1. I'm Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage (cover by Kawehi)


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    Make music with me: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kawehi/interaktiv FOR GREG. Let me tell you something about Greg H. He has been a strong supporter of mine for a long time now - stuck by me through every EP and has been to many, many shows. I am forever grateful to the universe for bringing such a fantastic person into my life that I consider more friend than fan now. Thank you for errthang, Greg! Sometimes, I just want to be sad. Is it a chick thing? Probably not. But sometimes I can't be happy unless I'm miserable about something. And I can't move on until I'm at my lowest of lows. It's fucking depressing...but not as depressing as plastering a smile on your face when really you just want to cry your eyeballs out. I have this thing about making normal songs sad and depressing - so I thought it'd be fun to make a depressing song upbeat and fun. Hope you dig, yo. Hearts and shit, Kawehi

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    • Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House (cover by Kawehi)


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      Be a part of making music: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kawehi/interaktiv FOR PHIL. Thank you for supporting my project and for picking such a cool song for me to cover for you! I was too young when this song first came out to truly understand it. I didn't have any dreams then, I hadn't owned anything or had anything own me, I didn't know what freedom was and certainly didn't know why we would fight for it. But as it is with any truly genius songwriter/band, Neil Finn's music has lived through decades of musical change and has touched many generations, and when I heard it again as an adult I remember that feeling of understanding. I truly enjoyed making this video. No music, no life. Hearts and shit, Kawehi http://facebook.com/iamkawehi

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        The Maneki Neko (jap., literally Beckoning Cat; aka Lucky Cat, Money Cat) is a common Japanese figurine which is believed to bring luck, attract customers and bring prosperity. The Lucky Cat waves with the raised left paw and holds a historic coin in front of itself with the right one. The Lucky Cat as talisman and selling product is wide-spread in Asia and meanwhile almost all over the world. Luck is associated here with monetary and material prosperity. For tourists the Lucky Cat became a kind of pop style Manga character which appears in growing numbers in western private households. As kitschy-petite like exotic souvenir it refers to a certain idea of western lifestyle. The material element of the installation»The Global Pursuit of Happiness, or: The Army of Luck« is the »Lucky Cats' Matrix«. It contains 520 shiny golden XXL Lucky Cats made of plastics which are arranged in 40 rows and 13 columns on a ramp-like stand made of aluminum (W 8 m, H 3 m, D 2 m). Visitors experience the Lucky Cats' Matrix as a dot-matrix display which consists of 520 waving paw grid points as its »pixels«. In each cat a servomotor is built in to control the paws move exactly in position and speed. The visitors are requested imaginarily by the cats to interact as users: "Your concept of happiness is our lucky command. Write it on the keyboard". Words and sentences up to 40 characters can be put in and are displayed clearly visible with the paws letter by letter as sliding text marquee. So to say, the users »choreograph« the Lucky Cats performance wordwise. Literally it is the »inscription« of an idea of happiness or a wish in the Lucky Cats' bodies by moving their paws forward and backward. For users, the Lucky Cats become multiplied »avatars« in the world of chance and happiness. But the Lucky Cats are also able to perform spontaneously as well: they can show 25 different salutatory and signalizing gestures as well as mass movements like the »Mexican Wave« or an ecstatic »hyperkinesis«. Every displayed sentence triggers audio events – sound samples of mass or group events, like entertainment shows, political speeches, demonstrations, sport events, parades, accidents, etc. from the beginning of the last century until today. The sounds express auditorily different states of mind, like joy, euphoria, desire, fear, hate, aggression and resignation, astonishment, outrage, pain, panic, desperation and fanatical excitement. The sounds are played in random order and unpredictable combinations. Different contexts and changing settings are emerging. Are the Lucky Cats »one-armed bandits«? Or is it a gesture in the context of a political or religious movement? Is it a just a happy waving of the fun-loving, hedonistic society? Or is the assembly of Lucky Cats a revolutionary deployment of »wish machines« as »army of luck« or is it just another marketing campaign? The lined up, gold-reflecting mass of the Lucky Cats in the matrix appears almost as an insubstantially copy-paste-animation. The Lucky Cats in the matrix as an industrial made product become an »ornament of the masses« for repetetive-stererotype and globalized-industrialized ideals. Do we need more and more Lucky Cats to generate more and more prosperity for more and more people? Boris Petrovsky 2012 www.petrovsky.de Video and post production: Nina Martens www.stereomorph.net Location: Art Fair »Art Karlsruhe 2012«, Karlsruhe (Germany), one artist show, gallery ABTART, Stuttgart

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        • Brave by Sara Bareilles (cover by Kawehi) WITH LOVE, FOR ISAAC


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          Most of the time, when I get fans who back my projects on Kickstarter for a cover, they pick a song that speaks to them the most. Which is so wonderful for me - because I get to be a part of something they love. But this time, a backer didn't pick a song for him - he picked a song for an amazing kid named ISAAC. And just like that - my love for humans has just hit the roof, yo. This cover really touched my heart, because I was making something for such a kick ass kid, and I really wish he were here, alive and well so I could give him a high five and tell him how cool I think he is and how his family rocks and how there's so many people who love him, but I'll settle with dedicating this song to him and his family, with all of my love. Hearts and shit, Isaac! k. dig my 'uke? I do too, ,yo! https://www.facebook.com/KoAlohaUkulele

