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    An homage to Marvel, which created most of the superheros who entertained generations of children and adults for more than 80 years.

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    • Iron Man vs Bruce Lee


      from Patrick Boivin Added 548K 4,184 186

      Iron Man fights Bruce Lee in stop motion...

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        In late 2012 I joined forces with Cantina Creative to help deliver over 100 shots for IRON MAN 3. Marvel tasked us with designing all the elaborate 3D head-up displays (HUDs) – a virtual graphical interface that Iron Man sees from within the helmet environment of his armored suits that communicate essential data and statistics ranging from his physical condition to weapon and navigational diagnostics – While putting strong emphasis on the new ultra-high-tech Mark 42 suit, we also delivered upgraded HUDs to match the new suits seen in the film. It was great fun. All of the 3D elements, including a miniature version of the suit and the holographic helmet, were generated and rendered from CINEMA 4D. These graphics had true 3D depth, which heightened the stereo viewing experience as well as the interactive light qualities that are both photo-real and immersive. This is a process montage that was created to give some insight into the development and design thinking stages of the work I was specifically involved with on the film. Credits: Cantina Creative VFX Supervisor: Venti Hristova VFX Producer: Sean Cushing Digital Producer: Lily Shapiro VFX Artists: Aaron Eaton, Matt Eaton, Jonathan Ficcadenti, Jayse Hansen, Stephen Lawes, John Likens, Leon Nowlin Jr., Alan Torres, Lukas Weyandt For more extensive breakdowns see these articles: http://www.fxguide.com/featured/iron-man-3-more-suits-to-play-with/ http://www.maxon.net/en/news/singleview-default/article/cantina-creative-gives-iron-man-3-a-heads-up-with-maxon-cinema-4d.html www.johnlikens.com/ironman3.html © 2013 Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Paramount Pictures. Music by Gesaffelstein.

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        • IRON BABY


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          An Iron Man movie parody starring my baby girl!

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          • ACDC Vs Iron Man 2


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            On the site of a thousand years of violence, ACDC were pitted against Iron Man in a ground breaking architectural projection mapping project. The Great Keep at Rochester Castle awakened as a roar of photons burned away the cool night and the furious energy of Rock and Roll pummelled the front facade, filling every crack and fissure with light. This onslaught of the senses saw the castle confront its ultimate challenge: warping, morphing, spewing and collapsing before the audience's eyes. Let there be Rock!

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            • Lights Out


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              This is a little animation I've been tinkering around with for a while. The original incarnation was designed for the Piranhabar reception desk which spanned 3 HDTV's so it was wiiiiiiiide. This version is a little easier to swallow on a single screen. It follows a little robotic character who's just trying to grab some shut-eye but the factory around him springs to life unexpectedly. A serious design flaw in the factories ergonomics prevents the poor guy from reaching the off switch and the rest is history! I pretty much did everything you see and hear here. Visuals were done in XSI, comping and grading in After Effects and sound was done in Premiere. Sound design purely based on sound effects was a new venture for me so I hope the result sounds ok! For a stereoscopic 3D version hop on over here: http://vimeo.com/11230163 Check out a behind the scenes at: http://vimeo.com/11548159 check out my site www.rightpsyche.com for a few more bits :) work completed at Piranhabar: www.piranhabar.ie

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              • STAR TREK teleport effect | "Beam me up, Joey" | SHANKS FX


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                I try to recreate the classic Star Trek teleport effect using Christmas Lights. Not that tough once you get the hang of it!!! Please use TIP JAR if you like this video, so we can make many more of these!!!! Check out more of our creations ----> http://MovieMagicNow.com Music by Big Fok ----- http://BigFok.com In Association with PBS Digital Studios Get the "Stay Puft Marshmallow" gif here ---> http://tmblr.co/ZYDg4tn6OAVT

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                  Thank you Marvel, Stan Lee, Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Shane Black, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell, Sir Ben Kingsley, Paramount, Disney, ILM, and the entire cast and crew for bringing Iron Man to such great heights! Official Marvel Website: http://marvel.com/ Download the audio: http://www.mixcrate.com/mikerelm/iron-man-trilogy-remix-audio-322763 Follow Mike Relm! http://www.twitter.com/mikerelm http://www.facebook.com/mikerelm https://plus.google.com/107644519612132017601/posts http://mixcrate.com/mikerelm http://soundcloud.com/mikerelm http://www.mikerelm.tumblr.com Soundtracking: mikerelm Vine: mikerelm Instagram: mikerelm

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                  • HUD Test // Holographic 3D Interface


                    from mgfxstudio Added

                    With the furore in the graphics world surrounding Iron Man 2 and the interfaces in the film, when we were asked to produce graphics “in the style of “ the whole team jumped at the chance. Rushes were approached to provide a proof of concept for a new science show that wanted to use heavily treated on screen graphics as info panels to relay information to the viewer. The show was to be very varied in the concepts and items it talked about and the producers wanted a slick stylised way to get that information across. To start with we used a Canon 5D MkII to shoot an entire sequence allowing the team to provide a cohesive and comprehensive solution to the brief. Using the supplied reference of water as our inspiration the sequence was shot, cut and graded before being brought into various packages to design and comp the graphics and 3D. Using boujou and PFTrack Seb Barker of Rushes 3D department immediately went to work on tracking the footage to allow the graphics to sit nicely in the shot, while the mgfxstudio team started to design and animate screens and interfaces which would later be comped in. “The final edit could be nicely broken into three main segments which meant each designer had their own section and interface to design and animate. It’s always fun when jobs like this come in, it lets your creative ideas flow a bit more and allows you to try a few more things than perhaps normally you would in a standard working day”. Once Seb had solved as much of the 3D tracking as was possible he then went to work on modelling the water molecule. Using Maya and shake he built and animated photorealistic water elements to work with the edit whilst also providing a graphical transition allowing the studio teams graphics take over. “We used bits and pieces we had from our own archives, stuff we wanted to use but couldn’t, or things that we hadn’t fully finished but had a nice concept, the stuff that all designers have in the bag for a rainy day, put them into the pot, gave them some polish and saw what came out. In the end it was a mixture of these bits and bobs, new designs and concepts and the need for interaction that drove each animation sequence. We also had to bear in mind that these screens needed to be relevant. They had to have a distinct look but also had to make sense as well as interact with the footage.” The end result was a nicely finished, stand-alone piece that we think really works. It is rare to get a chance to work on a totally free concept with merely a reference point as a brief, and to finish an entire sequence, from filming, editing, grading, through 3D and 2D tracking, concept design, 3D and 2D animating and on to compositing and delivering in less than a week is a feat in itself, but to do it to this standard highlights the whole teams talent and flexibility.

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                    • Iron Baby


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                      I did all the 3D for this video (modeling, Texturing, animation, Fx etc.) in 3dsMax 2011 and rendered with Vray, for this very short fake trailer i did just for fun with my friend Patrick Boivin who had the idea, did the live shooting, direction and compositing in Adobe After Effects. We wanted to see the technical level we could reach together. I used CAT for the animation. The first landing shot was done by camera projection (we had just a photo for the background and a fire footage). I created all my HRDI images for the reflection using a fisheye lens. It took me alot of time to model the whole Iron Baby suit. I first model the real Iron Man and then deformed it to baby proportions. Making of available here: http://www.strob.net/2011/02/06/mon-making-of-du-iron-baby/ Model available on Turbosquid :http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/Strob?referral=Strob

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