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    I’M Ten is a benefit auction and exhibition of over 150 emerging and established artists, brought together to celebrate IMT Gallery’s 10 year anniversary. All artworks will be auctioned off on Paddle8 at a starting price of £50 from the 17th of September – 2nd October 2015.

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    • I the Thing in the Margins (Trailer) IMT Gallery 2015


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      • I'M Ten Trailer


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        I'M Ten is a benefit auction and exhibition of over 150 emerging and established artists, brought together to celebrate IMT Gallery's 10 year anniversary. All artworks will be auctioned off on Paddle8 at a starting price of £50 from the 17th of September - 2nd October 2015, and on show at IMT Gallery in London. Proceeds from the benefit auction will go towards continuing IMT Gallery's work in supporting the exhibition and commissioning of contemporary art. We are grateful to our I'M Ten nominators for their thoughtful artist selections. They include: Oreet Ashery (Artist), Stuart Brisley (Artist), Mark Doyle (Independent Art Consultant), Elisabetta Fabrizi (Curator, Tyneside Cinema), Kenneth Goldsmith (Poet and Founding Editor of UbuWeb), Sean Griffiths (Architect and Founder of FAT), Kelly Large (Curator, Zabludowicz Collection), Ana Ventura Miranda (Director, Arte Institute) and Aura Satz (Artist). For more information and a full list of artists, please visit: www.imagemusictext.com Follow the exhibition and auction on #IMTen2015 Partners: Paddle8 John Jones The Five Points Brewing Co

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        • The Modern Language Experiment in partnership with Filmarmalade presents Imagining a re-synchronising (The Phantom Twin)


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          This co-developed multi-screened video installation is the latest part in the collaboration between Keh Ng and Matthew Stock as a response to the novel ‘The Man in the High Castle” by Philip k Dick. The narrative within the narrative as utilised by Philip K Dick intertwines alternative realities that each vie for dominance. The first is set 17 years after the end of the Second World War, Germany and its Allies have won and the world has been divided. The second is held within ‘The grasshopper lies heavy’ a banned fictional novel that tells of a future where Germany and its Allies lost and the axis of power has shifted to resemble a structure not unlike our own post-modern world. It is this novel and its mysterious author that the protagonists in ‘The Man in the High Castle” are seeking answers from. This duality creates slippages that the reader uncomfortably navigates through. It controls the reader’s ability to adequately define any clear understanding of what is real and what is not. This control of agency is further complicated by Dick’s use of the I-Ching, the book of changes. This ancient Chinese text utilises a divination system to attempt to gain insight into a question or a situation by way of a ritualistic process. The protagonists frequently consult the I-Ching in the hope of determining good from bad, success from failure. It can be argued that the use of this divination ritualistic system, and the reading/interpreting of the banned novel is a defiant act that enables the protagonists to momentarily free them selves from the oppression of a dictatorial system and, importantly, in this moment gain agency. Hexagram 11: The ritualistic body verses’ the de-bodied myopic wandering gaze. Hexagram 28: A control system defining place and social narrative. Hexagram 47: A dialogue that aims at dysfunction. We are very pleased to say that this installation was premiered at IMT Gallery and supported by Filmarmalade

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          • De-Missing the Page(s) of "Agencies of Knowing the Unspoken", 2014 - documentation with audio


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            Documentation of De-Missing the Page(s) of "Agencies of Knowing the Unspoken", 2014 Shown at the group exhibition, Shaken from the Sky, IMT Gallery, London Multi-media installation (mixed media installation with audio) Audio duration: 02'37 http://www.naokotakahashi.com/-agencies-of-knowing-the-unspoken-2014#0

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            • EAO Conference 2011 Panel 2


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              PANEL 2 ‘Immediate and Indirect Benefits of Cross-Organisational Collaborations’ Julia Alvarez, Director of Bearspace and Board Member of Deptford X Richard Ducker, Director of Fieldgate Gallery Mark Jackson, Curator at IMT Gallery Sarah Rowles, Director of Q-Art Ben Street, Director of Sluice Art Fair

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              • Mark Jackson lecture at Sudo Document, The Modern Language Experiment hosted by Luborimov-Easton


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                The Modern Language Experiment presents Sudo Document Sudo, in its purest form, evokes ownership ‘su’ and action ‘do’. As the education sector in the UK moves into a new unprecedented period of change we feel that it is important to take ownership of our own educational paths and evoke action. We are pleased to present “sudo document”, a four month educational programme consisting of a series of lectures and talks that will allow accessibility to the thoughts, ideologies and pedagogical studies of important Curators, Artists and Gallerists throughout the UK working both independently or through institutions. These lectures, once presented, will be edited and broadcast immediately in the gallery on a continuous loop serving as both a ‘sudo document’ and a reference video to be viewed at all times during the galleries opening hours. These lectures and talks will then form a publication that will be launched after the educational programme is completed; this will feature an over view of the programme as well as artworks and writings from all the contributors. This will be made available for reference at educational Libraries and also for sale in bookshops.

