1. Love & Soldiers, Wedding in Al-Masara


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    Music by: Checkpoint 303 Palestine: Bride, groom, soldiers and barbed wire An Edmontonian reports from a nuptial protest in the occupied West Bank In long white gowns, their faces heavy with makeup, two women, together with their male counterparts, lead a loud procession down a long, dusty road. Their followers cheer and dance around them waving flags, some riding horses. I am their wedding videographer, and manoeuvre through the crowd to capture their broad smiles, zoom in for close-ups of the couple holding hands and conduct interviews with the wedding party. I run ahead of the line to get a wide shot, but am greeted by another type of party: behind rolls of menacing barbed wire stand men with helmets, large guns slung at their sides; Israeli soldiers are blocking the road the raucous wedding party is heading down. Today, Palestinians and their international supporters are holding a unique demonstration in the small village of Al-Ma'sara, located 15 kilometres south of Bethlehem in Palestine's West Bank. Every Friday since 2006 the villagers of Al-Ma'sara have been protesting the wall that is to be built by Israel on their land. The wall, which Israel calls the "Separation Barrier" but is referred to by many Palestinians as the "Apartheid Wall," was started by Israel in 2002. Despite a five-year-old ruling by the United Nations' International Court of Justice deeming the wall illegal, Israel continues to justify construction of the wall—which when completed will snake for over 700 kilometres, most of it within the occupied West Bank—for security purposes. For villagers in Al-Ma'Sara, the wall means their prime agricultural land and critical natural water resources are being stolen, and villages are being further isolated along with their economic livelihoods. When the people of Al-Ma'sara realized they would be soon joining other Palestinian villages such as Ni'lin, Bil'in and Jayyous in the West Bank's north—where the wall is already a reality—villagers began to organize a popular committee to protest against the wall, putting forth non-violent resistance to the construction. The village is located 22 kilometres from the internationally recognized Green Line, the armistice line set out in 1949, and is surrounded by Israeli settlements Gush Atsyoun and Efrata to the north and west and Tequa settlement to the east, inhabited by more than 50 000 Israeli settlers. Despite being considered illegal under international law, more than 300 000 Israelis now live in the West Bank, not including the almost 200 000 who live in Jerusalem and other "unauthorized" outposts. "People say, 'The settlers won't build here,' but then we see they do," relates Al-Ma'sara resident Mahmoud Zwahre, sitting on the sofa in his family home, where international supporters are spending the night before the demonstration. "Who imagined in Jerusalem settlers would come to Silwan? Who imagined settlers would take over Sheik Jarrah, Beit Saffafa? Changes happen fast. If we don't see changes on the ground, the same will happen here". Zwahre has been at the forefront of the resistance in Al-Ma'sara. Like many others, he has been arrested and detained without charge in Israeli jails. Currently, by order of an Israeli court, he is prohibited from demonstrating, but this has not stopped Zwahre from continuing to organize the demonstrations in the village. "You can't measure the success of demonstrations by violence," Zwahre stresses. "The journalists are looking for something new. In Ni'lin and Bil'in you have images of the tear gas. In Al-Ma'sara, we use creative demonstrations to attract the media. Not only is agriculture and water affected, but the social life is affected by the wall. The wedding demo addresses this." On any given summer day there are a multitude of weddings in every Palestinian village, every town. They are huge celebrations featuring dancing, fireworks and feasts. Traditionally, marriage is forever. For a couple in Al-Ma'sara, their special day is all the more memorable, as they have decided to attempt to marry by the wall. In support of the bride, two Italian volunteers agreed to accompany her as mock brides. When I ask why she would participate in a demo in this manner, one of the volunteers remarked, "In Italy, it is bad luck to wear a wedding dress before the wedding, but I'm married to Palestine now." Unfortunately, the vehicle carrying the real bride—who is from nearby Bethlehem—is stopped by Israeli soldiers on the road leading to the village and she is prevented from getting to the ceremony. The mock brides and their Palestinian "husbands" had arrived minutes earlier and were able to breach the barbed wire, dancing around the soldiers, to greet several hundred people on the other side of the Israeli-built barrier. Jum'a, one of the popular committee organizers, expresses regret at how the day has gone, but says that it's far from a unique event in Palestine. "A lot of weddings have happened away from the media, where they have been disrupted by the Israeli army," he says. "Maybe it's not good to make a demo out of a wedding. I mean, it's a wedding. It happens just once in your life. But we need to show how the occupation affects us. This demonstration is to show how our daily lives are affected, even in the moment when we should be smiling." The bride's vehicle drives away while speeches are made, asking for peace and the right for Palestinians to inhabit their lands. Soon the soldiers became frustrated and arrest three Israeli activists who are attending the ceremony. The groom, carried on the shoulders of his best men, comes to the barrier where his bride was prevented from passing. With the ongoing construction of both settlements and the wall, only 17 percent of the West Bank is left under exclusive Palestinian control, deemed Area A under the 1993 Oslo Accords. Even this small amount that remains is compromised—houses and land are often occupied by the Israeli army and Palestinians are frequently arrested in the night without just cause. In US President Obama's May speech in Egypt he asked Israel to halt the construction of settlements in the West Bank. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly rejected the empty request, and through the continual housing demolitions, evictions, and land confiscation I have witnessed in my three months in Palestine I have seen with my own eyes that such lip service from the United States has had no impact on Israeli expansion at the cost of Palestinian land. The demonstration is finished, the soldiers will soon remove the temporary barrier blocking entrance to the village, and the vehicles of families of the couple to-be will soon begin to stream into Al-Ma'sara. As we drive away, with tears in his eyes, Jum'a expresses to me his frustration with the situation he and his village are trapped in. "A lot of people know there is an occupation, there is the wall, there are prisoners, there are killings, a lot," he says. "But there are things people don't know about: our daily lives. When there is an attack like in Gaza, the media will cover it, but after it is finished, they are gone. Who is talking about the suffering of a woman who lost her child? Who is talking about the loss of water, electricity, the loss of feelings? Who is talking about thousands in jail? Who is talking about the trauma of children? The Israeli's occupy the sky and the land. "Sometimes it feels like we're living without hope. But we are still smiling, because we have no other choice. Maybe there is a candle at the end of the tunnel. We hope that one day we reach it. Sometimes I get up from a deep sleep, the weather is good and I can see Jerusalem with my eyes. But I cannot visit. It's hard. Maybe everything has changed. The buildings, the streets. But I'm sure as a Palestinian the land will know me, because I am Palestinian." V

