1. Lightrails


    from Strukt / Added

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    The interactive audio-visual installation 'Lightrails' was a project that Strukt created together with unheilbar architektur for sound:frame Festival taking place at the Project Space inside the Kunsthalle Wien. 'Lightrails' is a light sculpture with the intention to re-define and re-interpret the exhibition room. An easy but effective mapping technique was used to create seamless projections on both sides of the object. Light-beams were triggered by the visitors and ran through the room, following the surface created by the sculpture. Each "reflection" of the light-beam was accompanied by sound. The speed and brightness of the beam was directly influenced by the force the visitors used when triggering the beam stepping on pedals on the floor. This also influenced the volume of the sound-effects. The audio signal was played back on a surround sound system that allowed a spatial positioning of the sounds and created a truly immersive experience.ounds to create a truly immersive experience. The sound-design was courtesy of Digitalofen Audiobakery, which also created the ambient sounds that were pervasive through the room. As usual, we have used our favorite real-time multipurpose toolkit VVVV to create the installation. The construction of the sculpture was kindly supported by INDAT and the whole project was hosted by the sound:frame festival and financed by departure. Thanks goes out to all of the mentioned organizations and all the individuals that helped us to realize this project! Music by Architecture In Helsinki "Debbie (U-Tern Remix instrumental)" http://strukt.com

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      from Dana Tanamachi / Added

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      A personal project in collaboration with Andrew Ryan Shepherd

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      • THE VOID (audiovisual installation)


        from TUNDRA / Added

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        “THE VOID” Panoramic interactive projection, 4.0 surround sound Saint-Petersburg, Russia Loft Project Etagi gallery May, 2013 “You are standing in an empty room. There are no chairs and tables. They were there, but they took them away. There are no monsters from your bad dreams, although, they never were there. You are standing in an empty room, made of little pieces of stardust that carry the emptiness between them. And while breathing in and out, you feel the movement of the emptiness inside you and that the emptiness is you. At this moment you see that the only things which are absent in the room are the impossible ways of existence.” Audiovisual installation “Void” is an attempt to visualize the idea of emptiness. Emptiness here is regarded not as an absence of everything, but as an initial state when anything can appear. To see how dark room turns into the Big Bang epicenter a visitor should become “empty”. Every move and sound, captured by sensitive equipment, stops the 360 degrees audiovisual flow around. “Void” is a social experiment, to see how long today people can stay totally calm. The Creators Project: "Void, on the other hand, doesn't want to suck users in, but to eradicate the world they know outside the exhibition, leaving them naked and ultimately empty, like a newborn. " http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/panoramic-projections-void-tundra Co.Design: "An incredible video installation will transport you throught the origins of the galaxy." http://www.fastcodesign.com/3022465/innovation-by-design/an-amazing-360-degree-simulation-of-the-big-bang VOID on Behance http://www.behance.net/gallery/THE-VOID/11871447 Credits: Visuals/ programming: A. Letcius, A. Sinica, M. Udchenko Sound/ programming: A. Kochnev, K. Suhanov, S. Perevoschikov Text concept: Bulat Sharipov English translation: Marjolein Matthys "Пустота" Панорамная интерактивная видеопроекция, квадрозвук. Санкт-Петербург, Россия Лофт Проект "ЭТАЖИ" Май, 2013 “Для того, кому ясна пустота, Всё становится ясным.” Нагарджуна, III век н. э. Интерактивная аудиовизуальная инсталляция “Пустота” (“The Void”) — это попытка визуализации идеи пустоты. Пустота здесь это не отсутствие всего, а исходное состояние, с возможностью появления своей небольшой Вселенной. Для того, чтобы увидеть как черная комната превращается в эпицентр Большого взрыва нужно стать “пустым”. Любой звук или движение улавливается чувствительным обрудованием и панорамная видеопроекция со звуком обрывается. "Пустота" это социальный эксперимент. Как долго современный человек может находится в состоянии полного покоя? hello@t-u-n-d-r-a.org https://www.facebook.com/tunddra

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        • Elements


          from demodern / Added

          The German association of prefabricated houses, BDF, has opened their third FertighausWelt Wuppertal where all vendors, who are represented by the association, are showing their houses. The long-term aim of the park is to work energetically independent. Demodern was commissioned to create an installation for the entrance hall that draws attention to the topic energy. We decided to break down the topic energy and chose the 4 elements, the basis of all energy extractions which are used in the park. The visitors are using the installation intentionally or can influence it by walking around in front of it. Agency: Demodern, http://www.demodern.com Design: André Britz Realisation: Nico Zimmermann, Timo Langpeter Film: Michael Goergens, http://goove.de Music: Mountain Range - A Silence Of Three Parts (film edit), http://soundcloud.com/mountain-range