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                • BD_Burroughs_Grid


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                  BroadwayDreams A collective ‘blink’ archive development via mashups of various documentation methods with media-mapping using mobile technologies on web 2.0.x. 2008-present ---------- BroadwayDreams was started as a study of small businesses (99c shops, etc.) scattering through Broadway, Brooklyn. Being aware that Broadway continues through Manhattan and Yonkers, further branches into Queens, the plan is to continue its investigation through the “spine” of the islands, and expand its focus on general businesses (shops and eateries) and their consumers. Participants are encouraged to document and upload small video clips, photos, and/or audio files, with using various small media capturing devices (digital camera’s photo/movie modes, mobile phones, and/or digital audio recorders, etc.) With either built-in GPS, external GPS data logger, &/or manual ‘address’ documentation, geocoded media files will populate on maps which can be grabbed, mashed, and reused by people who would encounter them in later days, to form various lives, experiences, and landscapes. The project is also aiming to compile as many ‘blinks’ as possible. As we all know, eyes can blink but ears don’t. Photos are considered to be blinks of visual memory. Then, why don’t we pretend as if ears do blink too? (although it is not a requirement. You can determine the length of your blinks freely as long as it would load fairly fast online.) Broadway will be filled up with collective ‘blinks’ including aural moments. “Why ‘blinks’?” (explanatory) I call it ‘blinks documentation’ which is… I assume a good strategy to work on ‘BroadwayDreams’ project. ‘Blinks’ are brief moments - flash of memories. One of each ‘blink’ may not impose any meaning when you see/hear it (e.g. when you’d encounter one of the ‘blinks documentations’ on YouTube or Flickr video, you’d probably react like… “FTFK?!?” - because you have no idea why it’s so brief.) However, when you’d pull bunch of blinks with the term ‘broadwaydreams’ and make them as playlist, for instance, some amazing number of ‘blinks’ will emerge. (Of course, a few normal-length uploads may mix in there - those which happened to use the same tag. But the majority are ‘blinks’. It’s good to use a common unique tag for this case, and add more tags depending on what you captured: such as… 99c, baloonguy, cheapdeal, etc.) Any preferred destination (by you) is fine for uploads, however, if you’d like them to be mashed into a map, it’s easiest to do it with YouTube &/or Flickr (Flickr video permits up to 90 sec., but somehow ‘too short’ movies less than 1 sec. won’t load. Very strange;)
Tagging each one of them might become so troublesome… but if you’d do it a few or so per week, and if there are hundreds of people contribute their tiny blinks, it would eventually surface as if ‘memory milkyway’. It is, indeed, a very sneaky long-term mob project. In its early development, www.broadwaydreams.info is in preparation as a common web-tool development wiki/forum space. It will be a space where people can upload their mash-up programs (e.g. Yahoo Pipes, as an easiest online tool to provide for free), exchange ideas, and media uploads announcements. Notes for Williams Burroughs – Dead Fingers Talk exhibition 2010: For this particular exhibit, I selected 428 small movie clips I shot with digital cameras documenting blinks of Broadway in Brooklyn, NY. Most of them are a second or less in duration except 3 or 4 files much longer than the rest. Ideally, they are played back on iTunes-like software in playlist with the shuffle-mode, however, no computers available in the present would be able to playback without the slight pauses in between for loading. Accordingly, I made 16 versions of simulation (in randomized orders) resembling the shuffle mode without pauses. I made different versions available for the curator to decide how they would present the work. It can be played back: 1) individually on separate computer monitors; 2) individually on iPhone-like small devices that can play m4v format; 3) as a 16-in-1 movie file on one computer fast enough to handle the file. As said above, the edits of the 16 files are mere examples of simulations. All the files are available on YouTube and Vimeo although they are in low resolutions. You are more than welcome to document and add more ‘blinks.’ If you’re going to create and share any files (associated with any Broadway in the world) in the future, please include a tag ‘broadwaydreams’ for your uploads. o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi), May 2010 Quotes from Burroughs in 1965 interview by Conrad Knickerbocker for The Art of Fiction No. 36 (Parisreview.com) - Cut-ups establish new connections between images, and one’s range of vision consequently expands. - Either/or thinking just is not accurate thinking. That’s not the way things occur, and I feel the Aristotelian construct is one of the great shackles of Western civilization. Cut-ups are a movement toward breaking this down.

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