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    Recap of The Jolly Gala Event held May 10, 2013 at the IP Casino Resort and Spa

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    • MultiPlayer Game


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      This is simple tech demo for multilayer game with client server architecture.

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      • B&b


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        Spot publicitaire en pur motion design pour B&b. Agence: IP Productions

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        • EEDW Hämeenlinna 2013


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          Short aftermovie of the Erasmus Intensive Program "European Entrepreneurship in a Digital World" at HAMK University (Hämeenlinna, Finland). Based on the experience of working in international teams with a large dose of fun. Song: Compact Disk Dummies - The Reeling

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          • Of Record Chicago - Daliah Saper, Principal Saper Law - Being an Internet Savvy Law Firm


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            Of Record -- Daliah Saper -- Being an internet savvy law firm I think it depends on the size and scope of your business. I'm a smaller based law firm, so I am the web-developer, the marketing person, along with my associates who help me out from time to time. But, it's really not that hard. I think people are afraid because they think it takes a lot more time than it does. For example, I incorporate the use of feeds to update -- to put status updates on my Twitter account, my Facebook, and my blog all at once. So that now when I go to update my blog I don't have to go to Facebook and do it again and Twitter and do it again, the feeds automatically do that for me. So now all my Facebook friends, so to speak, get to see what I've done. People who go to my blog get to see what I've done, as well as my people following Twitter. It's just a matter of setting aside an hour a week, coming up with new content and making sure that content is relevant to your prospective client, whoever is interested in coming to your firm for whatever reason. I think law firms are no different from any other kind of business. We've got institutional firms that are established and they've been doing and practicing law a certain way. While they do adapt with new marketing, it takes longer to get up to speed at times. By the time you get the firm committee to approve the web developer, who then approve on the content, there's a lot more steps to go through. Other than that I think it's just that initial fear and lack of understanding of how social media works. I had the benefit of being kind of a being kind of immersed in it and stumbled upon this area because I was personally using it as a twenty something year old when I started my law firm. So, it was a natural extension of what I was already using and knowing how to use in the meantime, if that makes sense. "Have you seen any business development through that?" I have actually. You know, I think if nothing else it helps solidify the relationships you do have. So, I'm a strong believer in maintaining yourself in the minds of your clients, your friends. So, if nothing else, someone who I've done business with two years ago will continue to get my monthly newsletters and should something come up I'm first in mind because they just saw my name in their inbox a month ago. I think that applies also to the Facebook and the Twitter which are less intrusive ways of trying to get my name out there. You can get me at www.saperlaw.com Or on Twitter, my handle is @saperlaw You can also find the Saper Law Group and fan pages on Facebook

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            • Saper Law Immersion Program


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              Saper Law Immersion Program John just graduated from law school. His friend Sarah works at a law firm but hates the type of work she's doing and wants to switch practice areas. Both of them want to learn how to help innovative businesses and creative entrepreneurs. They want to learn how to handle intellectual property, social media, entertainment, and corporate law issues -- and fulfill their CLE requirements while they're at it. Bob runs a small business and Ken just started his new business. They're both on a shoestring budget. They both have desperate legal needs but nowhere near the budget to get the work done right. Big firms are too expensive, smaller firms don't specialize or understand their needs. Introducing, the Saper Law Immersion Program. Over the course of one week, under the supervision of Saper Law Offices, John and Sarah are able to help and offer advice to Bob and Ken. John and Sarah receive on the job training in a controlled clinic environment. They learn by doing and dealing with real clients -- not some fake simulation and not by just passively sitting through lectures. Bob and Ken in turn get their legal needs service at low stress and inexpensive way. Apply today at saperimmersion.com

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              • #CINEMATICEVERYTHING Episode 19 Positioning Yourself As An Expert. Daliah Saper - Saper Law


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                #CINEMATICEVERYTHING Episode 19|Positioning Yourself As An Expert Intellectual Property attorney Daliah Saper on how she has used online video to position herself as an expert in the field of business and social media law. www.saperlaw.com Follow The Movement @ www.facebook.com/indirapproductions #CINEMATICEVERYTHING "Daliah Saper is with us right now, attorney at Sapor Law Offices to talk about Facebook." "Daliah Sapor is the Chicago attorney whose client..." "Daliah Saper, principle of law offices." Well, I think more than anything video allows your prospective clients and existing clients to build a relationship with you, and it really creditentializes you. So, when I have a seminar - for example at my office, that video is not saying "Hey, there is a seminar here," it's saying look at the body of content that I was able to produce. Here's a library of important information that you can refer back to if and when you need to. So, it extends my reach both by allowing me to explain my areas of practice to educate my prospective clients while at the same time putting a face to the type of work we do and who Saper Law, my law firm, really is.

