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    " A trichotomy is a three-way classificatory division. Some philosophers pursued trichotomies. Important trichotomies discussed by Aquinas include the causal principles (agent, patient, act), the potencies for the intellect (imagination, cogitative power, and memory and reminiscence), and the acts of the intellect (concept, judgment, reasoning), with all of those rooted in Aristotle; also the transcendentals of being (unity, truth, goodness) the requisites of the beautiful (wholeness, harmony, radiance). Kant expounded a table of judgments involving four three-way alternatives, in regard to (1) Quantity, (2) Quality, (3) Relation, (4) Modality, and, based thereupon, a table of four categories, named by the terms just listed, and each with three subcategories. Kant also adapted the Thomistic acts of intellect in his trichotomy of higher cognition — (a) understanding, (b) judgment, (c) reason — which he correlated with his adaptation in the soul's capacities — (a) cognitive faculties, (b) feeling of pleasure or displeasure, and (c) faculty of desire — of Tetens's trichotomy of feeling, understanding, will. Hegel held that a thing's or idea's internal contradiction leads in a dialectical process to a new synthesis that makes better sense of the contradiction. The process is sometimes described as thesis, antithesis, synthesis. It is instanced across a pattern of trichotomies (e.g. being-nothingness-becoming, immediate-mediate-concrete, abstract-negative-concrete); such trichotomies are not just three-way classificatory divisions; they involve trios of elements functionally interrelated in a process. They are often called triads (but 'triad' does not have that as a fixed sense in philosophy generally). Charles Sanders Peirce built his philosophy on trichotomies and triadic relations and processes, and framed the "Reduction Thesis" that every predicate is essentially either monadic (quality), dyadic (relation of reaction or resistance), or triadic (representational relation), and never genuinely and irreducibly tetradic or larger." no. " Kolme " Music : Larry Carlson - EXTRATERRESTRIAL FOUNDATION Erin İlkcan ASLAN - Eftal DİRLİK

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    • Outside In


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      À travers cette installation vidéo sonore, une vision onirique, lente et sublimée du temps, s'offre aux visiteurs. Dans une boucle infinie, intérieur et extérieur s'effacent pour ouvrir une fenêtre sur le monde. Triptyque sur panneaux de plexiglass rétro-éclairés, Projection de 9 films en boucle. Conception/Création : James Briandt Installation : Anatole Ayadi et Maxime Bousquet Remerciements à l'école EPSAA, au directeur Jérôme Pernoud ainsi qu'à Dominique Moulon, pour le soutien financier et matériel.

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      • Butterfly Effect Installation


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        This is the footage taken at the end of our exhibition at firstsite. Supported by Arts Council England and firstsite Butterfly Effect This exhibition is a collaboration between Em Milner and Tim Skinner, influenced by their work with children from Kingswode Hoe School. A multi-sensory installation which playfully transports us away from the everyday, to a world where new possibilities reside. Em Milner M.A. is a sculptural installationist living in Colchester. Em creates lustrous, sensual sculptures, playing with the interrelation between forms, entreating us to explore our relationships with each other and connection with the universe. ‘Art does not have to reproduce the system: it is a place where we are free of it.’ Her heterotopian spaces offer an other worldliness where we are free in the moment to both lose and find our selves. Tim Skinner explores the textural resonance residing within digital video. ‘Working abstractly I’ve allowed myself to be free, ignoring constraints, allowing the medium’s pure visual form to emerge’ Building up multiple layers, Tim’s work questions digital video’s relationship with painting, viewing a single video as a mark over time, a merely moving piece of colour, a single brushstroke if you like.

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        • GeekSPARK 2015: Digital Motion (DiMo) silky smooth framerate win


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          When we got the Kinect-powered WebSocket server streaming binary data instead of enormous JSON-encoded strings, the performance shot through the roof! It went from a frame or two per second to 60 fps. We recorded this video to celebrate!

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          • Open


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            "Open" is a transformative video which investigates time, space and history. This short piece was developed from a single still frame.

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            • Column of Heaven, 2014


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              Fans, speaker, mics, extension cords, power bars.

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              • Poetry Readings: Elaine Whittaker - Cc: me


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                Poetry readings by Jim Johnstone, Julie Roorda, Ruth Roach Pierson, and Larry Sulky, as presented at the opening of Cc: me on Friday, June 1st, 2012. Cc: me is a mixed media installation of drawing, live bacteria, and sound. The poets are responding to the body of work in Cc: me, an exhibition by visual artist Elaine Whittaker. Accompanying the exhibition is ambient sound by Tom Auger. For more information, please visit www.redheadgallery.org

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                • Jolly Fellow (excerpt), Emilie McDermott, 2012


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                  Exists as split screen video for single projection and a 2 channel video installation This work was shot during a master class on “Dance and film” in Biarritz in Fall 2012 directed by artist Pascal Convert, with Sara Millot and Xavier Baert. The piece explores a dancer’s intimate relationship to time. Featuring a birthday ritual, the installation explores the boundaries between public and intimate space in dance through narration and recording. The result is a poetic journey through a moment away from the spotlights. An extra year for a dancer is an extra year away from the stage: this paradox results in a melancholy feeling throughout the whole piece.

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                  • Whiter Room Installation View


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                    Interactive Installation realized during a 6-week residency at Fleetstreet Theater Hamburg, supported by Fleetstreet e. V., Hamburgische Kulturbehörde, Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung, Rudolf Augstein Foundation February 24 - 26. 2015 14.00 - 22.00 Fleetstreet e.V., Admiralitätsstr. 71, Hamburg Patrik Zosso (CH) Musik Tobias Rosenberger (D/CN) Video Verena Brakonier (D) Performance Fang Yun Lo (TW/D) Performance

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                    • 'The Treasure'. Pabellón de Arabia Saudí. Expo Shanghai 2010 (China)


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                      Espectáculo audiovisual creado por ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño para el Pabellón de Arabia Saudí en la Expo Shanghai 2010. La proyección envuelve al visitante en un mar de imágenes proyectadas en paredes cóncavas de 1.600 m², la mayor superficie de proyección del mundo hasta la fecha. El pabellón evoca la figura de un barco, símbolo de la histórica relación comercial entre Arabia Saudí y China. Una suave rampa ascendente en espiral articula la visita y conecta el acceso con la planta expositiva audiovisual. Una vez allí, los visitantes son trasladados al Reino de Arabia Saudí de forma mágica y asombrosa mediante la multiproyección de gran formato "The Treasure", un espectáculo sin precedentes que ha sido reconocido con los más prestigiosos premios internacionales: - Bureau International des Expositions: Medalla de Oro al Mejor Pabellón - Red dot Design Award: Best of the Best 2010 - iF Communication Design Award 2011 - New York Festival 2011: Bronze World Medal - Art Director´s Club Award 2011

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