1. iph architects PIAF merry go round of dreams and ghosts


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    iredale pedersen hook architects: the architects project, perth international arts festival 8 feb-2 march 2008: the city we inhabit is a product of the city we choose not to create and the city we choose to demolish, our fantasy city is the city imagined by Perth architects for almost 100 years that remain un-built and the collection of buildings that were built but should never have been demolished….a collation of the most memorable projects that if built or retained would have resulted in a city very different to what we currently experience. we collectively desire a city that is different to the one we inhabit, a city that is more vibrant, exciting, outlandish, friendly, memorable, provocative but we fail to realize that it already exists in the minds and memories of many citizens, living and deceased. iph architects merry-go-round on the lawn reminds us of these past proposals and existences as an opportunity to reflect on our current environment and contemplate what was, what could have been and most importantly, what can still be…. “time present and time past
are both perhaps present in time future,
and time future contained in time past.
If all time is eternally present all time is unredeemable.
What might have been is an abstraction
remaining a perpetual possibility
only in a world of speculation.
What might have been and what has been
point to one end, which is always present.
Footfalls echo in the memory
down the passage which we did not take
towards the door we never opened
into the rose-garden. My words echo
thus, in your mind….” (T.S. Elliot- Burnt Norton) iredale pedersen hook architects: www.iredalepedersenhook.com film production- Giancarlo Belviso

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    • How to Use a Zipper Foot


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      In this video we show you how to install and use a standard Zipper Foot. We also demonstrate how to use the zipper foot to quickly add trims to your sewing projects. Enjoy and Happy Sewing!

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      • Hydrophis Profundorum Illuminatus


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        Hydrophis Profundorum Illuminatus belongs to the omnivorous sea snakes. Besides chasing prey actively, it also maintains a permanent stream of water through its body, which is filtered for nutrition. It is the object of speculations whether H. communicates mainly by hydroacoustic means or also electromagnetically. This organic creature is part of a group project called Varia Zoosystematica Profundorum - experimental studies in deep-sea communication. http://variazoosystematicaprofundorum.blogspot.de/ All sounds produced come from a self-written polyphonic software-synthesizer on an Arduino. The Arduino also controls the LEDs and a fan that makes Hydrophis inhale and exhale very slowly - in the middle of the video you can hear the fine sizzling noise produced as she inflates and deflates her body. Also connected to the Arduino is an RF Module talking to other creatures around. Every sound and light produced is actually a form of communication. See more on http://ptrbrtz.net/portfolio/hydrophis-profundorum-illuminatus/

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        • ENTRE (BETWEEN) - body, image and data


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          Hardware: Kinect, Computer Software: Processing, SimpleOpenNI Creative process at: http://wp.me/p1tt4H-bJ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PORTUGUÊS: Mais informações sobre o processo de criação em: http://wp.me/p1tt4H-bJ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video Soundtrack: 'Brill Bulinding, 4am' by Tear Ceremony (www.tearceremony.com)

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          • tableDemo


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            This early prototype of a robotic table is a start towards developing an idea which has been on the backburner for too long and we are happy to be working on again. Built with Arduino + Balsa.

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            • Gli addii non sono mai addii


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              This is NOT an artistic video but the record of an installation. So, this is a zoetrope, not a video. Ferewells never are ferewells Zoetrope Installation (photographic print, plexiglass, lamp, turntable, vinyl) Dimensions variable Year 2012 LP: Songs of Leonard Cohen – Leonard Cohen (1968)

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              • Achille amava la Signora Tartaruga, infinitamente


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                This is NOT an artistic video but the record of an installation. So, this is a zoetrope, not a video. Achilles used to love Mrs Turtle, endlessly Zoetrope Installation (photographic print, plexiglass, lamp, turntable, vinyl) Dimensions variable Year 2012 Edition 1/3 + Artist proof LP: Das Musikalische Opfer – Johann Sebastian Bach (1747)

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                • Tuttoqui (oggetto minimo per osservare immagini in movimento)


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                  This is NOT an artistic video but the record of an installation. So, this is a zoetrope, not a video. That's all (minimal object to observe images in motion) Zoetrope Installation (photographic print, plexiglass, lamp, turntable, vinyl) Dimensions variable Year 2011 Edition 1/3 + Artist proof LP: Fetus – Franco Battiato (1972)

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                  • Tantalus


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                    Individual spectators are guided down a staircase to a labyrinthine basement floor. A door opens to a darkened space. Through an opening a man can be seen. He is bound to a wooden slab in a pool of water. An enormous rock hangs overhead, dripping water. A gag and tightened ropes prevent him from drinking. Feint echoes suggest a cavernous space.

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                    • Here and There [or Somewhere Inbetween]


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                      video-performance, Berlin 2011 "the" foreign woman looks for the native inside herself hidden beneath several layers of individual life stories. detaching biographies from time and space. direction/conception/text: cristina elias performance: anca huma set design: annisa jabour video: virgis puodziunas radialsystem, berlin, 2011 Seven different stories. However, the same structure for all of them: leaving the comfort zone to reach out for a new life. Migration. Migration not only in what concerns to leaving a country, the homeland... but also to leaving stories, situations, people... and diving into the new. Taking the risk of “stepping” on a “mined field” required for these seven characters a solid “grounding” and a deep connection to their own “selves” as protections they could carry every where: Their own body as refuge. Seven different women. However, the same structure for all of them. Is there a “core” of femininity? If all the layers of social, cultural, racial, geographical and ageing traces were systematically stripped out of these individuals, would their naked seed be similar? The project “Here and There [or Somewhere Inbetween]” started with interviews with seven migrant women. Despite the variety of the social-cultural backgrounds and geographical provenience of each of them, a basic structure in each of these “story-lines” popped out with relevant power: the inevitability of the “journey” and the enclosure in their own inner selves as a protective reaction towards the threats of the outside world and the others. From these seven interviews, seven stories were written in textual form and filtered from any factual details of time and space. The result was a mosaic of seven pieces of stories that, when set up together, made sense as a whole.

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