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                • Of Record - Daliah Saper, Saper Law - Representing Entrepreneurs


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                  Of Record Chicago - Daliah Saper, Principal Saper Law - Representing Entrepreneurs Sure, Saper Law bills itself as a law firm representing creative entrepreneurs and innovative business organizations. I started it in 2005, and it's really grown with the types of clients that I have. The clients I had were also startups like my law firm was. Over time they've grown, as has the entrepreneurial community in Chicago I think for the types of clients that I have. Those often include the software developers, the website creators, the mom and pop retail stores, and a lot of other web based businesses that range from clothing to food to medical devices. I think that where you see the bigger law firms suffering because their clients are crumbling because of the economy -- a law firm like mine is really flourishing because those same companies that are now disintegrating are creating these new entrepreneurs. The ones, you know Bob who has had a corporate job for fifty years, well maybe twenty years, and has a passion for cooking finally has the opportunity to go pursue that passion because he doesn't have the corporate job holding him down. So, it's forcing people to pursue passions and business ideas that they otherwise wouldn't have pursued. And so we're seeing a lot more clients go after those dreams. As far as the kind of businesses I have, I get them at two levels. I either have the ones that are just starting or the ones that have received their venture capital funding and need a lot of the intellectual property protection or business agreements or litigation in order to continue operation. Because of the nature of the tech community being what it is, needing a lot of intellectual property capital as opposed to fixed, it's not a restaurant where you need millions of dollars. That was the industry that I targeted first with my business, and that tech community has really grown I feel in the last five to six years. Intellectual property is the businesses' primary asset. And to that on they need to make sure they're doing what they can to protect those assets. So when they come to my firm, while I don't handle patent prosecution, I do a lot of copyright filings for code, a lot of licensing agreements. And of course the brand name that goes along with any product, the trademarking. So, those are kind of the core areas of our practice. As businesses are operating online we're seeing a lot of internet based litigation as well. So, I think that most traditional firms make their money billing hours and hours on long-term litigation. And what I'm seeing now is a lot more, because the areas of law are kind of newer, for example the defamation context. We get a lot of little clients that need to know, not necessarily to start a big law firm, for example retain us to find the identity of someone who posted something negative online. So rather than, in that petition for discovery for example is a far shorter process than a full-fledged lawsuit is -- so we will do that, or the typical demand letters and the cease and desist letters. Along with the ICANN proceedings and the WIPO proceedings for domain name disputes. In the context of a domain name disputes if someone is squatting you can file a claim in federal court under the anti-cybersquatting act or you can pay $1,500 and file a complaint with the WIPO dispute center and expedite the resolution of the domain name transfer. You're not going to get any remedies or monetary rewards but you're going to get the domain name which in most cases is what you're looking for. So, that's a lot cheaper than filing a full-fledged suit. We have clients who are agreeing to mediation, that they'll initiate the suit but quickly go to mediation to resolve the suit. I think that big law firms need to be creative with the solutions they offer as opposed to the more traditional avenues of getting what you need. That's not always possible, but in a firm like mine, that has been a strong suit of ours -- quickly processing these smaller cases.

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                  • Fox News: Cyber Bullying - Intellectual Property Attorney Daliah Saper, Saper Law


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                    Intellectual Property Attorney Daliah Saper on Cyber Bullying via Fox News Chicago The first thing is everyone asks is, "We need to sue Facebook. Can we sue Facebook? Can we go after Twitter? Can we go after these sites that enable these postings to take place?" We have to do a lot of education the answer is, "No." Bullying as a crime in and of itself is not illegal according to state statutes.

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