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    • Tribal Teachings From the Musa (Meredith M. Quinn)


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      Tribal Teachings From the Musa (Meredith M. Quinn) Presented by: Lester Howse (Wapo Piesew) Ragpickers Theatre Winnipeg, Manitoba April 13th 2006 No where in the pages of history can there be equaled in total, the injustices done to man, when one realizes the injustices done to the INDIAN of this hemisphere. Never has a civilization contributed so much to the comfort of another, such as, the INDIAN did in providing: - a government system, a defensive method, a new freedom, his foods and 95% of his medicines. All that the INDIAN asked was to be left alone and not have their culture disturbed nor their lands destroyed. In turn the INDIAN PEOPLES became a nation without a country: unprotected from exploitation, they became the most suppressed, the hungriest and the sickest. Never has so much land been stolen under a flag of progress and millions upon millions of lives murdered from the table of peace, that not even the great Genghis Kahn, the Pharoahs, Caesars, Natchi or Hitler - totaling their murders, could equal the number of deaths among INDIANS. (estimated by white scholars to number 120 MILLION.) In the beginning, white men in government agencies converted certain Indians (uncle tomahawks, soup-bone Indians, hang around the fort Indians, Indian Scouts for the US and Canadian military, Indian policemen and the AUTONOMOUS SELL-OUT CHIEF & COUNCIL GOVERNMENTS, etc.) Today we still see them converting Indians, working in these same government agencies. In addition, by allowing the police and military to recruit our young INDIAN men and women into their forces, they knowingly-treasonously have our children give up their allegiance to the INDIAN and give it to the crown. ACTS CLASSIFIED AS TREASON 1. Rebellion or Insurrection against INDIAN NATIONS. 2. Seditious conspiracy against INDIAN NATIONS. 3. Advocating the overthrow of INDIAN GOVERNMENTS. 4. Registration of certain organizations. 5. Activities affecting Police Forces generally. 6. Activities affecting Police Forces during wars. 7. Recruiting for services against INDIAN NATIONS. 8. Enlistment of services against INDIAN NATIONS. 9. Giving aid and comfort to Indians and non-Indians committing these crimes. How will THESE sell out Indians answer THE CREATOR, when asked, 'DID YOU LIVE THE LIFE AND LIE OF THE WHITEMAN?' We have also learned that the terms 'first nation', 'native', 'aboriginal', 'metis' etc., are legal terms that place, those who identify themselves as such, UNDER the 'assumed jurisdiction of the crown,' therefore their classification would fall under 'PRISONERS OF WAR.' or 'INHABITANTS.' The PURPOSE for this additional information is: to re-educate the world as to the true legal identity of Signatory Tribal People, specifically the Signatory Indian Tribes of North and South America and their descendants. [eg;] Indian Tribes of the Western Hemisphere, fed the starving world of Europe and parts of Africa , by fulfilling their responsibility according to the stipulations of a treaty signed before the sanctioning of the Columbus Commission in 1492. This treaty is known as the Treaty of the Camels Eye, The Eye of Isis and The Eagle Bowl Treaty, and it was signed July 2nd 408 A.D. upon the surrender of the Roman Empire. STILL LAW TODAY, no treaty can be changed without the consensus of all who were originally involved, or their descendants. The Foundation Of International Law There are six aboriginal treaties that are the foundation for all international law, hence from them comes the Law of Nations which has Clanmothers who hold Territorial Right, also referred to as Cession Jurisdiction. In all International Law including today, Clanmothers hold Title to the Territory of a Nation, both White or Indian. The Six Aboriginal Treaties *Wampum Belts *Canes of Authority *Peace Pipe Treaties [These treaties cover all Indian Tribes of North and South America] *The Seal of Solomon Treaty [Covers all Blacks, Arabs and Israelites] *The Paladium of Troy Treaty [Covers Asia and Minor Asia] *Noah’s Ark Treaty [Covers all Anglia, Saxon, Mercia and Northumbrian Groups or The White Tribes of Europe] The Law of the Signatory Tribes supercedes the domestic law of the white governments