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    EN - For the garden festival Genève: Villes et Champs, The Cloud Collective was selected to execute one of the 13 gardens for the summer of 2014. The festival focuses on the co-habitation of the urban and the natural within the context of the urban expansion of Geneva. The site of this installation, a viaduct over a small highway, is particularly violent and quite out-of-tune with the idea of the garden as a peaceful natural haven. Instead, the project focusses on the character of the site and tries to prove that even these locations of highways and car dealers – despite their anonymous and generic character – can play an important role in the production of food and biomass. A closed system of transparent tubes, clinging onto the viaduct is used for the production of algae, which grow on sunlight and CO2, both abundantly present on the site. These algae can be as combustible biomass or as raw material for different cosmetic and alimentary products. A steel structure, supporting all the secondary equipment such as pumps and filters, functions as a marker for the quickly passing traffic and provides explanations on a more detailed level for pedestrians and cyclists. The functioning and the placement of this bioreactor signals practices of the future: food production in an urban environment, the conservation of green space and the reinterpretation of existing infrastructures. FR - Pour le festival Genève, villes et champs, TCC étais sélectionné pour exécuter un des 13 jardins pour l’été 2014. Le festival se concentre sur la co-habitation de la ville et la nature dans le contexte de l’expansion urbain de Genève. Notre site, un viaduc sur une route national, est particulièrement violent et en premier regard complètement en désaccord avec l’idée d’un jardin comme un recoins paisible et naturel. Nous avons donc décidé de voir ce caractère ingrate comme un opportunité et de prouver que ce paysage d’autoroutes et concessionnaires de voitures (malgré son caractère anonyme et générique) peut jouer un rôle important dans la production de nourriture et la fabrication de biomass. Sur la rampe du pont est donc placée une installation mécanique, presque industrielle. Il ne s’agit pas d’une simple machine mais d’un lieu de culture d’organismes. Le système de tubes dans lequel circule le liquide verdâtre est, en fait, un photobioréacteur pour la culture d’algues en milieu clos. Il utilise les deux ressources qui abondent sur ce site: la lumière du soleil et le gaz CO2 (dioxyde de carbone). Les algues peuvent servir de filtre à air, de producteur de combustible ou encore de producteur de matière première pour des produits divers. Un tour de support contient les installations technique comme une filtre et une pompe et, avec des panneaux le long du trottoir sur le pont, explique le fonctionnement de l’installation aux passants. Le bioréacteur signale des pratiques d’avenir: la production alimentaire en milieu urbain, la conservation des espaces verts et la réinterprétation des infrastructures.

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    • Back to Basics - Behind the scene


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      More pictures at : http://www.behance.net/gallery/Back-to-Basics/1712617

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      • Lucid Stead installation by Phillip K Smith III gives illusion of invisibility to a desert cabin


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        American artist Phillip K Smith III has added mirrors to the walls of a desert shack in California to create the illusion that you can see right through the building. Entitled Lucid Stead, the installation was created by Phillip K Smith III on a 70-year-old wooden residence within the California High Desert in Joshua Tree.

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        • Peripetics


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          ‘Peripetics or The installation of an irreversible axis on a dynamic timeline’ Zeitguised made a piece in six acts for the opening exhibition at the Zirkel Gallery. It entails six imaginations of disoriented systems that take a catastrophic turn, including the evolution of educational plant-body-machine models and liquid building materials. Length: 5000F/ 3min 20s Sound Design: Zeitguised with Michael Fakesch

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          • Type Case


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            The installation Type Case is a low-resolution display with 125 rectangular pixels of different sizes. These are formed from the reflecting light of digitally controlled LEDs, embedded in each section of a European printers’ type case. Due to the standardized fragmentation of its compartments, the density of visual information is decreased towards the objects’ centre. Viewed close by, it is nearly impossible to recognize more than a flicker – however after moving some distance away, it becomes distinguishable, that the lights and shadows give a representation of the latest headlines. Music: "Comfortable Mystery 4" by Kevin MacLeod Additional Information: 2010, Installation, printers’ type case, containing one LED in each of the 125 compartments, Arduino, Processing, TLC5941. Type Case website: http://www.mar.li/type_case.php Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Bircher.Martin

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            • panoptICONS Utrecht