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          • "Tape Recorders" - MCA Sydney (2011) by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer


            from bitforms gallery / Added

            "Tape Recorders," 2011 Subsculpture 14 motorised measuring tapes, kinect tracking systems, computers, cameras, thermal printer, custom-made hardware and software dimensions variable Rows of motorised measuring tapes record the amount of time that visitors stay in the installation. As a computerised tracking system detects the presence of a person, the closest measuring tape starts to project upwards. When the tape reaches around 3m high it crashes and recoils back. Each hour, the system prints the total number of minutes spent by the sum of all visitors. Commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Video courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery nyc. To learn more about Lozano-Hemmer's work, please visit: http://bit.ly/pSbJgx http://bit.ly/HeemCA

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            • Type Case


              from Martin Bircher / Added

              The installation Type Case is a low-resolution display with 125 rectangular pixels of different sizes. These are formed from the reflecting light of digitally controlled LEDs, embedded in each section of a European printers’ type case. Due to the standardized fragmentation of its compartments, the density of visual information is decreased towards the objects’ centre. Viewed close by, it is nearly impossible to recognize more than a flicker – however after moving some distance away, it becomes distinguishable, that the lights and shadows give a representation of the latest headlines. Music: "Comfortable Mystery 4" by Kevin MacLeod Additional Information: 2010, Installation, printers’ type case, containing one LED in each of the 125 compartments, Arduino, Processing, TLC5941. Type Case website: http://www.mar.li/type_case.php Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Bircher.Martin

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              • Chorus


                from Dvein / Added

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                "Chorus" is a contribution to This is NOW, an exhibition that took place in Oslo, showcasing international talents in poster art and motion graphics. This project started as a poster but quickly evolved into a disturbing video with this mouthlike-character producing weird noises and fusing with the buzz of the exhibition visitors.

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                • Man-eater


                  from Daniel Disselkoen / Added

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                  For four years, each day I took the same tram to art academy. Why would you then look out the window with curiosity when there is no reason to expect anything new. I decided to change the daily journey for my fellow passengers and myself. I wouldn't move the tramway track, but maybe I could add something. Make something so that what already exists would look very different now. Man-eater is part of my graduation project "Remake Reality" for the Royal Academy of Art, The Netherlands. For my portfolio, please visit http://www.danieldisselkoen.nl Music: "Contemporary Individual" by Superhumanoids (http://www.superhumanoids.com)

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                  • IDN Open 18th Issue


                    from Plenty / Added

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                    The great Chinese magazine IDN called us to create the opening for its new DVD, attached to its print version. The main topics of its 19th launch were mappings, projections, 8bits and pixels, and we decided to put everything together inside a blender and to start mixing! The result was a Latin-American cocktail, highly explosive, full of color, and with a great rhythm thanks to our Daft Plenty VJ! It was the nice challenge. With a very little time we had to improvise and make something interesting that it mixes all these topics, taking in consideration the mapping technology. The origin of the Open was a corporeal Pixel. Yes! A 50cm white wood cube on which we projected and mapped a pure motiongraphics explosion! Full of patterns and geometric forms re-adapted to the 8-bit world, inspired on the magic latinamerican ponchos and acient indigenous graphites to culminate with the IDN logo soaked in these colorful patterns. More information at: http://www.plenty.tv/work_detail.php?codigo=28 Directed by: Plenty Art Direction: Pablo Alfieri
 Animation Director: Mariano Farias   Graphic Design & Installation: Pablo Alfieri Concepts: Mariano Farias & Pablo Alfieri
 Animation: Mariano Farias, Hernán Estevez Camera, Projection & Mapping: Mariano Farias Music & Sound Design: Mariano Farias
 Edition & Postproduction: Mariano Farías
 Production: Inés Palmas
 Year: 2011   Client: IDN

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                    • TETRAGRAM FOR ENLARGMENT


                      from Apparati Effimeri / Added

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                      ITA Apparati Effimeri a giungo 2009, ha mappato e registrato le forme architettoniche della Rocca Malatestiana, ha realizzato poi i contenuti attraverso l'utilizzo di software 3D e ha sincronizzato audio e video. Il lavoro sulla Rocca non può eludere dalla storia dell'edificio posto a difesa della città. Gli elementi di rottura con l'uniformità della superficie, le decorazioni e le finestre della rocca sono stati utilizzati quali elementi generatori di forme e particelle che hanno invaso l'intera superficie.Per 30 minuti lo spettatore ha assistito ad uno spettacolo insolito e mai visto. Le forme architettoniche hanno cominciato a muoversi e a vivere di vita propria. La Rocca ha cambiato veste assumendo prima uno stato liquido e poi roccioso: I mattoni hanno cominciato a distruggersi e a ricostruirsi. EN Apparati Effimeri created in june 2009, a primal mapping to register the architectural silhouette of the Rocca Malatestiana; then, using a range of different 3D softwares, they realized the video contents and finally synchronizedthe audio e video. The arrangements displayed on the Rocca could not "escape" from the building's own history which was originally built as a defensive outpost .The elements of discontinuity with the uniformity of the building's surface, its decorations and the windows of the castle itself have all been reemployed as generators of new shapes and particles which permeate the whole façade. For 30 minutes the audience watched a very unusual show, never seen before. The architectural shapes started to shift and to become alive. The Rocca changed appereance, acquiring first a liquid state and then a rocky one; the bricks began to crumble and then to reassemble. Sound design: Be Invisible Now!

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