both here in what is called Canada and the United States. The United States of America are ruled by Corpus Juris Secundum or Second Law of the Land.. Canada is a Defacto type government or Corporation and is registered on the stock markets of the world as such. Canada goes by Crown Law which is the law of the Crown of England, but remember at the time Rome surrendered it’s power in 408 A.D., England was given the responsibility of fulfilling the articles of the Camel’s Eye Treaty, because England was the second Rome. The ROMAN EMPIRE included the Crown of England, France and Spain. To this day, should you follow the bloodlines of the ROYAL FAMILIES, you will find them to be the descendants of the OLD ROMAN EMPIRE or the ROMAKOS who are the descendants of GREEK ROYALTY. The RULE OF LAW binding these treaties is followed letter perfect today, and should a SIGNATORY TRIBAL GOVERNMENT be re-established, as it was in 1996, (see THE EXACT PEOPLE OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS) it would protect itself by asserting jurisdiction to stop any type of government from imposing it’s laws and jurisdiction over the Tribal Members. Federal Destrict Court Judge Warren Urbom, in the case, United States –V- Consolidated Wounded Knee Cases, {Supra. 1975], gave the exact construction of a Tribal Government, when he stated to 65 Sioux Indians trying to prove Sovereignty, “ this court cannot supply a Casus Omissus in a Treaty any more than in a Law”. Interpreted, he is saying, Clanmothers are the Law. This judge was acknowledging the power of the Clanmother over any Nation. TRIBAL GOVERNMENT [SOVEREIGNTY] Judge Urbom in the case, United States –v- Consolidated Wounded Knee Cases supra. gave the exact construction of a Tribal Government, which made the members Signatory Indians and members making up the Tribe. When the Beda [Bedea] Scholars of England rewrote and retranslated the Christian Bible in the 1500’s from the old version of 451 A.D., they purposely omitted one complete book and the name of this book can be found in the new Bible-Numbers 21:14. The Monarchy of any Tribal Government are called: Angels; Daughters of the Great Spirit or Pure Light. To be a member of a Signatory Tribe, you must belong to a clan that is ruled by a Clanmother who appoints Chiefs to speak on behalf of her clan. The entire Tribe ruled by Clanmothers, Angels, Pure Light, or Daughters of the Great Spirit, become the Title Owners of the Sovereign Territories. The exception to this are the 5,6, and 7 Nations that were Indian Tribes created by George Washington who signed Treaties with them trying to replace the power of the Clanmothers of the Iroquois Confederacy.The origional Iroquois Confederacy was 52 Nations .[People for the State of New York –v- Boots; Co, Ct. N. Y. ] “It is of little consequence to me on who you are because everyone here is a descendant from a Tribe that make up the Six Aboriginal Treaties that are the Foundation of all International Law.” [Meredith Quinn--- International Legal Advisor, of the Dakota Empire, registered with the United Nations.] According to Tribal Custom and Usage, all children born are Signatory and until they reach the age of accountability, where they place their allegiance often makes them Ambiquous Indians with a Quasi-Sovereign position. Ambiguos; Meaning Doubtful if they are Indians. As there is doubt caused by their own admission, they become Quasi-Sovereign. [They may appear so, but are not Sovereign.] Elk-v-Wilkins. Corporate Charters, called Indian Governments,[Band Council elective system], legally defined, are Autonomy Governments which comes from the Greek [Autosnomous-Self Rule,] legally means a Self-Governing state, community or group, subject to another Supreme Sovereignty. This type of system has omitted the true Landlord of the Territories, who are the Women of the Clans. Billy Joe's tribal law teacher KNOWS that this is THE LAST CALL. We need to wake up and become legal 'SIGNATORY INDIANS' again, in order to preserve and protect 'LEGALLY' the future of our 'INDIAN CHILDREN and INDIAN TERRITORIES'. Please visit our upcoming site SIGNATORYINDIANS dot calm and/or 'Myspace.com/tribal law teachings' for more info. PRODUCED BY STRONGFRONT A/V PRODUCTIONS INC. COPYRIGHT 2010 StrongFront A/V Productions Inc. E-Mail:info@strongfront.tv Web:www.strongfront.tv

