democracy


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              This edition of Salaam Shalom: Report on Palestine/Israel explores the fundamental contradiction inherent in Israel’s declaration of itself as a Jewish state and a democracy. Our first report, produced by the BBC program Dateline in 2007, underscores the systematic racism and discrimination that afflicts the Palestinian citizens of Israel, who make up about 20% of the population of Israel. It lends support, in our opinion, to Israeli scholar Oren Yiftachel’s assertion that Israel is more aptly described as an “ethnocracy,” rather than a democracy. An ethnocracy is a political regime where ethnicity or race, not citizenship, determines the allocation of rights, powers and resources. Later in the program, Frank Barat, director of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, interviews Ilan Pappe, the distinguished Jewish-Israel historian, on a range of subjects, including Israel’s subversion of the concept and practice of democracy within its recognized borders as well as in the occupied territories. Dr. Pappe, the author of several books on Israel/Palestine, is director of the European Centre for Palestine Studies at the University of Exeter in Great Britain. We will also broadcast a videotaped reading by Palestinian spoken word artist Rafeef Ziadah of a powerful poem of resistance, “Shades of Anger.” Special thanks to technical producer, Danny Weiss, co-producer Bill Coil, and VTJP webmaster, Jamie Brooks.

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              • Aiding Occupation


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                Since the signing of the Oslo Peace Accords in 1993, billions of dollars have been sent to 'help' the Palestinians. This aid was meant to build public institutions, provide services, foster prosperity and lead to a better quality of life. It was also meant to support peace. Instead, Palestinians have experienced a steady decline in their standard of living. They have suffered from intense violence and severe restrictions to their basic human rights. The reality is that life has become much worse in spite of, or perhaps due to the application of foreign aid in their name. Help us to expose the effects of foreign aid and highlight the need for ethical aid in Palestine. Visit www.palstudies.org for more information about the topic of development aid in Palestine or contact us at aiding.occupation@gmail.com for more details. * Through a combination of original animations, an interview with Palestinian historian Dr. Ilan Pappé and a photo mashup, this short video highlights some the failures that have accompanied the 'aid for peace' process. It is meant to be used as an educational tool to raise awareness about the subject and provoke further debate. Video references for some of the external pictures used in the video can be found here: http://palstudies.org/2012/09/24/aiding-occupation/

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                • The "Nakba" Ilan Pappe with Commentary by Mark Hage


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                  This report featuring Ilan Pappe and Mark Hage was originally recorded on May 26, 2011. Dr. Ilan Pappe is a distinguished Israeli historian and one of the experts on the Nakba, which refers to the event that was an ethnic cleansing of over 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and the destruction of over 500 towns and villages in 1948 and 1949. The State of Israel is built on the ruins of Arab Palestine and today over 7 million Palestinians are displaced from their homes. In 2008 Ilan Pappe gave an address on Zionist ideology and the ethnic cleansing of Palestine at the Al Awda Convention, an organization dedicated to the right of return of Palestinian refugees. Ilan Pappe discussed Zionist ideology as the driving force of the war of 1948-1949. He explains why it would have been impossible to create a Jewish State in Palestine without ethnic cleansing, and why it’s important today in the pursuit of peace. This talk was produced by Alternate Focus. Following Ilan Pappe's talk is a commentary by Mark Hage on his experience of learning about the Nakba and how that knowledge impacted his world view of Israel and Palestine. This segment ends with a song of protest, "Stone in My Hand" by Everlast

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