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    as seen at Haus Sootbörn, Hamburg 2012

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    • Pillows for tears keeping - Jastuci za cuvanje suza


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      Initially this installation was inspired by famous novel “Dictionary of the Khazars” written by Milorad Pavic, published 1984. This novel tells about the ancient and powerful Khazar people, who lived around Danube, and were for the first time mentioned in history when they went to war against to Arabs and concluded an alliance with the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius 627.A.D. Mystical disappearance of mighty Khazars from the historical scene has remained unknown up today. When their husbands were killed in battle, Khazar women would be given a pillow to hold the tears they would weep for the warriors. “Pillows for tears keeping” symbolically represents universal relationship between woman and man, emphasizing power of feelings throughout the ages. During ages female tears were escorting warriors. The measure of pain was comprehended and contained in different cultures by pillows, little glass bottles, handkerchiefs, etc. Tears to tears, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, clay to clay. The installation “Pillows for tears keeping” consists of seven canvases which are hanged and aligned along 7, 6 meters of the exhibition hall. Each canvas is carrying block of molded ice bound to melt. Underneath each canvas, seven raw clay vessels are precisely positioned in row. Female voice is reading the text along the sound of “tear drops”. After some time ice starts to melt. Drops fall down directly in the clay vessels. Clay vessels start to decompose, going back to the source of its nature. Canvases metaphysically make border between life and death, or crying woman and dead warrior. Melting ice is a paradigm of existence. At last everything becomes drawing, words, it becomes memory.

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      • Carole Odolant, Compagnon Verrier Européen, Cerfav, promotion 2012


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        Carole Odolant qui a suivi la formation Compagnon Verrier Européen au Cerfav, option soufflage, pendant deux ans, nous explique ses deux projets de diplômes : "The sparkling queen", verre soufflé au chalumeau et "Un chemin de vie", verre soufflé - grillage - tissus - photos - stockman.

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        • 2 - Installing - MySQL via Yum


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          In this episode, I will show you how to configure something to use Yum for installing packages such as MySQL server. I demonstrate on how to use the local repository for Yum and this needs the CentOS 5.4 DVD mounted on the drive.

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          • Franz Ehmann Interview


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            Franz Ehmann'’s work contains a philosophical and conceptual link that can be sustained through existential and ontological inquiries. Prepared food and its waste have dominated the theatrical language of his installation/performance/video works that hold symbolic and metaphorical significance. The focus and intention of these materials are their existential and phenomenological functions. Being in this world means to embody this world. The world is ingested, digested and wasted. A worldly theatre therefore embodies alienation and conciliation and is ultimately humanistic. BIO Born in Graz, Austria, Franz Ehmann migrated to Australia in 1986, arriving in Adelaide. He received a BA in Fine Art from the NT University in Darwin (Charles Darwin University) in 1991. Ehmann has lectured at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane and Queensland College of Art. He now lives in Brisbane, Australia. Ehmann has exhibited throughout Australia and Europe in institutions, artist-run initiatives and commercial galleries. From 1996 –- 1995 Ehmann opened and directed Soapbox Gallery in Brisbane. Publications include Speaking the World into Existence (2005) which showed an exploration into Ehmann’s performance works, Soapbox: Installation Practices and Artists (1999) and The Blue Room of Humanity (1997), published by the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

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            • DONNÉES NOIRES


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              DONNÉES NOIRES Media and Interaction Design ECAL 2011-2012 More on www.davidcolombini.com Our current forms of communication are strongly affect by the evolution of the technology and especially by the appearance in 2007 of the first smartphones and of the development of their numerous applications / functions to communicate (phone call, sms, email, facebook, what's up, twitter etc.) DONNÉES NOIRES is an interactiv installation that aims to question the way we communicate (through smartphones), demonstratively. The user can plugg his iphone through a slot in the installation. When he received a communication (call, sms, facebook notification, what's up, email etc.) the black balloon hanging on the metal tube, starts to inflate automatically. Depending on the quantity of received data, it explodes more or less rapidly. This explosion metaphorizes the overload of communication passing through the Iphone. Hardware / Software: Arduino, Processing, Solenoid valve, Air Bottle, Relay, Iphone Dock, Double Jack wire.

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              • Bestiarium Plus by Johnny Amore and Irene Pascual. February 2011, die Färberei, Munich.


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                Bestiarium Plus is an installation by Irene Pascual and Johnny Amore. In our Installation Bestiarium Plus we try to establish bridges between the animal and the human being. In a moment were the failure of the human appears in many situations, we see in the animal the opportunity to make things better. Although they have been mistreated and oppressed for many years, they have here the opportunity to show their power and sovereignty. The installation consists of diverse techniques such as painting, photography, collage and installation, aiming to create a whole universe and not to be focus on the single works. Irene Pascual and Johnny Amore share their visions in a unique space, creating a display for the public to discover and interact.

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                • Aphidoidea's Spiral Ramps @ the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Florida.


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                  Our mini-golf installation "Spiral Ramps" golf hole at the Boca Raton Museum of Art. Constructed and shipped from Los Angeles and delivered & installed in Florida. Big Art: Miniature Golf. Curated by Kelli Bodle. Exhibition from July 18, 2012 to October 7, 2012. Designed, fabricated and installed by APHIDOIDEA [ Andrew (andy) Hernandez, Paulina Bouyer Magaña , Jacqueline (jackie) Muñoz, Jesus Eduardo (eddie) Magaña and Carlos (litos) Hernandez ]. Music by YPPAH.

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                  • De-Composite @ Time Machine 2012


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                    Documentation of video installation at Time Machine, Sydney, July 2012. De-Composite De-Composite exploits analog video encoding systems including composite video to produce a video form. These systems were ubiquitous and central to television, video and gaming production and consumption for decades and are now rapidly approaching obsolescence. There is a fluidity and immediacy to directly engaging and interrupting these analog systems and also an opacity of function encouraging a reliance upon cause and effect, trial and error rather than conception and execution. De-Composite utilises movement and configurations of person(s) within the space of the installation as modulation sources to synthesise a real time generated hybrid analog / digital video projection with stereo audio. Alex White Alex has an intense interest in synthesis as applied to audio and video. For more than 10 years he has created his own software based instruments and more recently has begun utilising a modular synthesiser for both audio and video performances and installations. Alex is a co-organiser of Moduluxxx – Modular Synthesis Festival which debuted in 2012, Alex has also co-directed Serial Space, Electrofringe Festival (when it was a festival), Liquid Architecture Sydney and is the founder and project consultant for the Lion Mountain Studio project. Alex currently works for the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia on the Digital Radio Project.

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