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      • Where Heaven falls prey to thieves


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        A short documentary about the extensive art theft that has taken place in North Cyprus since the 1974 Turkish invasion. The theft has taken place with tacit or active approval from the Turkish army. The plunder not only served as a source of income for criminals in North Cyprus and shady antiquity dealers, it was also an act to eradicate the memory of Cyprus as a Christian country for almost two millenia. What has happened in the Turkish occupied zone constitutes pillaging of world cultural heritage and is a war crime according to several international conventions.

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        • Rough Cut - Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Trailer


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          The ideology of genocide revealed through the stories of survivors.
 https://www.facebook.com/roughcutfilm All tip-jar contributions will go directly to funding the finalisation of the film. You can also support us by donating to, and sharing our Indiegogo-campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rough-cut-genocide-and-crimes-against-humanity/x/7633126 Never again! is what we said after the holocaust. Now 20 years have passed since the genocide in Rwanda, and we see history repeat itself. Through the film we rise issues concerning racial theories, national socialism, and international law concerning genocide and crimes against humanity. At this moment court cases are held against people who took part in the genocide in Rwanda in Germany and France. This is contextualised by the rise of right-wing extremism in Europe in recent years, and Anders Behring Breiviks attack on the labour-youth summer camp on Utøya on the 22/7/2011. «Rough Cut» will be released on Norwegian cinemas in the Fall of 2014.

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          • Stolen Land


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            Waleed Abohanya was farming his land when the soldiers came. There were dozens of them, supported by dozens more policemen. They had a simple mission: they were there to take Waleed’s land. Credits Directed by Alan Whelan, Garry Walsh and Eoghan Rice Produced by Garry Walsh and Eoghan Rice Filmed by Alan Whelan and Garry Walsh Edited by Alan Whelan

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            • Inaugural Lecture of Scott Shapiro, Charles F. Southmayd Professor of Law


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              Scott Shapiro ’90 presented his inaugural lecture as the Charles F. Southmayd Professor of Law on February 25, 2013. His lecture was titled “The Law of the World.” Of his lecture, Professor Shapiro said, “Critics of international law frequently cite the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928 as clear evidence of its folly. That the Great Powers attempted to rid the world of war by means of a piece of paper is taken as a sign of the naive idealism that has discredited international law for so many. I take issue with this skeptical view by arguing that the Kellogg-Briand pact inaugurated a revolution in our thinking about war. The treaty has, in fact, been so successful that we no longer remember the world before it, when war was a well-established legal institution and, thus, a legitimate method for enforcing rights and resolving disputes. I attempt to recover this once dominant but now-forgotten conception of war by returning to its first formulation by Hugo Grotius and the strange confluence of events that led to its creation.”

