1. Vartan Gregorian on the Information Explosion


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    In this 1988 clip, Brown University President Vartan Gregorian talks to Bill Moyers about knowledge transmission and information overload as the "information economy" begins to gain traction. This conversation is from "A World of Ideas," a series of half-hour interviews with scientists, writers, artists, philosophers and historians exploring the ideas and values shaping our future. Learn more about it here: billmoyers.com/series/a-world-of-ideas/

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    • Test


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      Information Overloaded. We cannot choose information in our daily life.

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      • RSA Spotlight: Daniel Levitin on Information Overload


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        RSA Spotlights – taking you straight to the heart of the event, highlighting our favourite moments and key talking points. Modern society is in a state of data deluge, and our brains are struggling to keep up with the demands of the digital age. In this excerpt from the event, Daniel Levitin explains how our brains organise a flood of information, and how we can harness that understanding to be more efficient, and less stressed in an increasingly wired and distracted world. Watch the full talk here: http://youtu.be/PaDmHLejKUU Or listen to the full podcast: https://www.thersa.org/discover/audio/2015/01/thinking-straight-in-the-age-of-information-overload/ Follow the RSA on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RSAEvents Like the RSA on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thersaorg

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        • Speaker Heather Rogers


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          If you have been struggling to crack the code to greater Productivity and a sharper Innovative edge, Heather Rogers can help. Heather’s entertaining program brings together the latest breakthroughs in Mind-Science and Corporate Culture design to help you affect change right where people live: their thinking patterns and their workflow habits. Join the fastest growing companies who are Learning practical tools to overcome information overload while cultivating ‘happy creatives’ in order to retain top talent and skyrocket profits.

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          • Win Hearts & Minds of Your Prospects


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            Struggling to connect with your audience? Is your marketing in a rut? We help businesses win the hearts, minds, and wallets of their ideal customers. Visit us at: www.berryessamedia.com Begin the conversation TODAY by contacting us at: dilpreet@berryessamedia.com

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            • How Much Information is Enough


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              Let’s say you’ve been assigned a research paper You’ve chosen your topic, and now you have to find some information sources to cite in your writing After looking through several websites, books, and articles, you are probably feeling a little tired Now you might be asking yourself - how many sources are enough? When will I know enough about my topic to write about it? Can I finally STOP doing research and START writing? Today we’re going to talk about how much information is enough when writing a research paper As an example, pretend you are writing a research paper about dogs The first step of your research seems simple – go to Google or the library website, and just search for dogs, right? Not quite. If you simply search for the word dogs, you will get over 165 million Google results, 18,000 scholarly journal articles at a database like Academic OneFile, 20,000 books on Amazon.com, and over 500 library books in the Bryan College library catalog How could any one person look through all this information? The short answer is – no one can When you have so much information available to you that you cannot possibly go through it all, it is called data smog, information glut, or information overload This is mainly a phenomenon of the internet, where information is produced and disseminated at ever-increasing speeds Since you cannot be expected to look through all the information, you may need to ONE) change the scope of your question, TWO) limit your research based on the assignment, THREE) select sources for quality, and FOUR) evaluate whether you are discovering new or helpful information Let’s talk about each of these steps one by one If you are getting tons and tons of search results in your research, the first step is to evaluate the scope of your topic or question If you are writing a short research paper, a topic on “the history of dogs” is way too broad – you will never be able to cover all that information! Start by thinking of more specific sub-topics you might write about Try narrowing your search to breeding dogs, or even breeding a specific type of dog, such as poodles The more narrow your topic, the easier it will be to write about in a short paper You should always consider the requirements of your writing assignment when determining the scope of your topic or selecting sources For example, your teacher might tell you to write a 5-page paper on a topic related to your class discussion and to use at least 3 current scholarly articles in your writing Since your paper is only 5 pages, your topic should be very narrow in scope You also do not need to bother searching Google for results since you need scholarly journal articles, not websites Finally, you know the bare minimum is to locate 3 articles, but you may want to choose 3-5 to make sure you cover your topic adequately Even with a narrow topic and search strategy, you will still probably have too many results In this case, you should select from the sources to find those most appropriate to your assignment Ask yourself – is the bulk of this source relevant to my topic? Does this source speak directly to my argument, either for or against? Is it by an important author in the field? And is it current or reliable? Most databases will let you narrow or refine all of your search results based on certain criteria like date of publication and whether the source has been reviewed by experts in the field If you narrow your results and look at each source with a critical eye, you will quickly find the most helpful sources for your writing There’s one more question you should ask yourself as you search for information When reading new sources, are you discovering anything new? Many times, when you have narrowed your topic and pool of sources, some of them may repeat each other or discuss the same main concepts When you start hearing similar ideas over and over again and are no longer discovering new and different insights, you will know that you have enough information to write about your topic On the other hand, if each article you read brings up interesting new insights, you should keep searching – your research may help you narrow your topic or take a more focused stance on an issue Thanks for watching this video on information overload and research strategies Remember, if you have trouble with any step of the research process, library staff are here to help and guide you along the way

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              • Jesus: The More Beautiful Voice


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                There are countless voices out there trying to get your attention. What voices are you heeding? Is it the voice of legalism, or the voice of Jesus?

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                • Effective Leadership Communication in an Info-Saturated Work Environment - Terry Pearce


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                  Author, Professor and Coach Terry Pearce discusses the challenges of operating and communicating effectively in a work environment that is saturated with information and communication channels. (c) BlessingWhite 2010 - http://www.blessingwhite.com

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                  • Information Overload


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                    These days, we have access to a vast scope of information. Yet sometimes it can get overwhelming.

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                    • Paint Splash (Information Overload) by Swingmail


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                      With a flood of information, one can be so overwhelmed & helpless. It’s time to download Swingmail !

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