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              ‘panoptICONS’ addresses the fact that you are constantly being watched by surveillance cameras in city centres. The surveillance camera seems to have become a real pest that feeds on our privacy. To represent this, camera birds - city birds with cameras instead of heads - were placed throughout the city center of Utrecht where they feed on our presence. In addition, a camera bird in captivity was displayed to show the feeding process and to make the everyday breach of our privacy more personal and tangible. panoptICONS is a project by Thomas voor 't Hekke and Bas van Oerle who work together by the name of FRONT404. For more info visit: http://panopticons.nl http://front404.com http://thomasvoorthekke.com http://basvanoerle.com Thanx to: CBKU Utrecht, HKU, Katie Bogdanska, Peter van Velden Music: Amon Tobin - Easy Muffin

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              • Videorative Portrait of Randall Okita


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                What is a truly realistic portrait? This question inspired a project about going beyond physical appearances and attempting to render the interior world of a human being, through memories, emotions, relationships and personal story. All of it organized around a portrait painting metaphor: brushes loaded with meanings instead of paint would render a portrait using my "generative video painting" techniques (http://vimeo.com/24065726). Painting a Videorative portrait (a generative, narrative and interactive video portrait) starts with collecting personal videos of the person portrayed, tagged by him/her with relevant concepts and descriptions. Then, using a custom developed tool, the artist "paints with meanings" and generates a video portrait, subtitled with generative personal narratives. In the interactive installation version of the work, the viewer can "navigate" through the subject's mind, opening his/her video memories, accessing their thoughts and revealing hidden connections between the meanings, using real time access to Wikipedia to infer related emotional states. These "data visualizations" create new and unexpected interpretations of the portrait. The subject portrayed can add more video memories, tags and descriptions to “increase the likeness” of the portrait over time, all his/her life, creating a never-ending collection of personal documentaries. Videorative portraits are the result of my experiments to build a more “realistic” contemporary portrait of the physical and the psychological. A comment on the art of portrait painting. A visual metaphor of the memory, heavily distorted, chaotic, fragmented, obsessively replayed. A window to the subject's personal experience and intimate world. A picture of memories. A map of emotions. My immense gratitude to filmmaker Randall Okita for accepting the challenge of exposing himself in these portraits. Credits: All video sources, by Randall Okita (www.randallokita.com) Music: "I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor", by Chris Zabriskie. (www.chriszabriskie.com) Made with Processing, using GSVideo, generativedesign and controlP5 libraries. www.sergioalbiac.com fB: www.facebook.com/pages/Sergio-Albiac/147961608610912

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                • Pneumatic Sponge Ball Accelerator - An installation at Tschumi Pavilion, Groningen


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                  The "Pneumatic Sponge Ball Accelerator" is installed at the Tschumi Pavilion in Groningen / The Netherlands. The apparatus contains 1000 black sponge balls, which are sucked through 150m of transparent pneumatic tubes with the power of a normal household vacuum cleaner. Visitors can operate the machine with a touch sensor: They can change the direction of the airflow and watch the balls speed up, slow down and turn around. The balls reach a top speed of about 4m/s. You can read more about the project on my website: http://www.niklasroy.com/project/174/PSBA I also sucked a little spy camera through the pipes and recorded the result. You can find that video here: https://vimeo.com/99514565 And here's the original music, produced by Kava Kon: https://soundcloud.com/nelstruesdell/kava-kon-zombie

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                  • Shimano Ultegra 6700 Installation & Adjustment Guide


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                    Shimano Ultegra 6700 Installation & Adjustment Guide

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                    • Blossom


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                      http://richardclarkson.com/blossom Recent advances in 3D printing now allow the simultaneous deposition of different build materials in a single print. In a similar way to nature, materials can be distributed seamlessly within objects for structural and functional advantage. “Blossom” explores the blending of two materials with varying physical properties transitioning from flexible to rigid. The variation offers an opportunity to generate complex forms and dynamic structures that are impossible to make by any other means. The research into applications of these Digital Materials™ has resulted in what is believed to be the world’s first inflatable 3D print. Forcing air into the cavities of the print causes it to ‘bloom’ and thereby reveal the complexity of its physical structure. INDN 441 Supervisor: Tim Miller – Creative Digital Manufacturing. School of Design, Victoria University of Wellington. http://www.victoria.ac.nz/design Designer: Richard Clarkson. Supervisor: Tim Miller. Video: Szliárd Ozorák.

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