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              • Focus on the ICTR: A defence perspective


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                Olivier Nyirubugara, 17 November 2009 - The UN International criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) has a few years to go and discussions about its legacy for the International Criminal Law has started. While some perceive that Tribunal as a major advancement, others, including defense laywers, who have been defending genocide suspects for last fourteen years, think that this ICTR and other ad hoc courts, have created a regrettable precedent. ‘The ICTR has been a big mistake’, said Kenyan defense attorney Kennedy Ogetto. He was speaking in The Hague, The Netherlands on 14 November 2009 in a three-day self-sponsored conference. Over 100 people, mostly Rwandans, but also foreigners coming from all over the world listened to frustration-marked presentations by the lawyers and other scholars and experts. The ICTR is illegal The legality of the ICTR is still being discussed, even as the Court’s closure is drawing near. In this regard, the laywers and scholars who spoke during the conference converge to qualify the setting up the ICTR by the Security Council as an abuse of power. ‘No ad hoc criminal court should be created by the UN Security Council’, said, Austrian Philosophy professor Hans Koechler , adding that justice should not be administered by the five super-powers with the veto right. Veteran French Laywer, Roland Weyl agrees: ‘All the tribunals set up by the Security Council are marked by a fundamental international illegality’, he said. He explained that the sole task of the Security Council is to keep and restore peace. ‘The setting up of criminal tribunals is … a prerogative of the General Assembly in its full sovereignty’, he concluded. Fabricated Truth The ICTR was set up in late 1994, only months after the genocide that claimed over a million lives among the Tutsi minority. However, many speakers questioned this version, qualifying it as incomplete. ‘Contrary to what took place in Germany where the State clearly persecuted the Jews, what happened in Rwanda is a sui-generis genocide’, said German Historian Helmut Strizek. For him, the vacuum that was created in April 1994 led to what he called a ‘spontaneous genocide’. ‘The ICTR is contributing to the fabrication of distorted truth’, said French author and investigative journalist Pierre Péan in an interview on 14 November. Péan is author of Blancs menteur, noirs fureurs, a 2005 controversial book dedicated to what he calls Tutsi connections in France. He was accused of racial hatred against the Tutsi, whom the book allegedly presents as liars. Joint Criminal Enterprise British International Criminal Law scholar and Sorbone professor John Laughland holds that prosecuting and trying suspects in groups in criminal courts undermines the rule of law. The ICTR office of the prosecutor has been using the Joint Criminal Enterprise doctrine to put former government leaders, and former military commanders in groups. According to Laughland and other lawyers, the aim is to prove that a conspiracy took place. ‘The notion of plan is far from contributing to reconciliation’, said Laughland during the conference. He suggested that it would rather fuel conflict and violence as different groups would hasten to have their own plans. He added that in times of armed conflicts, as in Rwanda between 1990 and 1994, ‘crimes might have dictated by the violence of the other side’. Beth Lyons, another defense lawyer, refers to the Joint Criminal Enterprise as, ‘the nuclear bomb for the prosecutors because with it they can encapsulate all their theories of conspiracy’. In her words, that doctrine tortures Law and Justice. Acquitted but… So far, the ICTR has acquitted a few suspects. However, according the laywers, acquittal does not mean so much. The post-prison life seems to be a psychological prison, to paraphrase Malian lawyer Seydou Doumbia. He presented about the ICTR acquitted who are still to be reinserted back into normal life. While some managed to find countries accepting to grant them asylum, many others are still in so called ‘safe houses’ in Arusha, Tanzania. Yet others found their families dislocated and, on top of that, could not find jobs as no one want to employ a genocidaire. ‘ Yet these are people who committed no crimes’, said Doumbia. His colleagues Sadikou Alao from Benin and John Philipot from Canada, presented about the convicts in Benin jails and in the inmates in ICTR Detention facility, respectively. Their situations is mostly marked by uncertainty and worries, especially as to their fate after the ICTR closure now scheduled in 2012. Watch the entire series here: http://www.olny.nl/RWANDA/Videos/Focus_on_ICTR_thematic_page.html

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                • Kofi Annan


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                  • Christopher Greenwood: The Sources of International Law


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                    • Stolen Children, Stolen Lives


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                      The arrests, abuse and imprisonment of Palestinian children (Aged 9 - 15) by the Israeli authorities, the impact on them and the impact on Israeli soldiers. Gerry OSullivan www.osullivansolutions.ie

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