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          • Parachute by Ingrid Michaelson (cover by Kawehi)


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            Make music with me: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kawehi/interaktiv FOR CARE E. I met Care after a show I did in Chicago. I always stick around for hours after every show to meet everyone that came, shake their hand, take pictures, sign shit, throw a few drinks back with them - and most importantly - thank them for coming. Because really, I wouldn't be in their city unless they filled the rooms and came to the shows. So, Care was one of those awesome people I met - and it turns out not only is she great, but she's got a kickass family too. So obviously, the awesomeness is genetic. I'm super stoked to do this song for her - I've always been an Ingrid Michaelson fan so this was fun to do (even though I made the song all melancholic and shit). Thank you Care and the rest of the fam! You guys have some huge hearts, yo. I'm also stoked to introduce you guys to the newest member of our family - Lulu. We adopted Lulu from our friend Rob Masters who is looking to start a rescue (scholarly strays). Rob is also an incredible dog trainer who takes care of our pups while we're out on tour. So when he told us that Lulu was looking for a home - we couldn't resist that squishy face! She's new to the video scene, unlike Igor da Pug and Brando da Mutt - so she's just getting used to staying still for the camera and not getting all up in my junk while I'm shooting. But she'll be a movie star in no time - and she's already an incredibly loved member of our family. We're lucky to have her! Hearts and shit, K-dog.

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            • Sail by AWOLNATION (cover by Kawehi)


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              Only 12 days left to make music with me: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kawehi/interaktiv FOR ERIC AND CAROL: When I do these covers for the people who back my Kickstarter projects, I have a hell of a good time. And I'm usually super excited to hear what they come up with. I ask them to give me three songs to pick and choose from - because not every song can be made into a live loop. And it's usually easy to pick between the three - I try them out quickly and find the one that makes the most sense musically for me. But dang, Eric had given me three amazing options...Peter Gabriel (YES!), Sting (holy shit!), and..AWOLNATION. Had to go with Sail, because it's one hell of a badass song, and I had a great time coming up with cool, dirty sounds! A big, huge, gigantic MAHALO to Eric and Carol for helping me make music! Now go on with your badass self and have a great rest of your week yo! Kawehi

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              • Resonate - interactive light & sound installation


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                Der 40 Meter lange Innenraum eines Containerbootes wird zu einem Resonanzkörper für Licht und Klang. Ein Netz leuchtender Linien schwebt im Stahlrumpf des Schiffes und erzeugt atmosphärische Klänge und Strukturen. Mit Hilfe von digitalem LED-Licht und Klang wird der Raum von den Besuchern als dreidimensionale Raumkomposition interaktiv erfahrbar. „Resonate‟ nimmt die vorhandene Kraft der stählernen Schiffswände als Resonanzkörper mittels elastischer Klangsaiten auf, lenkt diese um und bündelt sie in acht interaktiven Objekten. Durch die Interaktion mit den Klangsaiten kann der Besucher individuelle Sounds generieren, die visuell in Lichtwellen übersetzt werden. Somit wird die Oberfläche der Objekte zur Schnittstelle zwischen Klang und Licht. Die Installation wird ab 7. September 2012 im ZKM, Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe zu sehen sein.

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                • Tänzer/innen im Portrait - Teil 5 - Cloé Christen


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                  Die Schweiz tanzt - Das interaktive Filmprojekt DIE SCHWEIZ TANZT versteht sich als ein “Mitmach-Film“. Wir wollen mit diesem Projekt eine neue Art des Dokumentarfilms ergründen und der Tanzszene die Möglichkeit geben, sich selbst darzustellen. Mehr Infos unter: www.welovedance.ch oder www.dieschweiztanzt.ch

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                  • Cloé - Warum machst Du bei unserem Projekt mit?


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                    Wir trafen Cloé in Bern und durften an einer Tanzstunde mit ihr teilnehmen. Anschließend sprachen wir über sie und ihren Tanzwerdegang. Hier ein Auszug und Cloé`s Antwort auf die Frage, warum sie bei unserem Projekt mitmacht.

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                    • Lightracer – Interaktiver LED-Tower


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                      Der Lightracer ist ein interaktives Projekt, das in Zusammenarbeit mit Yvonne Riehle im Rahmen der Intermedia Stuttgart entstand. Eine umgebaute RC-Auto-Fernbedienung erlaubt es, in bester Etch-a-Sketch-Manier eine Linie auf einen knapp 7 Meter hohen LED-Turm zu zeichnen. Hardware: 2x Arduino & X-Bee Programmierung und Ausgabe: Processing Turm: V:LED Via20 Panels (zur Verfügung gestellt von www.limelight-veranstaltungstechnik.de) Eine Zusammenarbeit der Fakultät für Gestaltung an der HS Mannheim (www.gestaltung.hs-mannheim.de/designwiki/MAD-Lab/) und dem Institut für Intermediales Gestalten an der ABK Stuttgart (www.abk-stuttgart.de) Entstanden im Kurs IN2 | WS 2010/11 bei Prof. Hartmut "Habu" Wöhlbier Musik: Pathetik Party von Erdbeerschnitzel (www.blockstoff.de) Mit besonderem Dank an Christian "Tseh" Wiegert und Stephan Ditgens Mehr Info eventuell auf www.koltastik.de... Yvonne Riehle & Kolja van Boekel im Winter 2010

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